Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, May 15, 2011

4-26-2011 Tuesday

Not a Bad day. I stopped by the bookstore on Glenwood at lunchtime to see if I could service some cock.
At first it didn’t look very good. There were only two guys there and both of them were regulars.

As I was speaking to one of them, a couple of guys came into the back video area.
The first one was this Latin he/she. Shortly after him a small build Hispanic stud came into the area. He went into one of the video booths and the he/she got in the next one.
The guy playing the video game I was talking to said there was going to be disappointment there. I asked which one and he said both.
After the Hispanic had watched two dollars worth of videos, both of them came out of the booths.
He went into another booth with a glory hole and the Latin he/she just couldn’t be bothered.
The guy I was talking to left and claimed the booth next to the Hispanic stud.
Two more dollars were fed in the video machine while they tangoed.
When the white guy came out of the booth, I asked him to remind me what his definition of disappointment was. He told me to go and see for myself.
The Hispanic pushed a nice uncut brown cock through the glory hole for me to taste.
Here is a picture of it.

It was pretty nice to suck on. I think I was too aggressive with his cock because he kept pulling it back through the glory hole. Finally I just gave up and left it for someone else.
While I was heading back to my spot in the video booth lobby, a black guy came strutting past me. He was real nice looking and dressed real fine. His walk said out loud he taught he was hot shit.
He went into the Men’s Room and the he/she followed him. I figured if he was interested he would let me know when he came out of the Men’s Room.
The black guy came out the Men’s Room and headed for one the booths with a glory hole. Before I could get to the booth next to the one he went in, this other guy had claimed it. He didn’t stay very long which allowed me the opportunity to check out the black guy.
Inside the video booth I fingered the glory hole and the black guy in the next video booth pushed a fat condom covered cock through it.
Here is a picture of what came through the glory hole

Notice how thick the cock is compared to the thickness of my fingers.
Of course I wasted o time getting my mouth on that thick latex covered cock. While I was servicing that fat cock, the black guy attached to it started to fuck the glory hole and my mouth. Because it never got completely hard, I didn’t waste anytime trying to get it up my ass.
After working my mouth and tongue on it for several minutes, I decided to give it up. I don’t mind latex wrapped cock, it is just that after while I begin to crave the real taste of the cock and pre-cum oozing out of the piss slit.
Before leaving the video booth, I checked my watch. I didn’t have a whole lot of time left there.
Back standing in the video booth lobby I was cruised by new guy who had come in while I was sucking on the latex covered cock. The guy wasn’t that bad looking. He sure wasn’t that good looking either.
As he walked by me I noticed he had a nice budge in the front of his pants.
I watched as he passed me and then checked out his ass. He had a real nice looking ass. As I was checking his ass out, he stopped in front of me and just stood there. Then he stepped back a step putting him just inches away from me. I reached forward and ran my hand down the crack of his ass. The guy reached back and grabbed my crotch. My cock was still had from when I had been sucking on the latex covered cock.
After a minute of hand play, he walked away.
It was time for me to go so I left.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures I included.

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