Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, January 31, 2011

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More from Friday Evening 1-28-11 - The Bear

Continued from Trick 2
As I entered back into the hallway leaving my victim drained, I was proud of the wide open eyes staring at me from the guys in the hallway.
I walked out into the hallway and decided I needed to take a short break. This meant walking out toward the front and getting some air.
As I walked past each man that was leaning up against the wall cruising, I got a big smile out of each of them.
Out front I took a few deep breaths and cleared my mind.
Now I was ready for more. What man back there was going to be my victim  this time.
I walked back down the main hallway and turned left toward the larger hallway. The older guy I had just been with was over there now. He was talking with one of the guys that had been there earlier. I heard him say, ‘you wouldn’t believe how good of a cock sucker he is. I wish he would have fucked me too. He has this big silver ring in his cock.’
I was right proud of what I was hearing so I decided to go check out the other hallway.
Several of the doors to the booths were open so the hallway was pretty lite up. I could see there was a black guy leaning on the wall about half way down and the young black stud was back on the stool in the corner.
I stopped just at the corner of the hallway and leaned against the wall. Not completely in the hallway but at an angel from booth number 4 on the corner which had the door open.
The bear that had pasted me in the hallway when I had first got there walked past me and took a place leaning on the wall across from the open door of booth number 4.
I stood there cruising him as he cruised back. I was expecting him to step into the open booth and expect me to follow him. But he never did.
Finally I figured I needed to be the aggressive one. I stepped toward him and put my hand on his shoulder. Then I pushed his shoulder directing him into the empty booth that he was in front of. It had a straight movie playing in it, but I didn’t care. It was empty.
I pushed him into the booth and slammed the door behind me. I wanted the sound affect of the force used to get him into the booth.
He immediately open his mouth for a kiss. I instead spit in his open mouth. This took the bear back a second before he swallowed and opened his mouth for more. This time I put my tongue in his mouth as our lips meet. We kissed for a second before I pulled his head away from mine.
I forced him down on his knees in front of me and pushed his face into my crotch.
The bear now kneeling in front of me reached up and unbuttoned my 501 jeans. Then he reached in and pulled my hard cock out so he could have it to service. He knew his place.
As he began to take my cock into his mouth, I reached down and grabbed under his jaw. Inch by inch my cock disappeared into his bearded mouth. He didn’t seem to mind the PA at all. Once all of my cock was in his mouth and down his throat, I held his head steady. Then I slowly began to fuck his mouth. Just enough to tease him.
I let go of his jaw and let him to begin working on my cock the way he wanted to. As he swallowed my cock and then let it slide out of his mouth, I began to remove my shirt. I want some nipple action from this Hot bear also.
After I got my shirt off, I reached down and pulled up on him.
‘Stand up” I said to him as I pulled his bearness upward. When he was standing he began to remove his shirt too. This meant we were going to have a good nipple session. He had nice big nipples just begging for my attention.
I reached down between his legs to see what he had hanging. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything to grab. Oh Hell I figured. I didn’t need cock with this one. I had a whole more to play with - Mostly his mind.
When he had his shirt off and was bear chested I took and grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth to my left nipple. As he began to chew on my nipple, I began slapping the side of his face. Not hard, just enough to let him know who was in charge.
He seemed to get off on that and chewed harder on my nipple.
I raised my arm so he could get a smell of my arm pit and he shied away from it. I was surprised he wasn’t into my armpit smell.
Since I don’t’ wear any deodorant, my armpits are always ready for a nose and tongue.
I pushed his head so he moved over to my other nipple and started to chew on it. Now I reached and grabbed one his nipples and began to squeeze. I could tell he wasn’t ready for me to be so aggressive with his nipple. He pulled away at first and I kept pinching on it.
This Big Bear was my Toy.
From the Internet

As he chewed on my nipple, I began to lick the top of his closely shaved head. I really enjoy doing that to a man while he is chewing on one of my nipples. I enjoy that just as much as licking their ears while they chew.
The Bear was getting into me licking his head when I pushed him back down to my cock. It needed some attention. He swallowed it and let me fuck his mouth some. I reached over his hairy back and slide my hand down into the back of his pants. My fingers slid down his ass crack until they found his Bear Hole. As my finger dug into it and began to dummy fuck his hairy asshole, he began to push his ass back for more.
I could have fucked him right there, but I was saving my energy for something I had seen I wanted.
While I finger fucked his asshole, I could see he had his hand on his crotch pinching on it.
Then I felt the tension in his body change. The big Bear had made himself cum.
Slowly I withdrew my fingers from his ass crack and pulled my hand from being down his pants. He let my cock slide out of his mouth as he began to stand up.
The moment had happened and now it was over. Both of us were ready to move on.
As we put our shirts back on, he said to me. ‘You really need to come to my house and fuck me.’
‘Maybe next time’ I replied to him as my shirt slid on over my face.
I left the booth wanting more. More Man Meat.
I had to have more…

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday Evening after work 1-28-11 - continued - trick 2

In the back, there were quite a few guys cruising around.
On the side to the left, the larger hallway side, there was this real good looking younger bear cub type sitting on a bar stool watching one of the gay movies from the hallway. He never has anything to do with me. I think I am too aggressive for his likes. His lost.
There were a couple of older guys leaning on the wall watching movies also. All four booths had their doors open and the hallway was pretty well lite up to see who was there.
I headed on over to the other side’s hallway. It was pretty dark but I could tell the hallway was full of guys cruising.
I wanted to see what was down there so I started on down the hallway. Remember, there are only 4 video booths in each hallway. 1 & 2 have the glory hole in between them and they are at the far end of the hallway. Video Booths 3 & 4 are private. Booth number 4 being the last booth where the hallway begins.
As I made my way down past the guys leaning on the wall cruising, this bear type fellow pasted me and grabbed my crotch. ‘Hope to see you later’ he growled as he let go of my crotch and kept walking.
As I continued, I could see that there was a guy sitting on a stool in the corner. So to check out what he looked like, I made my way to the last booth in the hallway which was number 1. By opening the door and going into the booth, I could turn and with the light from the booth, see what he looked like.
It was a young black stud sitting with his legs pulled up blocking his crotch. He gave the impression he didn’t want to be bothered with.
Body language is so important when cruising these places.
I went into the booth and shut the door behind me. I adjusted  myself and turned to go back out into the hallway. As I opened the door, there sitting on the stool in the corner was still the good looking younger black stud. He had put his legs down so his crotch was visible.
Just then I noticed one of the older men from the other side enter the video booth next to me. I quickly turned around and went back into the video booth that I was leaving.
I shut the door behind me and moved the stool over to prop the door shut.
Then I leaned over and looked through the large glory hole. The guy in the next video booth was grabbing his crotch. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my camera as I knelt down on my left knee to get my face at the glory hole.
The guy looked down and saw my face at the glory hole. I watched as he reached for his zipper and started unzipping his pants slowly.
I could see he was a small build man wearing jeans and a button up shirt. He had to be around 60 years old. Looked pretty good for his age. He had a good looking build from what I could see.
Then he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them apart. He was wearing bright white jockey shorts which had a nice budge.
He stepped closer to the glory hole but not all the way.
I reached through the glory hole and grabbed his crotch. He stood there as I rubbed and squeezed is bulge. He seemed to really like it because he pushed his Jockie Shorts covered crotch toward me for more.
I pulled my hand back through the glory hole and he pushed his crotch up to the hole in the wall.
Here is a picture of his jockey covered crotch pushed up to the glory hole.

It didn’t take very well so I pulled a couple off the internet to illustrate the moment.


I took and pressed my face up to his white jockeys and started to chew on his already hard cock. He wiggled his hips pressing his crotch into the glory hole more to show me he liked what I was doing.
Now was my time to see what those white jockeys were holding. I reached into the fly of them and pulled out his cock. It was average size and begging for attention. The cock hung out of his jockeys and started to throb some. - It wanted me to see it.
I wasted no time getting it in my mouth and started sucking on it. Since it was cut, there wasn’t any foreskin to lick on so I just swallowed all of it and started chewing and making love to it.
The guy on the other side of the wall which owned the cock in my mouth, reached down and grabbed the waist band of his white jockey and started pushing them down.
Not everyone knows the pleasures of a Man’s underwear like I do. I was happy with them being there.
He pushed them down pulling his cock out of my mouth. Then he stepped back and pushed them all the way to the floor around his ankles.
Quickly he got his cock back through the glory hole for me to continue my mouth work.
I got his cock back in mouth and went back to sucking on it. While I was working on his cock, the owner would move his hips and push as much cock into my mouth as he could.
Here are a few pictures of my sucking on his cock. I hope you enjoy the moment. I sure did.

I continued on sucking on this guys cock for several minutes, and then I wanted more. I wanted the wall to be gone and I wanted to be on my knees in front of this guy. I wanted to be able to look up and see the pleasure in his face I was giving to his cock and balls.

I stood up and pushed on his cock trying to let him know I was through. Most guys don’t realize it until they hear the door to the booth open and then they realize I have left.
As I exited my video booth I noticed the young Black Stud wasn’t sitting in the corner of the hallway on the stool anymore. I glanced down the hallway and noticed the third video booth’s door was open. This is one of the private booths. He was standing in front of it watching the movie through the open door.
Now was my move on the guy I had been sucking through the glory hole. I pushed on his door and he had a stool keeping it propped closed. I pushed harder and the door began to open. At first he pushed on the door to keep it closed.
‘I want in’ I said out loud as I continued to push on the door. The stool began to move some more and the door opened just enough for me to force my way into the video booth.
As I pushed my way in the booth past the door which would only open half way, I got a good look at the guy’s face. He was scared shitless.
Once inside the booth, I slammed the door back shut and pushed the stool back up against it. This left the older guy just standing there up against the wall. He had began to pull his pants up before I had forced my way in into his booth. He must of thought I was finished.
Since he was a small build man, I just grabbed him around the waist and picked him and sat him back on the stool. He couldn’t have been just over 5 feet tall. I pushed his chest back so he was now leaning somewhat up against the door. This gave me access to grab the waist of his pants and pulled them down under him back down to his ankles. The poor guy still had a horrified look on his face. No telling what he was thinking. Maybe I was a mad man who was going to kill him. 
Hell, all I wanted was more of his cock.
Standing back up in front of him, I fumbled with his shirt until I had all the buttons undone and then I pushed his shirt open to reveal a nice chest with erect nipples.
The guy was still horrified at my movements. He was as stiff as a board.
Now His body was mine. His nipples were begging for some attention and his cock was throbbing.
My first move was to his right nipple. I began to lick on it and chew on it lightly, just enough to see how he responded. As he let out a loan moan and his cock began to bounce up and down as it jerked about on its own, I moved over to this left nipple with my mouth. I licked on this nipple some and chewed on it as I laid my hand on his furry belly. Gently I rubbed the furry belly before moving my mouth off his nipple. I replace my hand with my mouth as my tongue found his belly button. He was a little tickleist as my tongue dug into his fur filled bully button. With my free hand I grabbed his hard cock and said
‘This is what the Fuck I want’ in a deep demanding voice.
I looked up at his face just before stuffing his cock in my mouth. The scared look had disappeared and a big smile was in its place.
His whole cock went in my mouth as I swallowed it. Then as usual, I started chewing on the cock as if I was eating it. This drove him crazy. He couldn’t stop moving his hips.
After trying to eat his cock and swallow it, I let it slide out of my mouth. This gave me a chance to lick his balls and get them in my mouth. He didn’t quit like my chewing on his balls so I let them slide out of my mouth gently before going back after his hard cock.
Now he had pre-cum oozing from his piss slit, this was just perfect. I needed a taste of his fluids. As I licked the drop of pre-cum from his piss slit, his pre-cum was real salty and just made me want more. I swallowed his cock again and went back to sucking and chewing on it.
After several minutes of me savagely eating this man’s cock, he reached down and grabbed at my crotch. He grabbed under my arms and pulled me upward. I stood up in front of him as he grabbed at my cock through my jeans again. So I reached down and undid my belt. Then slowly I unbuttoned one button at a time on my Levi 501 jeans. As I unbuttoned the last button, he pulled my pants apart and reached into my Cowboy Equipment Boxer Briefs and pulled my hard cock out.
He started jerking on it and wrapped his free arm around my body pulling me close to him. He then took his head and laid it up against my chest as he continued to jerk on my cock. This guy was enjoying the roughness and didn’t know how to show appreciation but in what he was doing. I reached around him and gave him a big bear hug. As I squeezed him tighter pulling him close to me, he jerked more wildly on my cock. Now I reached and grabbed the back of head. I pulled his head backward making him face my face. I wanted a big ol’ kiss from this guy. I wanted to see if he knew how to kiss like a man should. I put my mouth to his and forced my tongue into his mouth. At first he held back some and then he let go and started kissing me like a real man. His tongue darted into my mouth and danced with my tongue.
Our lips kissed and slurped and slobbered as we let our mouths make love to each other. I continued to hold him tight as he continued to jerk on my cock.
Now I had wanted some Cum. I pulled my mouth from his and let go of my tight bear hug. Then I slid back down onto my knees in front of him and took his hard cock back in my mouth.
I wanted his cum!
His cock became my object of desire as I sucked up and down his shaft licking every inch of his hard cock. His cock began to stiffen some more as I felt his balls began to draw up on my chin. The guy’s body began to quiver as he began to squirt his load of cum into my mouth. At first I thought the guy was having a heart attack the way his body jerked and he moaned and groaned so loudly. 
Nope he wasn’t. He was just having one hell of a climax.
When the last drop of cum had oozed into my mouth, I let his limp cock slide out of my mouth from my lips. I stood up and stuffed my hard cock back in my jeans. As I buttoned up my jeans, I grabbed my crotch and showed it to him.
‘Look what the Hell you caused!’ I said to him smiling.
Then I pushed him off the stool and past me. I took the stool out of the way and opened the door to the video booth.
As I entered back into the hallway leaving my victim drained, I was proud of the wide open eyes staring at me from the guys in the hallway.

Friday Evening after work 1-28-11

Friday Evening after work . . .
After work I decided to go hunting for more Man Meat. What I had for lunch was a good starter for the day.
Since I needed to go by the Grocery Store on the way home, I decided the bookstore on Guess Road would be the best place to go hunting Man Meat.
I was surprised to see about a dozen cars in the parking lot when I turned in.
As usual, I went in, check my butt and then went and paid my $5.00.

The clerk was all excited about telling me about the older of the two Men’s Room. It had been remodeled and she was real proud of it. She told me to go back and check it out.
I headed on back over to the corner of the store where the Men’s Rooms were and open the door to the one that had been closed the past few months. I was surprised to see a guy standing at in front of the toilet with his pants around his ankles taking a piss. It didn’t seem to bother him I had opened the door on him.
I excused myself and stepped in the Men’s Rooms to check the remodel and to check him out. He still didn’t seem to mind that I had joined him so I shut the door behind me.
I looked around the room and was right impressed at the remodel job. Then I leaned forward to check out his cock and watch him piss.
‘You don’t mind, do you?’ I asked him as I slipped in front of in and sat down on the toilet in front of him. He stopped pissing and nodded his head in agreement. Right in my face being held by his hand was a nice average size uncut cock with a drop if piss on the end of its foreskin. He had been pissing through his foreskin. I love that in an uncut man. Leaves a nice salty taste to their foreskin.
‘Feed me the rest of it’ I said as I took his foreskin covered cockhead in my mouth. The flow of golden piss started back and I gulped it down as fast as he could feed it to me.
After I drained the last drop out the nice uncut cock in my mouth, he looked down and me and said. ‘You suck my cock and make me cum? I need to get my ass home to the wife.’
As I nodded my head yes, his cock was already starting to get hard in my mouth. I began moving my mouth up and down the length of his manhood as my tongue licked around the head and shaft. His foreskin moved back and forward over his cock head and up and down with my sucking.  The married guy standing in front of me started moaning as he reached with both hands and grabbed the back of my head. Then he started for fucking my mouth with a steady pace.
‘God Damn’ he moaned as he buried all of his uncut manhood into my throat and started to feed me a big load of cum. His hips quivered some as his balls continued to pump more and more cum into my throat. Finally he released the tight hold on my head and let me catch my breath. I let his cock now semi limp cock slide out of my throat as I licked his juices off his manhood. Then he pulled his limp uncut cock out of my mouth and began to stuff it back in my pants.
‘I wish you could come and teach my bitch how to suck like that. The bitch won’t get near my cock with her mouth. She says it’s dirty. So is her nasty cunt.’
He zipped up his zipper and stepped over to the sink and began to wash his hands.
I stood up and thanked him for letting me services his needs. Thanked him for this piss and cum.
‘Hope to see you here again’ he said as I stepped to the door and opened it.
I walked out of the newly remodeled Men’s Room and headed back toward the counter.
‘Nice remodel job’ I said to the clerk. ‘You didn’t tell me there was someone in there taking a piss.’ I continued as I got to the counter.
‘Well I didn’t know anyone was in there.’ She said. ‘The door wasn’t shut’ ‘Anyhow, ,you probably have seen it.’
‘Nope, not this one, But now I have.” I said back to her with a smile.
Then I headed on toward the back video booth area. I heard the guy come out of ht Men’s Room.
“See ya next week’ he said to the clerk. “Alright Ralph’ she said back. ‘I’ll be here working.’

Check Back Later

Fortune Cookie Says

It is up to you to make your own adventures today!

Get out there and hunt for some Man Meat.

This is one of the cocks I got on Friday.

Nice Hispanic Stud who enjoyed having his ass eaten and cock sucked.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday January 25, 2011

As I begin to drag my Pig ass out from being sick with this flu, I finally decided to go hunting for cock.
My choice of bookstores was the one on Guess Road in Durham.
Boy did I make a mistake. $5.00 wasted.
I got to see a nice looking cock and you can check out the picture I took of it.
Real nice cock on a HOT Stud.
Nothing else going on in the place. I stayed about 30 minutes and headed on home.
Better Luck next time.

This guy always wears a jockstrap and his fantasy is to walk around the bookstore in nothing but his jockstrap while all the Hot Guys have his body in the right ways.

I think he has what it takes. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fuck Me

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