Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, October 31, 2016

I Love Dick!

I Love Dick!

I love sucking cock and love being on my knees

I love being on my knees in front of a glory hole sucking cock or having my head off the edge of a bed. 

Any way I can get it is fine.

Top or bottom, I go both ways just to get cock.

The first time I sucked a cock was the most incredible moment of my life. 

I was a young boy living in an orphanage.

All around me was plenty of cock but I could not have any of it.

I had not been with another boy.

I was the towel boy in the locker room of the Gym and one day it happened.

One of the older boys who played football stayed behind after all the other players had showered, dressed and gone back to the cottages they lived in.

This older boy knew me well.

We had spent a lot of time together playing and doing boy stuff.

He cornered me while I had been cleaning up all the dirty jock straps and towels off the floor.

I had just put a real ripe jock strap up to my nose when he appeared.

He told me his crotch smelled better than that used jock strap.

Funny thing, it was his dirty jock strap I had in my hands.

He was standing there at the end of the row of lockers.

I was in front of his locker.

I thought he and I were the only two there. It surprised me he was still there.

He was in his towel and as he walked toward me he let it fall to the floor.

Then he told me to get over there and pick up his dirty towel.

I liked being told what to do.

Quickly I moved toward him dropping to my knees in front of him.

That’s when he grabbed my head and pushed it into his crotch.

Smells good don’t it he asked me.

I mumbled yes as I took in the musky smell of his sweaty crotch.

His big uncut cock was laying up against my nose and his foreskin was laying across my lips.

I opened my mouth and with my tongue pulled his foreskin into my mouth.

You want to suck my cock don’t you buddy. I knew all along that’s what you wanted.

Hence my first cock. And, it was attached to my best friend/

I sucked his limp cock into my mouth and swallowed it.

I was surprised that it tasted so salty and raw.

I love the taste that came from under his foreskin as he grabbed the base of his cock and peeled his foreskin back over his cock head which was 
laying on my tongue.

I knew at that moment that uncut cock was what I had to have.

Little did I know what that meant?

Thousands of cocks would follow through the years.

At first he was the only boy I did anything with.

Then one day in the shower he pushed me down in front of a couple of other boys and made me suck his cock.

Then one by one he had me suck each of them.

He wanted it to look as if it was a surprise but I could tell it was planned.

Then late one night after a football game which our team had won, the coach found me.

He had been drinking and was horny as hell.

He told me he had heard that I was keeping the team happy by sucking on their peckers.

That was the first time anyone had used that word with me.

I asked him what a pecker was and he pulled out his huge uncut cock.

It had to be three time bigger than any other cock I had sucked on.

Its musky odor hit me right away.

Without thinking, I fell to my knees I front of him and told him I wanted to taste his cock. I wanted to see if an older cock tasted any different than a younger on.

This pissed him off and he slapped me across the face.

I fell sideways onto the floor in front of him

He yelled at me to get back up and suck him like I had been sucking the guys on his team.

I got back on my knees in front of him and grabbed hold of his huge uncut cock.

I then put my nose right into his wet foreskin and took a deep breath.

Later in life that would be like taking a hit of poppers.

WoW! his cock smelled so fucking good.

I had to take as much of that big fat cock in my mouth as I could.

To be continued…watch for part II of ‘I Love Dick’…

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