Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dildo Pig

Anyone can stuff a Big Fat Dildo into a Pig’s sloppy asshole.

It takes a real Dildo Pig to give that Top what he had in his mind.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Afternoon ABS

A few days ago I had some time to cruise one of the Adult Video Stores near the street I was traveling on.

It cost me $10.00 for admission to the video booth area.

This one uncut cock made the trip worth it.

This is what was presented to me to enjoy and give pleasure to.

As you can see, the guy had a nice wet head under his foreskin which I enjoyed very much.

I licked and cleaned up his pre-cum making him moan and groan in pleasure.

I continued to make love to this wonderful uncut cock until it blasted a full load of the guy’s essence in my mouth and down my throat.

Cocks like this, are one of the main reasons I hunt the almighty uncut cock to have in my mouth and up my ass when possible.

Leading to this and that

I get real excited when a man starts to fuck my mouth while I am sucking his cock.

It usually means that the next part of my body he wants to fuck is my asshole.

Fuck on damn it, Fuck me hard...

Fuck my throat and pound my ass fucker…

Make me your cum dump...


Tim called today about his new apartment. He had rented an apartment again where he lived before he built his house. He said he was using it as an office.

Tim is this Hot Asian Stud I met one afternoon at the bookstore. He has the nicest uncut cock to suck and a sweet ass to eat.

I went over to his new apartment. He had a bed in the bedroom and just a desk in the living room. As he said, it was to be used as office space.

He was ready to have his cock sucked. We went in the bedroom and I went to the business of sucking his cock. I sucked on his cock a while until finally he shot his load in my mouth. His cum is so sweet. Just like cream candy.


This cock is an example of pure perfection

I would gladly give this man my mind, body and soul just to service this incredible cock.


This is an uncut dark chocolate cock presented to me through a local glory hOle to have some fun with.

I saw the black guy when he entered the video booth and did not recognize him.
I was honored with what was presented to me

I enjoyed the hell out of sucking on this dark uncut cock and making love to it.
I was rewarded with a big salty tasting load of his male essence.

This was a good day for dark cock!

March fun 10

Mid Week Fun - March fun 10

This cock was attached to a stocky build Daddy Type.

I sucked on this cock for a few minutes through the glory hole and then decided I was tired of banging my head on the glory Hole.

Later that afternoon I found the guy in the public dark area. He had added a cockring and ball stretcher.

While he sat on one of the stools in the area, I knelt between his legs and sucked on his cock again.

This time I got to give his needy balls a good workout with my mouth.

Finally he fed me my reward by blasting his load into my mouth.

I swallowed it with pride as he told me he didn’t expect to get that good of workout on his balls.