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Sam Bear's Color

Monday, May 23, 2016


The Road to Being a Hole

original story by cmhservicefag:
Edits have been made to fit my life as it was/is.

It probably started with my early sexual experiences. I was blowing my male friends when I was very young.

It was always one sided, with me sucking their cocks, and them being more than happy to let me do it. (What boy at that age WOULDN’T like having a friend that would suck their cock?) Thus I was real popular with a lot of young boys.

As I got older, it still seemed that the most important part of a sexual encounter for me was getting the other guy off, with my own orgasm being secondary.

I can still remember a lot of the guys I blew and swallowed their loads.
Sucking their young cock led to me getting fucked by them too.

Some of my sex buddies would set me up to suck off their older brother home from college or a cousin visiting from out of town.

I was lucky none of them kicked my ass afterwards. Instead they would ask when we could get together again while they were there.

One of those set ups introduced me to true rimming. Rimming had been just a means to get to the cock. This guy taught me to get my face in that ass crack and really make love to that asshole. I never expected the smell of a man’s asshole to get me so fucking high and horny.

When I was very young, one of the black workers from the farm caught me sucking off one of the older boys. This is when I learned Black Man Sex. Up until then I had only been giving blow jobs to white boys. This Black Man named Leroy worked on the farm where I was raised. He ran off the older boy I was sucking and told him to mind his own business.

I watched Leroy unhook the straps on his overalls. When he dropped the front of them, out swung the largest dick I had ever seen.

He told me to get down on my knees and show him why all the boys had me suck their little white dicks.

Then he told me he was going to ram his donkey dick deep inside my white-boy asshole.

He spit on his fingers a smeared it on my asshole. I thought that big nigga donkey dick was going to rip me in half.

It hurt like hell. He slapped me up against my head and told me to stop my crying or he was going to really tear me apart.

He told to take some big breaths and to relax.

Finally his huge cock felt good inside of me. So good I wanted more of him. 
I begged him to fuck me and pump me full of his cum.
And that is exactly what he did.

After that he fucked me every chance he got. Plus he fed me a load of cum down my throat every time I saw him.

I would go hunting for him. I knew exactly what time he came in from the field and put away the team of mules he used.

I swear, his long thick black uncut cock was bigger than the mule’s.

When I was 17 I was introduced to Adult Book Stores with peep show machines.

These machines were side by side in a dark room.
It was real easy for me to stand waiting in the back of the room in the dark.

The guys expected someone like myself to be there to get them off.

Every time a guy came in the room, I would be ready to drop to my knees between him and the peep show machine. I would suck his cock until he fed me his load. Never wasting a drop of that wonderful male essence.

Many of these guys I sucked on wanted to get off by fucking. I would drop my pants and wedge myself bent over between them and the peep machine giving them my ass to fuck. They would drop quarters in the machines and watch the movie while fucking me. I always turned around when they had finished and got their cocks in my mouth to clean off their cum and my ass juices. I didn’t want to waste a drop of that cum.

I can remember in my early 20s going home with someone from the local gay bar, blowing him, or getting fucked by him, he would cum, and I would forgo getting off, usually using the excuse that I was tired, or that  had had too much to drink to get off. 

I discovered glory holes about the same time. That was heaven to me.
Another local Adult Book Store opened with Peep show booths in one area of the store. That building is still standing today. I wonder how many loads I prevented from being shot onto the floor.

A hard cock, poking through the hole, in need of service, and me kneeling on the other side only too happy to provide it.


I would suck every cock that was pushed through that round hole cut in the wall.

Even when I would jerk my cock while sucking, I rarely got off, choosing instead to focus on the sensation of having a cock in my mouth.

Poppers only made it better. Using them intensified the feeling of being owned by the cock in my mouth, of it taking possession of my throat, using me for its pleasure. 

When required, I would give my young asshole to the guy I was servicing and let him pump my asshole until he dumped his load inside of me.


I was also fortunate that I got involved with the leather / BDSM community and had several older more experienced Men teach me that being a bottom / sub was a calling, not just a kink.

They taught me that being a good faggot cock sucker was hard work, and that pleasing Men was my purpose here on earth.


One of these men thought me all about dildos and other ass related toys. I quickly grew my passion for dildos and the other ass related toys that were available at that time.

They taught me the difference between an Alpha Male and a fag, and educated me in the ways that a cock sucker should make itself useful to its Superiors. 

Giving in to all the demands they may have.

This is when I learned to let Alpha Males use my mouth for a urinal.
I quickly learned how to drink and swallow at the same time not losing a drop of those Men’s golden nectar.

Over the intervening years I learned that being a good bottom, I had to learn to be a Top when needed to satisfy the needs of bottoms that I was superior to with my style and popularity.

I realized that I was not fulfilled unless I was offering myself to Superior Men when possible.

I realized that I derive my self-worth from the pleasure I am allowed to give a Real Man.

I feel best about myself when a Superior looks down at me, His cum already having been shot into my mouth and says “That was an awesome blow job. You’re a great cocksucker. The best!”

No matter what else I achieve in my life, no matter what else I am proud of, I will always be proudest of being called a “great cocksucker" 

I’m proud of the fact that Superior Men use my mouth as a cum hole and urinal. Thousands of Men have fed me their loads over the years.

It makes me happy to know that a Real Man has used me as nothing more than an sex object, and that I was able to provide Him with the relief that He needed. 

Giving him sexual satisfaction by using me however he wanted or needed to.

Yes, I’m a faggot.

I’m a hole. A cum-dump.

It’s something I’ve been working toward my whole life.

And something I will continue to work on until I breathe my last breath. 

Gag me. Fuck me. Stuff my ass full of your toys and then shove your fist up my sloppy asshole. Tie me up and beat me. Piss down my throat. Sit on my face and feed me your asshole. Make me lick the sweat off your body and bury my face in your arm pit. Spit in my mouth and feed me your snoot.

I’m yours for your pleasure…

Now with my disability, I am still making myself available to those men who over look my disability and still respect me as the best cock sucker around.

All models in the pictures used to illustrate this posting are believed to be of legal age. I do not own any of these pictures. There were downloaded from various websites

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