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Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Glory Hole Fact / Tip #19 / GH Trainy / Glory Hole Pig

Glory Hole Pig / GH Trainy

It’s a Friday night and you are out working the Glory Holes at the local Adult Emporium.

Before leaving your place, you cleaned out your asshole so it would be ready for fucking and you put your mind into Pig Mode.

You are there to suck any and all cocks that come through the glory hole in the wall of the video booth you claimed as yours for the night.

This is your favorite glory hole.

Over the past years you have had some incredible cocks through it.

Down your throat and up your ass

You have swallowed load after load of cum and plenty of piss too.

You lost count of the number of loads pumped deep up your asshole

And the number of full condoms you have fed from.

Waiting for the next cock…

It doesn’t matter if its big or small…

Hard or limp…

Cut or uncut…

Covered in latex or raw naked.

No matter what, your mouth is there to give that cock oral pleasure.

For several hours, you suck one cock after another letting them
 fuck you when needed.

Load after load of cum is pumped into you…

down your throat and up your asshole.

Then through the glory hole slides a really nice brown uncut cock.

As with every other cock you have no idea what is attached to 
an uncut cock inches from your mouth.

You waste no time getting that cock in your mouth making love to it.

Making it feel good.

Through the round hole separating you from the person on the other side, the cock begins to fuck your mouth.

As usual, this means the person on the other side of the wall 
wants to fuck your asshole.

You let the thick uncut cock slide from your mouth.

You get up from kneeling and back your greased asshole 
onto the hard cock.

You brace yourself as the cock begins to fuck you.

It isn’t long before the cock up your ass shoots its first load.

Then it continues to fuck you some more.

From the other side of the wall you hear the request to join you 
and fuck you some more.

As you open the door to your video booth, you see that the person that had been fucking you through the glory hole was a tranny.

What do you do???

What can you do???

Let her in and give your ass to her for as much more fucking
 she wants from your pig ass…

And enjoy the hell out of it.

Then she turns around and tells you it’s your turn to fuck her.

Another happy customer at the Glory h0les

The End
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