Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Always Prepared

These are the dildos I keep in my truck for on the spot playtime with horny Men.

See anything you want up your ass?

Email which you like the best…


Suck Dick – Save the World

M2M Love / NOT M2M War

Arab Men - My Thoughts on the Matter

When I am in public and see 2 good looking Arab Men,

I don’t think of them as possibly being a killer or terrorists.

I glance down at their crotches and think about the wonderful 

brown skinned cocks and balls hanging there in need of 

my mouth to show them some oral pleasure.

As they pass by me I turn and check out their ass and I wonder 

how good that those musky hairy cracks must smell.

I would love to be able to lick their bodies all over.

Next time you see an Arab Man in pubic, check him and see if that 

weapon he is toting is just his big brown cock and balls.

Let’s Make LOVE not war


It’s the duty of every Cumslut Pig Faggot to serve as many 

Cocks and take as many Loads as possible, 

as often as possible, from as many men as possible.

Gloryholes taught me this. 

The first time I knelt down and sucked off a complete stranger 

through a gloryhole I thought I was in heaven.

But as good as that was, TRUE bliss happened when I

 backed up for my first Load up the ass.

Knowing that a complete stranger was pumping his Load 

up my asshole made me understand my purpose in life.

It made me know I was a CumSlut Pig who exists for Cocks to use and fill.

Down my throat and up my Ass.

I am a CumSlut Pig Faggot here on Earth to be used by 

Men for their own sexual desires.

No matter whatever…


Thursday, January 28, 2016

DildoPlay – Alone or Not

Which do you prefer to look at?

Guys playing with dildos alone?

Or guys getting fucked by dildos by other guys?

I prefer guys on guys…

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Game of COCK

Let’s play the Game of COCK

Here is the Man playing the game with us today.

Here is his face

What do you guess his cock and balls will be like?
Big or small
Cut or Uncut
Fat or Thin and Long

Here is this guy’s Cock and Balls

Did you guess right?
Now here is the whole picture as previously posted on the internet.

Hope you like what you see. I find the guy very interesting and bet he would be fun to bottom to for a few hours, a night or even a whole weekend.

What do you think? Do you like this type or not?

All pictures used in the postings under this title, Game of Cock…
have been downloaded from internet sites visited.
It is thought that all men are of legal age.
It is also thought that these images are not copywrited and
 are free to use for public enjoyment on another internet site.
If the picture is yours and you want it removed,

Just send a request with the posting date so it can be removed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


What’s for Dinner?


Friday, January 22, 2016

Tattooed Snowbird

This is what happens when you get snows in with a Tattoo Artist

With a cock this big!

DC Dildo Pigs

What do you think all those Washington DC Dildo Pigs are 
doing tonight being snowed in?

What about those Fisting Pig?

Whatever you are doing while being snowed in, stay warm…

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Perfect Cock

Faggots are always on the hunt for the Perfect Cock.

What do you think the Perfect Cock is like?

Big or Small?

Fat or Thin?

Cut or Uncut?

Black, White, Brown or Yellow?

Do any of these fit your demands for that Perfect Cock?