Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, October 25, 2010

10-24-2010 Sunday after work

I got off work at my weekend job and decided to check out the bookstore out near the airport on the way home.
As I pulled in the parking lot there was a good number of vehicles there. I figured inside would be busy. I was hoping to get at least one since I missed the one on the way to work to the black that is always there. I did get to at least see the cock I missed servicing. It was nice looking and attached to a good looking man.
I got a couple of condoms and put them in my pocket and headed on in.
Boy was I disappointed…
The place was just a bunch of guys standing around. The last two booths were occupied and the rest were empty.
As usual, I headed to the Men’s Room to take a piss. Back out in the area outside the video booths.
The Hot little Hispanic guy who likes me eating his ass while he jacks off into a condom was standing near the soda machine. When he recognized me, he grabbed his crotch. Letting men know he was interested. Then another Hispanic walked up started to talk to him. At this point he showed me no attention. Then the other guy walked away and went toward the doorway to the hallway. Again, he grabbed his cock. At this point I decided to go in a private booth and see if he would follow.
I waited a couple minutes and he never joined me. As I left the private booth, I noticed the other Hispanic was watching my Hispanic stud. I guess my Amigo was too embarrassed to join me. Hispanic men can be so fucked up at times.
I have here some pictures of Hot Latin Ass. Hope you enjoy them.
Please continue reading my adventure after the pictures.


As I was leaning against the wall at the end of the video booth area, I saw a regular of mine coming toward me. He turned and headed for the Men’s Room.
This guy reminds of the Gordon’s Fisherman. I think he is real sexy and has a very nice uncut cock to service. He also likes it when I slide my tongue down his ass crack and make love to his asshole. It usually is just a little dirty and taste so fucking good.
He came out the Men’s Room and leaned on one of the video games. As I stared at him he winked at me. I nodded back and cracked a smile.
Too see if he really was interested in me servicing his uncut manhood, I moved from where I was standing to the other end of the room. Now I was down where the video show case was near booths 1 & 2. Within a few minutes he followed me down there and pretended he was checking out the movie boxes in the showcase.  Now it was my turn to make the next move. I reached in my pocket and found a dollar bill. Then I walked over to booth #3 which is a private booth and entered it. I left the door ajar just enough so I could watch him. It only took him a few seconds to follow me into the booth. As he shut the door and locked it, I fed my dollar into the video machine. I didn’t need the movie but I knew he like to watch them while I service him. I hit the select button and found some movie where the guy had a huge cock and wasfucking the chick in the ass. Lucky Bitch I thought,
Then I dropped to my knees in front of him. As he began to undo his pants, I pushed his hands out the way and said, ‘let me do that for you.’
He dropped his arms to his side and watched me as I undid the top button and then slowly slid his zipper down. His pants dropped to the floor around ankles without any trouble. As usual he was not wearing any underwear. His cock was standing out in front of him hard as a rock. To me that meant he was excited to see me.
Slowly I took and kissed his foreskin before taking it into my mouth. I began making love to his uncut manhood while he began to moan. The sounds I like to hear while servicing a stud’s uncut cock.
I reached my right hand around behind him and found his ass crack. With my left hand I grabbed his low hanging balls and started messaging them some. My finger found his asshole at the same time he pushed all of his cock into my throat. I held his cock there while my finger pressure fucked his manhole.
I wanted to slide my tongue into the asshole my finger was on, but he showed no interest in turning around for me to service his manhole.
Then he began fucking my throat. His cock slide in and out of my mouth and throat as he pumped his hips. He was really getting into fucking my mouth when I stopped him for a few seconds. I wanted to prolong him from cumming. Then I let him go back to fucking my throat. The whole he was moaning and telling me how good my mouth felt on his cock.
I wasn’t getting anywhere with his ass so I pulled my finger out his ass crack and put it on his thigh. This way I could gage how he was tensing up getting close to that climax.
Again and again I would stop him fucking my throat just before he was going to climax.
Then he yelled out ‘Shit’. Then ‘oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, yeah that’s it. Swallow my load.’
Then a few more ‘oh shits’ while I milked the last of his sweet cum out of his uncut cock and balls.
As he was pulling up his pants he said to me, ‘you are the best cock sucker around.’
I thanked him for the load and for letting me suck his cock. He then opened the door and left the video booth.
I quickly shut the door and changed the movie to a gay one. I put my right hand’s fingers to my nose so I could smell his ass. Damn, as usual, his ass smelled so fucking erotic.
After the movie ended, I left the video booth and headed on out to my truck. I needed to get home. I had spent enough time there.
The flowing pictures are of the booth and how dirty it was while I let him fuck my throat. Plus there is an older picture of me sucking his cock thru a glory when I first serviced his cock.
And of course, one of the Gordon’s Fisherman so you can see how he looks.
I savored the taste of his cum and smelled my fingers all the way home.



The trick I serviced

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