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Monday, July 3, 2017

Glory Hole Fact / Tip # 4 = Glory Hole Etiquette - I

Glory Hole Fact / Tip # 4

Glory Hole Etiquette - I

As ‘Glory Hole Etiquette’ is concerned, most of the responsibility belongs to the guy getting serviced (Top), and less to the Cock-Sucker (bottom).

The one getting serviced should present a clean dick to suck or ride (unless it is arranged ahead of time for him to bring an unclean dick).

The Top should make no expectations of the bottom 
beyond getting sucked to orgasm.

Whether the cocksucker swallows or not, or whether he will ride the protruding cock, bare or covered, is his choice, not usually the Top's.

Personally, I think it is rude for a Top to languish in a cocksucker's mouth and hold back his orgasm for more than 20 min.

After that amount of time, most cock-suckers want the load.

And even the best cocksuckers' jaws can get tired, especially while sucking dick thru a wall in that hunched-down position. Not to mention banging his head on the wall as he sucks the Cock he is servicing.

Also, it's rude to go to a private glory hole and use a cocksucker's mouth for a while, then pull out, zip up, and leave without cumming, or to show up at a glory hole tweaked and unable to get a hard-on for 
all the Crisco in San Francisco.

Both have happened to me in my private endeavors, and they are 

both a real turnoff.

"Public" glory holes, like the kind that can be found in sex clubs, present another series of problems that only good glory hole etiquette can solve.
Many of the sex club glory hole booths have more than one hole per booth.

That can be hot when guys in other booths all start sticking their cocks thru for you to suck.

However, etiquette says that if a guy is being serviced thru one hole, it is bad form to try to grab at his dick, ass or balls in an attempt to get that dick in your mouth.

Wait your turn. If he's interested in more than one mouth, he'll try you out. Otherwise, deal with it.

Another particularly irritating problem at sex clubs happens when two guys who, for whatever reason, hide out in a glory hole booth in order to play with each other exclusively.

That ties up a booth that could be used by guys who want to get sucked off and it pisses off the guys waiting for dick.

Rule of thumb here: if you're going to enter a glory hole booth, you'd better be prepared to play with those who are hanging out in the neighboring booths.

Otherwise find a dark corner or some other private area... or go the fuck home with each other.

Be considerate of others.

Another thing that irks guys in a glory hole scene are the guys who let you suck them for a few minutes then pull out, back up, and start 

posing for you.

Who needs that? Give me the goddamned dick or get out.

Glory holes are designed to be anonymous.

It's dick to mouth, period.

If guys can't deal with that, they should look elsewhere for a blowjob.

You wouldn't ask a guy at a truck stop glory hole for his picture first... don't ask the guy who has taken the initiative to provide you with a legally safe glory hole for one.

Now, on the subject of legality... that largely depends on the

 laws of your area.

Solicitation is defined locally, and as such, what might be considered solicitation in one county or state might not be construed 
as such somewhere else.

Lewd Conduct is pretty much the same, as are Sodomy laws.

Generally speaking, sucking dick at your own private glory hole is pretty much a private agreement between two adults and isn't considered lewd (though sucking dick ANYWHERE may be considered in violation of state sodomy laws. You should check into your local statutes).

Still, while it may all be innocent fun, you should remember a couple of things: no matter what the circumstances, having any kind of sexual contact with a minor can get you busted, even if they falsify 

their age or have a fake ID.

The law doesn't care most of the time if you've been fooled. Sex with a minor will get you arrested and result in a child-molestation or sex offender record.

Another thing to remember is that your glory hole is in your house, which is private property.

If someone contacts you and subsequently tries to arrest you, that is entrapment... but only if they contacted you. If you contact them and they bust you, they'll call that "solicitation" even if no money is involved.

It is always best to let the meat come to you, rather than going
 in search of it.

You are better protected that way.

And yes, in most places, accepting payment (even in tips) can be construed as prostitution.

Best to avoid that kind of trouble.

If you hang out your glory hole shingle on the internet you should have enough response coming to you that you shouldn't have to go looking for dick too often.

Again, the best way to get the answers you need is to look up your local county and state statutes on solicitation, lewd conduct and sodomy.

Happy Glory-Holing!

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