Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


What is your favorite position to have your top mount your pig-hOle?



Mine is when I am on all fours
And my Top takes from behind

Like a wild animal.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Hold still boy…

I’ll get this thing unstuck

Just a little longer with some more thrust in and out of your asshole.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

GH-51 Cock

This is one of many more postings of cocks hanging out of glory holes that I took ten years ago that is posted on my Tumblr site.

It is hard to believe that this collection of cocks has survived the years on an old floppy disc.

Some of these cocks are floppy, but I sure did enjoy sucking on them.

I didn’t keep any notes on most of the experiences, just the pictures from my trips to the local bookstores with glory holes that year.

I hope you enjoy them

Post in the comments section which one you would have liked to have presented to you through a glory hole to service with your mouth and tongue.


The guy attached to this cock was almost too tall for the glory hole.

He had to bend his legs to squat enough to give me all of his cock.

I made it easy for him by joining him in his video booth.

While sucking this uncut cock enjoying the hell out of it, the guy attached told me he wanted to fuck me.

I never say no to this statement- I want to fuck you!

He suited up and rode my ass until he blasted that rubber full of his male essence.

Afterwards I cleaned him up and I took my reward from the used condom.

Damn he had good tasting cum.

Plus he knew how to fuck.

My Pig-hOle felt so damn good.

Carnival Security

The Carnival is in town

In fact, there were two carnivals in town this week.

I am not sure which one this guy came from.

He was a stocky build white guy wearing a 
Carnival Security uniform
Black cargo like pants, a black t-shirt with Security printed on it
And a black cap that had Carnival Security printed on it

Damn he was good looking too.

I saw him walk into the video booth area. I could tell right away he was not familiar with the layout of the maze of video booths.

I wanted him and was going to have him.

I approached him and asked how it was going.

Then I asked him if it was the first time there.

He responded his day was just going to start at the carnival down the road and then replied last time he was there the
new section wasn’t there.

I told him that they had added a bunch of new video booths and open space for whatever.

I showed him inside one of the new video booths with a glory hole and then told him to enjoy himself.

He stepped inside the video booth with a straight movie playing and locked the door.

Of course I wasted no time in claiming the next video booth.

This is the glory hOle I used to pleasure this carnival worker.


Once inside the video booth, I locked the door and assumed the kneeling position in front of the glory hole.

The glory hOle was in charge now…

I was just in time to watch that handsome stud unzip the zipper to his black pants and pull out his fat uncut cock.

I fingered the glory hole to let him know I was there.

Slowly he turned toward the wall with his uncut cock hanging in front of him.

Damn it was a good looking piece of meat.

I really wanted that cock in my mouth so I could taste the man attached to it.

He stepped forward toward the wall and fed this uncut beauty through the hole to me.

I took hold to it and took this picture.

After taking this picture, I took it in my mouth and cleaned the foreskin on the cock.

Damn this uncut cock tasted so good.

It responded very well to the love making I gave it.

It got hard and stood at attention

The guy attached to it began to moan a lot while my tongue and mouth continued to make love to it.

Finally I heard the guy say he was ready to cum

Then he asked if I was ready for his load.

I moaned yes and this cock exploded into my mouth.

After swallowing the load, I continued to suck on the cock as it began to go limp.

This is the final picture when I finally stopped sucking on it.


I really get off on eating a sloppy Ass Hole

After it has been fucked Deep and Hard

And had a Load deposited in it.


My Motto:

Never waste a good load...

Saturday, April 25, 2015


If you knew your Boss had a cock like this in his pants, would it make going into work every day a little easier?

If you had to give your Boss a blowjob every day during lunch,
Would You?

What if you had to bend over the Boss’s desk and get fucked by him before you got your paycheck every week,
Would You?

When does it become Sexual Harassment?
Does it?