Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, March 31, 2016

That 1st day back

A quick description of what my afternoon was like on this day of hunting cock at the Adult Video Arcade..

It was my first day back after being gone for a long time.

Watch out faggots, I am back…

It’s a new game and if you don’t like the way it is being played,
take your pussy ass elsewhere.

It’s been six long months and I am not going to accept no as an answer.

When you dream what we did,
you better be ready to clean your sheets.

Your wet dream isn’t a nightmare.

It really happened.

The men I had sex with walked out of that business bow legged.

Their balls were drained of every drop of that Male Essence they produce that I had been missing for all those months.

True, I am different and I have to rethink a few things

But I am not going to let that get in the way of having the Men I want.

Enjoy my Adventures

There is a new me and I hope my Adventures are worth reading about.

This day I had over a dozen Adventures.

Some were additional meetings that day after the first Adventures

Some were just what was as needed to satisfy the Man 
I was interacting with.

Not all my Adventures from that day are illustrated due to the situation at the time.

I hope you are impressed with the ones I am able to share.


3-31-2016 brief review of the afternoon.

Greetings Horny Readers

Today is the last day of March which means that Friday (tomorrow) is April Fool’s Day.

Usually on April Fool’s Day I go out and hunt for that ‘Fool’s Cock’

Today I spent the afternoon at the local Adult Video Arcade providing the pleasure men were seeking.

I must say, today was a good day.

I arrived just after 1 PM and spent most of the afternoon there.

My total for the day was 11. I was there for four and half hours.

…I gave pleasure with my mouth to 11 the cocks attached to 11 men seeking the joy and pleasure of another man making love to their manhood.

7 of those tasty cocks fed me their male Essence as a reward for the pleasure I gave them.

YES…I am a Cock Whore.

I was able to capture an image of most of the cocks I gave pleasure to today.

A couple just were not in the right situation for me to click away with my camera.

Here are some of the cocks that enjoyed meeting my mouth and tongue today.

I will be posting the Adventures in separate post.

I hope you will share with me your thoughts about these Adventures.

One more thing…
Let me know which of this cock you like best.

#1 was a big bear type guy around 50. He was just about to leave when I got there. I interacted with him in the Dark Area so I wasn’t able to get a picture of his fat stubby uncut cock which fed me my first load. This guy was very vocal while I made love to his fat cock.

#2 was a rough looking Redneck type. He had my favorite cock of the day.

#3 was another rough looking Redneck type. This guy had a beer gut and his BO was not as pleasant as most are.

#4 was a heavy set bear type who couldn’t get enough of my mouth and fed me two loads before taking his cock away from me.

#5 was another redneck type guy who had been doing some yard work because he had grass on his pants and smelled of fresh cut grass. I gave his uncut cheesy cock and sweaty balls pleasure with my mouth and tongue in the dark area. This was a nice slow and long session where he would pull back to keep from cumming. Finally he rewarded me with a mouthful of his cum. He enjoyed me sucking on his sweaty balls and working that load out of them. This was my second favorite of the afternoon.

#6 was an older guy maybe in his late 50s who looked to have worked hard for a living. His hands were very rough and he was very physical with me as he fucked my mouth a lot while I was kneeling in front of him. I got that last drop before he flipped his underwear over that cock.

#7 came up to me seconds after #6 had walked away and told me he wanted to see why that one that just left was so intense. I could tell he had never experienced a session with me. You will have to read my posting on this one to know the out-cum…

#8 was a nice surprise. I never saw him. Just his cock and balls. Damn nice cock to suck but never shot his load for me. Another great adventure which will be posted.

#9 was standing in the hallway just outside the two video booths #8 and I had occupied. He suggested we go to a private video booth and I followed him like a good cock sucker should. I think this guy was younger then me by a few years and very eager to get to know my mouth and throat.

#10 was just a taste. He had a fat cock but it was hard to suck due to its shortness. I thought about trying to join him but #11 was waiting for me.

#11 I had seen this guy most of the afternoon cruising. Very well dressed and he had the right amount of cockiness. I was sitting on one of the stools just at the entrance to the dark area when he walked up to me. It surprised the shit out of me when he asked me how many cocks I had sucked. I responded by asking him how many had he counted. He told me 7. I then asked him how many he had sucked. He politely told me none. As he grabbed his crotch he told me he was there to have as many men suck his cock and get him off. I told him he could be number 11 if he let me show him how a devoted cock sucker like myself could make his cock feel. That is when he told me I would be his # 6 and that he had already shot his load 3 times. We went into one of the old video booths that had a straight movie in it and he proceeded to drop his pants. Well I took my time on this cock and made him shoot his load again. More in the complete posting. This guy was the dream come true for any gathering of cock suckers.

After #11 I decided while the weather was nice, I was going to enjoy it some and leave this basket of cocks. As I was leaving, what could have been #12 came through the door and paid his $8.00. I decided to let this one cock sucker cruising the glory holes there enjoy him.

Watch for future post with the details of each of these 11 adventures and about the ones who came back for more.


Early in my life as a Cock Sucker

I learned to Respect those Men with huge Cocks.

Those were the men that sought me out to use for their sexual pleasures.

Those were the Men who had sexual needs that exceeded the average 

Man. The Men that other faggots turned away from.

Since those younger years when a young Black Man with a huge uncut cock 

made me his sex toy and fucked me every chance he got, I have made it an

 important point in my life never to refuse giving myself to a Man because

 of the size of the meat hanging between his legs.

There is something very special about feeling a man thrust his manhood 

deep inside me as deep and as hard as he can.

Then giving me the glorious reward of feeding my body the ultimate 

essence of himself as he plants his seed deep inside me near my heart.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This for that

When you get fucked long and hard by something like this…

This is what you end up with.

Plus you end up being one happy faggot pig asshole bottom.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Glory Hole Pleasure

Here are a few shots from the local Adult video Arcade 

of some of the Cocks I have given oral pleasure to.


Glory Holes represents

Glory Holes represents...

Glory Holes truly represents what quickie, dark, anonymous, 

de-personalized sex is all about.

That is why Men use them to have cock sucking faggots like 

myself get them off.

Using our mouth, hand or asshole…

We make sure guys unload their balls as needed.

DildoPlay – Alone or Not

Which do you prefer to look at?

Guys playing with dildos alone?

Or guys getting fucked by dildos by other guys?

I prefer guys on guys…

A SLUT’S DUTY – Never Forget

It’s the duty of every Cum-slut Pig Faggot to serve as many 
Cocks and take as many Loads as possible,

as often as possible,

from as many men as possible.

Lost & Found

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Carnival is in Town

I hope the carnie that I have fucked with several times before is working this carnival.

I could really use being a bottom pig to a hot carnie all sweaty and dirty from a long day’s work.

He usually has a couple of buddies he brings along needing to be serviced and who are horny for some ass to fuck after some drinking and smoking some pot.

My ass is ready for whatever they have up their sleeves.

Since my surgery in August, it will be a little different being a pig with them.

But the midgets he brought with him that one year has given me some ideas.

More as they develop