Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glory Hole posting for today

I have thousands of pictures of cock hanging out of glory holes that I have taken over the years.

These are just a few from my private collection that I am sharing today.

These are cocks I serviced with my mouth, tongue and sometimes my ass before I started to write about the adventure attached to the cock.

I hope you enjoy them . . .

As always, if you recognize your cock and would like that picture removed from my blog, send me the posting name and the name of the picture and I will remove it from the posting.

These are pictures from my private collection. If you re-blog any of them, please let me know where you have posted them so I can visit your site and check out how you have used my pictures.

Thank you in advance for thinking my picture is Hot enough to be on your website.

What is- dildo?

What is the strangest shaped dildo you have ever 
had stuffed up your Pig-hole?

Did it feel good going in?

Did you like getting fucked by it?

Tell us what it looked like…

Did you want it stuffed in your ass?

Who was it what you wanted stuffed into your ass 
or was it what your Top wanted?

Was it someone you knew like a Fuck-bud or 
was it a total stranger?

Have you had it back in your ass again?

Would you like to share the entire experience 
through my blog postings?

Do you own the dildo or was it the Top’s toy?

Did it make grunt and groan like the Pig you are?

Should I find one and have it stuffed into my pig-hole 
and get fucked by it?

natural versatility

I use my natural versatility to keep from 
being bored sexually.

A short list of the Man to Man Sex things I am into:

Cock Sucking

Cum Drinking


Uncut Cheesy Cocks

All Colors of Men

Fucking and getting my Ass plowed Hard and Long

Hispanic Men & Latin Lovers

Big Cocks, Small Cocks

Cut or Uncut

Smelly arm pits

Love to suck a Man’s Balls dry after chewing on them

Hairy Men


Construction Workers

Being a Cum Dump


Sweaty Men & their Sweat

Age and Looks unimportant – just good Man to Man Sex

Physical Man to Man Contact

Ass Kissing – Licking – Eating

Ass Stuffing – Cocks, Dildos, Tongues, Fist and more……….

Cum see how good it feels to Fuck, Stuff or Fist a Greasy Ass Hole in my Sling or find out how Good it Feels to have 
Your Ass Hole Serviced while in it.

Role Playing,

Leather, Cowboy

Verbal Abuse and Spankings.
Don’t see what you are into on my list, tell me and let’s do it. I’m willing to try any type of new Man to Man Sex - As long as it is Sane, Everyone has Fun and nobody gets Hurt.

** No Drag or Females** 

Just Horny Men ready for some Hot Man to Man Sex

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oh Mighty Cock

Oh Mighty Cock
Attached to the creature called Man.

Take control of me

Make me your Servant
Make me your Slave

Make me feed from you

Feed me your golden nectar
Piss down my throat

Make me your human urinal.

I’ll clean your raunchy cock and foreskin

Lick the sweat off your low hanging balls

Work my way around to your stinky asshole 
and lick it clean

Roll me over and grease up my Pig-Hole

Force your huge hard cock inside me 
through my Pig-hole

Bury all of your monster cock deep inside of my body.

Fuck me as Hard and long as your balls desire.

Beat my body as your fuck me

Slap me, punch me, spit on me.

Fuck my pig-hole until your cock erupts deep inside me

Pumping me full of your essence.

That white liquid which make one man bow down to another.

Pull your manhood out of my pig-hole and 
replace with your fist.

Make me your Pig Puppet.

Make me crawl the walls and kiss the ceiling.

Play in that cream you planted deep in me.

Make me ride that arm.

Pull your arm back and force your hard cock back inside me

Jack your cock until you erupt inside me again.

Make me your cum dump

I am your cock sucking piss drinking 
nasty pig cum dump.

Make me yours

When I have fulfilled all of your extreme sexual needs
Pass me off to your horny fuck-buds

Let them feed me their big uncut cocks

Clean their assholes and suck the cum deposited deep up inside them.

Fuck me, stuff me full of dildos

Fist my Pig-hole
Use me like the cock sucking Pig I am.