Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, May 9, 2016

3 Wishes

This is what happens when you wish for more then you should really have.

Until this day I was just a normal guy who loved to suck cock and get fucked by Top Men who used my body for their pleasure.

I crave eating a Man’s cum. I never get enough of that Man’s essence.

One of my favorite past-times is sucking cock through Glory Holes.

I attended every sex party I could and was always the center of attention.

One day I was digging through one of the local dumpsters and found a really ornate bottle.

I pulled the cork out to see what the insides smelled like.

Out came a purple puff of smoke and before me stood this gorgeous genie.

He told me I had released him and he had 3 wishes to grant for me.

WoW, a Genie and 3 wishes

My first wish was to have my cock enlarged to a size I could suck on myself while getting fucked or fisted.

The second wish was to be able to take anything up my ass that was presented to my hole by the Top I was giving service to.

Watch me sink all the way down onto XXL horse cock and then fuck myself on it.

The third wish was to have a cunt along with my asshole to present to men to use for their sexual pleasures.

I thought I could get more straight men to fuck me if I had a cunt too.

This was a mistake.

The Genie gave me a cunt in place of my new cock.

Here I am lying on my back flashing my new gash.

I used to love eating pussy but having one is different.

Now my fuck hole is really fucking ugly.

 I mean I have got a nasty pair of beef curtains.

The horniness and the wetness has me always looking for men to fuck my new cunt and my asshole.

It looks like my hole has been wrecked over and over again. Which it only partially true. 

My Big sloppy man pussy is always gaping for a fist.

I stay oiled up and ready for some big time pussy fisting at every bathhouse I can.

Men now use me because I am a freak that they can use either hole to fuck and play in.

They like fucking and fisting both holes.

Now I am a total bottom whore.

One thing I really miss are my Balls.

I had a really nice set that my Tops always enjoyed playing with.

Now I am waiting. The genie told me I have to wait 9 months before he could take away my new cunt and give me back my new cock.

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