Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, December 4, 2016



Do you search out Men who have pumped their cock and muscles to huge sizes?

Always looking for that pumped cock to stretch your asshole as you get fucked by it.?

Big huge cocks that have been pumped to unreal sizes.

I do…

I always enjoy having an over-sized pumped up cock fuck me.

Plus, I really get off on the man being pumped up too.

Here is a video to watch of Muscle Eddie and his
pumped up cock and body.

Another location of the video if the first one doesn’t work

He claims he cock size is 13”X12”

The size of most men’s thighs…

If you can get this link to load, here is a video of him actually
pumping his fat cock.

Enjoy the pictures I have posted of pumped cocks and
the men attached to them.

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