Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, March 31, 2013

3-29-13 Friday Afternoon

Today I made a total transformation by having my hair cut short. Back to the flat –top style. This should be easier to keep for the warm weather.
I think I am actually better looking with my hair short.

After having my hair cut off, I decided to go cruising at the local ABS for some cock.
Yes, I am addicted to cock. Addicted to the Male Sexual Organ. I adore that mound of pleasure meat hanging between a man’s legs.
The cock, the penis, the dick, cum gun, dong, fuck rod, manhood, ass slayer, fun stick, fag banger, the peter, prick schlong dongadoodle, Biggus Dickus, tool, tubesteak, trouser snake or whatever you want to call it.

Here is a quick breakdown of the adventures I add to me diary today.

#1 = Black guy with big belly – sucked his cock in the hallway video booths in the new area. Then he fucked me. Planted his large load up inside my ass.

#2 = sucked another black with an uncut cock while the first guy fucked me.

#3 = Sucked black guy with uncut cock in dark area.

#4 = Sucked Hot Hispanic in old area watching straight movie. Ate his smelly ass upon his request. He finally fed me his load of Latin Essence.

#5, #6, #7, & #8 in Dark area. One black guy and the other three were white. One of the white guys was thin with a huge rock hard cock. Sucked him the most. I even got to suck a load of cum out of his sweet asshole while he was bent over sucking one of the other white guys. The black guy slid his latex covered uncut into my ass. Fucked me some, but didn’t blow his load.

#9 = White guy through glory hole. I sucked him some, he sucked me some, I took a picture of his uncut cock and then he fed me his load.

#10 = Black guy wanted to fuck me in booth with my ass outside the booth so other could watch. He fucked me hard while watching the movie of a black muscle stud fucking a white kid. When he finished he throw his condom on the floor.

#11 = next Black stepped up behind me and pushed his thick cock into my sloppy hole. He fucked me long and sharp until he shot his load deep inside of me.

#12 = Another black guy who had been watching me get fucked stepped up behind my ass and slid his over sized hard cock into my cum-lubed asshole.  This stud had the largest of the three that fucked me. He fucked me hard and talked dirty to me while he buried his over sized cock deep in me. This guy picked me up off the floor when he would push into me. He dumped his load inside me and then let me clean off his huge uncut black cock. Nice tasting cum and ass on his cock. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pissed in the corner of the hallway. Strong smelling piss.

Since it was now after 5 PM almost 6 PM, I took my cum filled ass on toward the house.

Happy PIG!

Jesus - Today???

If Jesus was to appear in today’s world…

What would he look like?

Which lifestyle would he be?

What country would he be from?

Would he be crucified again?

Would religion change?

Would Hate go Away?

Pick your Man and let us know…