Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday night whoring

I had the chance to be out late tonight. Thursday night...
I headed to the ABS on Guess Road about 8:30.
Left at 10:30
quick stats for the evening
no pictures, but a lot to write about tomorrow

Sucked 15 cocks ( some were repeats throughout the evening)
swallowed 7 loads
got fucked twice
1 load up my ass
fucked one ass myself
got sucked by one
lots of nipple play both ways

Damn I am a happy pig right now. Think I will stick a big fat dildo up my ass and jack off to some nasty fisting porn.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Ever Wonder What I Look Like?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dog Days

An internet Buddy of mine wrote:
Do you like my idea of retiring to secure seclusion and becoming dogs in our own kennel?
My response was:
I could get into being in a confined area with you doing some role playing as being dogs.
(I’m really into playing with dildos and other anal toys, so some of that shows here.)
We could go several days, even a week without bathing so we smell good and raunchy.
Get naked in a confined area wearing just dog collars.
Have a few dildos shaped like canine cocks of various sizes with us as toys/bones to play with.
Being as horny and fucked up as we can get. Being like real dogs. No real cares in the world. Just worrying about what we can fuck and where our next meal is cuming from.
I could get into licking your mouth and nose. Getting my tongue up your nose and licking the snot out of it.
Licking your ears and cleaning your sweaty chest and licking your hairy dog pits.
Licking your dog dick and your dog balls - licking your raunchy sweat off of them.
Eventually sucking your cock down my throat and chewing on your balls. Sticking my nose up your dog ass and licking your raunchy crack.
Digging my tongue deep in your hole. I’m not into scat so our holes would have to be clean of shit.
Licking your ass juices out of your hole, maybe even some other dog’s cum. Hiking our legs on each other and pissing all over the other one. Then licking our dog piss off the other one and off the floor.
Do dog-play with each other, howling, barking, fighting till one mounts the other from behind and sticks their hard doggy dick in the other one’s asshole and doggy fucks the hell out of the other one.
Playing with our toys and fucking each other with strange dog dicks.
Taking them out of one ass and stuffing them in the others and then pulling them out and the two of us licking our asses off of it together.
We could rest curled up to the other one until one of us gets playful again and wants to root around, do some licking and then some more fucking. Taking our bones and burying them in whatever open holes we can find. Keeping each other fucked up and pinned up together for days of nothing to eat and drink but each other juices and some water.
Licking, digging, sniffing, rooting, playing, barking, howling, fucking, licking, playing, burying - all the horny time.
Imagine getting mounted and fucked by as many dogs as we can and then licking the dog cum out of each others ass.
Now I ask you, do you think I could get into being a dog with you?
Damn Right – Fuck Yeah!
You got your collar on yet? I’ve got the chain. Let me walk your dog ass to the pin where I can fuck the hell out of your dog ass.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

ABS Etiquette Tip of the Day – Clean up after yourself

Do not squirt your load on the floor, on the wall, monitor screen or buddy window. 
Clean up your cum and other bodily fluids after you are done.
Use a tissue or paper towel and then a wastebasket.
Nobody likes to step or kneel in your cum.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot Porn of the Day!

Enjoy this porn of the day

Friday, July 16, 2010

A message to Happy Blogger

Do not post your ads on my Blog

They are not appreciated

Your post/comments have nothing to do with my sexual adventures.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Continued - Glory Pictures

More for your enjoyment!

Maybe I should start a Gay Game Show.....
Do You Know This COCK!


Memories of Glory Holes Past

Every now and then I clean up my files and put pictures away.
Here are a few shots from my camera from the last few months.
Maybe you have seen them when I write about my visits to the ABSs.
Maybe you will see them again when I get around to posting the stories.
The Names have been changed to protect the ones having total pleasure from my mouth.

To Be Continued!


Stopped by the ABS on Hwy 70 / Glenwood Ave for a late lunch.
There wasn't much going on.
I was standing near the Men's Room when this older fellow walked and headed toward the Men's Room. He went back to the area with the area with the toilet and and then just hung out in the corner. 
I followed him in and went in the stall area and pulled my cock out and started stroking it. 
He came over to the doorway of the area and pulled his out for me to stroke on.
He was a little rough looking and had belly.
My friend CUMPIG from GSO says a Cock is Cock, Down the Throat, Up the Ass, Feeding You, Needing You, so I went for it.
I asked him if he wanted to go in a booth. He replied by asking if I Sucked.....
That is a laugh. Do I suck? Do whores need fucking?
I replied that I did and he put his cock back in his pants and left the Men's Room.
I went out and entered booth number 7 and he followed me in. He shut and locked the door and fell to my knees in front of him. He reached down and unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans. I helped by pulling down teh front of his dirty Jockey type underwear and let his cock free.
His cock was about average size and rock hard. It was cut and dripping pre-cum.
While he was pushing all his cloths toward the floor I got my mouth on his cock and started sucking on it.
I must have sucked on his cock for 10 or 15 minutes. I used every method I knew and he seemed to like the lighter, more open mouth work the best. The guy would get real close and then I would back off. 
After a lot of mouth work on his cock and balls and finally asked me to make him cum. I really went to work on sucking his cock. He was moaning and saying 'don't stop, I'm close' and i would just keep servicing his hard cock.
Then it happened. His hard cock started pumping cum into my mouth and he grabbed my head and held it in place. With my tongue, I milked as much of the cum out of his balls as I could.
Finally when he let me off his cock, I kept squeezing some more out of it and licking it off.
As I stood up in front of him while he was pulling his pants back up, I said to him, 'Did you ask me if I suck?'
He chucked and then He asked me if I went there often.
I told him no.
He told me he would come there every day if I would be there to suck his cock.
Maybe I take him up on his offer some day if I see him again.
He reminded me of a Truck Driver type.

Pictures are not of him..
Just some pictures of truckers from my collection.....

Have A Great Weekend!
Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I had the time to stop by the local ABS today and hunt for some cock.
Look at what I found. I wanted it up my ass so bad, but being a work day I wasn't prepared to get fucked.
This wonderful fat cock fed me a huge load of sweet cum.
I hope I run into this horny black stud again!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Attended the Apartment Event

Attended the Apartment Event today.

It was pretty good.
There were about 2 dozen guys there. Most were there when I got there at 11:45.
The group was different then the normal group.
A couple of the guys were more rugged then the norm. They had beards and hairy bodies.
There was one young Hispanic guy that everyone was trying to fuck. I got to suck load of cum out of his ass that one the Hot Daddy types had planted there. He had a nice small uncut cock to suck. It was real dark in color.
There were not a lot of large cocks there. Most of the guys did have hard-ons.
I got to eat three really nice asses.
I fucked one guy after this hot stud daddy type with a thick cock had fucked him. I ate his ass first and then the daddy type fucked him. He pulled out and I stuffed my cock into his ass hole.
Three guys fed me their loads of cum. Two jacked off on me.
I didn’t get fucked. No one even showed any interest in my ass. Most of the guys just watched each other and jacked their cocks.
Not much fucking going on in general. Maybe four guys got cock up their ass. The young Hispanic guy got fucked several times.
There was one young black guy who never took his clothes off. He did have his cock out jacking it. It was nice looking. He wouldn’t let me suck on it.
I left before 1 PM.

Count = I must have had at least a dozen cocks in my mouth.

Headed off to the bookstore on 70 near the airport.
I sucked one nice cock there and it fed me a nice load of cum.

Just another day in the life of Cum Hungry Pig.