Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Moment

This is one of my favorite moments

When I get to unzip a Man’s Pants

Release the monster he has hidden in them

Have a Man ready to enjoy some Man to Man uninhibited Sex.


How would you like to come home each day from work
To this massive meat ready for action.

Ready to fuck the living HELL out of your asshole.

And after he fills your asshole up with his load of cum

He uses your mouth as his toilet. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

10-24-14 adventure #4

This posting is to share with you the fourth adventure I had on this date.

I found this guy in the dark area.
After we connected through some intense nipple work and kissing as foreplay, I suggested he and I go to a private booth to continue what was happening.
Of course he agreed and we booth went into the last private booth in the one hallway.
We had some more nipple play and plenty of kissing. He was a good kisser and I took advantage of the time with him kissing. It is really hard to find a good kissing when I am working the hallways, video booths and dark area of the local Adult Video Arcade.
This is what I found when I pulled his pants down.
Nice??? I thought so…

If you look close, you can see his balls were shaved.
He really enjoyed my mouth action on them and yes, I made the red from giving them a good mouth job.
I worked my way down under them and turned him around to find a sweet ass ready for some tongue work.
He let me spread his cheeks and take my time making love to his musky asshole.
Finally I turned him back around and returned my focus and attention to his hard cock.

He was enjoying my mouth and tongue so much, he blasted his load of salty male essence into my mouth and down my throat.
Both of us were pleased with ourselves.

I hope to find him in the dark again in the future.

Sam’s Dic-A-Day - happyHappy

Sam’s Dic-A-Day

Another great day to be a
Redneck Faggot cock sucking Pig

Today’s post I am sharing with you some pictures of a few cocks I serviced while working the glory holes at local Adult Bookstores

One of my loyal readers wrote this comment a few days ago:
It is true that sucking a guy off until he comes in your mouth gives a very satisfying sense of fulfillment.
He is very right...

These cocks all gave me a full sense of being a good cock sucking ass eating dildo loving faggot.

I really like it when you can read the designer's name on their underwear

I hope these cocks cause your cock to get hard or maybe your asshole to get a wide-on,
and help make you shoot a big load
as you stroke your cock while reading my Blog

Comments on the cocks and the men attached are always welcumed and enjoyed.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sam’s Dic-A-Day

Another great day to be a
Redneck Faggot cock sucking Pig

Today’s post I am sharing with you a few pictures of a cock I serviced while working the glory holes at local Adult Bookstores

This is as it was presented to me through that hole in the wall.

This is me actually giving this nice cock some attention.

This cock never got real hard and didn’t fed me a load,
But I enjoyed giving it some great mouth attention.

I hope this cock causes your cock to get hard or maybe your asshole to get a wide-on,
and help make you shoot a big load
as you stroke your cock while reading my Blog

Comments on this cock are always welcumed and enjoyed.

10-24-14 Friday Afternoon Thug Fucker

The 12th man I had an adventure with on this day was with a Fucked up black guy.

He was pretending to be a thug in search of white ass to share his big black cock with up the ass.

I played onto his bullshit as he ran his mouth and made him think he had to concour my white pig ass.

In the dark area he finally gave me a chance to get his bigger than average uncut smelly dick in my mouth.

I sucked his floppy black cock for a while which tasted as if it hadn’t been watched since the last guy he fucked.

 Finally I let him fuck me in the dark area to shut his bullshitting mouth.

While he was fucking me he told me he had never felt a white boys ass that felt so good.

He didn’t have much style fucking. Mostly just in and out and trying not to slide out and have to start over again.

He never popped his load. He lost his hard on while fucking me.

I haven’t seen him there running his big mouth about his big black dick since then.

Friday, January 23, 2015


A young 23-year old man joined the Army and signed up with the 
paratroopers. He went through standard training, completed the 
practice jumps from higher to still higher structure, and finally 
went to take his first jump from an airplane. The following day, he 
called home to give his father the news. The father, all ecstatic 
and proud, asked him if he had jumped.

"Well, let me tell you the story. We boarded the plane. When we 
got to the right altitude, the sergeant opened the door and asked 
for volunteers. About a dozen men got up and just walked out the 

"Is that when you jumped," the father asked.

"Uhm, not quite. Then the sergeant started to grab the other men 
one at a time and throw them out the door."

"Did you jump then?" asked the father.

"I'm getting to that. Everyone else had jumped and I was the last 
man left on the plane. I told the sergeant I was too scared to 
jump. And he told me to get off the plane or he'd kick my butt."

"So, did you jump, son?"

"Not then. He tried to push me out the plane, but I grabbed onto 
the door and refused to let go. Finally, he called over the Jump 
Master. The Jump Master was this great, big, middle-aged, black 
man standing some six-foot-six, weighing 260+ pounds, mean as hell. 
He said: "Boy, are you jumping or what?" I garnered my courage to 
repeat my "No, sir; I'm too scared." The Jump Master reached down, 
unzipped his pants, and whipped out his dick. 

Pop, I swear to you his thing had to have been ten to twelve inches long and thick as a baseball bat. 
He quipped "Boy, you either jump off this plane or I'm 
sticking this little baby up your ass. Your choice.""

"Tell me you jumped then, son."

"Well, at first, yes, but then I got used to it. He's become my 
drill sergeant ever since."

Uncut Dic-A-Day

How about today’s post?

Nice isn’t it?

I really enjoyed sucking on this uncut hard cock.

I spent some good quality time giving this cock the pleasure it deserved.

In return for the pleasure my mouth gave this wonderful uncut cock, 
it fed me a nice thick load of salty essence.

I felt this guy really enjoyed every minute his cock was in my mouth. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Today’s question concerning your style at the glory hOles.

Would you or do you, back your hungry asshole onto a hard cock sticking out of glory hole with no concern of who or what is attached to it on the other side of the wall.

You don’t care what color he is, how old he is, how fat or ugly he is.

All you care about is having that hard cock inside of you giving you the intense pleasure it should as you give back your energy for more fucking.

All you care about is having that hard cock deep inside of you fucking you with finally blasting its load up into you.

Being nothing more than just a no name cum dump.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Another used scumbag after sharing my pig-hOle with a well-hung Black Stud who fucked me in the hallway of the 
Adult Video Rental Store.

All he wanted to do was to fuck me for a while.

He wasn’t ready to dump his load up my ass yet.

A Friday in mid March

I had to take a late lunch today. I didn’t get to go until 2 PM. I figured this would give me a great chance to check out the ABS on Hwy 70. In the past, I have been lucky in the afternoon there on Fridays.

When I got there, the parking lot had a few cars in it. I could just feel it in my groin that I was going to be lucky.
As I entered the video booth area in the back of the store, a very good looking black man nodded to me. He looked to be about my age and his eyes told me he was interested in me when he nodded hello.

I had to piss real bad so I headed to the Men’s Room. As I pasted the video booths I noticed that none of them were occupied. That was not a good sign. Plus, there were only a few guys standing around in the open area waiting for their next trick.

As I came out of the Men’s Room from taking a piss, I saw the black guy standing in the doorway to one of the private video booths. He nodded for me to join him. I walked over to the booth and noticed that the door had a broken lock on it. I told him about it and suggested we go to a different booth. He left the booth and went into the next one. I checked the lock as I followed him. It was a good one.

With both of us in the video booth, I locked the door and looked him in the eyes. He cracked a big smile and said “Will you suck my cock? I really need to cum.”
I nodded yes to him and at the same time I lowered myself to my knees in front of him. My face was right there crotch level as he reached to undo his pants. He was shocked when I pushed his hand s back and started undoing his belt myself. He pulled up his shirt to reveal a white t-shirt. As he pulled his t-shirt up, I kissed his smooth black stomach continuing to unzip his pants. As I pulled his pants open, it revealed white jockey shorts. The white underwear looked good up against his light chocolate colored skin.

I grabbed the waist band of his jockey and slowed pulled them down to reveal his dark black course pubic hair. Next his dark chocolate candy bar fell out in front of my face. . . . .

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013

The last day of summer…

As usual for a Saturday, I had my trip to the Adult Bookstore that has glory holes between most of the video booths in the back area.

I arrived sometime in the mid afternoon. The parking lot didn’t have but a few vehicles in it. This didn’t bother me. I knew that there is a group of what I call walk-ins because they walk down from the bus stop at the corner up near the Dog House.

I didn’t eat my Saturday afternoon hot dogs as usual. Since I was late getting to the bookstore to hunt for needy cocks which needed my mouth, throat and ass, I wanted to make up some lost time.

I didn’t have to check my ass in the Men’s Room because I had already flushed it out good before my shower. While showering, I used a nice selection of dildos to start my afternoon off. I wanted to be ready for some good ass action.

Inside the bookstore, I paid my $5 cover fee to access the video booth area.

$5 meant that I needed to have some type of sexual interaction with 5 guys to make the day pay for itself.

Once I was in the video booth area, I started my hunt for Men in need of some type of sexual pleasure that I could provide them.

I walked the hallways of the old section and found that one of the video booths was occupied. Never missing a chance to suck some Cock, I entered the video booth next to the occupied booth. I shut the door and dropped to my knees in front of the glory hole.

As I peered through the hole cut in the plywood wall, I saw a nice looking black cock being stroked by its owner.

I positioned myself better as I laid a couple of fingers on the bottom of the glory hole letting the guy attached to that black cock that there was a cock sucker on the other side of the wall interested in giving him some oral service.

He saw my fingers and turned himself toward the glory hole which I had hoped would be the conduit between us.

I watched as he stepped forward and aimed his cock head into the round hole which was going to give him access to my mouth.

Fuck, that was a pretty piece of black meat coming toward me through that glory hole.

As the cock came through the wall, I could begin to smell the musky odor that black cock gives off.

Not only did my head begin to spin some, but my asshole twitched too.

That incredible needy cock was already hard when it was presented to me to give some attention to.

I took this picture before I even let my lips touch much more than just the head.

I wanted a good picture of what this guy had just offered me through the glory hole to his pleasure with my lips on it.

At that time I had no idea what was to cum as I serviced him.

I put the camera down on the floor and proceeded to take all of that cock into my mouth and down my throat.

Not only did it smell good, it tasted good too.

As I began to make love to it with my mouth and tongue, he began to pump his ass and fuck my mouth.

If you know me, you know where my head went.

If he was fucking my mouth through a hole in the wall, then he would surely fuck my ass through that same glory hole.

I continued to make love to the hard cock I was tasked with giving pleasure to as I unbuttoned my Jeans and pushed them down some.

Since I had cleaned out at home, I still had some grease on my hole. It was ready to get a nice hard brown cock up it.

I spent a few more minutes sucking on it and making love to the cock before I decided it was time that I mount that black pole and ride it. Giving it a different kind of pleasure. Plus giving me some intense pleasure too.

I let the hard cock slide out of my mouth as I stood up.

Turning around so my ass was facing the glory hole, I positioned myself to mount that hard black cock begging to fuck me.

He didn’t resist and I was pleased it slid right inside of me and as I pushed back on it, it went deeper and deeper.

Finally my ass cheeks were pressed against the wall with the glory hole in it that separated me from the horny stud attached to the hard cock I just mounted.

He wasted no time in pumping his hard cock into me.

Damn it felt good. It felt too good. My cock was dripping pre-cum while he worked his cock in and out of my hungry asshole through the glory hole.

Oh My God!

I hadn’t been there more than 15 minutes and I was already getting fucked.

I was in Pig heaven and then it ended.

The hard cock fucking my sloppy pig-hole pulled out of my asshole and disappeared back through the glory hole.

I quickly turned around and dropped to my knees. I peered through the hole in the wall to see where the hard cock that was giving my ass so much pleasure had disappeared to.

The video Booth was too dark for me to see anything.

Then I heard a deep voice tell me to get my white ass over to his video booth and join him.

Well, I never turn an order down like that. I knew exactly what it meant. 

This guy wanted more of my ass hen he could get with the plywood wall between us.

I pulled my pant up and within seconds I was pushing open the door to video booth next to the one I had just left.

Oh my God! You would not believe what was standing inside the video Booth. A perfect specimen of a Black Man.

Stocky build with his pants down around his ankles with his hard cock jutting out in front of him.

What more could a fucking faggot like myself want.

I stepped inside the video booth with him and he slammed the door shut and I heard him lock it.

My fate was sealed. I was now this incredible black man’s white ass to fuck.

He pushed me down on my knees in front of him and forced his sloppy hard cock into my mouth. I got it wetter with my spit before he ordered me up off my knees and to give him that white ass of mine.

His sloppy wet cock pushed its way back inside of me. When all of it was inside of me, he paused and moaned really loud.

Fuck that ass feels so good on my black dick, he said out loud. Loud enough for anyone out in the hallway to hear.

He wanted everyone to know he had exactly what he wanted and needed.

Then he pulled out half way and slammed it back it inside of me.

You better like it rough he told me. I’m going to ride your white hard and breed your muth’r fuck’n bitch hole.

I’m going to make you have my nigga baby before I finish with you.

Your ass is my ass now bitch faggot.

Fuck, I was in Pig Heaven again.

A Black man with a rock hard dick had taken control of my ass and my mind. He knew exactly what to say to make me push back on every thrust he threw at me.

As he picked up his pace fucking me, he stopped again. This time he took of his t-shirt and stuffed it into the glory hole. I figured this was to give us some privacy.

Then he bent me forward toward the corner and started his pounding again.

As he fucked me, his pace got more determined and his thrust into me got harder and deeper.

He wanted me to know what he was fucking me with.

The harder he fucked me, the video booth began to fill with the aroma of sweat and funk. The smell a strong black man makes when he is fucking.

I took deep breaths of his strong funk and at the same time gave him more of my ass.

His sweat dripped on me as he pounded me into the corner of the video booth. I thought that the whole booth was going to explode.

The harder he fucked me the more verbal he got. Telling me my white faggot ass belonged to him and he was going to breed me every fucking chance he got.

I was really getting off on his verbal abuse.

I was the white faggot asshole that was only good for him to use as his cum dump.

I could hear guys in the hallway talking about what was going on the video booth. One guy said it sounded as I was getting raped.

Damn right I was and it was OK with me.

My asshole was happy.

The fucker pounding my asshole hard had been fucking me for about 10 to 15 minutes when he told me that it took him about 30 minutes for him before he busted his nut.

Now I knew I was in for a good long fucking. I just hoped the video booth didn’t fall apart.

About half way into the fucking, the black guy riding my ass slowed down his pace. Then he pushed me down to floor.

Now he had me on my hands and knees and he was somewhat squatted down behind me with his hard black cock still buried in my ass.

He put his hands on my lower back to brace himself as he resumed slamming this cock up my asshole.

Oh fuck! It felt so fucking good.

Now he started the verbal abuse again.

Come on bitch. Take my cock like the fucking bitch do you are.

Give that white ass. I’m getting close to pumping your faggot ass full of my spunk.

That’s what ya what, right faggot?

I tried my best to reply back to him, but good only let out a low growl of utter ecstasy as my pig-hole was getting what it deserved.

On my hands and knees is one of my favorite positions and this guy knew how to fuck me with my ass just where he wanted it.

It wasn’t much longer when his body tensed and his cock grew bigger inside me more than it already was.

Then he slammed deep in me and froze as he pumped his load of hot cum in my sloppy well fucked cum dump asshole.

I was this fuckers cum dump. And man, did he dump a huge load of cum in my asshole.

It seemed as if he pumped a gallon of his cum in me.

Then it happened, he collapsed on my back. He was spent. Wasted. Done.

Finally I felt his cock slide out of well fucked asshole as he stood up.

I straightened up on my knees and turned toward him.

He was standing there with his limp cum covered cock hanging in front of him.

I opened my mouth and took it in on my tongue. Then I proceeded to clean his cum and my ass juices off of it. I wasn’t going to have him have a sloppy cock to put away.

After a few minutes he pulled his clean cock from my mouth and stuffed it back into his pants.

I got up from my knees and was pulling my jeans back up when I saw him reach in his pocket and pull out card.

He handed it me and told me that if I wanted to be his bitch and have him fuck to call him.

Then he told me that he shared his bitches with his bros and I better be up to a lot of big black cock down my throat and up my white ass.

Then he turned and pushed his way past me as he exited the video booth.

I stood there thinking, how could this day get any better.

I might just have gotten a new fuck-buddy to ride my ass.

The day To be continued in future post…

Monday, January 19, 2015

10-24-14 Friday Afternoon #2

This posting is about the 2nd adventure I had on this afternoon.

I was standing in the dark area hoping that someone would join me in the area for some good Man2Man action.

I was ready to suck some cock or get fucked to give another needy man the pleasure he was seeking.

I heard the door to one of the video booths that backed the dark area shut and be locked.

I decided to go check it out.

As I entered into the video next to the one occupied I had high hopes of something good for an adventure to enjoy.

I knelt down in front of the glory hOle and peered into the occupied space.

This is what was in the occupied video booth.

All I could see was a hand cover a crotch squeezing at it.

Using the universal signal, I laid my hand in the glory hOle to signal the occupant that there was a cock sucker on the other side of the glory hOle waiting to be of service.

I watched as the hand unzipped the pants and then undo them.

A Nice uncut cock attached to what seemed to be an Hispanic guy flopped into my view,

Damn it was nice.

The guy turned and stepped up to the glory hOle and pushed this incredible uncut brown cock through it for me to have.

First I got a good taste of it and yes it was incredible.


As you can see in this picture, he had Nice balls to suck on to which he enjoyed a lot. His moans and groans indicated that fact.

This wonderful cock that was allowing me to give it pleasure got hard and was dripping pre-cum.

I sucked on it and made love to it until those floppy balls gave up their load of cum and I fed from piss slit which just peeked out from the foreskin.

I never saw the guy attached to it.

I hope I find this cock in need again sometime soon.
I would like to make love to it without the blue plywood wall between us.

I love Hispanic Pinga…

SamBear’s WordsOfWisdom 2015

SamBear’s Words Of Wisdom 2015

Take Care of yourself…

No one else will.

All that demanding Top you are serving wants is to 
use you for his pleasure.

Never let a Top do anything to you or have you do 
anything that will harm you.