Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Here  is  some  of  the  Graffiti  on  the  walls  at  the  local  adult  video  center.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Happiness Is

This  is  Happiness!

An unexpected 3-some in the Men’s Room at your local gay hangout.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Unexpected Surprise

I had stopped writing that day’s entry for this blog and was fixing myself something to eat when I heard the doorbell ring.

I went to front door and looked out to see who would be ringing my doorbell that late on a Sunday evening.

All I could see was the back of the head of what looked to be a young Hispanic Man.

I unlocked the door, opened it and stepped out onto my porch.

The young Hispanic Man turned toward me and introduced himself.

He did not speak English very well, yet he proceeded to ask me to drive him up the road and drop him somewhere.

He was so good looking I couldn’t say no. I believed his story that he had told when he introduced himself.

I told him to wait a minute and I would take him. I had to get my wallet and the keys to the car.

Did I mention how good looking he was.

This is what he looked like.

Would you say no to a fellow that looked this good.

We are supposed to help our fellow man when we could and I had no reason not to take and drop him off somewhere as he had requested.

When he had introduced himself, he had told me that he was the brother of one of my neighbors.

This is what my neighbor looks like.

I went back in the house and got my wallet and the car keys.

Back outside again I pointed toward the car and be both walk toward it.

I unlocked the doors and he climbed in the passenger side.

Once inside the car, he told me that he had called for a taxi, but none of them come out where we were that late at night. I knew this to be true from when I needed a taxi and tried.

As I pulled out of the driveway, Franko told me the police had dropped him at my neighbor and no one was at home.

As we drove by the neighbor’s house, it was dark.

Not much was said while we drove to the bar he needed to be dropped off at.

He did tell me he was from Honduras and that he had been in a fight earlier in the evening with a negro which had caused him to be taken to the ER across town. That was why the police had him.

I pulled into the parking lot of the bar in front and asked him if I had found the correct place. His reply was that it was.

Then he took my hand and laid it on his chest while he told me he appreciated me from his heart.

I replied back that he was a good man while removing my hand and then slapping his chest.

That started it.

He then told me he was a strong man and tense up his chest for me to slap again.

I ran my hand over his chest to find out his nipples were erect.

As I lightly pinched his left nipple, he moaned some in enjoyment.

Then I grabbed his crotch and asked him if he had a penga granda.

His reply was eagerly a yes and he showed me how long it supposed to be.

When I asked him if he liked to have his penga sucked, he motioned for me to drive around behind the building.

Once we got behind the building where it was dark, he undid his pants and pulled out his uncut penga.

I was surprised at what he pulled from his pants. He let me take this picture.

What do you think? I struck a goldmine here.

After taking the picture, he motioned for me to suck his uncut meat.

I checked to make sure there wasn’t anyone near the car that could see and then I leaned over and swallowed his penga.

As expected, it was a little raunchy from pissing through his foreskin.

Having my standards about parking lot sex and not wanting to get caught, I only gave his pretty cock a tease.

He understood when I told him not there, but later somewhere else.

Before he put his Honduran meat away, I got to snap this picture.

 I asked if he like to fuck and his reply was an eager yes. Then I asked if I could lick his ass sometime. Again he was eager to reply with a yes.

When he had his pants back together, I drove back around to the front of the bar’s parking lot.

As he was getting out of the car he asked if he could borrow 10 dollars.

I told him no. I only had a 20 which I handed him.

Before I left to drive back to the house, I watched his sweet little ass walk toward the door to the bar. I bet that ass is going to taste good.

at the glory holes

Thursday night at the glory holes

I had some time to spend working the holes at the local Adult video store. 

I cleaned out my ass and got dressed liked a sports type guy. Baseball shirt and cap with my dirty button fly jeans.

My ass was craving some hard fucking by some big black cocks.

I wanted to get fucked long and hard by so much black cock that I smelled like a Black Man’s musky stinking uncut cock.

My ass was ready for every horny black stud around to fuck it and use it for a cum-dump.

Well, the night didn’t end up like that.

I got to the store around 6:30 pm. It was disappointing that there were only a few vehicles in the parking lot.

I never expected that the evening would turn out as good as it did.

I had paid my $5.00 cover fee earlier that day when I had spent some time there sucking cock.

I made a comment to the clerk that business was slow and he replied that it usually picked up later. I was hopeful, I really didn’t just want to stand around and do nothing. I could have done that at home. My ass needed so fucking.

I headed on back toward the video booth area and tried to keep my hopes up. I was really hoping to get my ass fucked and that was all I could think about.

I usually don’t get my mind set on just one thing, but that night I really wanted to get fucked. I guess my mind was on Chicago still. If I was there that week, I would be cruising the Bijou for some meat to pound my ass. 

Every time I had been there, there were always a gang of black guys looking for white ass to fuck.

The back area was dead. I think I was the only one breathing. I decided to make the best of it and relax in the dark area waiting for someone to show up.

It hadn’t been very long when I heard a commotion in the hallway. I perked up and checked out what was going on.

There just outside the dark area were three black thugs. They were loud and obnoxious, cursing and complaining about no faggots being there to suck their big black dicks. They were horny and needed some faggot ass to fuck.

What luck…

There I was ready to give up my mouth and ass to some horny black thugs.

I got off the stool I was on and walked toward the entrance of the area. 

Right away I could smell that the three had been drinking and it smelled like smoking crack.

I used to fuck around with this redneck dude who smoked crack. I knew that smell well.

I could tell which of the three the alpha of the group was. He was the one running his mouth the most. The other two followed his lead.

I decided I needed to make myself shown. I walked out of the dark area and then past the three of them. As I walked past them I made the comment about how fucking fine they were. Then I nodded to the alpha dude and said to him that if he needed his big black dick sucked, he needed to get it out of his fucking pants. Told him it was too damn hard to get to it as it was.

Then I turned and disappeared back into the dark area. I wanted the space for all three of them to be around me.

Muth’r fucking faggot, I heard him say as he reached down and grabbed his crotch.

Get on your fucking knees and service this black dog’s dick was what he was saying when he found me in the dark area.

He was pulling on his crotch as he approached where I was standing.

I reached forward and grabbed his massive crotch.

What you got for this faggot? I asked him.

I was hoping I was playing this fucked up black dude right. I was hoping he wouldn’t take my smart mouth wrong and punch me.

I watched as he reached down, pulled his massive black cock out of his pants and then he waved his cock at me.

I saw right away why he was alpha dog of that group.

You want this dog he asked me.

Damn right I do. And then I said, your fucking buddies too.

I dropped down on my knees in front of him and took hold to his meat.

He had a long thick uncut cock that was raunchy smelling. It smelled like it had not been cleaned since the last ass he fucked. Damn it smelled good. 

The aroma made my head spin and took control of me.

I had to taste that big black snake of his.

I was just getting the floppy foreskin in my mouth when he grabbed the back of my head and forced me all the way down on it. It was only floppy hard so I swallowed it down my throat.

He held my head with his cock buried in my throat for a minute and then turned some toward the other two. Damn this faggot knows how to swallow dick.

He let go of my head and allowed me to take control of myself on his cock.

You couldn’t imagine how fucking good his raunchy cock tasted.

I took a deep breath to take in some more of his stink when I noticed the area was more pungent of raunchy uncut black meat.

The other two guys had pulled their big black cocks out and were stroking them watching me suck the one.

I was making love to the thick black meat in my mouth when he pulled it out of my mouth and pushed me backward.

His cock had gotten harder but was still floppy.

I heard him say to the other guys that one of them needed to get their dick in mouth.

He wanted to watch the white faggot suck on a big black dick. He stepped back with his floppy cock in his hand and started to stroke it as one of the two stepped into his place.

I reached out and grabbed the cock now just inches away from my mouth to determine how to attack it. It too smelled raunchy and unwashed. Plus it smelled of piss.

I opened my mouth and guided it into my mouth just enough to be able to get his fat cockhead on my tongue. I wanted to clean his nasty cockhead and lick his piss hole out before swallowing any more of his cock. My tongue wanted to take this black dude on a trip even his crack couldn’t do.

I was driving this one crazy.

Oh shit dog, this faggot really knows how to eat some black dick.

Damn dog you don’t know what the fuck you are missing.

The first one I had been sucking had his now rock hard cock right in my face. He had stepped next the one.

I took the advantage to switch from one big hard black cock to the other and then back.

Back and forth I teased the two cocks. Both of them throbbing and bouncing around while I had the other one in my mouth.

Dang dog, when you going to fuck this faggot? I want some of ass. He fuck’n got me close.

I glanced to see what the third black was doing. He had been stroking his black cock a few feet away from where I was sucking the other two fucked up black dudes.

It was a real head trip to have the two in my control. Between the two of them the comments about how good my faggot mouth felt was a real turn on to me.

They kept calling me a fuck’n faggot dog. A cock sucking dog that was made to suck big black dicks like theirs. They called me names I had never heard before.

I was their white faggot cock sucking bitch dog.

I noticed the third one step closer and move around behind me.

He had his cock in his hand and I still couldn’t a good look at it.

I felt him grab the back of my jeans and he lifted my ass upward.

Stand up faggot and drop them rags.

I’m going to fuck your white faggot ass like you have never been fucked.

I reached and undid my jeans and pushed them and my underwear down to my ankles. Still keeping a cock in my mouth and never missing a beat.

My ass was already greased in hope of some action so I was ready for some big black dick up my pig-hole. I just wasn’t sure how big that dick was. I steal had not got a good look at it.

I heard the black fuck’r behind me spit and felt the spit-glob hit just above my asshole. He reached down and spread my cheeks and his spit slid down my ass crack onto my asshole.

Then he stepped forward pushing his big headed dick up against my spit greased asshole.

I felt him grab my shoulders and then he pulled me backwards forcing his thick hard uncut cock inside of me.

I took a deep breath as I was being impaled onto a massive cock much bigger than I expected.

Then I heard the alpha dude say to the one forcing my ass onto his cock, that’s it dog, spit that faggot open so my fuck’n dick will fit.

 Open that faggot ass good. Go ahead and fuck that faggot cunt ass.

Then the two that were feeding my mouth and throat started chanting to the third to fuck me. To fuck me as fuck’n hard as his nigger ass could. 

The two of them were really getting into cheering the one on.

I couldn’t believe as big as their cocks already were, they swelled up more as they began taking turns fucking my mouth.

My face was buried between two sweaty black men’s crotches. That was all I could breathe while getting pounding hard and harder by the one behind me.

Damn I was a real pig in hog heaven. My ass felt so fuck’n good.

All of a sudden the black dude fucking me pulled his fat cock out of my asshole. The one that I thought was alpha of the group moved behind me and pushed his massive cock into my sloppy asshole.

The one that had been fucking me moved around in front of me and stuffed his sloppy black cock in my mouth for me to clean it off.

I heard him say, clean your ass off my cock then swallow this fat fucker so I can take a piss.

I was prepared to clean my ass of his cock but I wasn’t expecting the desire to piss down my throat. As fucked up as he was, it was no telling what this fuckers piss was going to taste like.

I’ve had too many malt liquors and need to empty this horse cock of mine before I fuck you some more.

Then the stream of hot beer piss began to fill my mouth. I swallowed it as fast as he could piss.

When he finished pissing, he told the third thug that he better get some of my ass before he climbed back inside of me.

Alpha thug pulled his big black cock from my sloppy asshole and the third guy slid his hard massive black cock into my well fucked asshole.

I couldn’t believe how fucking good it felt having each of this very different big cocks fuck me.

This guy went to his business and started pounding my hole hard.

He fucked me hard and deeper than the other two thugs had fucked. By far, this fucker was the best fucker of the three. He knew how to make me feel his big black cock while he fucked.

While alpha thug was fucking my throat, he told the other two that they needed to take my faggot ass back to their motel room where they could climb on my ass and really fuck me like the bitch I was.

Then he told me they had a room across the street and that I needed to be over there in 30 minutes if I wanted some real fucking from their big black dicks.

When I agreed to what he wanted, the one fucking me slowed down to cool off before pulling completely out of my happy asshole.

When he finally pulled his big hard monster out of me, all three pulled their pants up and turned to leave the dark area.

Alpha thug told me the room number and that I needed to wait about 30 minutes before being there. I figured that was time for them to smoke some  crack and get higher. Hopefully hornier too.

Then he told me that no one else better fuck their bitch’s hole before they got it again.

I watched as they walked out of the dark area and down the dark hallway toward the entry area to the video booths.

I was slightly fucked up some from the one’s piss and I was ready to see if they really knew how to treat their bitch’s asshole.

I wanted as much of those big black dicks as I could get.

That’s another story…


Alright pig-boys

Which of you pigs is going to take your ass workout longest 
then the other?

Open up pig-boys

These are thick dildos.

After this workout

My fists are going up your sloppy pig-holes



Pink Hole – Brown Hole

Would you let a guy fuck you just after he had been fucking a woman?

Pull his hard sloppy Cock out of her pussy, kick her out of the way and then ram his cock up your asshole.

Using her cunt juices as a lube as he fucks your pig-hole until he blast his load of male essence deep inside of you.

Raw & Nasty

Man takes woman then Man takes what he likes the best – Man

While is fucking you hard and deep he makes her watch and understand that your ass is much better than her nasty cunt.

Afterwards, he pulls his sloppy cum covered Cock from your asshole and shoves it down your throat to clean.

The whole time you are cleaning his sloppy cock, he is telling her how your ass felt better than her cunt.

He bred you, not her…


His cock was still hard, pressed firmly against his belly. Cum was oozing out of his foreskin-covered cock. A big puddle was forming were his cum was draining right straight into his belly button.

He had just rolled off my back from giving my asshole one hell of a fucking.

I laid on the bed; face down next to him, as I caught my breath.

I wasn't sure what to say or do at this point. I was thinking about licking up the puddle of cum his cock was creating.

I wanted to taste the cum he had just buried deep in my asshole.

Hank then abruptly reached over and slid his hand down over my ass cheeks until he found my sloppy pig-hole.

He pushed one finger then two fingers into my sloppy hole.

Slowly he fingered fucked me.

Then he pulled my ass toward him as he climbed back onto his knees behind me.

His cock slid into my sloppy hole as he began to fuck me again.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Picture please!

Mr Cocksucker...

Please take my picture so you can share with your readers what a

nice cock you got to suck.


This is one of my favorite pictures I have taken in the past few years.

I really like the way the guy’s foreskin is hooked on the edge of his cock head.

I remember the guy attached to it also. He was an older country boy type who got off on having guys suck his hard cock just until he was ready to blast his load, than he would make them stop.

He also enjoyed having his balls licked and chewed on while having love made to his manhood.

When he did blast his load the whole video booth would shake from his body jerking.

This is a ‘Blue Ribbon Cock’

Travel Notice – Aug 7 & 8 - Reminder

I will be at the Parliament Resort in Augusta Georgia on August 7 & 8.

Parliament Resort in Augusta Georgia

That is the event weekend for CumUnion.

See My main posting on this travel to see complete details
Travel Notice – Aug 7 & 8 Augusta Georgia Parliament Resort

Hope to see you there for some Hot and Heavy Ass Play

Really into sucking, fucking, rimming, fisting and dildos.

I enjoy eating a man's hole, fisting, heavy duty ass play, dildo's/toys, felching, anything a man can put in either his asshole or mine.

I have plenty of lube and gloves for the right asshole. Come check out my dildos.

I'm very versatile. I can be the Top and will gladly be the pig-bottom.


I provide some Beer, You provide the Piss.

Let’s make that scene that will not be forgotten.