Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, December 18, 2016

GSO Trip

GSO Trip

I had the joy of needing to be in GSO one day recently.

I had my morning and most of my afternoon planned but I had some time early evening to go work the glory holes at the one Adult Video Arcade there.

I arrived around 4:30 at the location and really couldn’t determine how busy they were. The business next door usually overflows into the half of the parking designated for the arcade.

I got my stuff together and went in the store.

The clerk looked up my membership and I paid the cover fee.

I then headed on my way to the back of the store where the video booths are.

This is a fairly small store with only eight video booths. All of the being paired off with a glory hole between them.

This is a picture of one of the video booth’s glory hole.

Up close so you can see it better.

Now this is one of the back video booths that was being used by a faggot cocksucker already there when I got there. He is one of my buds from the GSO area.

This area is a good place for public sex outside of the booths.
As you read, I had several good cocks through the glory holes and there was one good fuck in the area outside the two back video booths.

This is the first cock I was able to have through one of the glory holes. Not much to tell about this one.

The guy pushed it through and due to his height had a rough time with the glory hole.

I achieved what he wanted. I sucked his cock until he blew his load into my mouth.

While waiting for some more cocks to suck a bottom feeder came in. He just hung out near the doorway to the Men’s Room.

I never saw him do anything.

I heard the door to the store open and had hopes that maybe my next cock to service was coming in the door.

I was right…

The guy who had entered the store came into the back video booth area.

He was an older man maybe in his 60s.

I thought he looked damn good for his age.

He strutted his stuff into one of the video booths.

I followed into the one next to it where the glory hole connected the two booths.

This is what he presented me.

It was nice and thick, plus uncut but it was too short to really enjoy sucking it through a glory hole.

I was trying the best I could when I heard the guy tell me it was mine if I wanted to join him in his video booth.

Of course I was up off my knees and on my way next door before he could change his mind.

As I opened the door to his video booth, there he stood with his shirt unbuttoned and his pants open with that nice fat uncut cock sticking out in front of him.

He nodded toward the small bench for me to sit on.

He was the perfect height for me to suck his cock without having to get down on the floor on my knees.

I was in cock sucker’s heaven.

Then he said to me that he liked to take his time and enjoy the feeling of having his cock sucked and hoped I would take my time and suck his cock until it fed me.

Damn right..
Now shut up and enjoy my mouth.

I kissed the head of his uncut cock before taking the wonderful cock back in my mouth.

Sucking it now was much easier than before with the wall between us.

I figured I sucked on his uncut cock and licked his balls for about 20 minutes.

There was no traffic out in the video booth area so I knew no one was missing my mouth.

This guy sure was enjoying it.

Finally his balls drew up and his cock got even harder just before he exploded his load of cum in my mouth.

I swallowed every drop and made sure I milked all of it from his balls.

This guy was panting hard now and had a big grin on is face.

He told me that he wish I would be around to suck his balls every day.

I told him to cum to Durham and I would.

I watched as he put his limp uncut away and then he exited the video booth.

I stayed sitting waiting for the next cock to need some attention.

It was only a few minutes when I heard the door buzzer alarm.

That might be my next cock. I was hopeful.

And I was right.

This came through the glory hole for me to show some love.

Nothing very special about this cock other then it was uncut.

I kissed it hello, swallowed it and within minutes it fed me a big load of man-cum.

This guy was ready to be serviced and took advantage of my mouth.

It was late and I needed to get back on the highway.

Until next time, the men of GSO will have to wait until I return.

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