Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I was working the glory holes one day when I got to suck this fat cock.

I had assumed the position in front of my favorite glory hole.

While kneeling there in front of the round hole cut in the plywood wall this guy entered the next video booth which had the glory hole I was watching through.

He pulled a nice fat cock and started to stroke on it while watching the movie playing.

I knew what I was there for so I fingered the glory to get his attention.

Right away he saw my finger and turned toward the round hole I was watching him through.

The hole which was going to be the conduit between him and the pleasure he deserved from a good cock sucker like myself.

While he stood there stroking his fat uncut cock, I said in a low voice, damn that’s a nice cock. I sure would enjoy sucking on it.

The guy stepped closer to the glory hole.

Now his cock was just inches away from my mouth.

He was so close I could smell his foreskin.

With one more step he fed his fat meat through the hole in the wall to me to have and enjoy.

First I kissed the head of that fat cock and then I slowly took that cock into my mouth.

His fat meat tasted somewhat salty. I figure from working all day.

Then I heard him say, suck it amigo.

WoW, I didn’t realize the guy was Hispanic.

That made giving this cock man-love even more special.

I sucked on it. I got my tongue under his foreskin and licked out his head-cheese.

Giving that incredible brown cock all the attention I could.

The time I was sucking on his cock, the guy moaned in pleasure.

He kept telling me how good my mouth felt.

After about ten minutes of sucking his cock, he pulled it out of my mouth and back through the glory hole.

I was surprised about that because he seemed to enjoying my mouth work a lot.

Then he bent forward and got his face down next to the glory hole.

I heard him ask me if I had a condom.

He said he wanted to fuck.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out a magnum size condom and handed it to him through the round hole in the wall.

I figured he was going to fuck me through the glory hole.

I was wrong.

He told me to join him in his booth.

I had already dropped my pants so I pulled them back up and buttoned the top button.

I unlocked the door to my video booth when I heard him unlock his door.

When I opened the door to his video booth I think I dropped my teeth.

He was fucking hot as hell.

There he stood with his fat long cock sticking out in front of him.

He had only given me half of his cock through the glory hole.

There was a lot more of it in person.

He handed me the unwrapped condom and then pointed at his cock.

I knew right away he wanted me to put the condom on his cock.

Dressing it up for the dance it was about to do.

I wasted no time in rolling that latex glove down the shaft of his hard cock.

Then I turned around and dropping my pants I presented him my greased asshole for his pleasure.

The Hispanic pushed his fat cock in me and continued until he had all of it deep inside my ass.

Damn that long fat uncut cock felt good up my ass.

I took a deep breath as he pulled some of it out and pushed it back in again.

Slowly he fucked me making sure he pushed all that incredible brown cock up my ass.

He would take his time and then he would pick up his speed before slowing down again.

Several times he told me he had never felt an ass that felt so good to fuck.

That made my head spin as he would pick back up the speed and then he would slam his cock in me holding deep inside for a minute and then he would go back to fucking me.

This guy was really enjoying my ass and I was enjoying his cock inside me.

Each time he would push all his cock in me I would push back on it enough to make him moan in pleasure.

Damn I was a lucky pig having this guy fuck me.

It wasn’t much longer that he picked up the speed of his fuck and thrusted that fat cock deep inside me over and over.

I could tell he was close to exploding his load up my ass.

I hoped when he was done, I would get hold to the used condom.

One more good thrust and he let out a scream in Spanish.

I could feel his cock throb as it pumped that latex bag full of this guy’s Mexican hot sauce.

When his cock started to lose its hard-on, he pulled out of me.

That’s when I turned around and fell to my knees in front of the fucking hot Hispanic.

He watched me as I slowly peeled the cum full condom off his uncut manhood.

Quickly I dropped it in my pants and took his slimy cock in my mouth.

His fresh cum from fucking me tasted so fucking good.

When he had enough of me cleaning that big cock, he pulled it out of my mouth.

I reached and grabbed his underwear and pull them up followed by his pants so he wouldn’t have to bend over much.

When he did bend he pushed his ass out some. Enough for me to turn him some so I could smell it.

I asked him if I could smell his ass and he turned all the way around for me.

I stuck my nose in it and took a deep riff of his musky crack.

He reached behind and grabbed the back of my head pushing my face more into his brown ass crack.

I took the message and tongue washed his brown puckered asshole.

Dame it tasted good.

Then he pulled away from me and turned back around.

He asked me if I liked his ass.

Of course I told him it was as good as his cock.

I stood up with his used condom still in my jeans.

He opened the door to the video booth and left.

When I bent down to pull up my jeans and retrieve my prize, I saw his card on the floor.

It had just his first name of Jesus and a phone number.

Now was my time to have my treat.

I took and sucked all of his cum from the magnum condom and enjoyed the hell out of it as I swallowed it all.

I hope he really meant for me to have his phone number. I could get used to getting fucked by him and his fat uncut cock.

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