Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, March 31, 2017

4-26-XX Tuesday Afternoon at the Glory Holes

4-26-XX Tuesday Afternoon at the Glory Holes

I had a meeting downtown in the morning which gave me the right timing to get to the adult bookstore just at lunch time.

When I arrived, the parking lot had several cars and a couple of trucks in it.

I was hopeful that the afternoon would be eventful.

Inside I paid my $8.00 for admission to the video both area.

There I serviced a few guys. The sex was just ordinary. Nothing special. 

Just sucking cocks until they exploded in my mouth with their load of male essence.

Max Mike was there. There were already 6 empty cans of Max in the trash can and he had a new one with him.

More about that later in another posting.

My regular that I refer to as my Black Knight was there.

He always wears a black shirt and black pants. His white hair and beard is what you see in the dark. By the way, he is white.

I played with him and he fed me a nice load.

I decided to take a break and go do some errands before working the hole in the late afternoon.

When I got back the choices were better.

The black African that has the huge cock and drives a limo was there.

He let me suck on his big black uncut cock before he asked me if I had a dildo with me. He wanted to fuck my ass through the glory hole like he had done before. This adventure is a posting by itself.

My asshole got fucked good by him using my Spanish Lover dildo on it.

What a fucking joy to have my ass played with like that.

He couldn't take it before, but I took it the way he gave it.

After him, the place was dead so I decide to call it a day.

My numbers were good and I was a happy faggot.

Big Dildo Play

Big Dildo Play

When you get fucked by dildos as
big as these…

You end up with an asshole like this.

Enjoy these shots of some Hot Dildo play

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

White Crazy Guy / ABS Adventure

White Crazy Guy

It had been a good day for sucking cock and getting fucked at the Adult Video Center in town.

I had been busy working the glory holes and the dark area and was pleased with the quality of Men I had serviced with my mouth and my ass that day.

It was nice being able to spend the day being a cock sucking bottom pig instead of being the Ass Fucking Redneck Dildo Pig that I usually end up being when I work the glory holes.

I don’t have any issues with fucking some good bottom whore’s ass with one of my big dildos. I really enjoy taking them on a wild ride.

But this day was special. I got to be a bottom sucking cock, swallowing cum, eating ass and getting fucked. I was the cum dump slut that day.

I had just left the dark area where my pig-hole had been plowed by some black guy. I never even saw his face. He pumped his load into the condom that he let me remove from his still hard cock. Then I got to clean his cum covered cock off with my mouth before he pulled up his pants and left the area.

Of course, I sucked his used load out of the sloppy latex bag I had from the fucking. It was good tasting salty black male essence.

Well as I was saying, I turned the corner and started down the back hallway when I saw this guy acting kinda strange at the end of the hall.

The video booth he was standing in front of was empty and it was one that had a glory hole to the next video booth in the plywood wall that separated them.

As I got closer to him, I could hear him talking shit to himself.

He was either fucked up or crazy.

My bet was on him being crazy. I like them when they are a little crazy.

It can add to some interesting sex, plus you never know what to expect out of them. It keeps you on your toes having to pay attention to their every move.

I was pleased to see how good looking this guy was when I got next to him.

He looked at me and kept babbling on to himself. Something about needing a man to fuck with.

I decided to try the glory hole route first with him.

Since the booth next to the one he was standing in front was also empty, I stepped into it, paused and then closed the door.

I made sure he got to see I wanted him and that he got to see the fat dildo hanging out of my back pocket with my red bandana.

I was hot for this crazy fucker and wanted him.

I was hoping for something a little strange from him.

As I started to kneel in front of the oval shaped glory hole in the wall I heard him enter that booth and shut the door. Then he locked the door.

I kneeled down in front of the glory hole and peered through it.

Right away he pulled his cock out of his pants and pushed it through the glory hole in my face.

Here is what he pushed through the glory hole.

I wasted no time in getting that wonderful cock in my mouth after taking that picture.

First I gave his cock my welcome kiss before getting it in my mouth.

Here is a good picture of me sucking on this crazy guy’s manhood.

Didn’t he have a nice cock and a fine set of balls?

His cock was someone musky tasting with a nice strong hint of old piss.

I figured he never took the time to shake off that piss after taking a good long piss.

Damn. I would have blown my load watching this guy take a piss.

While I was sucking his cock and licking on his balls, he kept mumbling shit that I couldn’t figure out most of. What I could hear was that he kept repeating ‘fuck some ass, fuck some ass’.

Maybe it was my ass he needed to fuck. I was ready for it.

I was enjoying making love to his magnificent cock when all of sudden he pulls it from my mouth and back through the glory hole.

Then his hand reached through the glory hole and grabbed my face just about jaw level.

He had a firm hold on my jaw as I heard him say ‘get here, fuck ass, you get here, fuck ass’.

He let go of his grip on my jaw and he pulled his hand back through the glory hole.

This guy was really a nut job…

I liked that about him other then his nice cock.

I wasted no time getting up to my feet and out of the video booth. I heard him unlock the door to the video booth he occupied. This was a good sign he hadn’t lost his thought.

As I approached the door, it began to open.

I pushed it open and started to enter the occupied video booth.

There he stood completely naked. His clothes were piled on the floor in the corner.

I closed and locked the door as he said to me ‘you no cloths, now’.

It took no time for me to strip down to just my jock strap and socks. I piled my clothes on top of his. My dildo fell out of my pocket on the top of the pile of clothes.

‘Jock Strap good’ he repeated over and over as he offered me his hard cock.

I wanted that cock and dropped to my knees in front of him. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his manhood into my mouth.

Fuck, I was a Pig in heaven. I had a crazy fucker who was really into me.

His hard cock went right into my mouth and down my throat. Then he started fucking my mouth with perfect pace and flair.

While he fucked my mouth, his balls slapped against my chin and felt so good.

While he had his cock buried in my throat, he bent over me and ran his hand down my back toward my ass. Then his fingers slid down my ass crack and found my pig-hole.

As he pushed two fingers into my asshole, he moaned and said something about needing to fuck.

My ass responded to his fingers by opening up and allowing them to go in as far as he wanted.

My ass was still open and greased from the last fucking in the dark area by that black stud with the thick cock.

As he pulled his fingers out of my ass, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. 

I got to watch him stick his fingers in his mouth as he cleaned my ass juices off of them.

He then reached and pulled me up from kneeling in front of him. Standing, he pushed me around so my ass was toward him.

That is when he squatted down behind me and buried his face into my sloppy ass. It felt so damn good as his tongue dug into my sloppy asshole from where he had just pulled his fingers from.

I braced myself on the wall and pushed my ass into his face.

His tongue dug deeper inside of me.

Fuck, this man knew how to eat out an asshole. Maybe being crazy isn’t so bad.

He was enjoying the hell out of eating mine and I was enjoying him eating it.

Too bad the black guy with the thick cock hadn't fucked me raw. Then this crazy bastard could be sucking that load from my sloppy pig-hole.

When he had enough of eating my pig-hole out, he stood up and slid his hard cock into my sloppy hole. Without wasting anytime, he started fucking me.

Damn it felt good to have his cock working my pig-hole. His tongue had my hole ready for a much fucking as he could.

With his hard cock buried in my ass, he got into a nice pace fucking me. 

This fucker liked what he had his cock buried in. He kept telling me over and over how good my ass felt.

I noticed while this crazy fucker was fucking me he kept staring at my fat dildo laying on our clothes.

I wasn’t surprised at all when he reached and picked it up.

While still working his hard cock in and out of my pig-hole, he gave it a good looking over and then told me how nice it was.

Following that he let me know he liked dildos and to stuff them in other guy’s assholes. Everything he said to me was always in broken sentences and he never slowed down his pace of giving my pig-hole a nice steady fucking.

This made my head spin. I was more in pig heaven then I expected.

I had a quick thought of why the hell did this have to happen in a fucking nasty video booth. This should have been somewhere like my play space. 

But, this guy seemed a little crazy and you know how crazies can be. 

Sometimes it better to be in public in case things go wrong. I could always grab my cloths and break free of him if he tried to hurt me in anyway.

With my dildo in his hand he positioned it near my asshole. Then he pulled his own hard cock out me and pushed the dildo into my sloppy pig-hole.

Crazy guy then pumped my asshole a few times before he pulled the dildo completely out of me and stuffed his own cock back inside of me.

He switched from fucking me with his hard cock to fucking my ass with my dildo.

After several minutes of back and forth he switched to just fucking me with my big fat dildo.

Over and over again he told me how hot it was to watch my asshole grab and hold on to the big cock he was fucking me with.

As he continued fucking me with the dildo, he got rough and buried it deeper and deeper into my sloppy asshole.

My asshole was proud that it took everything he gave it.

Without warning, he pulled the long fat dildo from my asshole and reached around himself with it and stuffed my sloppy dildo into his own asshole and buried it all the way in.

Fuck, this crazy bastard was hungry to get fucked too.

I turned around to face him so I could watch him give himself anal pleasure with my dildo.

I knew I had to get the control of my dildo away from him and fuck him myself with it.

Bend him forward against the wall and buried every fucking inch of that dildo deep inside him.

Make him grunt like a pig like he had me grunting.

The crazy guy’s asshole was wide open.

It was begging for more than just my fat dildo.

Not only was it begging for more, I wanted to give it more.

I wanted to make this crazy mutrfuk’r my hand puppet.

I wanted my hand buried up his incredible asshole.

I really wanted his hand inside of me, but I was happy to make this crazy pig crawl the walls and kiss the ceiling with my hand buried up his pig-hole.

Wasting no time and without giving him a chance to try and gain control again, I reached around behind me with one hand and wiped some of the grease and ass juices from my sloppy asshole.

After pulling the dildo put from his sloppy pig-hole, I started working my greased fingers into his hungry asshole.

He reached down and pushed his hard cock between his legs and back to me to suck on while working my hand into him.

While sucking on his cock his asshole got tighter. This made it harder to get my hand inside of this crazy fucker.

Finally I heard him say to stop.

No hand today, maybe next time…

Me fuck you some more…
Cum, gotta cum…

Still holding on to the dildo with the one hand, I stopped working my other hand into his greased asshole.

As he stood up straight, I stood up and turned around presenting him my hungry asshole.

I was ready to get fucked some more by my crazy booth buddy.

He slammed his hard cock all the way back inside of me burying it all inside of my body.

Then he pushed down on my lower back until I was down on my knees on the dirty floor.

Wildly he fucked me while mumbling something.

More crazy talk and he slammed into me hard.

He always spoke in broken sentences.

I felt his body shake as he yelled out.

His hard cock throbbed inside of me as he pumped his load of crazy juice deep inside of me.

My asshole milked his cock making sure it gave up all that thick white essence his balls had made.

Finally he let his cock slide out of my sloppy happy asshole.

I quietly got turned around and got his sloppy cum covered cock in my mouth.

Cleaning his cock after that fucking was a reward for the pleasure my ass had given him.

His cock was real sensitive and my mouth and tongue cleaning his cum and my ass juices off of it was driving him crazy.

When I had all of the mess off is cock, I let it slide from my mouth.

Sweat was dripping off him onto me.

More of that crazy fucker to enjoy.

The video booth we occupied smelled of pure raw man to man sex.

A smell that would linger for a while after we would exit the space.

I wanted more of this crazy fucker but he was worn out.

As he panted trying to get his breath, I help him get dressed.

Then I got myself back together.

I knew there had to a crowd in the hallway waiting to see who had been making all the noise.

I was proud of myself and the crazy dude.

He turned to unlock the door to the video booth and stopped.

He looked me in the eyes and told me that I was the wildest fuck he had ever had.

Then he told me he wanted more.

I asked him how would I get in contact with him.

He told me he would send me his email address.

He had been watching me online and reading my blog.

By the time I got home, he had already emailed me through my blog.

Told me he was currently living in a group home trying to get over a serious drug problem.

Damn I thought, I would have gotten off on getting high with him and playing crazy butt hole games with him and my toys.

The next week I rented a cheap motel room in a sleazy motel in town.

That’s another story to be posted.

Watch for it.

The End of this Adventure. 
Watch for the posting of my Adventure with him in a Motel room fucked-up.