Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, June 11, 2011

3-4-2011 Lunchtime Snack

I took my lunch break at the bookstore on Glenwood as usual.
The Bob Evans waiter was there smoking a cigarette. There wasn’t anyone else standing around.
One of the private booths was occupied.
I watched as one of the Hispanic regulars came out of the private booth.  He had left it from being with a Business Type guy. The guy was fairly good looking.
I cruised the business guy some. We each did the crotch rubbing thing and making eye contact. He was standing near the snack machine and I was standing at the end near booth number one.
The door buzzer sounded and a nice looking bear type came into the video booth area. I headed straight toward one of the video booths near where the business guy was standing.
The business guy went right in to the video booth next to nice looking bear type. The two of them stayed for two dollars worth of time.
Then the door to the Bear’s booth opened and out stepped the Bear. He had wet spot on his pants when he left the booth. He wasted no time leaving the area.
The business guy stepped out of the video booth he was in and went back to where he had been standing before. I cruised the Business guy some more.
He finally went into booth number one next to where I was standing and pulled it out. He had the door open so I could see him.
Without any hesitation, I joined him in the video booth. He leaned up against the wall with the glory hole as I dropped to my knees in front of him.
I started sucking on him. His cut Cock had curve on it. I would estimate the cock was about seven inches long and rock hard.
The guy then reached out and grabbed the sides of my head with his hands.
Then he began to fuck my mouth. He was a great face fucker. He had the perfect pace and knew just how much of his cock to side into my throat.
He kept a tight hold on my head until he shot his load. Then he released his grip and let me milk his shooting cock with my tongue.
I watched as he pulled up his pants and put his cock away. Just before he put his cock back in his white jockey shorts, I licked the last drop of cum from his piss slit. 
He told me he was only in the area on business for that day. I told him that the next time he was in the area, maybe I would run into him again. He reached out and grabbed my crotch. He seemed pleased to have found my cock rock hard. Then he told me he looked forward to sucking me the next time.
I could deal with meeting him again. He was nice looking and seemed to be in shape.
The Business guy opened the door to the video booth and exited. I watched him strut his stuff toward the doorway and disappear into the hallway to leave.
I left to go back to work. There was no one else there.

No Pictures to share so I downloaded some from the internet of hot Business men.


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