Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Taking it Young – Big Fucker

Taking it Young – Big Fucker

Part of the series ' the life and times of SamBear, a redneck cock sucking faggot '

When I was a teenager turning into a young man, I would let the older males in the dorm I lived in fuck me, so I could learn the various positions, force and speed that men would be 
fucking me as I grew older.

The guys from my dorm would be always showing off their masculinity. All it took was a few bears, some tequila
and a joint or two to get them started.

Then on the weekends, I would go work the street where the hookers and whores sold themselves.
There I would be able to offer myself to the more ‘diverse’ men looking for guys who would give more than just a plain 
blow job and vanilla fuck.

I could make more per trick when I was known as the kinky slut and would do anything for the more money.

Through this period of my life, I learned to like taking it rough up the ass and being slapped around while sucking cock.

Several times I would get raped by gangs arranged by the guy paying me. I didn’t mind, I got more cock up my ass
and more loads to swallow.
If the fuckers were drinking, I got to get fucked up on drinking their piss as they forced me to
drink their golden piss.

Many times, I would get fucked in locker rooms and public men’s rooms that were abandoned late at night and on the weekends.

I would walk bow-legged back to my dorm room only to find my dorm mates fucked-up and horny.

I never turned down a good paying trick and my dorm mates.

Be A Hero - Teach the Enemy how to Create PEACE among Men

Be A Hero

Teach the Enemy how to Create PEACE among Men

The Enemy of World Peace are everywhere these days

Be A Hero and teach the enemy how to love their fellow man

Be a Hero, teach your enemy how to love and accept love from peaceful and loving Men all around the World.

Teach the enemy that self butt play is a way to prepare them make friends with other Men.

Be a Hero, teach your enemy that there is nothing better then having sex with other Men

Making each other feel like the Man they are

Giving themselves to each other to provide the best sexual situation in each of the Men’s mind.

Teach the world that one man’s ass is a wonderful place to practice maneuvers.

Fucking each other will cause each of you to be a Hero.
Man to Man sex between two Men who are enemies will bring PEACE between them..

Happy New Year (NSFW)

Happy New Year

May the New Year bring you much sex with

many Men!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Do you remember the first cock you ever sucked?

1st Cock - Sucking

Do you remember the first cock you ever sucked?


Was it the first cock you ever saw other
than your own?

Do you remember how old you were?

Do you remember the guy’s name?

Did you even know his name?

Where you were when you sucked that first cock?

Who was that first cock attached to?

Did you know the guy or was it a total stranger?

Do you remember what type of underwear he was wearing and the color?

Was it a white guy or a black guy?

Did you get caught doing something bad and sucking cock was your punishment?

Was it a co-worker?

Maybe it was someone at your 1st job?

Maybe it was an Hispanic dude or was it an Asian guy?

Did you want to suck it or were you forced to suck it?

Had you ever thought about sucking a cock before it actually happened.

Maybe that first cock you sucked was attached to the redneck down the road?

Was it a Big cock or a small one? Maybe the same size as yourself?

Were you in the military when you sucked
your first cock?

Did the guy were sucking enjoy your first blow-job?

How soon afterward did you suck your next cock?

Or were you at a Frat party?

Were your drunk or sober?

Maybe it was when you caught some older guy fucking your girlfriend and he made you clean her sloppy cunt juices off his hard cock?

Did the guy cum in your mouth?

Or on your face?

Did you swallow that load of cum?

Was it good?

Did you like it?

Did you tell anyone else about doing it?
Sucking that 1st Cock?

What color hair did the guy have?

Was that cock cut or uncut?

Did that 1st Cock smell good?

Did you like that musky smell of Man-Cock?

Did you lick his balls?

Maybe your first cock was in the showers at the gym?

Was it in a public Men’sRoom under the stall wall?

Was the guy you sucked your older brother?

Maybe he was your father?

Or one of your uncles?

Maybe it was one of your father buddies over having a few beers?

Did you lose a poker game and have to suck all the other card players?

Where you smoking weed or high on something else?

Did some masked bad guys force you to suck their cocks for the first time?

Maybe under the bleachers at the football field?

Maybe you were hitchhiking and payment for the ride was to give the driver a blow-job?

Could that first cock have been attached to your best friend? Did he suck you?

How old did you say you were?

Was it your Scout Master or one of your fellow Scouts?

Could it have been an anonymous cock through your first glory hole?

Was it one of your teachers? Extra Studies after school?

How about your football coach?

Did you suck the cock of one of the guys on 
your soccer team?

Was the guy younger then you?

Maybe it happened at the beach?

Do you remember that 1st cock you ever sucked?
Want to share that memory or the story with me?
I can format your story and post it here on my blog.
No names will be posted to protect your privacy.

I want to hear about it.
Send me a private email or post your answer in the comments box at the end of this post

Watch for more posts pertaining to your first time with sex with a man.
From mild to wild…
Your deepest thoughts.