Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, January 16, 2017

Tuesday 10-4- XX

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I had some extra time so I decided to spend some of it cock hunting.

When I first arrived at the local Adult Video Arcade, 
there was no one there.

I decided to go ahead and pay the $8.00 cover fee to use the video arcade area and wait to see if any guys would show up looking for 
some sexual relief.

While I waited, I took these pictures of some of the video booths in the arcade area.

This picture is of a wasted load.
Too bad the load ended up on the floor. There should have been some cock sucking faggot there to swallow that load.

This picture is of the trash on the floor in one of the video booths.
This booth as you can see has a glory hole in the one wall and is one of the booths that usually is used by guys that frequent the place.
Some of the video booths are more popular than others.

This video booth is one of the private booths. As you can see there is an empty bottle of lube on the floor along with some paper towels.
I hope some lucky faggot had their ass plowed in the booth earlier in the day.

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