Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Frankie Goes to Hollywood

I had sex with the Hottest Black Man today. (Sunday Afternoon)
This man is the Sexist, Best Looking and Hottest Black Stud I have ever had Sex with.
He is by far as good as kisser as I am. I could kiss him for hours. He knows just how to tickle your tonsils with his tongue and how to let you have at his.
He has the perfect body. The right amount of hair on his chest and ass. The best tasting asshole and the perfect uncut cock with balls that love to be chewed on.
Just thinking about him makes my cock get hard and my asshole open wide.
I remember the first time I saw this Stud. He was cruising the hallways at the adult bookstore on Guess Road in Durham. We both stopped and starred at each other when our eyes met for the first time. I had to have him. He was Hot, Sexy and Horny!
That is another story…
Sunday afternoon I got ready to go out to do my errands and knew I was going to go cruising. My ass had been hosed out and I was horny as hell.
Sundays is usually when this Black Stud cruises Guess Road. I was hopeful that he would be there when I got there and he would be mine. I jack off often with this stud on my mind.

I don’t have any pictures of him to share, but these come as close as I could find on the internet.


Before leaving for the bookstore, I strapped on my Chris Wide dildo. I was hoping to find someone to fuck my hungry ass with it. Also, I was hoping that my white buddy with the deep asshole might be there. After fucking the Black stud in Raleigh the night before, I needed some that cock that he enjoyed so much.

I case you didn’t know, Chris Wide is nearly a foot long with 8 inches of insert-able shaft and 2 inch girth. It is a great feeling latex cock. I enjoy fucking others with it as much I enjoy getting fucked by it.
When I pulled into the parking lot, I was a little disappointed not to see Frankie’s car. I went on in and paid my $5.00 to gain access to the back area. The parking lot had about a dozen cars in it so I felt like I might still have a good time even though Frankie didn’t appear to be there.
In the back area I headed to the left side because I can usually get my eyes to adjust faster on that side. I wasn’t wrong. That side was dark as hell. When my eyes did adjust, I saw my little Hispanic Buddy sitting in the corner on a stool. There was another guy there I didn’t recognize. He was very interesting looking.
Just as I was ready to go check out the other hallway, around the corner appeared Frankie.  The minute my eyes focused on him my cock started to get hard. As he strutted toward me a big smile grew on his face. When he got to in front of my, he stopped and turned to stare at me. Then without any hesitation he grabbed the back of my head as he closed in to kiss to me. His tongue darted into my mouth as our lips met. The two of kissed, sucked tongue and hugged on each other for several minutes. Then he moved his head back a few inches from mine as he said to me, ‘I was thinking about you this morning. If you would have knocked on my door, you would have found me naked and greased up. I had my dildo out and was fucking myself with it.’
My cock throbbed as he rubbed his crotch on mine.
‘Damn, I wish I would have known.’ I replied as I started to slip my hand down the back of his tight jeans. I had to unbutton the front button on the fly in order to slide my hand down his firm round ass to find his asshole.
As my finger searched for his hairy asshole, Frankie and I went back to kissing. He is one of the best kissers. I could just kiss him and be satisfied. But, hey why waste enjoying all of him when you can.
We continued to kiss in the hallway for several minutes.
Then Frankie withdraw his tongue form my mouth and backed up. He turned and tried the handle on the first video booth. It was occupied. Then he tried the second video booth. It was occupied also.
‘Let’s go find an empty booth’ he said to me as he strutted his sweet black ass past me. I followed him to the other hallway where he opened the door to the first video booth. The two of us entered it and shut the door. I took off my t-shit and stuffed it in the hole in the door where the doorknob had been. I didn’t care if anyone peaked through; I just wanted a place to put my shirt.
Frankie took his tight fitting t-shirt off and laid it on the bar stool revealing his hairy chest. As I noted before, he has the perfect chest. His nipples stand out just enough to pinch, suck and bite on. He has a nice coat of black fur across his chest and a little bit of a belly below which is lightly covered with hair.
I watched as he unzipped his jeans and pushed them down around his ankles. He doesn’t wear any underwear. His uncut black cock was hanging there begging for me to service it. I dropped to my knees in front of him, buried my face in his black pubic hair and took a deep breath, taking in the incredible sweaty smell of his crotch. Then I slowly took his cock in my mouth and dug my tongue into his foreskin searching for any dick cheese he might have.
Damn his cock tasted good. My tongue made love to his limp cock as I chewed on it. From his cock I licked my way down to his balls. One by one I took the in my mouth and sucked on them. Then I took both of them in my mouth and stuffed his uncut cock in my mouth too. I worked them around in my mouth so his balls laid on either side of my tongue and his cock laid in between them on my tongue. Then I began chewing on the them I had my teeth around the base of his crotch keeping all of his manhood in my mouth as I chewed and sucked on them trying to swallow them as if I as eating them.
Damn I was in Pig Heaven.
One by one I let his balls slide out of my mouth and then his cock. At this point, he leaned forward and started kissing me again. I slowly stood back up while we continued to kiss. Frankie’s hands immediately found my nipples and started to work on them. Pinching and pulling on them. I followed his actions and quickly found his erect nipples to play with. I gave his nipples a good workout while he did the same to mine.
Frankie stopped kissing me and moved his mouth down to my chin where he paused long enough to nibble on it. Then he continued down my neck and toward the nipples that he had been pinching and twisting. Damn this stud knew how to make my nipples feel good. At times he was a little too rough, but he backed off when I let him know it.
After chewing on my nipples, Frankie started licking and kissing his way down my belly toward my rock hard cock. I still had my PA in because I knew he enjoys sucking my cock with it in.  When his mouth got to my cock, he lowered his body to the kneeling position in front of me. My cock disappeared into his mouth as he eagerly devoured my manhood.
With all of my cock in his mouth he bite down on it and started to chew. Again he got a little rough and I would have to let him know to ease off some. This stud loves to bite and chew on you.
I leaned back onto the wall of the video booth and watched him eat my cock. Each of my balls ended up in his mouth as he chewed on them too. WOW, my cock was beginning to get sore, but it felt so fucking good.
After several minutes of working on my cock, he grabbed my hips with his hands and pushed me to turn around. Slowly I turned my body so I could now lean forward and support myself on the wall where the video screen was.
Frankie pulled my cheeks apart and buried his face between them. His long tongue found my asshole and started licking it. As my asshole opened up to his tongue, he started tongue fucking it. Then I felt him slip a couple of fingers into my asshole with his tongue.

Back and forth he continued to eat and finger fuck my asshole. Then I heard him say, ‘can I fuck you with that big dildo you got strapped on?’
‘Damn right you can’ I replied. ‘ You can fuck me with anything you want to.’
Frankie reached into my pants which were pushed down around my ankles and took out my Chris Wide dildo. Without adding any grease to it, Frankie started pushing the 10 inch long dildo into my asshole. My hole opened up and let him slide every insertable inch of the latex cock into it.
Damn that dildo felt good. Not too fat and not too long. Just right for an early fuck in a session.
Frankie was squatted down behind me. This gave him a great angel to work my ass.
Slowly Frankie began to fuck me with the latex cock I had been wearing. With each stroke, he picked up his speed and force. Within just a few strokes, Frankie was pounding that big latex cock into my hungry asshole. The fucker was going crazy with enjoyment as he continued to slam fuck my ass with the dildo. I had to brace myself on the video screen to keep from him pushing me over.
Then he started to slow down. Slowly he withdrew the long cock out of me. Quickly he replaced the latex cock with his hand - First a few fingers and then the whole hand.
Oh my God, I thought, this black stud has his hand up my asshole and he is going to fist fuck me.
Slowly Frankie began pumping my ass with his hand. Never pulling it out, but at the same time working it deeper into me.
The back stud took total control of my ass and played in it. Flexing his fingers, pumping his hand deeper and then punch fucking me some. I couldn’t believe how good it felt.
While he was fisting my asshole, I had leaned forward and supported myself on the bar stool that was in the booth. I took a couple hits from my bottle of poppers and was as happy as any Pig could be.

But I wanted more. I wanted it like I like it best.
I pushed the bar stool away from under me and slowly I lowered myself to the floor. I didn’t care how fucking dirty the floor was. I wanted to get fisted by Frankie while on my knees.
Right where I kneeled was a puddle of cum on the floor. The raw smell of the used cum was incredible. I took another hit form my poppers and gave Frankie my ass to play in. The new position must have been better for him too. He went back to fucking my ass with his hand. He gave my asshole a good workout.
Frankie kept his hand inside of me fucking my asshole for about another ten minutes. Then he slowly slid it out of my hole. He quickly got his face in my crack and gently licked my gapping hole to relax it.
When the two of us stood up, I took his hand and started licking my ass juices off of it. I wanted to taste the juices that he had made my ass produce.
We both got ourselves together and kissed some more.
As we parted the video booth, there were several guys standing against the wall with their mouths hanging open.
Both Frankie and I were Happy Pigs ! ! !

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