Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Memorial Day Support in the USA - XXX Gay Adult Material - WARNING

Memorial Day Support in the USA

This Memorial Day show your support for the US Troops by showing the Men in uniform some

 Man to Man Pleasure.

‘ Suck some Cock for Peace ‘

‘ Eat some Ass to honor that Soldier “

‘ Fuck some Ass for Love and Support ‘

‘ Pleasure a Soldier with a Dildo ‘

‘ Fist with another Man to bring World Peace and the Freedom of Man to Man Sex to all Men throughout the World ‘

Freedom of Sex to all People !

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Power of the Alpha Cock

Power of the Alpha Cock

Powerful Men


Powerful Cocks

Friday, May 11, 2018

Big Black Dick Friday

Big Black Dick Friday

Happy Big Black Dick Friday


Go out and find as much Big Black Dick as you can and give yourself to its pleasure.

Suck those Big Black Dicks

Make Love to those Big Black Dicks

Offer your whore asshole to those Big Black Dicks

Let those Big Black Dicks fuck the living Hell out of you

Be a Cum-Dump to all Big Black Dicks

Feed from as many Big Black Dicks as you can


Go out and use as many bottom pigs as you can.

Feed them your Big Black Dick as much as possible
Fuck as many bottom assholes as you can

Dump your load into and breed those
bottom slut assholes

Keep a log of how many Big Bick Dicks you service today and send me your numbers.

Details of your experiences are welcome

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Glory Hole Lesson – Right vs Wrong

Glory Hole Lesson – Right vs Wrong

Today’s posting is a quick illustrated lesson about what is Right at local Glory Hole hangout and things that are Wrong at the Glory Holes.

Most popular Glory Hole places are usually controlled by the Gay Men who cruise and work the h0les.
n some cities and towns, the Glory Hole Arcades have real women and Transvestites working the h0les along with Gay Men.

Following are some situations I have listed that are wrong and Right at these wonderful sinful places where Men go for anonymous sex.

Comments are always welcome on any of posts.

Right vs Wrong

When cruising the local Glory h0le Arcade…

This is what we are all looking for to have a good time with.

This is what you should find cruising the glory h0le booths and 
Men’s Rooms.

This is wrong …

No women should be allowed to cruise the Men’s Room anywhere there is a glory h0le.

The cock hanging through glory h0les should be there for Men to enjoy (this is Right)


Not for women to enjoy!
(This is wrong)

Cocks and Glory Holes were made for Men to enjoy using.
(this is right)

Not for women to enjoy!
(this is very wrong)

This is Right!

This is Wrong…

This is Very Right!

This is Very Wrong…


Wrong !!!

Everyone knows this is RIGHT

Everyone knows this is Wrong

When a Man goes to a Glory Hole expecting to fuck some Ass

He expects to fuck another Man’s Ass

Not some bitch’s cunt
(this is very wrong, plus it makes the cock taste bad)

This is wrong for Men

It is right for both Men and cheap bitch’s

This is always a good thing and never should be wrong

For a Man to enjoy

A Man doing this Right thing

Can hope this Right thing will happen…

Some of this…

Will help make this feel better and it is right!

After Right Thing…

Do this Right thing

⟷⟷⟷ ⟷⟷⟷ ⟷⟷⟷ ⟷⟷⟷ ⟷⟷⟷

And this Very Right thing

Will result in this Happy Moment

The End

Never pass up one of these when it is available…