Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, July 28, 2016


I was cruising the hallways looking for some interesting sex when I came upon a Black guy stroking a hard cock that needed some attention.

I stopped in front of him and reached out to grab his hard cock.

Before my hand was able to grab his cock, he pushed his hips outward to give me better access.

He had a nice thick veiny cock with a nice foreskin extended over its mushroom shape.

I asked him if I could have a taste of his hard cock and he nodded yes.

This is when I kneeled down in front of him and took a deep breath of his manly smells.

Damn his musky odor sent my head spinning.

I took and gave his hard cock my intro kiss and then took his wet foreskin in my mouth.

As I was licking around inside to clean his foreskin he took and grabbed the back of my head.

His next move was to thrust his hard cock all the way into the back of my mouth and down my throat.

I relaxed my throat and let him take control.

He wanted to take control of my mouth and fuck it hard.

This mighty Black man turned me so I was pinned between the wall and him.

I couldn’t believe how he fucked my mouth. He banged my head on the wall with every thrust he slammed. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head toward him until he had all his thick veiny hard cock down my throat.

While he was fucking my mouth, he started calling me names.

He called me a dirty cum dump pig. A slut for any man to use as a cum dump.

Finally his cock started throbbing as he use my mouth as his cum dumping hole.

At first I started to choke as his cum shot out of his hard throbbing cock until he pulled just enough of his cock from my mouth for me to swallow easily.

When he had finished feeding me all of his black man’s cum, he pulled his cock from my mouth.

He started to shake it like he would after taking a piss and splattered his come all over me.

He forced his semi limp black cock back in my mouth and started to piss.

I gulped it down trying not to waste a drop.

When he was through again, he did as before and shake the last of his piss on my face.

I watched as he pushed his floppy cock back in his pants, zip them up and then he turned to walk away.

That’s when he spit in my face and called me a stupid cock sucking faggot.

He left me kneeling there gasping for air in the dark hallway.

As he walked away I call him a stupid nigga and that my mouth and ass was always ready for more of him when he needed a cock sucking faggot to get his black ass off.

I hope I see him there again soon.

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