Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, March 5, 2015

10-24-14 Friday Afternoon

I watched a nice looking middle aged white guy with a good looking build go in one of the video booths

Through the glory hOle it looked to be average looking.

When he pushed his cock through the hole in the wall, it was much bigger then I thought at first.

 I sucked him some.

I teased his piss slit some with my tongue.

Then he started to fuck my mouth through the glory hOle while I was sucking him.

To me, this is an invitation to mound that hard thick pole and ride it some.

I backed my pig-hOle onto his hard cock and fucked myself on his cock for a while. I was really getting into it.

I heard him say out loud that he was going to cum so I slid off his sloppy cock, knelt back down in from of it and swallowed his load.

Great way to start the day cruising for man-meat.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015



I had to take a piss while shopping in one of the big box discount stores. This is the store I have written about before.

I headed on off to the Men’s Room and walked into the handicap stall.

There on the wall was some graffiti.

I love graffiti in Men’s Room and Adult Video places.

There was written in marker – WWJD
                                    We all know what that stands for.

Under the graffiti was written…

Wipe his ass after his shit and flush! 

Afternoon in GSO / Posting #4

6-20-13 Thursday Afternoon in GSO / Posting #4 / MiddleEasternFag

Allow me to continue with more of my afternoon adventures in one of the Adult Bookstores in GSO.

While I was cruising the maze of video booths and working the glory holes, this young cute middleeastern looking guy came in.

It was obvious right away he was there looking for cock to suck.

He didn’t interest me at all even though I get off on MiddleEastern Men using me for their cum dump.

Plus he showed no interest in me.

He saw me take a couple of pictures in the hallways and of a couple of the glory hOles.

After talking with him some, he agreed to let me take these pictures.


Turns out…
He wanted that sweet ass fucked by a black man with a huge uncut cock.

I had no thoughts on that ever happening. He looked to be a tight ass want-a-be.

Monday, March 2, 2015

New Blog

To check out some of the cocks I have sucked and let fuck me,

Check out my Tumblr collection

SamBear’s Dic-A-Day

Just glory hOles and the cocks I have given service to with 
my mouth, hands, throat and ass.


I will still be posting my adventures here as long as Google allows bloggers to express themselves.

Thanks for reading my blog!

SamBear’s Dic-ADay Adv8

Today’s Dic-A-Day is from a busy day last year when I was out providing myself for the needs of other men.

This guy and I connected in the one of the back hallways of video booths.

He was just an average type of guy there to get some action on his cock.

Must have been about 5 ft 10 inches and weight was around 190 lbs.

I think he was in good shape and when he knew I was a cock sucker, he gladly gave me his cock.

This mouthful of meat fed me a nice load of the male essence I crave.

Several guys had gathered near us and were watching when he 
dumped his load in my mouth.

Another successful adventure in my life of cock sucking.

10-1-14 Wednesday Afternoon

The first day of the spooky month. And was it ever spooky.

I had decided to go hunting in the afternoon only to have that adventure ruined.

When I arrived at the local Adult Video store I was ready to suck some cock and hopefully get some up my pig-hole.

After paying the $5.00 cover fee for the video area, I head on back there looking for some action.

As I turned the one corner I smelled a strange smell and then I heard the sound of something being sprayer. Then I saw one of the clerks spraying something on the walls of one of the private video booths in the new area. 

He had a light on his hat which was shining on the wall which had about a dozen cock roaches crawling up.

I had seen a roach on one of the video booths on Sunday afternoon, but I never thought it was this bad.

He kept spraying the video booths going from one to another and pretty soon the few guys that were in that area were coughing and gagging on the intense fumes for the bug killer spray.

One of the black guys that had been cruising around in the area approached me and asked if I would suck his cock some. I had sucked him before and he wanted to feel my mouth on his cock again.

I agreed and followed him into the dark area. At first the smell of the bug killer was not in that area but it wasn’t long before it was.

The guy sat back on one of the stools and after pulling his cock out form his pants, put a condom on it. Now I remembered him.

I knelt down in front of him and was enjoying his meat when he started coughing. Then I started gagging on the nauseating smell of the bug killer.

I had to stop and tell the guy I was sorry but maybe some other time. I wasn’t enjoying his cock anymore and I am sure he wasn’t able to enjoy my mouth either.

I decided to go out to the store area and get some fresh air.

One of the regular black guys asked me where I was going. He called me ‘Mr. Eat-um-up’

I had heard someone call him Shirley one day so I didn’t mind if he had a nic-name of me.

We both walked out to the store area and each of grabbed a chair and took a seat.

The two of us shot the bull for a little while before I finally decided it was time to leave.

It is my policy not to get too familiar with the regulars. They tend to run their mouths in public.

Anyhow, the odor was drifting out into the store area.

Another reason for leaving, no one had entered the store in the past 30 
minutes we had been sitting out there talking.

More about my return trip.

Later that evening I had the opportunity to stop by the video store again.
Details in another posting…

Friday, February 27, 2015

New Blog Space

Greetings Blog Readers

I have created a new blog on Tumblr

For pictures of the cocks I have had and postings of the future cocks I hope to have, please follow me there.

Not sure yet where I will post the adventures I write about, but I hope to have that figured out soon.