Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, December 15, 2017

Thank You / For visiting my Blog

Thank You

For visiting my Blog

Public Notice

I am Not Racist

I believe in World Peace

I believe in offending everyone at once

I do not want to see any more war

Nor do I want to see my country, or any other country blown up
Due to the stupidity of men who are crazy

We are here on this Earth to

Make Love

Not war

I am Not Racist

I will give myself to any Man

From any Race

To satisfy his sexual needs

No matter how dark and demented it may be

Or how simple it may be

Kiss a Man – Taste the Joy of Man to Man Sex

Suck A Dick – Save the World

Fuck an Ass – Make a new Friend

Fist a Man – Connect with his Soul

Make Love – Not War!

Do You Remember? – Uncut Cock

Do You Remember? – Uncut

Do you remember the first time you had an Uncut Cock presented to you to suck?

Do you remember what the foreskin looked like?

Was it long and floppy or was tight around the cock-head?

Do you remember what that Cock smelled like?

Do you remember what that foreskin tasted like?

Did you get to watch it Piss?

Did you like it or were turned off by it?

Have you sucked any uncut cocks since then?

The End

T h e  E n d !

You have reached the end of this post

Thank You

For visiting my blog and reading my post

My 2018 Resolutions - coming soon to this Blog

2018 Resolutions

Have you started you Resolutions list for next year?

I have and will be posting them soon for your enjoyment.

Watch this Blog for my looong list of cock sucking resolution this Pig will be making for 2018.

Suck a Dick for World Peace

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My Cock – Your Throat

My Cock – Your Throat

my cock, your throat!

Okay, fag: my cock, your throat!

E-mail from the Top Alpha Pig I was bottoming to.

Subject line: My Cock, your throat – My Cock, your pig-hole – 

My Cum, pumped inside of you - my Cum-Dump

Here’s how this is going to go down pig slut.

Note there is no discussion or negotiation.

Don’t bother replying except to agree to everything 
I’ve said here…

You host.

After I’m done at the gym tonight, I will come by and let you lick my sweaty nut-sack clean followed by licking my 
sweaty smelly ass-crack.

Show me how good you can suck cock.

That is your audition.

If you do it well and I like your service, I will later in the week 

I will email or text you and tell you that you’re blowing me and give you the times I’m available for you to kneel in front of me and take care of my business.

I arrive, and you get to work - either I lay back and enjoy, I fuck your throat, or both while drinking some beer and 
smoking a joint.

I will cum in your mouth or on your face and leave.

Sometimes I may want to spank you, punch you around and/or drain my piss into you.

Your mouth will become my human urinal and your tongue will keep my asshole clean.

But most often I’ll just use your mouth for my pleasure and then get my ass out of there.

You, you’ll enjoy knowing you’ve gotten a man off.

It’s possible I’ll take things deeper, more control and kinkier sex, as I get used to using you for my pleasure.

I look forward to the day I slide all ten inches of my thick uncut cock into your asshole and bury it all the way deep inside of
 your faggot ass.

Daily I will stop by, drink some beer, smoke a joint and ride your ass hard and long.

You will be my private cum-dump.

On weekends, I plan to share your faggot ass with my buddies as I watch you suck their cocks and lick their stinking assholes before they fuck your asshole and breed you.

I’ll even let my buddies stuff dildos up your sloppy asshole.

Even let them push their fists into your asshole after I have finished fisting you, making you dance around on my hand before crawling up the wall and kissing the ceiling after more and more of my arm disappears into gaping asshole.
Your response will be entitled “Yes, SIR!” and simply include your cell #, address, and face pic.

No personal facts, no questions about me.

This isn’t about getting to know each other; this is about me using you to satisfy my deepest darkest sexual pleasures.

Are you ready for me pig?

The End