Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Capital Blvd ABS Cruising

Capital Blvd Cruising

Recently I had the opportunity to cruise one of the Adult Video Arcades in the capital city nearby.

I normally don’t have the chance to travel to and cruise these Arcades.

I arrived there about mid-afternoon and knew I only had about an hour and a half to hunt for some strange cock to have some fun with.

The parking lot was about half full of various types of vehicles when I 
entered the store.

I wasted no time paying the $15.00 admission fee to the video area and then I checked out the selection of dildos hanging on the back wall of the place.

There were a couple of dildos there that looked interesting, but I wasn’t there to buy dildos.

I was there to have some fun.

To prepare myself to have that fun, I made sure I had one of my dildos in my pants, lots of condoms and lube. I try to be ready for all types of action.

Here is the dildo I had selected and had in my pants to fuck some ass if that was possible.

You have to enter through a straight movie room now to get to the whole arcade area.

After passing past the whores and hookers, I got to the main Arcade area.

In the back video arcade section, there were a few guys moving around. 

Not what I was hoping for.

A couple of the video booths were occupied and there were a few guys in the large movie rooms watching the straight porn being shown.

As I was walking down the hallway where the peep show video booths where, I saw this Hot Redneck type coming toward me.

He was really checking me out which lead me to believe he was interested.

I turned after he passed me and followed him down the hallway in the direction he was walking.

Near the end of the hallway where there is a sofa and a chair up against the wall he entered one of the video booths.

I quickly checked the video booths on either side of the one he entered and found the one with a connecting glory hole into his video booth.

Once I was inside the video booth I had entered, I peered through the glory hole to see if I could see him.

I was pleased to see that he was rubbing his crotch.

These video booths are quit small so I checked to determine if I was going to be able to kneel or if I was going to have to figure something out.

I saw that there was a folding chair leaning on the wall so I opened that up and took a seat.

This allowed me good access to the glory hole.

With that task out of the way, I was able to finger the glory hOle so he would know that I was on the other side of the wall that separated us and that I was interested.

I watched as he unzipped his pants and let them fall to his ankles.

Then he pushed down his underwear to reveal a nice looking cock.

This is what he pushed through the glory hOle to me.

I gave it my welcome kiss on its cockhead and thanked the phallic God for allowing me this opportunity to service this man and give him some oral pleasure.

I don’t know if he was gay or straight, I was going to give the best service to his cock.

As I got his cock in my mouth, it quickly grew as it got hard.

This was one of the finest cocks I have had in a long time at that video arcade. Not only was it a fine cock, it also had a nice set of balls.

As you can see, I was really enjoying his cock. Sucking it, kissing it, swallowing it, and making love to it.

He also enjoyed having me suck on his balls so I made sure I gave them as much attention as I could.

After about 15 minutes or so of me giving pleasure to that hard cock, the guy attached to it finally pulled it and his balls back through the round hole that was cut in the wall that allowed me to suck on that hard cock.

I watched as he bent over and pulled up his underwear and pants.

I am not sure if I mentioned it, he was wear regular BVD type jockey underwear.

Then he put his junk away and turned toward the door.

I heard him unlock the door and I could hear him leave the video booth he had been occupying.

Wasting no time, I unlocked the door to my video booth and exited the small space.

As I exited back into the hallway, I turned and looked to my left hoping to see him going down the hallway.

I didn’t see him so I turned my head to my right.

There he was. He was walking toward the back of the store where the large movie rooms are.

I followed him as he passed through the larger movie room which had a gay movie playing in it.

Then he turned and disappeared into the straight movie room where the movies usually have rough straight sex in them. Plus, they usually are hung like horses.

This guy was no stranger. He knew the layout pretty good.

When I entered the room I saw him dropping his pants and sitting down on one of the sofas in the back of the room.

This movie room has a sofa down the one wall and one across the back wall.

Behind the back wall is a small space where straight guys can go and get their cocks sucked by faggot cocksuckers while they watch the movie.

I walked toward where he had just sat down to find him stroking his rock hard cock. The cock I had gotten hard with my mouth.

As I got closer to him I noticed he had removed his shirt also showing off his nice chest.

He had his legs spread apart so I accepted that invitation and kneeled in between them.

He kept stroking his cock and wouldn’t let me get my mouth on it.

It seemed that he was enjoying letting the other men in the area see his hard cock.

My guy did offer me his balls so I accepted that offer.

I took one of his balls in my mouth sucking and chewing on it and then I let it slide out of my mouth just before taking the other of his balls and showing it some love and attention.

While chewing on sucking on his large balls, I could smell his musky asshole.

Slowly I licked my way down toward the sweet spot between his legs just under his balls.

Not all the way to his asshole, but almost there.

He moaned out loud as I licked and chewed on his tender spot.

He liked that a lot and so did the guys watching.

Then the Redneck raised his legs some more exposing his asshole.

Fuck, you can’t believe how good that brown puckered hole smelled.

I smelled some of shit where he didn’t wipe himself the last time he took a shit, but it mostly smelled of pure Redneck asshole.

Musky and manly.

I wasted no time getting my tongue on that brown hole.

As I licked on it and sucked on it some, the Redneck let a deep moan. 
Almost a growl.

I responded with my own low growl.

Then I pulled my face out of his ass and took a deep breath.

I wanted everyone watching plus the owner of the asshole I was enjoying to know that I was getting off on its manly smell.

Most men never know how good their assholes smell and taste to cock-sucking faggots like myself.

I got my tongue back inside that asshole and was licking and sucking on it some more when he slowly began to lower his legs.

I moved out of the way to let him drop his feet back to floor.

This time he offered me his cock to suck some more.

I was ready and willing.

As I got my face back close to his crotch, I took another deep breath taking in the musky sweaty smell of that Redneck’s manhood.

His crotch smelled so fucking good from him getting worked up over having me eat his dirty redneck asshole.

He let out another deep growl as I slowly took is cock in my mouth and began to swallow it.

His cock tasted so good. It had been dripping pre-cum and was covered with that salty goo he had made.

I was in Pig Heaven at that time.

I sucked on his cock and licked his balls for a while when he finally pulled them away from me.

He motioned for me to move out from kneeling in front of him.

I scooted out from in front of him and made sure my right leg had not pulled off my prosthesis any.

Then I stood up and moved away from him.

I watched as he stroked his hard cock a couple of time more as he looked around at the guys that were watching.

I checked them out too.

None of them had their cocks out. They were just standing around watching me give that Redneck the oral service he was in need of.

And I must say…
I had been doing a damn good job of it.

Even if I didn’t end up getting his load, he had fed me enough pre-cum to fill my gut.

I moved over up against the wall where I could watch him.

He stood up from the sofa he had been sitting on, put back on his pants and put his hard cock and his balls away.

I’m not sure he zipped up his pants, all I saw was him stuffing that hard cock back in his underwear then back into his pants.


What a fucking Hot session.

I checked my phone and I had been down between his legs for almost 30 minutes.

With the time in the video booth and this session, I had been giving this Redneck Man the pleasure he desired for about an hour.

I knew I had to watch my time now.

I couldn’t stay much longer then I had planned to. I had other things that needed to be done on my way back home.

Not to say this Redneck wasn’t important…

I wanted more of him. As much as I could get anyway I could get him.

I watched from my spot leaning against the wall as he walked toward the entryway to the video room we were in.

Damn, even his walk showed how much a Redneck he was.

You could tell he was use to swinging his cock as he walked to get other Men to look at him.

Just as he got to the doorway, he stopped and turned to look toward the back of the room where he had left.

When he found me, he nodded and smiled.

This was a signal for me to follow him hopefully. That is exactly what I did.

Most of the men that had been watching us had already left the area. A couple of them were checking out the space in the back of the room to see if anything was happening there.

Normally I would have moved myself back in the space and made my mouth available to any of the guys looking for oral service.

It is not very often that I get fucked in that area. Mostly just cock sucking.

I watched him and followed him. I noticed he kept looking over his shoulder to see if I was following him.

Damn right I was. I wanted whatever he had in mind that made him get up from me sucking his hard cock.

He walked through the big movie room where a gay movie was playing and then he turned and headed back toward the video booth he had been in earlier.

I wasted no time in going back into the one I had used earlier.

As I locked the door to my video booth he pushed his hard cock and balls back through the glory hole.

I quickly got my butt in the chair and started sucking on his cock again. 
This time giving his balls more attention.

The guy started moaning so loud I could hear him with no problems.

Over and over he kept saying how fucking good my mouth felt.

Finally like before, he just pulled his cock and balls back through the glory hole.

Again I watched as he put his manhood back in his pants and exit the video booth.

I had a quick thought that this fucking redneck might be into playing games and wanted just to show off to the guys there that would watch. I hoped I was wrong.

I unlocked the door to the video booth I was in and exited just in time to see him turn the corner at the other end of the hallway.

This led back to where the straight movie were.

I followed him as he entered the smaller movie room where there was a movie of some chick getting fucked by several guys.

In the room also was one of the female hookers working the place.

She asked him if he wanted a blowjob and told him she would swallow for $20.00.

He looked at her and told her to fuck off. He had a guy he was going to feed his load to that was a damn better cock sucker then she was.

She pissed him off big time.

He turned and strutted away from her.

Just as he passed me, he nodded again toward the back of the building.

I waited a few seconds and then followed him.

He walked passed the other straight movie room and then through the big room with the gay movie.

I watched and followed as he turned and entered the very back movie room where there also was a gay movie playing.

He glanced at the screen and kept walking until he was in the very back dark area.

This area isn’t very big, but usually has the most action.

I watched him walk toward the back of the area where there is an old overstuffed chair.

There he stopped and stood facing the chair.

I took this as a signal that he wanted me to sit in the chair and suck his cock.

I was right.

I walked around him and sat down in the chair in front of him.

This time he didn’t touch himself to pull his meat out.

I figured he was waiting for me to do it.

Now he was really showing his Alpha personality.

I liked that a lot.

I reached up and unbuttoned the button holding his pants closed.

Then I unzipped his zipper slowly.

With the zipper gaping open, I pushed my nose into it and took a deep breath.

Damn his crotch smelled so fucking good.

I reached and grabbed the waist of his pants and his underwear and started pushing them downward keeping my face just inches away from his manhood.

As his underwear rolled over his cock releasing it, it popped up in my face.

Then his balls were exposed.

I pushed his pants and his underwear all the way down to his ankles.

I could tell he liked me working his pants because his cock would throb and bounce up and down some.

As earlier, I gave his cock a welcome kiss on its head.

Let me remind you, this is what his cock was.

With pride, I took the Redneck’s cock back in my mouth.

Slowly I started sucking on it. Making love to it.

Making it feel as good as possible.

Up and down the shaft of that hard cock my mouth moved as it slid over my tongue.

I would swallow all of it burying my nose in his hot sweaty pubic hair.

Then I would let it slide back over my tongue and out of my mouth so I could lick down the shaft to his balls and take them in my mouth for some love.

There are some days when I kneel in front of a Top and suck his cock giving him expert oral service and all he does is stand there.

Then there are days like this one where the Top enjoys getting his cock sucked as much as I am enjoying sucking him.

This guy was moaning and from time to time fuck my mouth and then just push his cock toward me to enjoy more.

While I was sucking on his cock making love to it, I had my fingers in his ass crack.

He moved his ass just enough to get my fingers at his asshole.

My finger slid inward with no problem using my spit from earlier when I had my tongue buried in it.

He would grind his ass on my fingers as I sucked him.

This is when I reached down and pulled my dildo out of my pants.

I had put a condom on it earlier when I thought I was going to fuck this little Mexican that was working the dark area. It still had some slippery lube on it too.

I pushed the head of the dildo against the Redneck’s asshole and held it there as I continued to enjoy sucking his cock.

With a gentle push on the dildo, it popped into his asshole and most of it slid right in.


What a surprise.

Slowly I started fucking him with my dildo as I sucked on his cock and played with his balls.

It wasn’t long before he clamped down on the dildo with his ass and blasted his load down my throat.

He shot a huge load while pumping his ass onto the dildo the best he could with as tight as he was holding his asshole.

This was the ultimate. Giving my Redneck alpha stud the pleasure he wanted and deserved.

The whole hunt and chase game was good.

He pushed the dildo out of his ass and then pulled his cock from my mouth.

I pulled his pants up to where he grabbed them and watched as he put his sweet cock and balls away.

Then he turned and started to walk away.

Another guy much taller than him moved and took his place of front of me. 

He offered me a nice long uncut cock.

I gave the skin covered head a welcome kiss and started my duty as a cock sucker.

Damn what a day.

Kiss my Ass female hooker trying to still the Men from us cocksuckers.

We are much better cocksuckers then you can ever be.
And a better fuck!

Take your stanky cunt back to the streets where you belong.

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