Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, February 27, 2015

New Blog Space

Greetings Blog Readers

I have created a new blog on Tumblr

For pictures of the cocks I have had and postings of the future cocks I hope to have, please follow me there.

Not sure yet where I will post the adventures I write about, but I hope to have that figured out soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Holy Shit Blog Reader, The End is near.

The GoogleMonster is trying to rule our Rights.

We as Bloggers will not allow this Monster to hold us back from providing our readers the material they read our blogs for.

Bloggers Unite

Fight this ugly beast

Trust in our protector and follow his lead to a better place to Blog.

Do not fall to the temptations of the GoogleMonster and submit to their new format.

Be Strong

Do not allow this monster to eat you.

Together we can overcome this monster

We are the strong and will survive as we have for year after year.

Stand by and help your fellow bloggers and your readers

Until we meet again in another situation and can share stories and pictures.
Ride the big one and be strong…

If you have suggestions on another site to blog our thoughts, stories and pictures, please email it to:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hey Studs

I’m a Redneck Cock Sucking Faggot who is addicted to sucking cock, eating cum, getting fucked and having dildos and fist stuffed up my ass. I live in an area that has several adult book stores with glory holes and back/dark areas for sex. I also cruise bath houses in faraway places whenever I get a chance.

For years I have been keeping a diary of my sexual adventures. Thanks to a few fuck buddies of mine bugging me about sharing my adventures, I now have this blog.

My blog is full of my sexual adventures, what cocks I serviced, what got stuffed up my ass, unusual tidbits like urinals and Adult Book Store Etiquette, Hot Porn, weird pictures and Stuff about Fisting and Dildos.

Plus more of my sexual adventures.

Me servicing men and pleasing them sexually. Sucking cock, getting fucked, getting dildos and fists stuffed up my ass.

My postings in this blog are intended for an audience of
Open Minded Gay Men – Over the Age of 21.

None of the men in my posting are known to be
under the age of 21.

My adventures are truly my adventures, some are true, some are fantasy – most are true.
Some stories have been downloaded from the net.
I take no claim for their creation.

Pictures and drawings used in my post are either downloaded from the internet or from my private collection of gay porn.

They are not known to be copyrighted nor have any copyright logos been removed by me prior to use by me.

All men in these pictures are believed to be over 21.

I have no information on the pictures I download.
If one of the pictures used in my blog belongs to you and you do not approve of how I have used it, write me at the address listed later and tell me where you saw it. I will sadly remove it. If I used it in my posting, it is because it thought it was a great picture and I am proud to have it in my posting.

If you see your own cock in one of the pictures from my personal collection and want it removed. Just let me know which posting it is part of.

If I have posted any information directly from another website, I list the website at the end of the post when possible.

The content of my posts is not meant to offend anyone. It is meant to sexually arouse and to educate the reader.

You came to this blog on your own free will and I suggest you leave if you do not like or understand my posts.

Safe Sex – I practice Safe Sex.
It might not be mentioned in my post, but it is my standard.
Just because I didn’t write about the guy putting on a condom before fucking me, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

When using any content from this blog, please only use it in a positive way. Never use it to hurt anyone else.

If you have any comments on my blog or its contents, I can be contacted at:

I look forward to hearing from you……….

Glory Hole posting for today

I have thousands of pictures of cocks hanging out of glory holes that I have taken over the years.

These are just a few from my private collection that I am sharing today.

These are cocks I serviced with my mouth, tongue and sometimes my ass before I started to write about the adventure attached to the cock.

I hope you enjoy them . . .

As always, if you recognize your cock and would like that picture removed from my blog, send me the posting name and the name of the picture and I will remove it from the posting.

These are pictures from my private collection. If you re-blog any of them, please let me know where you have posted them so I can visit your site and check out how you have used my pictures.

Thank you in advance for thinking my picture is Hot enough to be on your website.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ABS FuckBooth

Today’s picture is of the stool inside one of the private video booths at the local Adult Book Store and Video Rental place.

Before I took this picture, I had bent over that stool several times and had the pleasure of getting fucked by some men needing sex with other guys.

As you can see, inside most of the video booths at this place have a stool and crate in them.

The owner and the clerks are making sure the guy getting his cock sucked and the cocksucker have a place to support themselves while doing the things we go there for. And of course, the stool works out real good for the pig getting fucked to bend over while the guy is filling him full of hard meat.

I’ve used the crate for support several times when I get down on my hands and knees on that dirty cum covered floor for some more intense ass play. It makes the angle better when getting fisted.

Yes, those are the condom wrappers from each time I got my pig-hOle fucked.

Recently I found out that the guy who cleans the video booths is a hustler who works the place from time to time.

One of my buddies pays him $20.00 to have the privilege of sucking him off until the hustler blast his load down his throat.

His comment was that the guy just stands there not knowing how to enjoy and show it.

I was willing to pay the guy $40.00 to fuck me until I heard this.

Plus, he is a smoker and he stinks in a bad way when I get near him.

The fucking would be like getting fucked in at cigar bar full of zombies.


What is your favorite position as a bottom pig to get fucked?

My favorite is for the TOP to mount me from behind

Applies his weight on me

Taking control and showing his dominance

And fuck me like a wild beast fucks when in heat.


Finding an uncut cock that needs the pleasure that my mouth can give, is such a great thing to find when cruising the local glory hOles for meat.

These two pictures are of a nice mouthful of uncut man-meat that needed to shoot its load of Man Cheer down my throat 
the other day last week the past month.


Damn it tasted good!

Umm Umm Good


Today I want to share with you a series of pictures I took of a nice cock I gave pleasure to with my mouth through one of the local glory hOles.

I made love to this cock for over 30 minutes that day.

Yes, I took a lot of pictures. The guy knew I was and agreed to it as long as I took my time sucking on his cock.

Eventually he fed me a nice load of his essence and we agreed to meet on another day.

GSO Adult Bookstore Tour

This posting is just about the Adult Bookstore in GSO that I had been enjoying that afternoon.
I took some great picture of some incredible cocks I had the privilege to show a lot of attention to.
When I had some down time between Men, I took a few pictures of the hallways and video booths I had been cruising.

As you enter into the video booth area, the walls are covered with posters from porn movies.

Unlike most ABS, this one has gay porn on the walls.


Now let’s look into one of the video booths.

This is one of the glory holes that have been cut into the walls between video booths.

A lot of Men have had their cocks sucked by hungry cocksuckers like myself through these round hOles in the walls.

This is an example of the trash found on the floor of any of these video booths.

This trash indicates that someone had a good time.

And finally, this is the toilet in the Men’s Room where many of loads of cum have been spit into, many a Man has pissed into it and as I noted in another post, I have cleaned my pig-hole out into.

Take some time and go visit your local Adult Bookstore or one in a visiting city.

Enjoy the glory hOles and the Man2Man sex that can found there.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Would Ya take the time out of your day to give this cock some pleasure from your expert cock sucking skills?

As you can see, I wasted no time sharing my mouth with this needy cock.

The guy attached to this Mighty Meat rewarded me by 
feeding me some of his male essence.

Damn I was proud of myself.

I’m such a Pig!


Take a look at this cock.
Big & Fat

That is my hand under it supporting it for this picture.

It is almost as thick as my wriest.

This fat black fucker was too hard to suck so I backed my asshole onto and gave it a ride.

Damn it felt good to have this fat black cock inside of me.

Finally I felt this cock get harder inside of me and then it blasted its load up my asshole breeding me.

This is one of those cocks I look forward to servicing again.