Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crotch Watching

Recently I told a guy, "You're not zipped up!" as he walked past.

He replied, "Thanks mate, but you should not be looking there"!

Another friend used to say, "If you're only looking at his face, you're often missing a more interesting place"!

Do you ever look at a man you meet in public and visualize 
what type of cock he has?

How long is?

Cut or uncut?

Is it fat?


Big head, little head?

Big piss slit?

How big are his balls?

How hairy is the guy?

Is he Top or Bottom?

I do this visualization to most men I see in public.
Too bad I can’t actually check out inside the guy’s pants to see if my visualization was correct or not.

Sometimes I wonder if I complimented the guy on his crotch, if he would feed me what is packed in it.

And don’t worry
I watch the back side too.
I check out every Man’s ass that I can.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dirty Underwear Swap

Are you into Dirty Men’s Underwear?

Underwear that been worn for several days.

The guy wearing them has sweated in them.

Let the last drops of his piss soak them.

Even left a few skid marks from were the last pig that cleaned his dirty asshole didn't do a good job.


Maybe you can smell the last asshole he fucked and he just stuffed his sloppy dirty cock back into his pants and didn't make the faggot clean his cock off.

Maybe you can smell his head-cheese from his raunchy dirty cheesy uncut cock.

Do you like to suck a cock that has just been pulled out of a dirty jockstrap?

Are you into swapping dirty Men’s underwear?



Jock Straps

The good smelly raunchy ones.

The ones that feel good up against you cock and ass knowing that that raunchy stink is from another Man into dirty underwear too.

If you are into swapping dirty Men’s underwear, let me know. Maybe we can get some swapping going on.

Come on…
Put that dirty sweaty jock strap up to your nose and take a deep breath. Inhale the manly aroma for that stranger you never met.

Or maybe they are from some jock who just fucked you after he left the gym.

Smell that aroma.

Smell that Man!

Sucking Sloppy Cock

I love going down on a guy's sloppy cock after he has just pull it out of the ass he has been fucking.

Taste so fucking good!

Cock Question

Do you think this is what this guy's cock looks like?

Or maybe this is what is looks like...

The Dark HorsehungMan

The Dark HorsehungMan

And so came forth the figure of God and as through the mist I saw him so I heard a voice say "I will drive up the seed and wine of cock and pleasure and pain shall be unbounded".

He approached me and I saw that his skin was black as coal and between his legs there hung a massive phallus.

I knelt before him and asked that I should suffer so that the righteous should be saved.

And he grabbed my head and pulled it to his crotch and I smelled there the true divinity and as he peeled back the hood I knew that I gazed upon the face of my God himself.

I took him to my lips and kissed him and knew that God would enter me and cum within me. I would be weighed in the balance to see if I was found wanting.

As my hands touched it, I felt scales such as demons have but these were all along the cock but it was the head of God and I took between my lips and adored.

The mighty staff slid past my lips and my throat was full. I looked upon the face of the Dark One as from the rod I drank the wine.

Alas my drinking was cut short for the rod was taken from me and I watched it rise in majesty before me and so I was afraid and turned from The Lord.

His hands reached out and caught me and bent me over the altar and I felt that huge staff sliding along my ass-crack anointing me with its pre-cum.

A quick thrust and I was stabbed by that cock dagger and my rose was deflowered.

The pink bud was burst and tears of blood were shed as the monster cock forced its way into the depths of my body.

All along the walls it drove until it was embedded deep in my soul and I saw the Truth.

This Black God was real and HE was taking me higher.

My screams became songs of praise for the deep black weapon.

I heard the sounds of triumph with the balls slapping on my ass as my shoulders were gripped tightly.

The Black Horse Hung man was within me, riding me, driving that cock in and out.

I felt the swelling of the cock as the seed was released and it flowed like a river, a river of white hot cum bursting deep inside me.

Together our voices rang for the Cumming was here. 

I had prayed and suffered and now the rewards were given unto me. 

He had filled my wanting

Now that I had taken the seed from a black horse cock I knew I would want it always.

I look forward to his return visits nightly to deposit more of his holy seed deep inside my soul.


From The Book of Revealing –

I do claim to be the author of this wonderful tale. 
I just claim to be the artistic illustrator.