Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday evening 5-23-10 cock #2

After I finished servicing that long black uncut cock, I went hunting for something more to do. As I cruised the video booths, I noticed the first booth was occupied. I entered the booth next to it and dropped down in front of the glory hole to see if the guy in the booth was needing service.
As I looked through the glory hole, I saw this good looking redhead leaning against the opposite wall with his cock in his hand. He was shaking his cock at the hole to get my attention.
Damn he was good looking. Red headed and had a nice red goatee. I hadn’t had redhead in several weeks and this one was needed to be serviced through the glory hole.
I fingered the glory hole and at the same time pulled my camera from my pocket. I had to have a picture of me sucking this good looking redhead’s cock.
He moved toward the glory hole and fed me his cock though the wall. Damn it tasted good. I swallowed it whole and then started to suck on it, lick and just make raw love to it. It was like I was worshipping it. I couldn’t get enough of it. It was rook hard and he was enjoying my mouth work.
As you know, I am very proud of how good I can service a man’s cock. When I hear them moaning and groining on the other side of the wall as I suck their cock, it makes my cock get harder and harder.
This redhead’s cock was so nice I had to have it up my ass. But he wasn’t giving me any signals that he was interested in fucking. He wasn’t trying to fuck my mouth through the glory hole. His rock hard cock just jutted out of the glory hole for me to have my pleasures.
I reached down and unbuckled my pants. Just then he started fucking the glory hole. Now I knew I could get his cock up my ass. I kept my hand on his cock as I stood up and pushed my pants down. Turning my ass toward the wall I guided his hard cock into my hungry asshole. It was wet from where I had been sucking on it so my as didn’t need to be lubed. It slide right in and I heard another load moan.
‘God Damn that feels good’ I heard him say as I my ass swallowed all of his rock hard cock.
He immediately started fucking me through the glory hole. I reached back, spread my cheeks apart and pushed my ass back against the wall. Giving him my ass to fuck as much as he wanted.
As He fucked me I started moving my as son his cock. Then it happened. I felt his cock start to shoot its load inside of me. He pulled his cock out of my ass and back through the glory hole.  I quickly spun around and dropped to my knees in front of the glory hole. There though the glory hole I saw cum dripping out of his piss slit. I wanted that cum, He didn’t need to waste it on the floor. I put my mouth up to the glory hole and stuck my tongue out into his booth. He fed me his cock again and finished cumming in my mouth. His cum was real sweet tasting and my ass tasted really good on his cock. Finally he pulled his cock out of my mouth and cleaned himself up. As I leaned back from the hole to watch him clean his cock off with a handkerchief, I noticed his cum had run down the wall. I took my finger and wiped it up and then I sucked my finger clean.
Damn I was a happy Pig. Cum up my ass and down my throat.......

Sunday evening 5-23-10 cock #1

I had worked all day at my second job in Raleigh and it felt good to be going home. Since the ABS was kinda on the way home, I decided to go check out what might be available to service. It was around 6:30 pm and the books store is not far off of 540.
The parking had several cars in it so I figured I might get lucky. Plus there was a storm coming that way and most folks run home if they are not serious about getting some action.
As usual, when I went to the back cruising area where the booths are, I checked to see if any of the booths had occupants. None of them did, so I headed on back to the Men’s Room to take a piss. That place can be really nasty.
When I came back out into the booth area, I saw that one of the booths was occupied. It was one that had a glory hole into the next booth. Since I was hungry for some cock to service, I quickly went into the adjoining booth and peeped through the hole to see who was in it. It was a nice surprise to see a long black cock being stroked. I then pulled my camera out of my pocket and dropped to my knees. If I was going to get to service this pretty specimen of meat, I wanted pictures of it. I fingered the hole and the owner of the long black cock turned toward my direction for me to get a better view of his manhood.
Damn it was pretty. Plus it looked as if it needed to be serviced by my mouth.
Then he stepped toward the glory hole and fed his long uncut black cock through the hole for me to have. As you can see, it is a really nice cock…….
That cock was just hanging there needing my mouth and tongue to service it.
I took it in my mouth and began to lick it and suck on it. My tongue found its way into the foreskin and licked around the head and then I went back to sucking it. It never really got hard, but it did get stiffer and bigger in my mouth a couple of times.
While I was servicing the long black uncut cock, I kept thinking how good it would feel up my ass. Unfortunately it never really got hard enough to be able to push its way into my asshole and up into my ass.
While I was sucking on it, taking it all the way down my throat and then chewing on it some before letting it slide out just to swallow it again, it fed me a nice load of cum.
I continued to suck on it and it continued to throb in my mouth and enjoy being serviced.
I serviced this long black uncut cock for about 5 to 8 minutes more when I finally got bored with sucking on it. I decided to go hunt for more cock to service.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of me servicing this nice cock.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday's New Dildos

I went back to the Book Store on Friday and bought the Dildos I had looked at on Thursday.
I tried them out on myself this morning when I took my shower getting ready for work.
I like them so much, I'm taking them with me when I go hunting for cock and ass to service tonight after work.
Here are the ones I bought.

Lukas Ridgestone
Size: Average — 8 inches long   1.75 inches wide   6 inches around
“Lukas ‘uncut’ Authentic Replica Cock — 
from Bel Ami Star Lukas Ridgestone with moveable foreskin. 
8 inches to base, 1.75 inches diameter, 6 inches circumference.

The 8 inch Realistic Cock almost feels real, but is more flexible and resilient for as long as you want!
It’s a firm, erect cock created for maximum penetration and life-like feel.

It has 6” of insert able length and 2" inch diameter to satisfy you. 
With a big, thick shaft, firm textured testicles, and a versatile suction cup feature on the bottom, the Pleasure Skin Realistic Dildo is ready for action any time and any place you desire. The soft, pliable surface feels just like a real lover, especially when used with a sex lubricant for slick sensations. This dildo is available in both black and white versions, you can pick exactly what color you want to match your fantasies. The larger girth of this realistic dildo is best for intimate and experienced sex toy users.

- Realistic Penis Shape
- Soft Pleasure Skin Material
- Firm Testicles
- Suction Cup Base
- Waterproof
- Ideal For Intermediate And Advanced Sex Toy Users
- Realistic dildo measures 8 inches long and 2 inches wide

The dildo’s plump tip is tapered with a realistic and subtle texture that feels amazing as it slides deep inside. The thick shaft features raised veined texture, and will satisfy even the most demanding dildo and sex toy users and is made of a material that warms quickly to body temperature and a firm core that pairs perfectly with the soft surface. This pleasure skin dildo feels even more like the real thing and is easy to thrust when enjoyed with your favorite lube.

At the bottom of the dildo’s shaft, firm testicles offer a perfect handle for self use or partner play, allowing the holder to grasp this toy even if hands are lubricated or wet. Lightly textured, these balls offer extra erotic clitoral stimulation when the sex toy is fully inserted. Underneath the shaft, a strong suction cup allows this waterproof dildo to adhere to walls, tables, chairs and even the floor of the bathtub for wet and wild pleasure! Let your imagination run wild as you enjoy hands free excitement with this long lover.

Lexington Steele's Cock
"Lex Caliber"


Experience pleasure of massive proportion!
Molded from the KING-SIZED superstar, featuring every nuance of 
Lex's real cock and balls!
Realistic detail lets you experience sex with one of the biggest stars in the biz!

11 inches of pure cock will leave you feeling extra satisfied!
6 inches in circumference.

Now you can experience what its like to have the massive manhood of superstar Lexington Steele with his signature harness compatible dildo.
Made with PleasureSkin which is an incredibly soft and smooth rubber material, this piece offers lifelike sensations with a slightly flexible shaft and solid core for precise thrusting stimulation - soft with the inner firmness of an erection.
The piece begins with a large bulbous head that tapers into the ridged neck.
From the neck, the piece extends downward into a thick and wide shaft complete with raised veins covering the surface for even more delight.
The expertly crafted testicles finish the realistic look for incredible fun with 
Lex’s own huge member.

Realistic dildos

Realistic dildos are the perfect sex toy when the real thing isn't available. Modeled from actual penises, realistic dildos have natural looking veins and testicles and are often molded from male adult stars penises.
For an even more life-like feel these dildos are made of materials like Cyberskin, UR3 and silicone. These materials allow sex toys to take on heat, and, if you warm the dildo before using it you'll have an even more realistic experience.
Designed specifically for penetration, realistic dildos can be used vaginally, anally or you can practice your blow-job skills.
Some realistic dildos are equipped with harnesses and are strapped on - hence their name strap-on dildo sex toys. 
Since they come in a range of sizes you can find a dildo sex toy for everyone, beginner or expert.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday 5-27 - my lucky visit to the ABS

Today I got to stop by the ABS on Guess Road and hunt for some cocks to suck. I had a very good day there.
As you know it cost $5.00 to get in and I like to get my money's worth when I can. I cock for every dollar I pay to get in to hunt.
Today I only got 4, but they were very well worth the $5.00 admission fee.
Plus, they have a couple of new dildos on display at a great price. They are not new ones on the market, but new to her display case. I'm thinking about going back on Friday and getting at least two of them. Maybe three of them.

OK, so here is my cock tails for the day.
I got to suck on one nice fat uncut white cock right after I got there. He fucked my mouth with his fat uncut meat until he fed me his thick load. More details to follow.
The next two where together. There was one black man sitting on a stool in the corning playing with himself and a young tall black kid standing next to him.
The tall kid pulled me to his cock first and I sucked him for a few minutes. Then I switched to the guy on the stool. His cock was much bigger then the tall kids, but not as hard. 
I moved back to the tall kid and he grabbed the back of my head and fucked my throat until he fed me his load.
Then I moved back to the guy on the stool and sucked him until he fed me his huge load.
While I was sucking the two of them, I heard someone go into a booth behind me. I went right into the next one where there was hole between them. It was a good looking white guy with a short fat cut cock. I sucked him until he shot his load down my throat. More details about this hot scene to cum.....

4 nice cocks that fed me 4 nice loads of their man seed.
I was a happy pig.

This week's shower Buddy

This is the dildo I am fucking myself with in the shower this week.
Star Performer’s Main Attraction Cock 10"

measures 10" by 2.5" wide

Manufacturer: Topco Wildfire

Description: Star Performer’s Solid Cock Series, 
Main Attraction Cock measures 10" by 2.5" wide.
Realistic cock has exttra large sagging squeezable balls.
Realistic cock is made from pleasurely soft Jel-Lee Rubber material.
Virtual textured material has a dual density with two distinct layers.
One outer layer is soft and smooth like real skin.
The inner layer comes with solid rigidity like an erect penis.
Main Attraction Cock comes with a sturdy suction cup base.
Suction cup base helps to hold toy in place during usage.
Realistic Cock is strap on harness compatible if an O-ring is present on the strap-on.
Star Performer’s Main Attraction is manufactured by Topco.

Star Performers Main Attraction Dong 10" Realistic Dildo

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thursday - lunch

Thursday 5-6-2010

I had to take a late lunch due to some meetings that extended into my normal lunch time.

I decided to go check out the ABS on the highway near the airport.

I did pretty good. I got to suck 4 cocks and 3 of them fed me their loads. I was only there for 30 minutes.

When I pulled in the parking lot, there was a Middle Eastern looking guy getting out of a nice sports car and going in. I was right behind him. He went in the one of the last booths with a glory hole. I quickly claimed the next one.
He pulled out a nice uncut brown cock and started stroking it. He was wearing white Calvin Klein underwear. He opened the front of his pants and then pulled his cock out of the fly of the Calvin’s. This was really Hot to me. My cock grew in my own pants. I fingered the glory hole and he presented his fat uncut brown cock to me to service. This is a good shot of his uncut cock and of me sucking it.

As I serviced his cock it would throb in my mouth and I could hear him moaning on the other side of the wall. After several minutes of me enjoying his uncut manhood, he pulled it back through the hole and started stroking it again. I decided to see if his door was unlocked so I left my booth and held onto the door knob so no one could steal my booth while I checked his door knob. It was locked so I went back into mine and looked back through the glory hole. He was stroking his meat real fast then real slow and then real fast again. By seeing this, I then knew how he enjoyed his cock worked on. By fingering the glory hole, he eagerly gave his brown uncut cock to service some more.
This time after giving it my initial cock chew, I worked on it fast and then slow down, going back to some fast sucking. It wasn’t long before I felt his thick cock started to throb and then feed me a sweet load. As I swallowed his sweet cum, his cock continued to pump more and more into my mouth. His balls were really full of his sweet man juice.
Finally his balls were drained and his must have become sensitive because he pulled it back through the hole. He bent forward and looked through the hole and smiled at me.
I left my booth and went out and stood next to soda machine just outside the booths. When he came out, he had a big grin on his face, He was much more handsome then I realized. He headed for the Men’s Room and I heard him wash his hands. As he exited the Men’s Room and walked by me, he nodded to me and thanked me.

Just after my brown skinned Middle Eastern looking feeder left, my next feeder appeared.
He went in one of the private booths and didn’t lock the door. As most of you know, that usually means they want company, they want physical contact, but they want privacy.
I gave him a few minutes before I tried his door. The door opened right up and there he was standing with his uncut hanging out the fly of his white shorts. He was a middle aged man with a little bit of a belly and very handsome. He looked at me and nodded when I asked him if he wanted his cock sucked.
With the door locked now, I knelt in between him and the video monitor. This gave him the opportunity to watch the movie playing if he wanted to.
I got his uncut cock in my mouth and began to service it. Damn it was a good tasting uncut cock too. It tasted as if he had not washed it in several days. The whole time I was sucking his cock this guy moaned and groaned and kept telling me how good I was. He said his wife never sucked his cock and he wished I would do it for him.
That was a real ego booster. I always enjoy it when a man tells me I do it better then his wife or girl friend.
Damn Right I Do!
It is my role in life to service men and their cocks…….
Finally his body stiffened and he fed me a huge load of cum through his foreskin.
As I was getting up from my kneeling position, he said to me again. ‘I want to meet you some more. I need you to suck me every week or more. Damn, I bet your ass is better than my wife’s cunt.’
I gave my card and told him to call me sometime and we could see what we could arrange.
I could take a few fucks with this guy. I would be fun to get fucked by his nasty uncut cock.

more to follow..........


Thank Heavens for men that don't shave their pubes......
To me there's nothing sexier than a man with a full bush that I can bury my face in and preen, lick and suck for hours.
And the aroma of a hard working construction man fresh from work drives me crazy.
His hairy pits, balls, crotch and ass, that's an aroma you just can get from a shaved man......


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Nick rolled me over on my stomach and spread the
mounds of my ass.  Again his tongue probed and explored me. I sighed, feeling my ass rise instinctively as he continued to work on me.  My own cock responded and began to stiffen. I raised myself up onto my knees and elbows.  Nick was everywhere; gently cupping my balls and stroking my cock as
he ate my ass.  I felt the coldness of the lube as he spread it on me, then he warmed it with his breath and hands before inserting a finger into my asshole.  I felt him pull away and then he was there once more, but this time it was the head of his cock applying the pressure.  I groaned as he slowly worked his way in, biting my lip against the painful intrusion.  We sat there for a moment
as I adjusted to the sensation and then I could feel his cock sliding slowly, ever deeper, until his balls rested on the cheeks of my ass.  He began to thrust inside me, picking up the tempo until he was fucking me hard and fast. I was amazed as how easily we fit into these previously unknown and primitive roles; he was a natural top and I was a natural bottom. His cock swelled inside me as he pounded away. My cock felt as if it would explode.  My voice was ragged with lust.  "Oh, fuck me.  FUCK MEEE!" Nick responded by slamming me with everything he had. I could feel his cock grow even larger, the veins standing
out painfully and then the warmth of his cum as he splashed my insides with his pearly wetness.  My own cock spasmed as I shot farther than I ever had before, hitting my stomach, chest and chin. As he withdrew, Nick pulled me close to him and we held each other on the rug, our cocks touching.  We kissed hard, our tongues fighting each other as we basked in each other's presence.  Exhausted, we fell asleep in each other's arms.
From a yahoo group I subscribe to.

9" Big Boy Dildo

This is the dildo I am fucking myself with every morning in the shower this week.
Realistic 9" Big Boy Dildo with Balls
This huge dildo packs over nine insertable inches of incredibly thick, firm, and delightful satisfaction that’s ready and willing anytime you need it. Not for beginners, this large sex toy is only intended for advanced users who want to be filled to the brim!
Realistic Penis Shape
- Pliable Latex Material
- Firm Testicles
- Suction Cup Base
- Waterproof
- Great For Advanced Sex Toy Users
- Realistic dildo measures 9.5 inches long and 2.25 inches wide
With each thrust of this dildo, you’ll appreciate the attention to details – ridges, ripples, and veins that you’d enjoy on a real lover are all here for you to enjoy! The fat head offers amazing penetration sensations, and the impressive girth will send wave after wave of pleasure through you as it glides in. The dildo’s flesh colored latex material is pliable, and warms to body temperature quickly to feel just like the real thing. Due to the larger length and girth of this sex toy, it works best when used with lots of a favorite water-based sex lubricant for comfort and sensual stimulation.
At the bottom of the dildo, a pair of testicles ensures this toy is easy to grasp for thrusting, and offers additional clitoral stimulation when the shaft is fully inserted. On the base, a large suction cup allows this big dildo to adhere to any smooth surface. Doors, desks, and tables can all be used to enjoy hands free pleasure in almost any position you can dream up! The Realistic 9” Big Boy Dildo is waterproof and can also be enjoyed on the floor of the tub or against a shower wall to let you get down and dirty while you get clean.

Free Blow Jobs

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday 5-14-2010 Statistics

Today's Statistics were not very good.
I sucked one small cock through a glory hole and then decided to join the guy in his booth. There I sucked him until he fed me his load of cum.
Next I let this bear suck my cock through the hole. I took out my PA for him. after a few minutes of sucking and using his hand, I decided the wall needed to go. I pushed open the door and joined him. he sucked me some more and then we took a break.
That's it.

5-13-2010 Statistics

Went by the ABS on my lunch break.
I sucked one really nice cock. It fed me a nice load.
Not much else going on.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Score - Wednesday 5-12-2010

Bookstore on Guess Road after work.
Sucked two cocks
Kissed two very good kissers
Nipple play with the two - one very HD
Drank one load of cum
Fucked the hot little pig-boy.

Pretty good for only being there 20 minutes

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday Score 5-11-2010

8 / 4

Apartment afternoon event
sucked 8 cocks (3 uncut)
got 4 loads of cum
Put my tongue into 4 assholes
Fucked 3 guys = 2 with my real cock and 3 with my dildos.
got sucked by 4 guys
had  my ass eaten by 1
Fucked myself with one of my Latin Dildos

ABS on the way home
2 / 1
Sucked two really nice cocks (one uncut)
1 load of hot cum down  my throat
1 cock up my ass (he didn't cum)

Score - Sunday May 9

0 - No Meat Sunday
I rode past the book store in the afternoon and only two cars there.
I decided not to waste my money.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Score – Saturday May 8, 2010

Cocks sucked: 7
                Uncut:  5
Cum loads down my throat
Asses eaten: 2
Asses fucked: 1
                My Cock & My dildo: (Chris Wide dildo)
Cocks up my Ass: 1 Hot uncut Hispanic stud barebacked me.
Cum loads up my ass: 1 from the Hispanic stud
My cum:
                Down Throat: 2
                Up Ass: 1

Fucked myself with my Chris Wide dildo and wearing grey BVD boxer briefs.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday's Score

For those of you keeping score
Today's score was 4 - 3

Sucked 4 uncut cocks
Fed by 3 of the cocks


Today I wore Black Cowboy Equipment Boxer Briefs
Fucked myself this morning with my Carlo Masi Dildo


Carlo Masi Dildo Dong

8” X 2” =
Insertable length (shaft): 6.25″
 Diameter (shaft): 2″
Circumference (shaft): 6.25″ / (Scrotum): 11.5″  
Overall length: 8.5″