Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Black Bull Fuck

Black Bull Fuck

The Black Stud you had meet at the adult video store said he wanted to take you home and share your white ass with a few of his friends.

Arrogantly you had told him earlier you could never get enough Black Cock.

When you got back to his place he strapped you into his makeshift fuck bench exposing your ass for fucking and putting your mouth at cock sucking level.

He greased up your asshole and proceeded to fuck the living hell out of you before any of his buddies show up.

Soon came the never ending parade of his horny buddies with their huge uncut hard cocks and big balls full of Black Bull Seed.

Now after hours of Black cock your pig-hole is wrecked, gaping, and dripping with Black Bull Seed.

 You begged for them to stop, your cries went unheard as they gathered around you and stuffed you from both ends.

Now each of them are stroking their hardening Cocks ready for round two. 

You asked for as much black as you could get and you got it.

Are you a happy Faggot Pig white boy now?

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