Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


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Mondays can be so much fun

I had a dinner meeting to attend in Raleigh,
So on the way home afterwards I decided to stop by and check on a fuck-friend of mine.
I think he is the HOTTEST stud in town.
Here is picture of his tasty uncut meat.
More details in another post.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monday 5-14-12

Monday 5-14-12
Well if you didn’t notice, it’s Monday.
For a Monday things seem to have gone pretty well.
I didn’t get a chance on Sunday to go hunting for cock so I decided to check things out at the one bookstore on my lunch break.
That was a waste of time.
Nothing at all!
Just an empty bookstore with empty video booths and empty glory holes.
One video booth had a wasted load on the floor with a discarded cum rag.
Here is a picture…
I decided on the way home from work, I would check out the bookstore in the town I live in.
Monday just got better. In fact, Monday got a whole lot better.

Some days it pays to have my camera in my pocket. By the way, I carry a camera with me. I do not use my cell phone.
As I pulled into the parking lot of the bookstore I at first was concerned. There were only a few vehicles in the lot.
As usual, I grabbed a couple of the “fuck” packets I have made up. They consist of a regular size condom, a single use packet of lube and two wet wipes. I grabbed two of those and one packet with a magnum condom in it. I am always hopeful that I find a large cock that needs to be covered before being stuffed up my ass.

As usual, the first thing I did was head to the Men’s Room to do a quick flush of my asshole so it would be ready for any man wanting to use it for both his pleasure and mine.

Then I paid the $5.00 cover fee for the video booth area and headed on toward the area of the store where I hoped I would be busy servicing many men.

I made my way down the main hallway and turned left to check out the one hallway of video booths. I was pleased with the collection of men.
There were 4 guys either sitting on stools or leaning against the wall watching the videos playing in the booths through the open doors.
Right off I knew I easily could persuade each of them to let me suck their cocks and swallow a nice load of their cum.
Sitting in the back corner of the hallway on a stool checking his text messages was the medium sized bear that has a nice above average uncut cock. I’ve done him several times and remember he likes for me to chew on his foreskin while I message his asshole with my thumb. He nodded to me and smiled. That was my signal he was mine when I was ready.
The next guy was the black guy who always wears a tie when he is there. I knew he would feed me his fat black cock and maybe even fuck me. He fucked me one time before and damn he knows how to plow ass with his fat cock.
The next guy was another black guy. He was youngish in his thirties and has a real nice uncut piece which always feeds me a large load after much servicing with mouth and tongue.
The last guy was the little redneck pig who likes me topping him and he does a great job on eating my ass.  

I knew all four of those guys would be part of my list of happy fucks.
Feeding me load after load.

I turned and walked over to the other hallway.
There sitting at the end of the hallway on a stool leaning back stroking his hard cock while he watched porn through an open door was Dread Locks guy. I will be referring to him as usual as DL.

DL had his big curved cock out and was slowly stroking it.
He turned his head toward me and nodded that he recognized me. Then he stood up and continued stroking his hard black cock. He looked down at his cock and then back toward me.
I swear that cock has a mind of its own.
I continued to stand at the end of hallway watching him. He stopped stroking his cock and moved his hand away from it giving me full view of it.
As I watched it, it began to bounce up and down. Sorta like waving at me. It was hypnotizing me - Making me want it.
Slowly I walked toward DL and his hard cock. He stepped forward into the doorway of the open booth he had been sitting in front of watching porn.
I knew what was going to happen…..

To Be Continued in another post

What's on my mind today?


Have you ever fantasized about getting fucked by a horse?
Maybe you went to the rodeo to watch the Hot Cowboys and couldn’t keep your eyes off of the one bucking bronco with a hard-on.
Here are a few drawings I found on the internet that fit into getting fucked by a horse.



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Thought of the Day

You queer fuck

You queer fuck, when you finish drinking my piss I got something for you to taste in back.
Yea, I see your dick getting harder. 
All fag, that's what the guys in the locker room told me about you.
You’re just a cock sucking, ass eating faggot pig!

If you’re real good at licking my raunchy asshole clean,
I might put my cock up your ass and breed it
You nasty muther fuck’ng Pig.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Today's fuck

I have to share with you today's fuck.
After the guy fucked my mouth, he took hold to my ass and plowed it good.
He made me crawl up the wall and kiss the ceiling before putting my ass down on the floor and wiping up wasted cum with it as he buried that big black cock as deep in my ass as he could.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today's Feast

I had to share this one with you today.
This is what I got to service this afternoon at the local bookstore.
He was good looking, built, appreciative and very willing to let me take my time and enjoy his manhood.
Details will be forth-cuming... 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Death or Life

Today we laid to rest a dear loved one who lived to 95
May her Soul meet her Maker with Joy.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rest Area Fuck - cont.

There were two guys waiting, lined up outside the stall leaning on the wall. As I left the stall, both of them smiled great big shit-eating grins at me as I opened the door. I know they heard everything that had just happened.
One was a muscular black man with a massive bulge in his shorts.  I couldn't take my eyes off of it as I tried to step out of the stall.
With the next step I took to move out from the door, he moved toward me to enter the stall and we bumped into each other.
My hand was down by my side and went straight for his crotch, squeezing a wonderful mass of hot black meat.
I looked into his eyes as he looked into mine. We both knew what we wanted.
He took my hand in his and pulled me into the stall with him shutting the door behind us.
He pulled me to him and kissed me hard on the lips, digging his tongue deep into my mouth, possessing it.
My hands found the waistband of his shorts. I pulled on them until I had them and his silk underwear down.
Then he let loose of me, smiled and reaching down, took his shorts and underwear completely off and set them on top of the toilet.
I looked down at his cock in a daze. It was beautiful, already long and semi-hard, uncut, black as coal except near the head where it lightened a bit.
It was a magnificent black male tool thrusting out proudly from a patch of wiry black pubic hair.
Below it hung a sac with a pair of large balls of equal beauty and proportions.
I fell to my knees in subservient awe hefting his massive black balls in my hands as I opened my mouth in an effort to impale my face with his gorgeous black uncut fuck stick.
He knew that his proportions were monstrous and tried to feed his huge cock into my hungry throat. I would have none of that, I shoved that black monster down my throat, gagged, removed it, and shoved it down again.
When it hit the back of my throat, I swallowed hard and the foreskin covered head slid into my throat.
I swallowed again and felt inch after thick black inch slide down my throat.
I had no idea how big his uncut cock was. I figured ten inches, maybe twelve inches. I just don't know and didn’t care. As I buried my nose into his sweaty black pubic patch I knew it was all down my throat.
He looked down at me awe and in a low deep voice said, "Suck it white boy, suck it like no bitch can."
I did my best, making love to that incredible black uncut phallus with every ounce of strength.

All of a sudden he sat down on the toilet - Just the top of his hard ass cheeks on the edge on the toilet. Then he spread his legs wide open for me, placing one leg up on the toilet paper holder, giving me complete access to everything that made him the Black Stud he was.
I fell to all fours and licked him from his foreskin covered cockhead to his big black balls.
I sucked on his balls, taking each one into my mouth; they were as big as hard-boiled eggs.
I licked all around his hairy nut sac, finally lifting it and attacking his sweaty puckering asshole with my ravenous tongue.
The guy in the next stall had his eye to the glory hole and was making soft whining sounds in frustration at the opportunity he was missing.
I returned my attention to the magnificent black cock in front of me, slobbering over it like the whore I had been all weekend, coating it with my spit.
I scooped up strand after strand of spit and began fingering my hungry asshole with my dripping fingers, working it open as wide as I could.
I had to have that black monster cock inside me.
I had to get fucked by that massive manhood.
I sat up and kissed him hard on the mouth and got to my feet. Then I turned around, facing away from him and reached back and grabbed his massive dick.
He moved my hand away and grabbed a Magnum sized condom from his shirt pocket. I watched as he unrolled the well-lubricated condom over his monstrous meat.
Spreading my cheeks and aiming the beautiful black cock head toward my hungry butthole I sat backwards a bit, rubbing his big chocolate cock up and down the crack of my ass.
It was so big I knew it would feel so fucking good inside me.
The sound of other men pissing could be heard, but I just didn't give a fuck. I love to get fucked by black cocks this big and I wanted it in the worse way, reaming my ass raw.

I started centering the movements of his latex covered cock right around my asshole, until I had the head pointing right at it.
I leaned backwards just a bit, feeling the head trying to slide into me.
His huge latex covered cock head pushed inside of me.
God, that monstrous manhood felt like a telephone pole going into my ass.
"Now or never," I thought and sat my ass down on it as fast as I could.
His dick bent hard, trying to not enter any more into my lubed opening, then it straightened itself and rammed home right up into my hungry ass.
My black fucker shoved his underwear into my mouth just as I opened it to scream in ecstasy, and I bit down hard on the musky smelling cloth wad.
I closed my eyes tightly as his huge cock filled my asshole. I knew I was going to get fucked. His hard cock had me full and open.
I could hardly stand and lost my balance, falling backwards onto more of his tremendous black cock. Pushing all of it inside of me.
Before I lost my balance any more, I felt his strong hands on both sides of my hips. Like my weight was insignificant to him he slowly lifted me upward, off of his monstrous size cock.
I felt inch after excruciating inch slide out of my happy asshole. The head of his dick was just about out of me when he began lowering me back down on his thick meat.
This time it felt better and even better the next. Within 30 seconds I was in heaven as he raised and lowered my butt on his torrid cock.
As his beautiful black cock slid in and out of my ass I began clinching and unclenching by butt muscles, massaging his massive meat. Making love to his manhood.
Damn, this black stud could fuck me in any position for as long as he wanted. Every fucking trucker in the men’s room could watch and work their own cocks to eruption after eruption all over the two of us.

I could feel his cock getting ever larger in my butt and I knew he was not going to hold out much longer. "Where do you want my load, white boy?, " he asked in a low voice.

"Not in that condom, I want in my mouth. I want to eat every drop of you seed," I gasped back, as he continued to masterfully fuck me.
By this time we had moved to a standing position, I was bent at the waist bracing myself on the stall walls and he was behind me slamming his hard cock in and out of my butt in long strokes. Lifting me completely off the floor with every stroke deep inside of me.
The feeling of being empty and full, empty and full, empty and full was like nothing I had felt in a long time.
This black man was a masterful fucker and I loved every incredible inch of him and what he was doing to me.

"It's time," he panted and slid his dick out of my butt. The feeling of loss in my ass was tremendous, but I turned and removed the slim-covered condom from his dick and shoved it through the hole in the wall.
From the sounds I could tell my friend in the next stall started chewing on it.
I was on my knees before he could take his next breath and reached for the massive dick in front of me. I stroked its fat base, gently squeezed his hot nut sac and impaled my face once again on his glorious cock.
I could feel his cock jump in my hand and I pulled his foreskin covered head out of my mouth and rested it on my lower lip.
As I massaged his balls, the head of his cock expanded and his foreskin peeled back some. Then his piss hole opened and a wonderful blast of hot cum painted the roof and back of my mouth.
I swallowed and two more gorgeous shots of thick white cum erupted into my eager mouth.
God, this man had it all, a cock of legendary proportions and cum that tasted like sweet nectar.
After another blast from his cock, I lost my balance and fell backwards. Not missing a beat he turned to the glory hole in the wall and shoved his still spewing cock on through.

As he emptied the rest of his load into the cock suckers mouth in the next stall, I scooted over behind him and began licking the sweat and kissing the cheeks of his powerful black ass.
He pulled back just a bit from the wall and hunched forward.
Taking the hint I spread his cheeks and attacked his beautiful black puckered asshole with my tongue.
Every inch of this man tasted good. His ass hole had just the right amount of raunch to say I’m a Black Stud’s nasty asshole.
He reached back behind him and grabbing me by the hair pulled me to my feet. Pulling my tongue out of his raunchy asshole.

"Fuck me, white boy," he rasped, pulling another condom out of his shirt pocket and thrusting it into my hand. I tore it open and rolled it over my rock hard.
The cock sucker in the next stall was still slobbering over his cock as I pulled his ass cheeks apart and rammed my dick up his butthole.
His ass was boiling hot inside as I violently slammed my latex covered cock in and out of his tight black ass.
I reached under his shirt squeezing his hard muscled chest, finding his nipples and twisting them. He liked it as I pinched and twisted his nipples harder.
He turned his head to the side and I attacked his face, kissing and licking him all over while I continued to fuck this gorgeous man.
The incredible contractions of his butt muscles were taking its toll on my poor cock. For the third time in less than 20 minutes I let loose with a load of hot cum.
The black stud took it all up his hot ass. Clenching his butt muscles he coaxed all of my hot load out into the condom in his ass.

I was beat, falling back onto the toilet seat, exhausted.
I pulled the condom off my cock, staggered to my feet and poured my cum into my black stud's mouth.
He drank it all down making smacking noises with his lips. I was hoping he would share back with me, but he swallowed my load without sharing.
I sat down again on the toilet and watched him stuff his huge hard black cock back through the glory hole.
He fed his cock to the cocksucker in the next stall.
I watched as he clinched his ass muscles tight getting close to popping his load but just not getting there.
After a bit I started to get dressed. As I bent down to tie my shoes I couldn't help but lick the sweat from the black stud's ass one more time. Man, did he taste wonderful.
As I got to my feet and scooted past him toward the stall door, he reached into his pants pocket and fished out a business card, which he handed to me.

"My names Chuck," he said, as he continued to pump his rock hard cock into the cock suckers's mouth on the other side of the stall wall.
"If you ever get back in the area, give me a call. I want to fuck your white ass some more. For as long as you’ll let me.”
I reached over and slapped him on his hard ass cheek, "I would love to get fucked by you all fuckin day long and all fucking night too. I'll be in touch you can rest assured."

With that I left the stall.
The other guy waiting outside entered as I left.
As I walked away, I heard him say, “what the fuck?”
I went to the sinks and washed up some, trying to get some the piss and cum smells off my body.
I needed to take a break before working that Men’s Room again.
I looked in the mirror over the sink across the dimly lite room toward the row of urinals.
There on his knees was another cock sucker sucking the hell on a huge cock attached to what looked to be a trucker.
I guess I wasn’t going to get home anytime soon.
My ass needed some more fucking and I was still hungry for cock and cum.