Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Glory Hole Fun Day to Day

Glory Holes truly represents what quickie, dark, anonymous, de-personalized sex is all about.

I love to suck cock and I love to suck cock through glory h0les.

Never knowing the Man on the other side of the glory h0le.

Most of the time never seeing his face.

Only know what color he is by the color of the cock I get to suck on and make love to.

Sometimes that confuses me.

The color of a Man’s cock doesn’t always lead way to his real color.

On this day, I paid my admission fee to the area where the video booths with the glory h0les.

This is one of the great cocks I got suck o and make love to without ever seeing the Man attached to it.

It fed me a great load as a reward for a job well done.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Loooking 4

Loooking 4

This week I am going to work the glory h0les at the local Adult Video Arcade a lot.

Today I am focused on finding and giving myself sexually to as many Black Men as I can.

I will be search the hallways, back dark room video booths and glory h0les for cocks like these.

As it is my duty, I will gladly suck any and all black cocks that are
hanging from glory h0les…

Unless they are diseased looking or are presented in a manner that is unsafe and unhealthy for myself.

I must protect the temple of my body to be able to share it with Men who need to have sex with me to fulfill their needs of sexual satisfaction.

I will be prepared for a productive day working the glory h0les equipment with plenty of XL condoms, towels, grease, poppers, reg size condoms, an eager cock sucking mouth, my dildo and my piggy asshole.

Watch for posting of Adventures from today.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Types / Part 3 / listing continued

Types / Part 3 / listing continued

When you are cruising for a Man to share yourself with and 

have sex with, what type of Man do you prefer?


Trucker / Cowboy

Taste like a Real Man  /  Taste like a Cunt

Construction Worker / Doctor

Christian  /  Satan’s Warrior

One on One  /  Group Sex

Glory Hole / Face to Face

Public Sex  /  Behind Closed Doors


Just a BlowJob  /  All the Way

Into Kink  /  Vanilla Sex only

Leather-Denim  /  Kakis

Speaks English  /  No speak English

One Night Stand  /  Repeat

Dildo / Real Meat

Real Man / Woman

Front / Back

Feet / Toes

Piss / Cum

Pay / Free

Finger / Cock

Watcher  /  Do’r

Real Man  /  Tranny

Big Asshole  /  Tight Asshole

Amputee  /  Whole

One Cock  /  Two Cocks

Hairy Asshole  /  Smooth Asshole

Anonymous Sex  /  Fuck Buddies

Double Fucked  /  Single Fucked

Fat  /  Thin

Crazy  /  Fucked-up

The End !