Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year Cocks 2016

Happy New Year Glory Holes in 2016

Happy New Year 2016

New Year’ Eve Middle Man

This year for New Year’s Eve

Go out and find two horny Tops

And be their Middle Man

Start off slow

Do some cock sucking

Let them prime you for more to come.

Give your mouth and ass for their pleasure

Let them open you up

Take every dildo they have to stuff you with

Give them your asshole to be their New Year’s Eve Puppet Boy

Jesus – Modern Times

Modern day  Jesus

This is what I think Jesus would look like if he came back in our times

Plus he would be neutral sexually – neither gay nor straight

He would fuck anything that needed the healing from getting fucked by him and seeded with his Holy Essence.

Out of my way so I can bend over and be fucked by him…

I need to be HEALed.

The Cocksucker’s Pledge

Disclaimer: found and downloaded from the internet. Not sure of the website. 
No harm is intended posting it here with illustrations.

·       I WILL SWALLOW unless otherwise instructed. A Man’s cum deserves it as does the Man himself. Swallowing reinforces the bond and the position between Man and cocksucker.

·       I WILL DEEPTHROAT to the best of my ability regardless of whether I gag. A well-rounded cocksucker must master the use of its lips, tongue AND throat to maximize a Man’s pleasure.

·       I WILL NOT USE MY HAND unless instructed. My mouth is my sexual organ.

·       I WILL NOT TOUCH MYSELF when sucking a Man’s cock. His pleasure is my own. To suggest otherwise is deeply disrespectful.

·       I WILL NOT EXPECT RECIPROCATION — His needs are more important than mine.

·       I WILL MAKE MYSELF AVAILABLE and serve on His terms to the very best of my ability. A Man should never have to jerk Himself off when a cocksucker could do the job, instead.

·       I WILL BEG HIM TO CALL ME NAMES, such as ‘faggot,’ 'cocksucker,’ and 'redneckcunt.’ A cocksucker must accept its place on the sexual totem pole. Such names are a Man’s way to claim his superiority over a cocksucker.

·       I WILL CONTINUE TO SERVE for as long as a Man deems appropriate, whether minutes or hours, without complaint.

I pledge these things because I am a cocksucker, because I am in awe of Men, and because I am always at their service.