Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


9-30-09 Wednesday
I worked late today and had to run by Walmart, so I decided to see if I could get some cock and cum as a reward for staying late at work. I decided that if I went to Walmart at Bier Creek, I could stop by the ABS on 70 near the big car dealership.
As I pulled into the parking lot of the ABS, I saw a bright Yellow car. My cock started getting hard with the anticipation that a stud from Raleigh who has a bright yellow car was there. He has a beautiful uncut cock and knows how to work me to a grand cum load. Unfortunately it wasn’t his car and he wasn’t there. My lost…….
The place was not busy at all, just on guy in the back playing one of the video games. While I was standing in the back hoping some horny man would come in needing  to have his cock serviced, a nice looking young Hispanic walked in the back area. He went into booth #4 and then quickly turned around and left. Then a older black man came in and went into one of the private booths and locked the door.
That’s when I left. I figured I could have better luck at home with my hand.

Where have all the Horny Men gone that need some quick relief after work?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I would like to find Saturday night

at the local adult bookstore

I need a big long cock up my ass!

Thought of the Day

The way I feel after fucking a dirty ass at the bookstore.

How to clean out your dirty ass hole…….

Found this on the internet......
Go to the drugstore, try not to look sheepish, and purchase a box of disposable Fleet enema kits. (They're cheap, and if you do it late at night, only you and the cashier will know what you're up to.)
At home, give yourself 20 minutes (or more) of privacy in the bathroom. You can take a bottle of lube with you, which you may/may not need depending on how experienced you are at putting things in your ass. Run the tap so that the water is lukewarm. It shouldn't be hot, or it'll hurt.
Open up your box with the enema kits (I think they usually come with two bottles). Take out one, and now empty the contents down the sink. Some enema kits come pre-filled with saline solution or other stool softeners; these just aren't necessary. Warm water will do the trick.
So, before you do the enema thing, you'll want to make sure you've emptied your bowels first. It just makes things tidier, you know?
Ok, now that's out of the way, fill the bottle with lukewarm water, and reattach the cap. If the tip is pre-lubricated, you're good to go, otherwise apply a little lube to your ass or the enema tip.
Kneel on the floor, or on a towel, or whatever. You want your ass in the air. Now gentle reach around and insert the tip of the enema into your ass. It shouldn't hurt, but don't force it either - it might feel kinda scrapey as it goes in. Once it is inserted, slowly and gently squeeze the enema so that the water enters your rectum. Pull out the enema, and kinda let your body relax. Give it 5 minutes, 10 minutes; you'll know it's time because you'll feel a bit or urgency.
Return to the toilet, and empty yourself. Repeat the process until the water runs clear.
A few further notes about enemas: it's not a good idea to give yourself an enema regularly, as it can irritate the lining of the rectum, and make it drier than it should be naturally. Also, it's best to do this a couple hours before your play session, to give your body a chance to relax and recover.
Once you're done, It is best to follow up with a shower and some gentle soap to the outside of the anus. (No soap inside! Ouchy stingy pain!) Rinse, dry off, and get ready to have fun!
One further side note: you should be using non-glycerine-based lube. (Ie, no Astroglide!) Glycerine breaks down to sugar once in contact with mucous membranes, and where there's sugar, there will be yeast. Ick. 

9/28/09 ABS Etiquette - Drama

Cruising areas are not appropriate for drama. It's dark and quiet -- being disruptive of that never, ever reflects well on you.  It will never, ever result in you getting a hookup.

Do your drag show impression at the bar with the other drag queens.

9/29/09 ABS Etiquette

If you are cruising one of the ABS that have the big movie rooms with the small black/dark rooms off of them, don't pull up a chair and sit yor ass in it and bloke the doorway. Those rooms are there for everyone to use. Not just for you to use a phone booth or place to crash.

Don't sleep on the movie rooms. If you are that tired, drunk or fucked up- GO HOME!

Don't just stand in movie booths with glory holes. Whatever the stupid reason you are just standing there is wasting cruising space for others.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Lots adventure

I was on the way home from work today and needed to stop by the Big Lots that is on the way to the house. While I was looking for what I was in the store for, I was checking out the men in the store. I try and never miss the chance to check out the men wherever I am.
Back in the back corner of the store where the mark down stuff was, I spotted this really HOT looking Hispanic. He was heading in the direction of the Men’s Room which was located in the far back corner of the store. It’s pretty isolated and hard to find. Just about every time I have checked it out or needed to use it, it has been empty and no one comes in while I’m in there.
I watched him as he pushed open the door. Damn he was HOT. He was wearing jeans, dirty t-shirt, cowboy boots and black cowboy hat. I followed right behind him a few steps back. When I walked into the Men’s Room, he was already standing at one of the two urinals, the one on the right. The privacy wall that separated the two urinals was gone. The last time I was in there, it was there. This was great. He was one of those men that stand back away from the urinal about a foot or two.
The Men’s Room smelled of stale piss and was pretty dirty. There was piss on the floor and it looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned for several days. The smell was wonderful. It got my heading spinning just like a hit of poppers or the smell of a raunchy crotch.
I walked up to the other urinal next to him. I looked at him in the eyes, nodded and then let my eyes my drop to see what he was holding in his hand. He had already unbuttoned his jeans full fly and pulled his beautiful brown cock out and was just starting to piss, his golden stream of piss splattering out his long thick brown foreskin. There must have been at least an inch and a half of thick skin hanging off of about seven to eight inches of thick Latin cock.
I could smell him, even over the smell of the stale piss. He smelled as if he had bathed in several days. He also smelled of alcohol. He must had been drinking most of the afternoon as strong as the smell was. Plus I could smell his cock. It was pretty raunchy smelling and erotic as hell.
As I was staring at him taking a piss, I was surprised when he spoke to me. “you like?”
My mouth must have been an inviting hole as my jaw dropped because he continued: “you like, you want?”
I immediately dropped to my knees next to him. He turned, still pissing and stuffed his uncut hose in my mouth. I quickly started swallowing his stream of warm beer piss. When he finished pissing, I milked the last few drops of piss out of his foreskin as I started to work at servicing his tasty uncut cock. I got my tongue in his foreskin and cleaned out all the cock cheese I could find with my tongue. Then I swallowed every inch of it until my nose buried in his sweaty black pubic hair. Talk about a head rush from the musky smell of his sweaty pubs.
I serviced his long uncut brown cock and made love to it and his sweaty balls. It was long before he was feeding me a damn big load of man juice. His cum had a strange but nice taste to it. It was intoxicating.
My belly was full of Latin piss and cum. I was a happy cock sucking pig.
When his cock finally started to go limp in my mouth, he looked down at me with his cock still in my mouth. I heard him say….You want again? You be here again? Maybe come to my place?
You make my amigos feel good too?
Now that’s another posting, damn it was a hot visit……….

9/24/09 – Hispanic Ass

Today’s entry is all about letting your mind wonder.

I had lunch today with my buddy Nipple Bear. We ate at the Oriental buffet next to the Big Lots where 55 crosses over 54. Good place to eat. Great egg rolls and all the food is very good.
As we walked in the door and got in line to pay, we were behind a Hot Hispanic construction worker. Damn he was good looking. He was wearing tight dirty jeans which the legs were covered in mud, muddy work boots and a skin tight t-shirt. Standing behind him I could smell his body order. Mostly his pits and foreskin, I could hope.
Not only was he good looking, but he had a beautiful ass. I just stood staring at it while talking with Nipple Bear. At one point I even asked Nipple Bear. ‘Couldn’t you just bury your face in that ass and make him smile?”
The restaurant was full of Hispanic men, most of the very good looking. I wanted to pass out cards with my address and tell them to all stop by after work one day, have a beer and let me service their uncut brown cocks. I would be one happy cock sucker to have 4 or 5 Hispanic men stop by each day after getting off a long hard day of working and let me service their cheesy cocks and sweaty assholes.
If you are in the area, you should check out the place sometime.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Disclaimer statement

The sex I write about is either true or fantasy. It is or was with consenting men over the age of 21.
 Although it might not be stated in my post, safe sex is practiced.

The pictures used in my post have been downloaded from the internet. All models are assumed to be over the age of 21. It is assumed that none of the photos are trademarked.
If you feel they should not be used, please let me know and I will replace them or just remove them.

Just thought I needed to say all of this………

My Part Time Job at the Mall

Stop by and see me some time over the weekend!

ABS Etiquette tip of the day - Clean up after yourself

Do not squirt your load on the floor, on the wall, monitor screen or buddy window. 
Clean up your cum and other bodily fluids after you are done.
Use a tissue or paper towel and then a wastebasket.
Nobody likes to step or kneel in your cum.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thought of the Day

Ever wonder what horny guys do in cities without Adult bookstore?

ABS Etiquette tip of the day - Clean your shitty hole!

Getting fucked – if you go cruising at the bookstore or wherever you go to get fucked, make sure your ass is clean. 
No one wants shit on their cock. 
If you don’t know about cleaning out your ass, check the internet. There is a lot of information out there.



ABS Etiquette - 9/23/09 - Cell Phone

From a reader/contributor

No cells in the ABS, period

It's assumed that most all cells can take pics so it would cool off the cruise area, and could lead to a confrontation.

I know of one ABS down near Charlotte that does not allow cell phones at all. I didn't have much fun there. Sucked one Hispanic cock and watched a few guys playing with their cocks in the movie theater.
Very strange crowd. 
The other book store right down the street was much more fun.

Monday, September 21, 2009

9/19/09 Saturday Morning - going to work

So it's Saturday morning and I am on the way to work at my part time job at the mall. Since I drive past the ABS on 70, I usually stop on the way to work and the way home from work. My adventures concerning on the way home from work will be posted in a different post. It is worth checking out.
It's little past 9 AM and I was feeling pretty good. Especially after my stop at the post office. (My New Toy – BlackedBalled Dildo)
There were only a few cars in the parking lot and I noticed that the cleaning crew's truck was still  there. Inside the “area closed” sign was still in front of the entrance to the video area.
This is a real bitch when you are hungry for some cock before work. Damn, and I really was hoping to get a load or two before "Pizza Time"
I decided to check out the Toys and things they had for sell and then go onto work. While I was checking out the latex blow up dolls, I saw the guy remove the sign blocking the entrance. Just as he sat the sign down away from the entrance, the front door to the business opened and in walked several of the “regulars”. I t was as if an alarm had gone off outside to let them know the area was open again.
I know it seems as if i spend a lot of time in the local ABSs, but not every hour of every day like they do. The one is there no matter what time I stop by. 9:00 in the morning, midnight, noon and even after work.
I hope no one ever considers me to be like that.
I wonder, do they sleep there?

Quote of the day

My mother bought me a sweater for my birthday. I really wanted a moaner.

BlackBalled dildo needs a name

If you know me or you have ever played with me and my toys, you know that all of my dildos have names.
Now I need a name for my new "BlackBalled" dildo.
I'm looking for a BUTCH name for a HOT Black Stud.
I already have "Sampson" as the name of one big black dildo.
Any suggests?
Post them in the comments section.
Here is a reminder of what it looks like
11" long and 3" wide.

ABS Etiquette - 9/21/09

Today's etiquette is from one of my new readers and responders of my request for suggestions on proper bookstore etiquette.
He wrote:

ATTITUDE.  Those arrogant cruisers who give nasty looks or comments to any "older" cocksuckers...or Available Cocks, for that matter!
To refer to "old trolls" with that very expression truly....TRULY....displays ignorance that they won't know exists until they themselves have lost the "glow of youth"! 
From the contributor: 
“I'll tell you what...I was actually shocked at the solid SIZE of a dick stuck in my mouth at one store because I was aware of how old the gentleman looked who was walking up to my open mouth.  Hell, maybe it's Viagra today, who knows...but on the other hand, WHO CARES???  Once that cock is stuck all the way down your throat, you aren't even gonna notice if he's bald or how big his chest is...or how muscular the arms or how rock solid the ass'd better concentrate on YOUR WORK!
And I've often told this story, but it's very true...the BEST blow job I've ever had in my life was from an older guy kneeling on a video booth floor who took out his dentures, stuck 'em in his shirt pocket, and expertly GUMMED the biggest load my dick has EVER shot! “

9/20/09 - Sunday afternoon

Sunday Afternoon
Usually a good time to find some cock to service at one of the local book stores.
I had to go to Walmart so I decided to check out the ABS near the airport on 70.
WOW - 17 cars in the parking lot. I figured the place would be full of cock and ass needing to be serviced.
WRONG - There wasn't anything going on. In the back there was a Hispanic guy watching a movie in one of the private preview booths. He was standing in the door peering in at the movie.

9/19/09 Saturday AM - New Dildo

So it's Saturday. Finally after working all week at my new job, I now was on my way to work all day at my part time job. I needed to stop by the Post Office and check the PO Box. It hadn't been checked in several weeks.
Well to my surprise, I had a package waiting for me. It was from Adam & Eve/Adam Male.
Back when it was my birthday a few months ago, my Boy - NippleBear - told me he wanted me to order myself a new toy. This was great! I always buy a new toy (dildo) for my toy bag that I carry in my truck when we have our Hotel events. This could be the new one for the next party.
Adam & Eve had this new toy - "BlackBalled"
I saw an ad the other night for 50% off any one item on a new order. So I gave them a call and placed the order for this............

As you can guess, it was at the Post Office.

This is the description of the dildo.

The Rascal BlackBalled Huge Black Cock is not for those who are weak-hearted. This dildo has a length of eleven inches! That’s something of a challenge for those who want to stuff more meat in their pleasure holes. This throbbing wonder has veins and enormous balls to mimic the real one! You’ll be squirming with delight while you slowly glide this big cock in you. You’d be asking for more afterwards!
Size: 11 inches long X 3 inches wide

My description: DAMN what a COCK!

Now I need to find someone to open my ass up WIDE to try this MONSTER.

More about my thoughts on my new toy later.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

ABS = Adult Book Store

ABS = Adult Book Store
An Adult Book Store is a place where men go to rent pornography to watch, buy sex toys and magazines. They are usually located in low class or industrial areas.
Most ABSs have private video viewing booths for Men to get a quick porn fix. Some of these video booths have glory holes (GH).
Sex Pigs like myself enjoy this places. They are a great place for quick anonymous sex. A cock hanging through a Glory Hole waiting to get services is a beautiful sight. As Lucy says, "Tasty Too!"

Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initials

From time to time in my writings, I use acronyms, abbreviations and initials. I will be posting what some of these acronyms, abbreviations and initials mean between my post as I use them.
I hope this helps my readers understand and enjoy my adventures even more.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

9/17/09 - filling the used condom

I could still taste the two sweet loads of cum that I had gotten earlier at the bookstore when I sat down at my computer to jack off. I got the used condom out of my pocket and got it ready to be filled.
Now all I had to do was find the right porn to make me blow my load. Using my laptop now with having problems with the main computer means I don't have too much porn to watch. I just haven't taken the time to download too much to the laptop.
I found a clip of an Arab guy with 10 or 11 inches pounding the hell out of this white guy. He was really burying his  long thick Arab cock deep in that guys ass too. The Arab was fucking this guy's ass as hard and rough as he could doggy style on a bed in what looked like a cheap motel. Every now and then he would pull the white guys head back ad smack him around some.
Well, my cock got rock hard right away. I slid the condom on and started jacking my cock. It wasn't long before I blow my load and filled the end of the condom full of my cum. I pulled the full latex tube off my cock being careful not loose any of my cum. This cumbag was going in the freezer. A couple of more and I'll be sending my buddy over seas another box full.

Friday, September 18, 2009

9/17/09 - 2 cocks / 2 nice & tasty loads

I had to go by the ABC store on the way home from work so I decided to stop by the ABS. There were only a few cars in the lot when I got there. As most know, this could be good and usually is. Too many guys there means no sex going on. Everyone is looking.
I walked into the back heading to the Men's Room to take a piss. As I turned the corner past the snack machine, I almost collided with this very handsome black man. I spoke to him and he just nodded back to me.
After finishing pissing, I cruised back out to the area with the movie booths. I quickly noticed that the very 1st booth's door was closed. The movie wasn't running, but someone was in it. Being the whore that I am, I went into booth #2 to check out the view through the hole.
I dropped down to one knee and peering through the hole could see it was the black guy that I had almost collided with. He already had his cock out and was stroking it. It was still limp and looked to be a nice size.
This cock needed to be sucked. It was waiting for me. I fingered the the hole letting the guy know I was interested in servicing his cock. I watched through the hole as he stepped closer to the wall and glided his cock through the hole into my booth. WOW, it was nice. I was a nice shade of medium brown, uncut and still semi-hard. In fact, it was pretty limp. As I sucked this beautiful cock into my mouth, I reached into my pocket and fetched my camera. I wanted some pictures of me sucking on this black beauty.
I made love to this cock and it grew in my mouth some. Finally it fed me my reward for doing such a good job of servicing it. It shot a large load that was somewhat sweet tasting. I swallowed it all down as I milked the last few drops out of the cock with my tongue. While I was sucking on it, I got several good pictures of it and of me servicing it.
As I was finishing up on this cock, I heard the door of another booth shut. Ah I thought, maybe another cock that needs to be sucked and drained of it's load.
I left my booth before the black guy could leave his. A couple of booths down, I heard the sound of money being inserted into the video player and the light above the door of #4 came on. Knowing that there is a hole between #4 and #5, I headed for the empty booth next to the occupied booth. I was surprised no one had already gotten the booth. There were several guys standing around in the back area near the video games. I guess they were too busy playing with their cell phones to be interested.
I knelt down on one knee and looked through the hole. To my surprise there was a big white cock, rock hard, being stroked. I fingered the hole, I wanted this cock. The owner of this cock bent over and looked at me through the hole. Then this big rock hard cock with an upward curve came jutting through the hole. It almost poked me in the eye. I quickly got my lips around this cock and swallowed it. It didn't take long before this rock hard cock was feeding me a sweet load of cum. I was able to get several pictures of me working on this cock. He too had a sweet tasting load.
As I was leaving the video booth, I spotted a unrolled used condom on the floor in the corner. I scooped it up and stuffed in my pocket. It was clean and I could use it later when I jack off.
All the way home I savored the taste of the two loads that I had swallowed.
Damn good days for just 20 minutes at the book store.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9/15/09 - Big Lots Aadventure

Today was great!
On the way home from work, I stopped at Big Lots and had one hell of a HOT sexual adventure with a Hispanic Stud in the Men's Room.
I will be posting it later under - Big Lots - Hispanic Stud in the Men's Room
I hope it makes you as Hot as I was.


Welcum friend,

If you are here it is because you are interested in my sexual adventures.
That is why I have invited you to my blog.
Thanks to a friend of mine, I've done it. (You know who you are, you HOT Stud)
This blog is full of my day to day sexual adventures. I will never disclose any of the names of the Men and the Pigs I have sex with.
If you recognize yourself, I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

9/16/09 Just another day

Today was just another day
I got to see a nice black cock at the urinal in one of Men's rooms at work.
There were two wonderful pubic hairs in one of urinals too. Great for my collection.
Nothing sexual today. Just a great big piss hard-on this morning when I woke up.