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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Final Step

The Final Step: A Fisting Story
By Beltboy

Downloaded from the internet

Bottom of Form

I was 19 years old and I had been actively gay for over a year, having lost my cherry to a large black guy in a booth at an adult movie theater. He was also the first cock to ever enter my mouth.
I will never forget that day as I sat almost mesmerized as the big black shaft slid through the hole in the side of the booth.

I had been there several times that month and each time a guy poked his cock through the opening I had lost my nerve and promptly left the booth.
I had thought long and hard about it and this time I had made up my mind to go through with it.

This was the largest cock I had encountered and as I slowly leaned toward the shiny, cum- slicked head I knew it would be a good mouthful.
I wasn't sure how I would react to the first taste of cum although I had tasted my own a few times.
I never realized how much it took to get a 8 inch cock into your mouth as my lips stretched wide to accommodate his girth.

It quickly took up all the space in my widely-stretched virgin mouth and I felt him flinch as my teeth contacted the delicate skin of his large truncheon.
For those of you who have sucked cock you will totally understand the feeling that engulfed me as I felt my mouth filled with that firm yet flexible sweet shaft.

I had done it at last: I was finally a cocksucker!
This revelation flowed through my body like a warm sweet wine on a cold day, warming me and giving me that wonderful feeling that you get after having finally accomplished a task you have contemplated for so long.
I experimented with different ways of sucking, trying to remember every move and every succulent moment of my first experience.
If someone had asked me then I would have told them I wanted to just suck forever as the feeling of that beautiful meat made my cock as hard as granite.
I knew I had met my calling and I was already wondering what the next cock would feel like as it penetrated my oral cavity.
The more I sucked the more excited I became and when he abruptly pulled his cock from my lips I almost cried out in agony.
I had made up my mind to suck until I felt my mouth filled with the first big load of juice.
I only sat in my despair for a minute before I heard someone shaking the door of my booth.
Puzzled, I opened the door just a crack.
He pushed through the door with such power that I couldn't have stopped him if I wanted to.
I was about to advance my gay life a lot farther than I had planned that day.
He was huge and pushed me down to my knees.
We filled the small booth to maximum as he shoved his big dick back into my mouth.

I quickly sucked it in as far as I could before he changed his mind again.

My bike shorts were already at my knees and as he shoved roughly in and out of my widely stretched lips he reached down and grabbed my rock-hard seven-inch cock with his enormous fist and squeezed it hard. 
I winced as this powerful man literally took over my life for that short period of time.
Then he stopped thrusting as he looked down and said, "This your first time?" I nodded my head and he pulled his sticky, rigid member from my lips.
I had said the magic words, and he knew he had a virgin ass right in his grip as he pulled me to my feet and turned me toward the wall.
He knew he had a rare jewel and he was not to be denied as he reached into his pocket for the small pocket-sized tube of KY jelly.
This man was huge and he dwarfed my 5'7" frame.
He went over 200 easily and at 134 I was no match for him. As he spread my hole painfully with his large, lube-coated finger I could have screamed or fought him off but my lust-filled mind betrayed me and I found myself gritting my teeth and spreading wider for him.
As the second finger prodded painfully inside me he tried to loosen my impossibly tight virgin hole, preparing it for the onslaught that was soon to come.
I felt the fingers plop from my ass and I braced myself for what I knew would probably be the most painful few minutes of my young life.
I had heard stories of anal rape in prisons and my teeth were actually chattering a little as I felt the enormous bulb of his cock press against the rosebud of my ass.
He pulled my cheeks apart until they hurt as he slowly forced the little rosette wider and wider.
Just when the burning pain was getting unbearable the little ring gave way and his big intruder slid about an inch inside the soft confines of my freshly penetrated ass.
For a moment I actually saw bright flashes of light before my eyes as I gritted my teeth to keep from screaming.
It was pain like I had never known but I was his at the moment and he knew it, as he pressed me tightly into the corner of the booth.
He gave a firm thrust, which forced about six inches of his battering ram into the virgin gate and my head swam from the burning sensations that flowed through me.
I was soon skewered on the entire length of his manhood and he started the age-old motion of impaling me over and over as my head rubbed the wall painfully.

I felt my knees weaken from the weight as he took his precious prize.
He was in no hurry to dump his load and as my butt grew numb he lanced me over and over again.
It was like I was watching from another dimension as my freshly violated little asshole was stretched to its limits and beyond.
After what seemed like an eternity I felt his breath shorten and a few deep strokes later he filled my gut with hot sperm.
He convulsed over and over as he said, "Yes, baby, yes!"

With one final grunting shove he sank to maximum depth into the hot little soft wrecked tunnel that was once my virgin ass.
He held his cock in place as the man fluid leaked into my new "pussy."
As he pulled out I felt the enormous weight of his body lifted off me and I straightened my tired legs up as he wiped himself off and zipped his monster back inside its little cave.
He reached for the door and all he said was, "I'll bet you won't forget your first time will you, Pussyboy?" Then he was gone and as I tried to gather myself back up.
I felt the pain in my ass and I knew I would be sore for days.
My lip was sore from biting it as he plundered my ass.
I spent at least an hour that Saturday night soaking in warm water as the soreness moved into my new "pussy."
I was glad the next day was Sunday and I could rest.
I called in sick Monday and took that day off from work.
My "raper" was correct when he said I would never forget my first ass-fuck!!
The pain soon left me and I started to hit the bars and after two successive encounters I had grown to love the feeling of being penetrated…but I wanted something more.
One night I met this big hairy, butch looking "Daddy" type and he helped me fill that craving that was gnawing at me each time I was fucked.
He bought me a beer and shortly thereafter we went to his nearby apartment.
Once inside he literally took over my life!
He forced me to my knees and for the first time I felt my need start to be fulfilled.
After forcing me to suck his cock he fucked me hard and long as he slapped me across my ass with his belt.

I discovered I liked the sweet pain and when he finally strapped me to the table I was ready for anything.
I had begun my life as a Pussyboy and when he got the container of Crisco from his kitchen I knew what was next.
For almost thirty minutes he worked his fingers in my ass up to the knuckles.
In and out, in and out, until with one final, painful shove he forced his entire fist inside my sloppy ass.
He had given me a couple of Poppers, which eased the pain and as his arm slid almost to the elbow I knew my life as a Pussyboy had begun.

Now I let anyone and everyone slide their hand and arm up my “pussy”.
I can never get enough of having my hole stretched to its limits.

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  1. the "Posted by Sam at Saturday, August 30, 2014" was sweet! nice veiny arm too and was hot!


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