Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, January 21, 2018



This Redneck Cowboy
Went hunting for some black cock
One day at the local Adult video Arcade

This is what he found to suck one.

What do you think of this cock?

 The End of this Posting

WhichOne is Gay?

Which One is Gay?

Look at these 10 young men running
naked at camp

Which one of these 10 young men is Gay?

1 of every 10 males is known to be Gay

Which one, of these do you think it is?

Friday, January 19, 2018

Home Alone – Snow Day

Home Alone – Snow Day

Are you stuck at home alone today due the
snow and ice?

Here are some hot pictures which might spark your imagination.

Have fun and use plenty of lube on your sweet hole.





Question - For my Readers

Question to my readers…

When writing my Adventures to post in my blog and when post other material in the blog,

I like to illustrate what is being presented to the reader to spark the reader’s imagination.

Inserting these pictures which are found on the internet or are from my private collection takes a lot of time.

Are these illustrations/inserts/pictures adding to the post?

Or do they make it harder to read?

You input on this matter is very important to me.
Please send an email to

with your thoughts.

The End