Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, September 23, 2016

Thank You letter to Fort Troff for my new Hairy Daddy 5.9 Dildo

Thank You letter to Fort Troff for my new Hairy Daddy 5.9 Dildo

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

For the newest member of my Dildo Family

I am so pleased with the Hairy Daddy 5.9 dildo and your dildo harness

It is exactly what I wanted.

I wanted a new dildo to take with me when I go cruising the local Adult Video Cinema.

The store has glory holes in the video booths and a dark area for public group sex.

I keep four dildos in my truck just for cruising the glory holes.

This one will replace them along with your dildo harness.

Today I tried this new dildo on myself and love the feeling.

Then I went to work the holes. (Glory Holes at local ABS)

Within 10 minutes of entry into the video area, I found a bottom pig offering his sloppy asshole.

I bent him over a stool in the dark area, slipped a condom on the dildo I had strapped on (Hairy Daddy 5.9 ) and slid it all the way up in his greased asshole.

His approval moan told me he was ready for the ride.

I rode his ass long, deep and hard which is my signature. I’m fairly well known for both giving one hell of a fuck and also for taking a fuck any way the fucker needs to get off.

When he had enough, I pulled out of his happy asshole, pulled the condom off and let him feel what had just been inside him.

He was really impressed with the hairy balls.

He couldn’t believe it was a dildo that had just given his so much pleasure.

We had several guys watching us fuck which turned into my asshole 
getting a big black cock up it.

The design of the dildo harness allowed easy access to my pig-hole.

I bent over the same stool and took a good fucking from the black bull with his thick cock up my asshole.

While he was fucking me, he reached under me and stroked the dildo as if it was my real cock.

Oh Happy Day!

Before I left for an arranged fuck meeting, I fucked another asshole that was pushed up to a glory hole.

I know this guy never knew it was a dildo. I fucked him twice.

I have several hundred dildos in my private collection which are all named.

Now I have to pick the perfect name for this new incredible dildo.

I was able to get a picture of my new Hairy Daddy 5.9 fucking that ass through the glory hole.

The pig on the other side of that plywood wall made enough noise that I knew he like the feel.

While I was fucking his asshole, his phone rang which he answered.

I heard him tell the person he was on the phone with that he had his ass backed up to a glory hole getting fucked by a cock that felt better than any cock he had been fucked by there before.

I can’t wait till one of my pig buddies straps this guy on and fucks me through one of the glory holes there or if I’m lucky, bent over in the dark area.

I am pleased that this was a great purchase.

When I left the video center, I still had the dildo strapped on and pushed down my pant leg.

I really got off on the looks I got in public while I was shopping. Both men and women couldn’t keep their eyes off it.

Thank you Fort Troff.

I look forward to my next purchase of a larger dildo for my Adult Video 
Store fucking by those pigs that need a bigger cock up their asshole.


Now to decide which of Fort Troff's dildos will be added to my collect.
Most of the bottoms at the video arcade looking to get fucked like the cocks to be bigger then average even if they can't take much of a fucking by them.

Vote for the one you think I should buy...





5 = any other dildo you like as a favorite of yours...

Put your choice in the comment section below.

For more details on each dong, check them out at the Fort Troff website 

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