Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dic-A-Day Finally Friday

It’s finally Friday
This is the Cock I want to share with you today.

It is the perfect Cock for a Friday

This is a regular of mine

As you can see he has a strange interesting curve in his cock 
which makes it hard to suck

Plus he gets so hard and the cock is so BIG that also make it 
hard to swallow

The guy likes to have me suck him in front of other guys

Showing them how a good cock sucker should swallow that 
wicked cock of his.

Then he likes to take me into an empty private video booth and slide that wicked cock up my pig-hOle and fuck the living hell out of me.

While having his cock sucked he is pretty much the lover type

When fucking, he changes to the thug type and pounds the 
hell out of the ass he is fucking

Most of the faggots who try can’t take the size and if they can, they can’t take the rough pounding he deliveries.

I love the rough pounding he deliveries to my pig-hOle.

I never can get enough of him

I get to suck his load of cum from the used magnum size condom

It would make a great porn tape…

Thursday, October 23, 2014



My post about Muscle Eddie still has had the most views.

Posted on Feb 25, 2013

Over 400 views

Check it out sometime

He Claims his massive pumped cock is 12” long
 I believe him!

Would you pay this hugely hung muscle stud to fuck your pig-hOle?

** Hell Yes **

Just to feel that fat fucker inside of me

And to experience how this monster fucker fucks

Here are a few more pictures I found of this

Pumped Stud - MuscleEddie

SamBear’s Dic-A-Day - thurs

Today’s posting is of another nice Cock I got to service through a
Glory hOle.

Please post any comments and thoughts you have about this long black cock in the comments sections below soother can share 
what’s on your mind.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dic A Day - Wednesday

Wednesdays are known as Hump Day

This is one of the Cocks I was privileged to be able to service at the local Glory Holes in Town on a Wednesday.

This uncut master piece not only tasted good, but felt good stretching my pig-hOle open when I mounted it.

Nice and wet, full of leaking pre-cum. . .

On this Wednesday my pig-hOle was in the need of some
attention and got fucked well.

It had been humping the glory hole as I made love to it
and I figured my ass needed to enjoy it as
much as my mouth had been.

compare this thick black cock's size to my fingers. 
It was nice and thick.
Just like I prefer them to be. . .

When it was good and hard and sloppy wet, I backed my sweet pig-hOle onto and let it Hump me through that glory hole.

Glory Glory !!!

It blew a nice load up my pig-hole.

Lubed it up well for the next fucker to use my
pig-hOle for some entertainment
it got used as a cum dump by several more men
that afternoon.

Hope you enjoy seeing what I let use my mouth
and my asshole for its sexual pleasures and my own.

My pig-hOle felt really good afterwards.

Comments are welcum’d

white trash and redneck men

Why do white trash and redneck men fuck ass so well?

Must have had plenty of practice along the way!
Well…you’ve heard of the phrase “kissing cousins” right?

Here are a few pictures found on the internet of Redneck Men Fucking, getting sucked and just having a damn good time.

Let me know which are your favorites.

Cop Shit

I’ve been working my beat all day 
and now it’s time to take a long needed shit.

Now I need some Cock sucking Ass licking faggot Pig to come and clean my Ass for Me.

I know there is one out there just wanting to 
bury his face in my shitty ass

and lick it clean.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glory Hole posting for today

I have thousands of pictures of cock hanging out of glory holes that I have taken over the years.

These are just a few from my private collection that I am sharing today.

These are cocks I serviced with my mouth, tongue and sometimes my ass before I started to write about the adventure attached to the cock.

I hope you enjoy them . . .

As always, if you recognize your cock and would like that picture removed from my blog, send me the posting name and the name of the picture and I will remove it from the posting.

These are pictures from my private collection. If you re-blog any of them, please let me know where you have posted them so I can visit your site and check out how you have used my pictures.

Thank you in advance for thinking my picture is Hot enough to be on your website.