Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, May 20, 2011

5-6-2011 Friday Lunch

Today I had Mexican for Lunch.

I stopped by the bookstore on Glenwood for a few minutes to see if I could find some meat for lunch.

There were a few vehicles in the parking. Parked behind the building was a van with ladders strapped on top of it. Hopefully it belonged to a horny Hispanic.
After paying my $1.00 cover charge to get into the back, I headed on back there.
Right away I could tell the waiter from the restaurant down the road was there. His soda was sitting on one of the gum machines and I could smell his cigarettes. He smokes like chimney. I can not figure why anyone would want him to suck their cock. His mouth which stinks like a dirty ashtray is going to leave that nasty smell on their cock. I have sucked on a cock that he had been sucking on. It tasted awful. Just like a dirty astray. I rather suck a dirty asshole then suck a dirty ashtray tasting cock.


As I walked through the video booth area, there was not a single booth being occupied. I continued on to the Men’s Room. Just as I got to the door of the Men’s Room, this stocky built Hispanic stud passed me leaving the men’s Room. I checked him out and noticed he had a hard-on pushing out in front of him.
There wasn’t anyone in the Men’s room so I went back out to the video booth area. The Hispanic that passed me a few minutes before was standing near the soda machines. He reached down and adjusted his cock. Then he looked at me and smiled.
AS I stood there admiring his studlyness, he began walking toward video booth #9. As he entered it, he turned and looked me and then shut the door. I hurried over to booth #10 and entered it. I was surprise that the waiter didn’t try and get in the booth before me. He is a real pig for sucking cock. But he likes them large. Maybe he had already checked out this Hispanic stud and didn’t like what he had.

With the door to my video booth closed, I locked it and pulled my camera out of my pocket. Then I knelt down in front of the glory hole in the wall that separated the two video booths. As I peered through the glory hole I saw the stocky Hispanic guy pulling his hard cock out of his pants.
Damn it was a pretty brown piece of meat. As you can see from the picture, it had a wonderful curve upward and was hard as a rock. Plus it had some size to it. I took this picture and then went to work servicing it.
This was a really nice brown uncut cock to work on.
Here is a picture of me actually working on it.
I sucked and chewed on this uncut cock for several minutes before deciding I wanted it without the wall in the way. I slowly let the hard cock slide out of my mouth and then I lightly thumped it softly to let it’s owner know I was done. I then stood up and exited my video booth. I quickly got hold to the door knob on the door to booth number nine and tried it. The door was locked but I heard the Hispanic guy in the booth moving around. Then I heard him unlocking the door. I wasted no time opening the door and entering the booth. He still had his pants open and his rock hard cock sticking out in front of him.

Without saying a word, I dropped to my knees in front of him and put my face in his crotch. My nose was buried in his black curly pubic hair as I took a deep breath of his crotch order. Then I took his rock hard uncut brown cock back in my mouth and went back to work servicing it.

Between the smell of his sweaty crotch and the taste of his wet dripping uncut cock, I was a happy pig.
After several minutes I eagerly sucked on his cock making him moan in pleasure. Then I decided I wanted taste of his balls and smell between his legs. I wanted to get a sniff of his nice brown ass. I had slid my fingers down his ass crack and found his moist asshole. I was surprised he didn’t push my hand away. He actually relaxed his cheeks enough for me to lightly massage his asshole with my finger. He wouldn’t let me push my finger in, but enjoyed having it massaged.
I licked his balls and sucked each in my mouth before licking my way down under them. Under his balls smell heavenly. I could smell his seat and his asshole. His asshole was a little shitty smelling but I found it erotic as hell on him. He was so fucking HOT!
As I was taking a big deep breath of his manliness, I heard him say, ‘lick my arse.’ Then he began to turn to present me his ass to lick without waiting for me to respond.
Damn he had a nice round ass. Smooth and hairless except for a thick crop of black curly hair down his ass crack and around his asshole. With his ass in my face he reached around behind and pulled his ass cheeks apart to give me access to his puckered asshole.
Right away I smelled his shitty asshole. I was faint, but dirty. As I pushed my face between his brown ass cheeks and my tongue began to lick his sweet Latin asshole, I could tell his ass was shitty just because he didn’t wipe it very good. The taste of his shitty asshole was repulsive, it was actually erotic. It made my hard cock throb in my pants. My tongue eagerly clean his shitty asshole and as I made love to it, he squirmed and moaned in pure pleasure.
Finally my Hispanic stud had enough of my tongue in his asshole. He pulled away from me and turned back around. Putting his hard dripping uncut back in my face. What a beautiful sight. He had a long stream of pre-cum oozing out his foreskin.
 I wasted no time getting that stream of pre-cum on my tongue and taking it in my mouth as I covered his cock head with my mouth.
It didn’t take very long before he was pumping my mouth full of his salty cum. His cock throbbed and his body jerked as he continued to feed me his salty Latin seed.
After cleaning his cock up, I pulled up his bikini underwear and with just his foreskin covered cock head sticking out of the waist band, I kissed it as I pulled up his painters pants.
‘You like my penga?’ he asked me.
‘Sure do’ I replied. ‘I like it a lot.’
‘You hire me to paint for you, I give you a lot. I even fuck you each day. You need painter?’
I took his card and now I am wondering . . . what needs painting.

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  1. What a great marketing "tool"! I feel like I need something painted...right now.


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