Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2-14-20XX Adventures

Sunday afternoon / Valentine Day Afternoon

Now that I am back working the Glory Holes, I am not missing anything that is available to have.

I am following the natural rules of a cock sucking faggot with the glory to give some type of sexual pleasure to every man that needs or demands it that I come in contact with.

I was actually surprised at how many men were there. I figured the place would be dead due to it being V-day.

I got my monies worth that day. Usually I have to have some form of sexual contact with a man for each dollar it cost me for admission to the area where the video booths, glory holes and dark areas are.

For this place it cost $8.00 to walk down that hallway which opens up to 16 video booths. Half of them have glory holes between them and there is a nice dark area in the back.

This day I didn’t connect with 8 different men, but one of the connections was so Hot is would have counted for all the admission price.

Quick rundown of the adventures.

1 The first connection/adventure was with this black guy standing in the hallway outside one of the video booths. Sucked his fat black cock but he didn’t cum.

2 The second adventure was through a glory hole with a white guy. Drained his balls quickly.

3 The third adventure was with a white guy who was fucked up on the spray Bolt. Really fucked up. I fucked with him in the hallway some before dragging him into one of the video booths and fucking the shit out of him. I do not believe he ever realize I was fucking him with a dildo. Honestly, I think he cared. He was enjoying the moment too much.

4 After the round with the guy fucked up on Bolt, I followed a nice mature black stud into the dark area. He let me suck on his uncut cock before dressing it the occasion and fucking me.

5 the next adventure was with an older guy who was rock hard and needing some relieve in the dark area. He fed me his load.

6 This adventure was most nipple play with a guy in the back hallway. I made his nipples feel good and he left happy.

7 Kissing a hot mouth is always a good time had by me. I found a good kisser and took advantage of the time kissing that I could.

8 The last adventure was for my enjoyment. This short bear type wanted to suck on my cock and drain my load. After some good cock sucking, I gave him his reward by feeding him my load.

Details if these adventures will be posted separately.

Happy reading and hopefully happy jacking.

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