Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

7-13-xxxx Friday the 13th

2nd cock…

After I left the video booth I had just been in sucking on that hard uncut cock, I went and stood near the soda machines.

The guy that had just come in was wondering around the area checking it out. I figured it was his first time there by the way he was acting.

He was a nice looking man that looked to be in his thirties. He had a nice sporty looking body and looked the type that took good care of himself.

I watched as he went into one of the private booths and locked the door behind himself. I heard him feed a dollar bill into the video machine and nothing happened. That usually means the guy doesn’t know where the movie changing button is. Finally he found the button and heard him change the movie from one to another.

When the dollar bill’s time ran out he exited the booth and started looking at the other video booths.

Finally he went into video booth #3. I quickly followed him and entered #4. There is a glory hole between these two booths.

This guy is really Hot looking and I was hoping he needed to get his cock sucked.

I knelt in front of the glory hole and peered through it. The guy was trying to feed a dollar bill into the money slot, but the machine kept rejecting it. He tried over and over before finally getting his wallet out and trying another dollar bill.

After several more tries, the guy finally gave up and left the video booth.

Damn I hate it when that happens. There he needed or wanted to watch a porn movie and hopefully since he picked a video booth with  a glory hole that he wanted to get his cock sucked too.

I left the video booth that I was in just in time to see him enter video booth #3. #3 is a private booth. This video machine accepted his dollar and he picked a straight sounding movie to watch.

AS bad as I wanted to suck this athletic type stud, I waited outside his video booth hoping he wouldn’t waste his load on the floor. I wasn’t in the mode to lick his load up off the floor after he left it there. I wanted it right from the man himself.

After the guy had watched the movie in video booth #3, he exited it and moved down to #5.

I knew #5 was working because the 1st guy that I sucked on was in that booth and he had the video machine running.

I quickly went in to #4 and locked the door behind me. As I knelt in front of the glory hole, I pulled my camera from my pocket and got it ready.

The guy on the other side of the glory hole fed a dollar bill into the money slot and the movie came on. He selected the movie he want to watch and then start groping his crotch.

I was really hopeful now that I was going to get some of his manhood to service.

He fumbled with his zipper and I watched as he pulled out his cock.

I was excited when I saw that he had an uncut cock. Then he turned and started to step toward the glory hole that separated us. I watched as he pushed his manhood through the glory hole offering it to me.

This is what he offered me…

I was surprised it wasn’t bigger then it was. The guy attached to it carried himself as if he had a much larger uncut piece of meat then it was.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not a size queen.
I will suck any size presented to me. I know it is my duty as a Pig to make sure every man presenting me his cock is satisfied.

In fact, I like uncut cock when they are smaller than average. It allows me to take all of that cock in my mouth and give it a servicing it deserves.

As I took the guys uncut limp cock in my mouth, I thought that maybe it was a grower. 

Maybe as I sucked on it and made love to it, it would grow as it got hard.

Well I was wrong, it didn’t grow and it sure didn’t get much hard.

As you can see from the picture above, his foreskin covered his cock-head and kept it nice and moist. I wasted no time getting my tongue that sweet foreskin and lick out the pre-cum it was holding. I couldn’t believe how sweet his pre-cum was.

I took and skinned his foreskin back over the head so I could clean it real good and then I swallowed as much of his pretty uncut cock as the wall between us would allow.

I sucked on this nice uncut cock for a while until I got tired of hitting my head on the wall.

This picture is me checking out how pretty this guy’s uncut cock was just before swallowing it again and giving him some more Male to Male pleasure.

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