Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The other day after work I was in need of a nice cock to service with my mouth and ass. So I decided to stop by the local bookstore and see what was in need of my service.
I sucked on several cocks and for my reward each of them fed me a nice load. Details are will be in one of my postings.
There was this one particular cock I wanted to share with you separately.
I had just gotten up off my knees from sucking on this young black stud when I was passed by this good looking Redneck type going down the hallway to the last video booth. I quickly turned and followed him.
Damn he was good looking and he had a nice build too.
As he entered the last video booth, I entered the one next to it. The two video booths have a glory hole in the wall that separates them.
As soon as I could get the door to the booth propped shut with the stool from inside of it, I dropped to my knees in front of the glory hole.
I wanted/needed to service that stud!
As I peered through the glory hole, I saw his hand grab at his crotch. He had a nice size mound that he was groping.
I laid my hand on the glory hole to signal him that I was there to service his needs.
I watched through the glory hole as he undid his belt buckle. Then he unbuttoned the top button of his jeans. My mouth was drooling. Next he slowly unzipped his zipper and pulled the front of his jeans apart.
I watched with anticipation as he reached into his underwear to pull his manhood out for me to see.
I was pleased with what flopped out of his hand and hung in front of him. It was real impressive.
I moved my fingers to remind him that there was a hungry cock sucker waiting on the other side of the wall to service his manhood.
He fed a dollar bill into the video machine and then he turned enough to aim his manhood at the glory hole. I watched as he stepped forward and pushed his cock through the glory into my video booth for me to have.
It was mine.
My video booth quickly filled with the aroma from his cock as I got it in my mouth and started to suck on it.
As I sucked and chewed on the cock meat, it began to stiffen and grow some. Pretty soon it was almost as thick as the glory hole.
Here is a picture I took of that man’s beautiful manhood.

I continued to suck on the cock protruding from the glory hole and it continued to grow. Finally it got so big it was hard for me to suck on.
Well, if you have read my stories, you know I love to back my ass on a big cock sticking out of a glory hole and ride it.
That’s exactly what I did.
I reached down and undid my pants and while still holding onto the big bloated cock, I stood up and dropped my pants. Then I spit on the head of the cock and proceeded to back my ass onto it.
Slowly I took that cock in my ass inch by inch until my ass cheeks were against the wall. Then I reached back and spread my cheeks so I could get more of it in me.
Now I began to ride that huge hard cock. I could hear the guy attached to it moaning on groining from the other side of the wall.
Finally I heard him say “I gonna cum, I gonna cum.’
I felt his thick cock begin to throb as he began to shoot his load inside of me. I pushed my ass against the wall so he would be deep inside of me as he bred me with his man juices. The fluid that made me see stars as he continued to pump my ass full.
When he had enough he began to pull out of my ass. I quickly grabbed his cock and turned around. I got his cum covered cock back in my mouth and cleaned it for him.
Then I let him pull his cock back through the glory hole.
He did a thumbs-up in front of the glory hole before stuffing his cock back in his pants.
Here is how big the cock was when I backed my asshole onto it.

I got myself together and left my video booth. His door opened at the same time. He headed straight for the Men’s Room. Of course I followed him.
In the Men’s room he went to the urinal to take a piss. I walked up next to him and watched as that beautiful cock that just fucked me took a piss.

This story is true
The cock is real, well one of them.
Thanks to Mark and his morphing talents,  I was able to show how big the cock felt up my ass while I got fucked.

Check out Mark’s Blog:

This guy does some incredible work….
Too bad he can’t make them bigger in real life.
If he could, I would keep him in my back pocket when I go hunting cock.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

10-10-11 Monday - Final Hot Men

From my last post from this series…

I pulled up my pants and exited the video booth.
Outside in the hallway was standing the stocky build Middle Eastern Stud.
He gave me a hard look as I passed him.
Damn he was good looking. Maybe he is my next victim of pleasure.

I stared at him as I walked past him. At first he gave me a evil look. I guest he had heard me getting fucked by the big black cock he couldn’t get fucked by. Then his look changed to a more interesting look. He actually checked me out as I walked by him.

As I turned the corner, I looked back at him and nodded. He got a smile on his face and nodded back. Then I continued my walk back to the other hallway. I made my way about half way down the dark hallway and decided since nothing was going on, I would just lean against the wall.

Within seconds the stocky built Arab looking stud came toward me down the dark hallway. He pushed open the door to the private video booth across from where I was leaning and entered. As he entered the booth, he turned and nodded for me to follow.
My heart started racing and my cock started to get aroused. That Hot Fucking Stocking built Stud was inviting me in with him.
Of course I wasted no time falling him into the video booth.
He shut the door and quickly propped a stool against the door to keep it shut.
Then he grabbed my head and pulled it to his face and started kissing me. Nice deep kisses with lots of tongue action.
MY one hand went to his chest and my other hand dropped to his crotch area.
He took and slid one of his hands down the back of my pants and when he found my asshole, he pushed two of his fingers into my just fucked sloppy asshole. His fingers dug around some before they started into a fucking motion. He pulled my head tighter to his face as his tongue found its way deep down my throat.
I found his nipple and began to pinch it some with my one hand and my other hand found his huge hard mound in his pants.
Damn, I was in PIG heaven. I had no idea where this moment was going to lead, but I knew I was going to have fun with this stocky stud.
I like my Men to be aggressive and he was just that.

Finally he pushed me away from him. He pulled his fingers out of my asshole and then his hand came out of my pants.
I grabbed the hand that had the sloppy fingers from my asshole. I pulled it toward my mouth and with a smile from him as approval; I put his sloppy fingers in my mouth and began to lick my ass juices off of them. I kept smiling as I cleaned his sloppy fingers up. My ass tasted so fucking good.
When I had finished the tongue job on the fingers, I removed them from my mouth and slowly began to drop to my knees in front of him. I kissed my way downward until I was kissing on the hard mound in his pants.
He wasn’t wearing a belt so all I had to do was to unbutton the top button then slowly unzip the metal that help to bind his budge.
With his pants pulled open, there was his mound now just bound in tight underwear. I kissed on them before slowly pulling them down to reveal an incredible fat uncut cock. I was impressed all to hell with what he had. It sprung out and pointed at my face. The aroma of pure uncut man cock was incredible too. I took a deep a breath of the musky order as my tongue flicked out to find its way into his thick dark brown foreskin. I knew I was going to enjoy servicing this stud.
Not only with my mouth, but my asshole too.
As my tongue dug into his foreskin searching for any treats that might be there, I began to take his fat uncut cock into my mouth.
Just then, someone started banging on the door to the video booth. Whoever it was pushing on the door was shouting something in a foreign tongue. I pushed my foot against the door and kept it closed. The stocky stud I was servicing took and grabbed my head and forced all of his thick uncut cock down into my throat.
The next thing I knew, someone was pushing on the one wall and trying to get through it into the booth we were in. The guy was acting like a crazy man.
I kept working on the cock in my mouth. Then the guy in the booth with me started shouting something back at the guy trying to climb through the wall. It was in the same tongue.
Then the other guy disappeared.
The guy I was sucking looked down at me and said that his friend wanted to join us. He told me I would enjoy his friend very much.
Without any question, I nodded my head with approval it was OK with me.
Hell, I was game for anything.
Then someone began knocking on the door again. The in the video booth with me said it was his friend. I moved my foot off the door to allow it to open. The pushed open and the friend entered. I was truly surprised to see that it was the Middle Eastern Stud that I had serviced several times before.
Their in my face was not only the one fat uncut dark skinned cock I was working on, but now the bulge of the other guy. Right away I could feel the heat from his huge uncut cock and smell the raunchiness of his dirty foreskin.
Every time I have been on my knees in front of him, his huge uncut cock was a raunchy as hell. Sometimes I could taste the ass from where he had fucked someone earlier. I usually shot my load without touching my cock when I am working on his.
He reached down and undid his pants and hauled his fat uncut dark colored cock. It flopped right in my face. Damn it smelled good. It was raunchy as hell.
I took my focus away from the stocky guy’s cock and focused on my new stud. I got my face up against his cock as I took a deep breath. Then I got just his foreskin in my mouth and started cleaning it out with my tongue.
His cock was prime for a good cleaning. He must have been pre-cumming while he was fighting to get in the booth. His skin was full of it.
As I was beginning to swallow the cock in my mouth, the stocky guy stepped closer and put his fat uncut cock in my face.
I went from one beautiful dark skinned uncut to the other. Sucking and chewing and licking and swallowing pure Middle Eastern meat.
For several minutes I worked on the two massive uncut cock while the two guys spoke to each other in their native tongue.
Then they started kissing each other as if they were lovers. Deep sloppy kissing with a lot of moaning and groining.
I was really in pig heaven.
Then the stocky one pulled away from the taller one and there was some exchange of more words in their native tongue.
The taller stud grabbed my head and forced his big uncut cock into my mouth while the stocky stud moved around behind me. I heard him spit on his hand and then felt his warm spit being smeared on my asshole.
Without any hesitation he began pushing his fat cock into my cum filled asshole. I couldn’t believe it, I was getting fucked a second time by an incredible size uncut dark cock.

To Be Continued

Guess Road – 10-10-11 2

The older black stud with the fat uncut cock had just barely walked away from me when I saw DLK (black stud with the dread-locks) turn the corner and walk toward me.
About half way, he stopped in front of the video booth he had been in with the stocky build Middle Eastern looking stud.
DLK reached down and pushed the front of his pants down, revealing his hard cock with the wicked curve in it. It started bouncing up and down to get my attention. It was trying to take over control of my Pig mind.
I stared at the curved black cock bouncing up and down. I thought abut how good that cock must taste. Especially if it had the taste of the stocky build stud’s ass still on it. Then I thought about how fucking good that curved monster would feel inside my ass.
Then it happened.
That curved cock took control of my mind and my body.
It called out to me, ‘come here Pig, I need you to service me.’
I walked toward DLK as he turned and went into the empty video booth. Like a good Pig I followed him into the video booth and shut the door.
Without a word exchanged, I dropped to my knees in front of DLK and opened my mouth for his use and pleasure. I let him grab my head and guide my mouth onto his hard curved black cock. It forced its way into my throat and he kept the pressure on my head until his entire cock was buried in my throat. His cock had the musky taste of the stocky brown skinned stud before me.
He gave me one second to catch my breath and then he started fucking my throat. His curved cock was rock hard and it was hard for me not to gag on it as it slid back into my throat.
Then I heard DLK say to me, ‘I need to fuck you. I need to fuck you real bad. That lousy asshole wouldn’t take my sweet cock up his nasty ass.’
I groaned and tried to shake my head yes as he slowly slid his curved cock out of my throat and then back in again.
While he continued to fuck my mouth, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a Magnum sized condom. I was ready for him to stop fucking my throat and start fucking my ass.
DLK took the condom from my hand and tore it open. I watched as he pulled the latex ring from the gold metallic package. Then he slowly slid his hard cock from my mouth. I waited long enough to see him roll the latex down over his rock hard curved cock.
‘I want your ass baby’ he said to me as I stood up and turned so my ass was available to him.
I spit on my fingers and wiped them across my asshole. Then I felt him begin to push the head of his cock against my asshole.
I took a deep breath and while remembering how good that cock felt inside me the last he fucked me, I relaxed my asshole to allow him to push inward.
Slowly inch by inch his hard latex cover cock slid inside of me.
‘That’s it baby, take all of it, take it all for me’ he said as I felt the heat from his crotch on my ass.
Then I felt his thick course black pubic hair push against my ass crack just above my asshole. His balls were hanging low and I felt slap up against my own low hanging balls.
DLK was all the way inside of me. I couldn’t believe how fucking huge his cock felt. I felt so fucking good to my asshole. I could easily be his fuck slave every night of the week.
Stop by and let him fuck the living shit out of me after a hard days work would surely make the evening just right.
Slowly DLk started to fuck me. He started off with long slow strokes, pulling almost all the way out and then sliding his manhood all the way back in me.
With every stroke he picked up his speed and smooth strokes got more aggressive and animalistic.
DLk kept repeating to me ‘That’s baby, open up and your Daddy fuck you. Take it all Baby.’
Within minutes, DLk was fucking me like a wild animal. He had me pinned against the wall of the video booth and had my left leg hiked up so he could get more of his huge hard curved deep inside of me.
His fucking was driving me crazy. It felt so fucking good.
He moaned and groaned and kept telling how good my puss felt to his dick.
I love how rough DLK fucks and still keeps that sensitive flow of mush from his head. He goes way off to another planet while he is fucking and drilling and pounding as hard as he can.
DLK knows he has a big dick and knowing I will take it any way he gives it to me will for sure make each and every ride of his hard cock memorable.
15 to 20 minutes into this wild fucking DLK finally got to the point of popping his load off in my ass.
His pace slowed down and each time he slammed his rock hard cock into me, he would bury it deep as it would go and then some.
Finally he started with, ‘oh baby, oh baby you are so good to me’ as he buried his curved monster deep inside me. His body began to convulse as his cum pumped out of his balls and filled the latex cum bag covering his manhood.
It took a few minutes for DLk to pump as much of his essence into the latex bag in my ass. Finally he slowly pulled his now semi limp cock from my asshole.
I quickly turned around and dropped to my knees in front of him. I grabbed the cum filled latex bag and slowly removed it from his cock. It was unbelievable how much cum he had pumped into it.
Then I took his limp cock in my mouth and gently cleaned his cum off it with my tongue. He gets real sensitive after cumming so  I was gentle with my mouth as I finished the job. He sure wasn’t gentle with my ass and I was glad of that.
I held onto the cum filled condom. That was my reward for being such a good puss for DLK.
As he pulled up his pants he told me how good my ass to his dick and how much like fucking me. He told me he liked the way I just let him fuck as hard as he could.
I told him I liked it when a stud like him took total control of my ass and used it for their pleasure in whatever means it took. Then I told I like to get fucked rough and long the best.
DLk turned and exited the booth with me standing there with my pants down around my ankles holding my prize.
I took and sucked every drop of his thick white cum from the extra large condom. Then I took the used condom and slide it over my hard cock. I wanted my cock to taste like his cum.
I pulled up my pants and exited the video booth.
Outside in the hallway was standing the stocky build Middle Eastern Stud.
He gave me a hard look as I passed him.
Damn he was good looking. Maybe he is my next victim of pleasure.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Guess Road – 10-10-11

I got off work a few minutes early so I could have a few more minutes hunting for meat at the bookstore on Guess Road.
My adventures that evening were far more exciting then I had expected.

When I walked in the door I was surprised to see the black stud with the dread-locks and the huge curved cock standing in the lobby talking to another good looking big build black stud. The other stud was much older then the one with the dread-locks.

I headed on to the Men’s room to take care of my butt and get my mind set for what I was hoping was about to happen.
When I came out of the Men’s Room, I passed a hot stocky build Middle Eastern stud. He was going into the other Men’s Room.
I paid my $5.00 and while I was waiting for the clerk to give me my ticket, I heard the black stud with the dread-locks tell the other black stud that he needed to let me suck his cock. That I was one hell of a cock sucker.
This made my ego fly high.

Shortly after I got back to the video booth area, the older black stud came up and stood next to me. He just stood there waiting for me to make the move.
I already know what he wanted from the conversation I had heard in the store lobby, so I wasted no time dropping to my knees in front of him.
I reached and undid his pants so I could get to what needed to be serviced.
I reached in the fly of his boxer shorts and found a nice hunk of meat waiting for me.
I pulled out a thick piece of black meat. It had to be a good 7 to 8 inches long semi-limp. Plus it was uncut with about an inch of thick black foreskin hanging off the head. I was impressed.
AS I took his cock into my mouth and dug my tongue into his thick foreskin, he moaned and mumbled something about how it felt.
As I dug around in his foreskin cleaning it, I heard someone enter the area where we were. I turned some to see who it was.
The black stud with the dread-locks and the stocky Middle Eastern looking stud were going into the second video booth. It was only about 8 or 9 feet away from where I was kneeling in front of the black stud attached to the thick black uncut cock I was servicing.
I’m going to refer to the black stud with the dread-locks as DLK. It will save some time and typing as I share with you this adventure.
Now I was ready to swallow the cock in my mouth and get a good smell of the older stud’s black curly pubic hair. Slowly I swallowed his thick cock working it into my throat with my tongue. I knew while it was limp, I could all of it down my throat and then deal with it as it grew in my mouth.
With all of his thick black uncut in my mouth and throat, my nose was finally buried in his damp pubic hair. I felt his balls lay up against my chin as I began to chew on his cock. I took a deep breath of the aroma from his crotch. Then I heard DLK say, ‘that’s it baby, swallow all of my cock.’ I knew that line well. I had heard it many times when I serviced his massive curved manhood.
The cock in my mouth began to stiffen some as I began to suck on it letting it slide in and out of my throat. But it never got hard. It stayed a nice ‘limpness’ to be able to swallow all of it when needed.
After a few minutes of me working on his cock, the older black stud grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my face. His fucking motion was nice and smooth. He had a great pace that never caused me to chock or gag. I was impressed with his smooth style.
Then I heard more from the occupied video booth.
‘Come on baby, relax and open your sweet asshole for me’ DLK said to his companion the stocky built Middle Eastern stud.
I kept listening as my black stud continued to enjoy my mouth with his fucking. ‘Oh that is so nice, shit it feels so good’ he kept repeating as he slid his thick uncut meat in and out of my mouth and throat.
‘It’s too big, No! No! Stop! I can’t take it. It’s too big’ came from within the occupied video booth.
Then I heard DLk say ‘Shit! I’m horny for some sweet ass.’
I hate to say this, I was glad the guy couldn’t take it. Maybe I would have a chance at it after I finished servicing the black stud fucking my face.
Then I heard the door to the video booth open and the two men inside exited.
I had to focus on my own stud now. He was beginning to breathe harder and sweat was dripping off his face onto mine as he fucked it.
Then he buried all of his thick black uncut meat in my throat putting my nose back in his sweaty wet pubic hair and his now tightly drawn up balls on my chin.
I gagged a little when the first glob of cum squirted down my throat. I swallowed it and waited form more as his uncut cock began to erupt. Glob after glob of cum squirted in my throat as a reward for servicing his thick cock like a good Pig should.
He was huffing and puffing as he held my head tight. I could feel his load move through his cock over my tongue as he fed me my reward.
I was a Happy Pig!
Finally the flow of cum stopped. His balls had given up all the juice they had.
Slowly he pulled his limp cock from my throat and then my mouth.
‘God Damn Boy that was one hell of a deal there’ he said as the last of his cock was pulled from my mouth.
Then he reached around behind him and pulled a cloth out of his back pocket. He wrapped it around his uncut meat and cleaned it up before stuffing it back in his boxer shorts. I remained kneeling in front of him so I could watch how he put his thick cock away. Then I stood up facing him.
‘Was he right? I asked him. ‘Damn right he was. He replied.
Then he turned and walked away leaving me standing there.

Black Friday - Men


Black Friday - more black cock I have serviced



Black Friday

To celebrate Black Friday this year
I thought I would share some Black Cocks 
I have sucked in the past.