Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, September 23, 2016

Thank You letter to Fort Troff for my new Hairy Daddy 5.9 Dildo

Thank You letter to Fort Troff for my new Hairy Daddy 5.9 Dildo

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

For the newest member of my Dildo Family

I am so pleased with the Hairy Daddy 5.9 dildo and your dildo harness

It is exactly what I wanted.

I wanted a new dildo to take with me when I go cruising the local Adult Video Cinema.

The store has glory holes in the video booths and a dark area for public group sex.

I keep four dildos in my truck just for cruising the glory holes.

This one will replace them along with your dildo harness.

Today I tried this new dildo on myself and love the feeling.

Then I went to work the holes. (Glory Holes at local ABS)

Within 10 minutes of entry into the video area, I found a bottom pig offering his sloppy asshole.

I bent him over a stool in the dark area, slipped a condom on the dildo I had strapped on (Hairy Daddy 5.9 ) and slid it all the way up in his greased asshole.

His approval moan told me he was ready for the ride.

I rode his ass long, deep and hard which is my signature. I’m fairly well known for both giving one hell of a fuck and also for taking a fuck any way the fucker needs to get off.

When he had enough, I pulled out of his happy asshole, pulled the condom off and let him feel what had just been inside him.

He was really impressed with the hairy balls.

He couldn’t believe it was a dildo that had just given his so much pleasure.

We had several guys watching us fuck which turned into my asshole 
getting a big black cock up it.

The design of the dildo harness allowed easy access to my pig-hole.

I bent over the same stool and took a good fucking from the black bull with his thick cock up my asshole.

While he was fucking me, he reached under me and stroked the dildo as if it was my real cock.

Oh Happy Day!

Before I left for an arranged fuck meeting, I fucked another asshole that was pushed up to a glory hole.

I know this guy never knew it was a dildo. I fucked him twice.

I have several hundred dildos in my private collection which are all named.

Now I have to pick the perfect name for this new incredible dildo.

I was able to get a picture of my new Hairy Daddy 5.9 fucking that ass through the glory hole.

The pig on the other side of that plywood wall made enough noise that I knew he like the feel.

While I was fucking his asshole, his phone rang which he answered.

I heard him tell the person he was on the phone with that he had his ass backed up to a glory hole getting fucked by a cock that felt better than any cock he had been fucked by there before.

I can’t wait till one of my pig buddies straps this guy on and fucks me through one of the glory holes there or if I’m lucky, bent over in the dark area.

I am pleased that this was a great purchase.

When I left the video center, I still had the dildo strapped on and pushed down my pant leg.

I really got off on the looks I got in public while I was shopping. Both men and women couldn’t keep their eyes off it.

Thank you Fort Troff.

I look forward to my next purchase of a larger dildo for my Adult Video 
Store fucking by those pigs that need a bigger cock up their asshole.


Now to decide which of Fort Troff's dildos will be added to my collect.
Most of the bottoms at the video arcade looking to get fucked like the cocks to be bigger then average even if they can't take much of a fucking by them.

Vote for the one you think I should buy...





5 = any other dildo you like as a favorite of yours...

Put your choice in the comment section below.

For more details on each dong, check them out at the Fort Troff website 

3 Reasons To Be A CUM Addict

3 Reasons To Be A CUM Addict

Why the Versatile and Bottom men don’t just like Cum but Love it … NEED it.
Why we have an addiction that grows with every Load we swallow or that’s pumped up our asses by random men.
Why we are CumJunkies and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s why …
1. Cum Tastes So, So Good
For some of us it was an acquired taste. Others were addicted at the very first drop. All we know is that we reached a point where nothing delights our tongue more than the salty-sweet taste of Spunk. Even the texture—part thick and stringy, part wet and lubricating—adds to the experience of enjoying Cum. It’s ecstasy to swill it around in our mouth and then allow it to slowly glide down our throats.

For us, Cum is the nectar of the gods.

2. Cum Is Manhood and Power
Whether we drink it or have it fucked up into our guts, whenever we receive a man’s Seed we know we are being gifted with the essence of the man using and filling us and more … the essence of masculinity and manhood itself. In a sense any man who Breeds us is Every Man breeding us. That essence becomes part of us. And we feel the power of it. We know the power of it.

3. We Love To Need It
I said Cum is addicting and we are addicts. Proud Cum addicts!
The need for Seed increases with every single Load we take. And this mounting addiction becomes a love of its own. We love Cum and Love that we need it. The addiction fuels us as no other addiction could. And unlike so many other addictions, the more we indulge this habit the better and stronger and more liberated we become.
We as cocksuckers and pig bottoms are the True and Absolute Cum Whores we’re meant to be.
We learn our place and role in life: To Serve Cock and receive The Seed.

Your Turn
There are as many reasons to Love Cum as there are Men to Cum In you!
Share your own reasons for loving and needing Cum by commenting below.
Email me with your reasons:

Many thanks to the website which provided the basic posting for this thought on CUM

Friday, September 16, 2016

HAIRY DADDY Real Deal 5.9 From Ft Troff

HAIRY DADDY Real Deal 5.9 From Ft Troff

Recently I bought myself a new dildo to use at the Adult Video Arcades I cruise hunting for Men in need sexual pleasure.
This new dildo is to replace my Chris Wide dildo which I prefer to keep to myself.
Here is the over view of the HAIRY DADDY Real Deal 5.9 and some pictures.
I will be posting the Thank you letter I wrote to Fort Troff concerning my purchase.

Here is a HOT n HAIRY addition to our Real Deal Line. Hairy Daddy cocks with FURRY NUTS. Big, well-formed balls that Daddy NEVER shaves. You get the sensation of being fucked by Daddy himself!

No other dongs have the look n’ feel of a REAL MAN schlong like our Real Deal. Made with the LATEST breakthrough in realistic cock technology, our REAL DEAL cocks are formed with two layers. First, there is a FIRM core on the inside to give the feel of a ROCK HARD cock. The outer layer is SOFT and feels like real skin. Manly cocks that are sized right n’ built to BREED.

Not only do you get a furry Daddy Cock that looks and feels unbelievably also get our superior Sticky Bomb suction base...WAY stronger than any others. Slap it to the side of your shower and back into it. Pop it down on the toilet and mount. Ride it on the hood of your car. Once it's STUCK, you never hafta worry about it sliding out...and you can focus on takin' the WHOLE damn thing!
DIMENSIONS: The HAIRY DADDY Real Deal 5.9 has 8 inches of insertable length with 5.9 inches of circumference at its widest point.

Here is the HAIRY DADDY Real Deal 5.9. This REAL DEAL dong is beginner in size with a nice length and a modest circumference at its widest point. Feel the fuzz at the base as you slide back against it…you’ll swear you were backing up against the real thing.

CARE’ N CLEAN: REAL DEAL cocks are made of Ultra-Realistic UR3 material. Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water…or better yet, use our FT Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys. Safe with water-based lubes only. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

These are the rules I live by

These are the rules I live by

All Feeders are my Alphas at the time of sex.

I address every Man that uses your mouth as SIR, unless instructed otherwise to show respect to them for being my feeder.

A Feeder may address me however He sees fit, including names like “bitch” “cocksucker” “cunt” “whore” “pig” etc.

He’s not being mean, He’s just pointing out the reality of what I am.

My mouth goes where ever my Feeder wants it to go.

If He wants my mouth on His Cock, it goes there.

If He wants me to lick His balls, I lick them.

If He wants me to lick His Asshole, I bury my face between his ass cheeks and lick it, clean it and have my face smell like it.

I eagerly service my Top Feeder, as well as ANYONE else 
He wants me to service.

If a Man offers me His cock, it’s my job to suck it.

That is why I am there. No questions asked.

It is my place to take / swallow anything a Feeder wants to give me from His Cock.

I will be a willing cum hole, urinal and spit receptacle as required.

If it comes from another Male that I am giving service to, 
it belongs inside me.

Anything fed to me is my reward for a job well done.

I have chosen to make my mouth available to feeders on an as needed basis, and it should be available whenever a Superior Male needs it.

I Deep Throat Cocks as required.

Men have the right to be taken all the way to the balls if that’s what they want.

I NEVER push a Man away just because He gets a bit rough with me.

I am servicing a MAN and should be willing to deal with everything that that entails, including a little rough treatment. Encourage that male to release his inner needs.

When being used by a Superior Male, my hands are never anywhere but on his body.  If I am jerking on my cock, it is only to please him.

I update my regular Feeders with my availability on a regular basis, and I make sure that I available at those times.

I treat my body as their temple of pleasure and joy.

I keep my mouth and body healthy and clean.

When a Man is done using my mouth, I always thank Him for using you, and thank Him for His male essence.

A man’s essence is the nectar of the God’s. It is what keeps me alive to service men.

If He has brought another Man with Him, I always thank Him for doing so, and thank His friend for using me.

I am a cocksucker. I exist to suck cock and be used as a cum dump.

The only Men I say No are those who will damage my health or my body. Those that are grossly overweight and those who do not care for themselves.

I always keep myself healthy and prepared to service as many 
Feeder as possible.

If my Feeder requires more than just oral pleasure, I am prepared to serve as required.

My asshole is another hole that my Feeders and other 
Alpha Top Men can use for their pleasure.

My feeder can call my asshole anything he desires to and I will react accordingly.

If a feeder wants to fuck me and feed his load of Male Essence up my asshole, he has the right to enjoy my asshole.

I always keep my asshole cleaned out and ready for use.

If my feeder or any of his friends desire to fuck me with dildos and other things, I eagerly present my asshole for them to play in.

My asshole is even ready to be fisted if that is what my 
Top Man desires.

My body, my holes and my mind are always ready to be used to give other Men sexual pleasure and take their cum.

I am a cum-dump!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Erotic Forces

Erotic Forces

Don’t resist the erotic forces in your own body.

Explore them.

Cultivate them.

Share them with like-minded men.

Enjoy Your Life !