Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, December 22, 2014


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Cleaning Out 101

For novices to cleaning out, I offer the following. I realize that more experienced players have long ago determined what works best for them, and have their own methods. This is a more general discussion for the beginner:

Cleaning out is a process that is unique to each of us. The exact position of the large intestine in each of us is unique and has a number of twists and turns that can make cleaning out in a hurry very difficult, especially for the novice.

Like anything that you do a lot, learning how to clean out yourself quickly and completely will come with experience and practice.
Use only clean warm water until you get to know your body. The "shower shot" devices that hook up to the shower head can help, if used with care (watch the pressure and volume-speed of the water).

No one can control the conditions of their daily life to use all of the techniques available.
You will have to experiment and see what works for you. However, many will agree that relaxation is the best preparation for both cleaning out and fisting. That is very hard to do with an impatient top looking over your shoulder.
I would suggest that unless the cleaning out is an integral part of your scene, that you might want to do it privately before the scene starts, at least until you learn how your body responds to the various techniques.

Ideally you should start with controls on your diet a few days before you plan to play.
Eat more foods containing dietary fibre, or add a dose of Metamucil or something into you food intake each day. Getting adequate amounts of dietary fibre (which most of us in the US don't ) will make cleaning out much easier (in my experience).
The last 18-24 hours before you play, try to stay away from things like dairy products that will bind you up. Other things in that category are meats, highly processed foods, etc.
Go heavy on the fruits and veggies, (but not too many potatoes).
Eat lightly the day of play. Food takes about 12 hours from the time you eat to enter the large intestine, and about 12 more to leave under normal circumstances.
This would suggest that you really cut back on intake of foods of large mass starting about 12-14 hours before you clean out. Eat some bananas to increase your potassium balance. Losing too much potassium can cause tremors, light headedness, and similar problems, especially during/after heavy play. This is something you don’t need when trying to please your Top.

Water is best for cleaning out your playground.

The large intestine is designed to absorb nutrients and water from the processed food as it moves through. What starts as a watery soup as it enters the large intestine becomes a solid chunky mass as it is processed. Adding anything to the water you use to clean out will cause the gut to try to absorb it. Since most things you can add to the water are irritants (used in medical offices to hurry the process along) they will have the propensity to cause cramps and nausea. Irritated bowels will not make for enjoyable play either, as they will be stressed out and tightly clenched, making entry of a large dildo or greased hand beyond the sphincter almost impossible. So use water, and ONLY water until you have more experience.

When cleaning out, expect to spend up to 2 hours doing it.
Get yourself into a relaxed mood, (use some music, read a relaxing article, or meditate, etc) to relax your body. The intestinal muscles usually will reflect your mood - the more tense you are, the more closed and tight they will be. 
Experiment with techniques for getting the water into and out of you. As you can see from the other posts, there are a number of suggestions. Some use several sessions of cleaning over a few hour period, and some just keep flushing themselves until they are clean. Many of us find that lying on our backs or side will help the water mover higher into the gut to bring down the shit that's there.
You should expect that you will get several distinct parcels of material coming down. The first will be somewhat solid, and depending on you diet, either in large chunks or small nuggets. Then will come softer stuff, and finally, you will get the brown liquid containing flecks and very small pieces of matter.
Don't try to rush this process! Doing so will give less than desirable results. I find that for myself, a combination of lying and standing works best, depending on where I am in the process of cleaning out.

If your diet has a high level of fructose, you are lactose intolerant and you eat dairy products, or you dramatically increase fibre intake, you may generate a lot of gas. Gas can make it impossible to clean out fully. Also, not purging air form the douche hose before putting it into your butt can add to the air in there. This may give you cramps, and block the water from getting high enough inside to clean you out.
If you take the water standing, this will cause the air to move higher up in the gut. [It floats on the water] That's why some like to take the water lying sown, at a slower pace. Another technique is to lie on your back in the shower and use your feet against the wall to raise your butt up so that it is higher than the gut and then take the water. This allows the water to work it's way behind the gas bubbles, and then when you expel the water, the bubbles can flow out with the water. If you are stuck, and can't get rid of the air bubble, you can try lying down for a half hour or so in various positions to help move the bubble closer to the rectum. This is another area that experience, and trial and error teach best.

I personally prefer to flush out my asshole while sitting on the toilet like taking a shit. It is effective and feels good to the hole.

Don't use any soap or other additive until you can clean out without trouble. Then if you want to try an additive, do so using sparing amounts, and never switch mid-session. That way you can determine what works and what doesn't. Wait a few days after the cleaning to see if there are any other after-effects also, before declaring something OK or not.
If you are sensitive to salt, beware of cleaning out with highly softened water. Softened water may be very salty, and through absorption, could exacerbate any salt problem you have. Also, expect to piss during the clean-out process. Your gut will be trying it's best to absorb water from the quantity you are introducing. Your bladder will fill up. Empty it as necessary. Holding it in will make it harder to get clean.

After the play, you might want to eat a fair amount of Yoghurt or take Acidophilus capsules. The gut is a living environment, with countless micro-organisms of various kinds that live in your gut and are necessary for the digestion of food, and the elimination of waste. Cleaning out can drastically alter the environmental conditions in the gut, flushing out these essential critters. And the better job of cleaning we do, the more we upset the balance. Eating Yoghurt, taking Acidophilus capsules, or eating other culture-containing foods can help the gut restore it's natural environment after it's been cleaned, and minimize any after-play intestinal problems. Don't count on frozen yogurt to do this, as freezing the yoghurt kills most, if not all, of the cultures.

Also realize that sometimes you won't be able to clean out completely.
Stress, mood, diet, health, and other factors are involved, and sometimes it will not be possible to get all the shit out in an hour or two.
But with practice, you will be able to effect good cleaning most of the time. And for the times you can't get clean -- then practice Topping! :-)

My final thought for you…

Take Care of Yourself
No one else will.

God gave you the talents you have,
And the tools to use them.
Take Care Of Them

Use Them Well

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Thor Dildo

This is the dildo I am fucking myself with this week to exercise my pig-hOle

The full Length is 9 ½ inches
Insertible  length: 8inches  of thick good feeling meat…
The Width at Head = 2” / at base of shaft = 3”
Circumference: Head = 6” / Base of shaft = 7 ½ “ / Balls = 14”

This dildo makes my pig-hOle fell so good.


Ron and Gary had knelt on either side of us as Mack Fucked me. They were watching Mack’s bouncing hips and his big dick sliding in and out of my hole.

Ron stuck his index finger into his mouth and got it good and juicy and I watched over Mack’s shoulder as Ron slid his hand between Mack’s meaty ass cheeks.

I could tell when he started finger fucking Mack’s hole because his cock swelled even bigger inside of me and he started thrusting his dick harder and deeper into my hole.

His dick was pile driving my ass and I swear I could even feel the thick veins of on his shaft as his cock slid in and out.

The corona around his cockhead was rubbing the walls of my pig-hole and pleasing every inch of it, popping open the tight ring of my asshole when he stroked backwards and then spreading my guts open when he rammed it deep inside me.

Ron moved around behind Mack and I watched as he lowered his head and buried his face in Mack’s ass.

Mack started to pound my hole even harder as Ron tongue fucked his ass and his cockhead grew even bigger and he buried the full 10 inches of his cock inside me and I felt his hot ball juice splashing against the sides of my raw fuck chute.

Three big spurts of cum coated my insides and with each spurt, I could feel his cock swell and throb with the sensation.

Mack rested on top of me for a few moments, than slowly started pulling his long piece of meat out of my ass.

The big head popped out of my hole like a champagne cork and I said, “That was one of the best fucks of my life.” He said has he crawled off my back.

Now it was my job to clean that massive fuck pole off. 

Santa is a Size Queen

Do you think Santa is a Size Queen?

He is a big Man and brings Big presents to Good Boys.

And what about all those Elves.

I bet all of them are hung like Reindeer.

Check out these Holiday Wishes and judge for yourself.


So it’s the Wednesday the week before Christmas and I had an invite to attend a special noon time orgy.

I arrived a few minutes after it was to have started and found the place was already going full swing. There were guys already getting it on in the bed room and more arriving as I did.

I will share with you some of my observations and some about the sex I had while there.
I heard that there were 27 plus guys attending this event.
I personally think it was a really good turn out.

I made my way back to the back bedroom. As I passed the kitchen, it was full of piles of clothes from the attendees.
I always like to put my clothes behind the bedroom door or just inside the bedroom closet. It gives me easy access to my bag if I need some lube or one of my dildos.

I was surprised to find a massage table set up in the bedroom next to the bed.

I quickly stripped out of my clothes and since I had done a MUSE on the way, my cock was already starting to stand out in front of me.

There was a small build Black stud. Nice big cock and sweet looking ass. He was pretty popular.

A Hindu-Indian stud came into the bedroom. He had already stripped out of his clothes. This guy was nice looking, real hairy, very hairy ass and had a wet uncut cock that curved upward. He was very shy. I found out it was his first time there. He had tasty pre-cum. It was dripping from his foreskin.

A short masculine white stud came up to me. He had a short hair cut, nice uncut fat cock and fun to play with. I sucked on his fat cock some and let him suck me some. He was a very nice kisser.

The next guy I messed around with was a big build bear type with foreign accent. He had a small uncut cock, short and fat. Very hairy body and his cock was nice to suck. His cock was very wet and tasty great.

The were two guys sixty nine on the massage table. I got up behind the one on top and ate his ass while he sucked on the other ones cock. He had a nice ass to eat. It surprised him at first that I was eating his ass while he was with someone else.

I turned away form eating the guy’s ass and there I met a nice chubby white guy on the younger side. He had a fat cock which was rock hard and ready to shoot. I sucked on him for a little while. He was close to cumming so I gave him a break.

I came back to him and he sucked on me some. Very good cock sucker. He started to finger fuck my hungry hole as he worked on my cock. He got several fingers in my hole and was making it feel real good.

This hot stud turned me around and stuffed his fat cock inside of me. He fucked me while I leaned on the side of the massage table and filled me with his load of cum. Good feeling fuck – While I leaned on the massage table getting fucked, I watched the black guy get fucked leaning on the other side of the table. He shoot his load just after the guy in my ass shot his. I licked it up off the table and off the end of his cock. “Want not - waste not”

Next I let Nipple Bear suck the cum out of my ass after the guy finished fucking me. He seemed to enjoy it. Not sure though. It is still new to him.

I finger fucked the small black stud while he squatted and sucked on a big white cock. The cock he was sucking wasn’t as big as the one that fucked him, but still good size.

There was a Leather type stud laying on bed with a guy jacking off. He was chewing on the guy’s nipple and fingering his ass. He was wearing a red jock strap and lying just right to let me stick my face in his hairy ass crack and tongue his hole. He had a nice ass to lick on.

The Redneck Landscaper that I know from the book store was there. He has a very nice body and his cock was much larger then I expected. He is very much a size queen. I watched him go for only the guys with the bigger size cocks.

An older good looking white guy came into the room. He had a Large Rock Hard cock sticking out in front of him. The young black guy that I had watched get fucked, went after him. It was fun to watch the young black guy suck on that large white cock.

Nice bear type with hairy chest let me work his big nipple some. He could take a good amount of work on his nipples. His cock was rock hard and would bounce a little every time I pinched his nipples hard and twisted them.

There were two guys laying on the floor in the sixty nine position under the window. I think the floor was too dirty to lay, but the Heat of the Moment makes men do crazy things.

Everyone there was fascinated with the Hindu-Indian stud. He was just shocked looking and stared at what other guys were doing most of the time. Several guys sucked on his rock hard uncut cock. He didn’t seem to phase him. He finally jacked off watching two guys in the hallway. He would not let anyone touch his cock after he shot his load.

Tim the potter was there, wasted as usually. I didn’t pay much attention to him. He was too wasted.

A tall Black Stud arrived. He was very good looking and had a Huge black cock. His cock was nice to suck while it was still semi limp. Very dry ass to eat, very tight. Not use to letting someone touch his ass. Very nice musky odor to him. I sucked on his cock some and he seemed interested in me, but too many other guys were grabbing at him. I would have loved to have had that huge Black cock buried deep in my ass. But not with all the grabbing.

I sucked a load of cum out of a Hot Daddy type’s mouth that had just drained a very handsome bear type stud. He enjoyed feeding it to me as we kissed.

I went from cock to cock just sucking long enough to get a good taste and let them know how good my mouth was. I enjoy doing that at parties. It fun to see which ones come to me for more.

Nipple Bear ate my ass several times while I was there other than sucking that load of cum out of it. He is so addicted to the sweet juice that my ass makes. When I am on the prowl.

Watched the redneck landscaper suck on the Tall Black stud’s cock and then the Black stud sucked on the landscaper’s cock. Kit was Hot watching the two of them

Big Black guy fucked one of the white guys as I was leaving. I didn’t stay to watch. The white guy was having trouble taking all of that huge black cock. I would have easily taken that Big Black Monster cock up my ass. But I needed to go.

Left my bottle of lube there. I hope someone else gets some good use out of it.

Got my ass finger fucked by several guys. Told one guy he needed to be careful not to loose his whole hand. He liked the idea but didn’t try.

The apartment the party was being held in was dirty. The back Bathroom very dirty. The owners of the place need to have a naked cleaning stud cum and clean the place after parties.

I felt like there were some attitude problems with a few of the guys. Give me a break, you are at an orgy. Don’t be so picky, you might just pass by the best sex you could have had.

There was his cock

There was his cock waiting for me to check it out. This time his foreskin
was covering the head of his cock. It was really intriguing me how his
foreskin could cover and uncover the head of his cock. I reached down and
just very lightly touched the very end of the foreskin. It had a drop of
piss on it. I guessed it was there from his last time he pissed. It still
astonished me at how different his cock looks to mine. I wanted to try to
pull his foreskin down and see the head of his cock again, but I was afraid
I would wake him up. So I just ever so slightly ran my fingertip along the
length of his cock. Even soft, it was many times larger than mine. Hank
seemed to be out sound, so I decided to go down and sniff his cock again.

Man, it was even stronger this time. The smell sent my head spinning. I
remember reaching down and feeling my aching hard cock as it was spilling
out gobs of pre-cum. I held my head over his crotch for several minutes
admiring his cock and taking more of the smell in. It was at this point I
knew I had to somehow taste it.

I lowered my head some more and stuck out my tongue aiming it for the end of
his cock. I couldn't believe what I was doing; I knew I was playing with
fire. I lightly placed the tip of my tongue on it and just left it there for
a few seconds. It felt really great feeling the warmth of his cock resonate
up into my tongue. I decided I would run my tongue over it a couple of times
and then stop. I ran just the tip of my tongue over the full length of his
cock and then ran it back. I knew I should stop, but I really wanted to
taste what it was like inside of his foreskin. I looked up and saw that Hank
was totally out of it, so I placed my tongue right at the opening of his
foreskin. I then started to very slowly push it into the tight opening. I
was really surprise to find that the taste changed quickly as I entered into
it. In fact it started to taste very strong of piss and sweat, but I didn't
stop. I wanted to try to at least get my tongue up to the head of his cock
I pressed it in further, covering my tongue with the pungent taste of his
cock. I pushed it in until I could feel the moist slit of his piss hole on
the smooth head of his cock. I was in heaven! I really wanted to suck on his
whole cock, but I knew that there was no way I could get away with it.

I knew what this meant…

I was going to have to give up my asshole to handle this whopper of an uncut cock.