Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016



I want one of these.

I can prime my asshole anytime I wanted.

WOW what a fuck’n dream come true.

Check it out on the Fort Troff website.

You want to buy me one. Just let me know.

This would help me with my transition back into the M2M sex life.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cock Worshipper

A good cock worshipper

A good cock worshipper does so much more than get a guy off.

A cocksucker does much more than just suck your dick and 

bring you to orgasm.

He also worships your manhood. A cocksucker understands the enormous 

privilege he has when you allow him to suck your cock. The more you give it 

to him the hungrier he gets and the better he will perform, devoting 

himself exclusively to your total pleasure.

A good cocksucker makes your dick the center of the world while he’s on 

his knees. That’s a big turn-on for most men.

You don’t have to feel guilty about using a cocksucker instead of having 

mutual sex with him. A cocksucker wants to be used, wants to make it all 

about you and your pleasure, your cock, your masculinity. He’s on his knees 

to serve you, his feeder. A cocksucker doesn’t expect or want 

reciprocation. He is happy to go after he has served you.

A cocksucker allows you to express your dominance, as the cocksucker 

necessarily submits to you and allows himself to be used. Most men love to 

be dominant, and you can’t get much more dominant over another man than 

by using him for sexual pleasure and sticking your dick in his mouth. 

Having your cock worshiped by another man, on his knees, and seeing the 

hunger and need in his eyes, amplifies your power and reinforces your 

dominance. Over time you become more superior.

A cocksucker will allow your superiority to inform and guide his worship. 

In turn this will enable you to realize, if you didn’t already, that you can 

get a cocksucker to serve you any way you want and you don’t 

need to hold back.

Cocksuckers expect to be used this way. Its how they are and 

what they need to be fulfilled.

This is why men use cocksuckers. Or could if they wanted to.

If you’re a feeder reading this, we would enjoy hearing from you on 

how you feel about your cock sucker.

Now go out and find a Cock Sucker and use him for your pleasure.

Find a place with Glory hOles and you will find Cock Suckers

Why are you still sitting there looking at your computer?

There are Cock Suckers waiting to suck your cock and 

give you the sexual pleasure you deserve.


February is the month to honor all Uncut Men.

February is the month to honor all Uncut Men.

Go out and slide your tongue into a nice foreskin and enjoy the taste.

Comments are welcumed…

Here are a few nice Uncut Cocks for your pleasure.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Game of COCK - Uncut

Let’s play the Game of COCK of Uncut Men

Here is the 3 Men playing the game with us today.

Here are their faces

What do you guess their cocks and balls will be like?
Big or small
Fat or Thin and Long

Here are the guys Cocks and Balls
Yes the one in the middle doesn’t have a cock, just balls

Did you guess right?
Now here is the whole picture as previously posted on the internet.

These young Men are over the age of 18 as indicated on the website I downloaded the picture from.

Hope you like what you see. I find the guys very interesting and bet they would be fun to bottom to for a few hours, a night or even a whole weekend.

What do you think? Do you like this type or not?
Young and Eager...

All pictures used in the postings under this title, Game of Cock…
have been downloaded from internet sites visited.
It is thought that all men are of legal age.
It is also thought that these images are not copywrited and
 are free to use for public enjoyment on another internet site.
If the picture is yours and you want it removed,

Just send a request with the posting date so it can be removed.


Would you eat this guy’s ass?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gloryhole Declaration of Rights…

The First Right of Swallowing

If a Cocksucker sucks and serves a Cock at a gloryhole, he has the obligation to swallow the load.

The Second Right of Swallowing

If a Top is sucked off at a gloryhole, he has a right to have his load swallowed rather than spit out. The cock sucker should never spit a load on the floor.

The cock sucker should always swallow the Top’s load to show gratitude to the Top for allowing him to have the honor to service him.

Public Urinal

If the Top decides to relieve himself by taking a piss while his cock is still through the glory hOle, The cock sucking bottom is obligated to become the Top’s personal urinal. He shell swallow every drop of the Top’s piss.

The First Right of Barebacking

If a Top chooses to fuck a Bottom through a gloryhole, that Bottom has the right to be bareback fucked and pumped full of the Top’s Cum.

The Second Right of Barebacking

If a Bottom offers his ass for fucking at a gloryhole, the Top has the right to bareback him and fill him full of his Cum.

The Third Right

If the Top has fucked the glory hOle bottom, then after he has cum in the bottom’s ass, the bottom will clean the Top’s dirty cum covered Cock before the Top pulls out of the glory hOle. If the Top’s Cock is dirty with the bottom’s shit from his ass being dirty, the bottom will clean the Top’s dirty shitty Cock no matter how dirty the Top’s Cock is.

The Right of Status Indifference

No man has a right to expect, or limit himself to, “Negative only” men at a gloryhole. Whether POZ, Neg, or Status Unknown, every man has the right to exchange seed and expect the other to be indifferent to status. After all, it is anonymous sex.

The Right to Be Served

If a Top inserts his cock through a gloryhole, he has the right to be sucked off or fuck the Bottom on the other side.

Thus NO bottom has the right to refuse to suck any cock that comes through the gloryhole, but must endeavor to serve it to the best of his ability and until the cock has cum.

The Right to Hard Cock

At the same time, every Bottom has the right to a cock capable of getting hard and flooding his mouth or ass with Cum. So, he must suck and serve any cock, limp or hard, that comes through the gloryhole. But if he has worked diligently and faithfully to make the cock hard, but the cock does not cum, he has every right to thereafter reject that cock.

Rules for Bottoms
A Glory hOle Pig bottom must suck and serve any cock, limp or hard, cut or uncut, any color or size that comes through the gloryhole.

Derived from:
Illustrated by SamBear