Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, October 31, 2015

ABS FF Buddy

One of my ABS Buddies texted me today

He texted that it would help my recovery if he came over and sat on 

my hand and I fisted him for a while.

Damn good idea!

Normally we start off at the ABS with some ass eating.

Then some dildo fucking

Then some heavy duty fisting.
Usually through one of the oversized glory holes.

He blows his load with my hand inside his asshole
And both of us are satisfied.

Halloween Fun

Here is a suggestion of something to do after

Trick or Treating

Glory Hole Finds

I was out late that day working the glory hole. Earlier I had lost count of how many cocks I had sucked on and made love through the glory holes. I was the Cum-Dump of the day. I had drained every cock I could.

I turned the corner and started down the dimly lit hallway.

That’s when I saw him standing there.

He had his pants open and was showing off his big uncut black cock.

Fuck, that thing was huge and inviting.

I heard it call my name…

Here faggot, here faggot, come service me and be my cum-dump hole.

He saw me staring at his cock and smiled. Then he stepped forward into the video booth he had been standing in front of.

As I advanced toward the video booth, I heard the door being locked.

Knowing there was a glory hole in the wall to the next video booth, I quickly stepped inside of it and locked the door behind me.

I wasted no time getting on my knees in front of the glory hole to peer through the round hole to see what the black was doing.

He was still playing with his big black uncut cock.

It almost looked like it might be too thick to fit through the glory hole.

I laid my finger in the glory hole to signal the black guy that I was on the other side of the wall waiting to give his big uncut cock the service it needed.

He was watching the glory hole and saw my finger as soon as I laid it in the glory hole.

He turned toward the wall and stepped forward putting his uncut cock just inches away from the opening.

The musky odor of his manhood came through the round opening and teased me. Damn his big cock smelled good.

I breathed in the intoxicating odor as he began to feed his long black snakelike cock into the glory hole and through the wall for me to have.

When all of that long manhood was pushed through the round hole, I took in another deep breath of the musky scent.

I could not believe I was that lucky to have that black stud give his cock for me to service. For me to enjoy while giving him enjoyment.

As a good cocksucker should, I wasted no time in getting my mouth on that black cock and having it slide into my throat so I could make love to it.

Fuck, it tasted so damn good. My tongue slid into his thick foreskin and cleaned out the funk that had collected. It was obvious that no one else had sucked on his cock yet.

While I was enjoying sucking on his long black cock and chewing on his foreskin, he slowly began to fuck my mouth through the glory hole.

I knew what that meant, this guy wanted to fuck.

As expected, I let him fuck my mouth and at the same time I undid my pants and lubed up my asshole. I was going to give him some ass to fuck instead of just my mouth.

When I was ready I let that long uncut cock slide out of my mouth sloppy wet with my spit and then I quickly stood up, turned around and planted my greased asshole on the head of that hard cock.

Slowly I pushed myself back onto that long hard cock. My ass finally touched the wall and I had all of him in me.

He wasted no time on starting to fuck.

As I pressed my ass to the glory hole, he fucked it with long deep strokes. 
This was guy was almost like a pro fucking through the glory hOle.

It felt so fucking good to being fucked by this long fat uncut Black cock.

I rode it making sure he had exactly what he wanted.

Being bent forward, my face was just inches away from the glory hole in the wall on the other side of the video booth I was in getting fucked.

I heard someone enter it and I peered through the glory hole while keeping my ass in place against the other glory hole.

A black guy had entered and quickly pulled his cock out of his pants.

I fingered the glory hole to signal him I was interested.

Damn right I was interested.

A big Black Cock in each hole. What could be better?

I watched as he stepped up to the glory hole and pushed his black manhood through the hole in the wall.

Taking it in my mouth I began to suck on it while still getting fucked.

It was easy to suck one cock while getting fucked by the other. The one fucking me would push me forward enough to swallow the other cock.

It wasn’t long before the cock in my mouth exploded and fed me a big load of cum.

The spent cock slid out of my mouth and back through the glory hole.

This gave me the chance to focus more on the cock fucking me.

It had grown thicker in my ass while I was sucking the other cock.

This was a signal to me that my ass was soon to becum a cum-dump for one more Big Black Cock.

The cock fucking me was buried deep inside me as it began to empty a load of cum inside of my well fucked asshole.

This guy shot a huge load. It seemed like it took forever for his cock to stop throbbing as it pumped my pig-hole full.

Finally I felt him begin to pull his semi-limp cock out of me.

reached behind me grabbing the cock and holding onto it.

I pulled my ass off of it, spun around to clean up the cum off of it.

Damn his cum and my ass tasted so good.

Soon enough, he had enough and pulled his cock away from me back through the glory hole.

Then I heard him say, fuck bro that some good ass.

I watched as he put his cock away and then leave the video booth.

Hopefully I’ll get to ride that pony man again one day.

Trick or Treat



Thursday, October 29, 2015

Visit my Tumblr collection - Glory Holes

Visit my Tumblr collection

     After visiting my blog and enjoying my adventures here,

Visit my Tumblr collection of cocks I have given service to through Glory hOles.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Military Wanta-Be

The next cock I got to service was an Ex-military type,

Damn he was HOT!

Huge Cock on the Military looking Wanta-Be.

His cock was about 9″ long and THICK when hard. Plus his foreskin stayed over the head of cock.

I was at the counter where you pay admission when he came into the store. 

I was on my way back from the Men’s Room where I had cleaned my ass up some after getting fucked by that old man in the dark area. He has wiped a large glob of lube on my pig-hole before pushing his thick uncut up inside me. He did a good job of making my hole feel good.

I heard this guy tell the clerk he was in the area picking up cabinets for a construction job and needed to drop a load down a throat or up an asshole before heading back to the job.

The clerk pointed at me as I walked by the counter and told the guy that he needed to connect with me. I would give him whatever he needed.

The clerk there and I used to fuck around a lot in the past. He sends a lot of men back looking for me when I am there.

I headed on back toward the video booth area and waited in the main hallway for the military looking guy to show.

He obviously had been there before because he headed right into one of the video booths that had a glory hole in the wall.

I followed into the next video booth and got down on my knees in front of the glory hole like a good cock sucker should.

I got to watch him undo his belt, then the button above the zipper.

Slowly he unzipped his work pants. I could he knew I was watching because he was putting on a show for me.

He pulled open his pants and then grabbed the waist band of his underwear. I watched eagerly as he pulled them downward and his big uncut cock flopped out to freedom.

It hung nicely in front of him as he stood there showing it off to me.

I wanted that man’s cock so bad. Then it hit me, the smell of his uncut sweaty cock. I knew he must have an extra tasty treat in his foreskin for me. Especially after working that day.

I put my mouth up to the glory hole and stuck my tongue through it to let him know my mouth was his.

He laid his semi limp cock on my tongue and then pushed it into my mouth.

This is what he fed me.

I licked and worshiped His Cock for nearly a half hour before he decided he was ready for something else. I had enjoyed his uncut cock more than any other faggot could have.

He enjoyed my showing his foreskin special attention.

Now he started to slowly fuck my mouth through the glory hole. Before he had let me do all the work.

This was a sign to me that he wanted my ass on his cock.

I reached down and undid my 501 jeans and opened them up. Then I reached around with my left hand to my asshole and checked to see if it was still lubed from the last guy I serviced. It felt there was enough grease and cum on my asshole for another fucking.

With his cock sliding back and forth through the glory hole in and out of my mouth, I made sure it was covered with a lot of my own spit.

Then I quickly stood up, turned with my ass toward the wall and backed my ass onto his hard sloppy spit covered cock.

It sild right into my asshole and I pushed myself back onto it until all of it was buried inside of me.

Damn his cock felt good buried inside of me. He wasted no time starting to fuck me which made it feel even better.

His cock slid in and out of my asshole as he pumped himself through the glory hole into me.

I didn’t take long before he thrust his cock into me deep and I could feel his load of cum begin to pump inside my asshole.

I pushed my ass against the wall and worked my ass muscles to milk the cum out the cock buried inside of me.

When I figured he was done cumming, I quickly pulled off his cock, spun around getting back on my knees and got his come covered cock back in my mouth.

I wanted to suck his cock clean of his essence and my ass juices.

Fuck, I was in pig heaven cleaning his cock after the session we had.

I wasn’t expecting what happened next.

His cock began to throb again and it fed me a HUGE load of his Male essence, his Alpha Cum, his seed, his life force.

I gulped it down and my throat muscles milked his cock just like my asshole had.

His cum was real salty tasting and full of everything he was – pure Man

Finally he pulled his cock out of my mouth and back through the glory hole.

I stood back up and pulled my pants up.

We met outside the video booths. We had both opened our doors at the same time.

He seemed amused when I thanked Him for allowing me to service His Cock and be his cum dump.  Then I told him how good it felt getting fucked and how good his cum tasted.

Maybe someday I will be there when he stops by again looking for a cum dump to service his needs.