Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What it is all about!

This blog is all about the everyday life of a cum-hungry, cock craving pig ready to be any man’s Cum Dumpster.
It is one adventure after another. Some true, some fantasy. They are written in no order with a splash of humor and education.
I hope you enjoy it and hopefully will spark your sex life a little.
The pictures I use to illustrate my adventures are from the internet. They are not known to be copyrighted materials.
It is my belief that all the men in the pictures, Illustrations and stories are of the legal age as stated by law.
I intend nothing in my blog to be illegal or immoral, just plain nasty pig sex.
Comments are welcomed

Friday in mid March

I had to take a late lunch today. I didn’t get to go until 2 PM. I figured this would give me a great chance to check out the ABS on Hwy 70. In the past, I have been lucky in the afternoon there on Fridays.

When I got there, the parking lot had a few cars in it. I could just feel in my groin that I was going to be lucky.
As I entered the video booth area in the back of the store, a very good looking black man nodded to me. He looked to be about my age and his eyes told me he was interested in me when he nodded hello.

I had to piss real bad so I headed to the Men’s Room. As I pasted the video booths I noticed that none of them were occupied. That was not a good sign. Plus, there were only a few guys standing around in the open area waiting for their next trick.

As I came out of the Men’s Room from taking a piss, I saw the black guy standing in the doorway to one of the private video booths. He nodded for me to join him. I walked over to the booth and noticed that the door had a broken lock on it. I told him about it and suggested we go to a different booth. He left the booth and went into the next one. I checked the lock as I followed him. It was a good one.

With both of us in the video booth, I locked the door and looked him in the eyes. He cracked a big smile and said “Will you suck my cock? I really need to cum.”
I nodded yes to him and at the same time I lowered myself to my knees in front of him. My face was right there crotch level as he reached to undo his pants. He was shocked when I pushed his hand s back and started undoing his belt myself. He pulled up his shirt to reveal a white t-shirt. As he pulled his t-shirt up, I kissed his smooth black stomach continuing to unzip his pants. As I pulled his pants open, it revealed white jockey shorts. The white underwear looked good up against his light chocolate colored skin.
I grabbed the waist band of his jockey and slowed pulled them down to reveal his dark black course pubic hair. Next his milk chocolate candy bar fell out in front of my face. . . . .

Out whoring

Sucked = 20
Fucked by =
Cut = 13
Uncut = 7
Asian = 1
White = 11
Black = 8
Loads of cum down my throat= 9

It was a Monday and I had taken the day off of work to go whoring. I was going to be out hunting cock from 9 AM to 8 PM that night. A whole day of whoring and getting a much cock and cum as I could
I wanted to be a real cum dumpster all day for any man that wanted to dump his load - In my mouth, down my throat and up my ass. I didn’t care what they looked like or what size their cocks and balls were.
I was dressed in my “Army of One” clothes. I had a small note pad in my pocket so I could keep track of the day. I always share it with my buddy “CumPig” in GSO.
When I got there, the parking lot only had a few cars. The bookstore was just opening for the day.
In the back I was cruised by a balding guy with glasses. I went in private booth and he followed. We rubbed each other’s crotches. He told me to pull mine out so he could see it. When he saw it he said he liked it a lot. He stroked it some and played with my low hanging balls. Nipple play. He was real hairy. Kissing. I pulled his cock out of his pants. It had a strange curve to the left. I licked his nipples some more and smelled his hairy arm pits. Damn he smelled good. Natural - no deodorant. He went down on me and I face fucked his mouth. Damn good sucker. He licked my balls and then chewed on them some. Went back to sucking my cock. I pulled him up and squatted down in front of him. Sucked on him some. He had on white jockey shots which had a big piss stain on the pouch.  I chewed on his balls while he jacked his cock. He shot his load on my chest. I took his cock back in my mouth and sucked him some more. He fed me his load again. We parted.

Stocky build stud sitting on stool in corner of hallway. He was wearing shorts. I reached up the leg of his shorts and found a nice  fat uncut cock. He let pull it out through the leg and suck on it some. Didn’t want to cum yet.
Moved over to a Bear type that was watching. Nice cock, I sucked on it some. He liked having his balls licked. Sucked him some more. He was not interested in cumming yet. Said later…
Cruised around some checking out the guys that had come in.
Found another guy sitting on a stool in the other hall. He let me pull his cock out and suck on it. Very suckable. Played with his nipples while I sucked on him. Cock never got all the way hard.

Cruised a nice looking Asian guy who was playing with himself
Cruised black guy, he wasn’t interested
Found guy in other hallway wearing a striped shirt. He was uncut and wearing boxers. Short fat uncut cock with thick skin. Sucked on his cock until he fed me his load.
Short stud with shaved head. Sucked him a while. No Underwear. He watched the guy next to him get sucked while I was sucking him. He buried it all the way down my throat when he shot his load. Sour tasting.
Went in booth next to black guy. He sucked my cock thru the hole. I joined him in his booth. He was a nipple freak. Did some heavy duty nipple work on him. Sucked each other cocks. The nipple work was too intense, he couldn’t get off.
Back in the hallway…guy in red shirt. He had a very small cock. I tasted it and jacked it some. I wasn’t very interested in him. He was someone lifeless.

Followed bald headed guy short guy into a booth. He had a short fat cock with a big mushroom type head. It had a big piss slit. He asked me what I was looking for. I told him I want to suck his fat cock and drink his cum. I sucked on him until he shot his load down my throat.
Standing in the corner of the hallway when this biker type walked up to me. He had been watching me and all he wanted to do was to smell my pits and lick them.
Took Break – went to the Dog House and got 3 hot dogs. Ate one and kept the other two for later.
Went back in and back to cruising.
The biker type was still there. I let him lick my pits again and he chewed on my nipples. He had a full beard and looked like he just got off a Harley. He went down on me and sucked me some. I sucked his uncut cock some. No underwear. Worked his nipples some before we took a break. Neither of us was ready to cum.

I moved from the biker type to the guy standing watching. He was wearing jeans and t-shirt. I pulled a nice fat uncut cock out of his pants. I dropped to my knees in front of him and began sucking on his cock. His cock got real hard while I was sucking on it. He started doing poppers and his cock went limp. I sucked on it for a few minutes before taking a break form it.
Went in booth next to one that was occupied. A huge fat uncut cock came jutting through the hole. I took a few pictures of this beauty and then went to work servicing it. The guy was wearing beige pants. I sucked on it for a while before deciding that it needed to be up my ass. I mounted it and rode it until it filled my ass full of cum.
Walked out into the hallway to find another stud sitting on the stool in the corner playing with a nice uncut cock. I knelt down in front of him and licked out his foreskin before swallowing it all. I smelled his crotch which was better then poppers. I serviced his big uncut cock until he stood up and fed me his load.

Went in booth by myself to adjust myself. Popped the top button on my pants. I guess they were just a little too tight.
In hallway in corner on stool, big build stud with black goatee. We cruised each other some. I went in private booth and he followed. He was a nipple pig. He enjoyed me working his nipples. He had a big rock hard cock that matched his body size. Nice low hanging alls that enjoyed being pulled on. He was wearing designer boxer shorts. He wanted to see my ass so I dropped my pants. I bent over in front of him to suck on him as he played with my asshole. He shot his load in my mouth with three fingers in my asshole. Told him next time I wanted to eat his ass and have him fuck the hole he had just fingered. He said he would be back later for more.
Took a short break and went out and ate another one of my Hot Dogs. Smoked a little to get high.
Came back in and checked my butt. It was still clean.
In the back I went in booth next to white guy. He had a nice uncut cock which he let me suck through the hole. Took some great pictures of his wet uncut cock. He invited me into his booth so I joined him. In his booth – older guy with white beard. I sucked him some more, nice deep and slow like he liked. Finally he fed me a huge load of sweet tasting cum.
Came out of booth and found a big redneck type leaning on the wall just across from the booth I had been in. He was playing with himself waiting for me to come out of the booth. I dropped down in front of him and sucked on his average size cut cock. It got hard but he wouldn’t feed me his load.
Sitting on a stool next to the redneck was a black dude. He pulled his fat cock out and had it ready for me to suck as I turned and leaned over to it. I tagged team the two of them. Back and forth between their cocks. At one point the both stuffed their cock in my mouth for me to suck on. Neither one of them fed me their load.

I decided to check out the other side. I saw a hot black stud that I had seen earlier sitting on one of the stools go into one of the booth with a hole in the wall. I went in the next booth and checked to see what he was doing. He had his huge uncut black cock out stroking it waiting for some cum dumpster like me to come and service it. I figured the hole and put my face to the hole for him to see I was interested. He turned and pushed his huge cock through the hole and into my waiting mouth. He immediately started to fuck my mouth. I let him fuck my mouth while I undid my pants and made sure my ass had some lube on it. I wanted this huge black cock up my butt. It was much larger then the one I rode earlier. I got his big cock all wet as I came off of it and raised up to get my butt in position. I back up to the hole and he slid his rock hard uncut cock right into my hole he didn’t stop pushing it in my asshole until he had all of it in me. I had my ass pushed up against the hole as much as I could so he could get all of it in me. Then he started fucking me, long and slow. Making sure I felt every inch of his big fat cock in my asshole. After fucking me for what seemed like an hour, I felt his cock start to throb as he shot his big load inside off my guts. He buried it all the way as I pushed my ass up to hole as hard as I could.  When he finally pulled his big cock out of my well fucked ass, some of the cum dripped out and ran down the wall. I took and licked his cum off the wall and then I stuck a couple of fingers in my ass and pulled some more out and licked my fingers clean. Damn his cum tasted good. I watched as he stuffed his huge limp cock back in his tight bikini type underwear.

After getting my pants back up, I went back to cruising the hallway.
When I came out of the booth, there was an Asian leaning on the wall. He must have been listening to me ride that huge black cock. He smiled at me as I past him.
A few feet down the wall was the redneck I had sucked on earlier. I sucked on his cock while another guy worked his nipples. He wanted to jack his cock with my mouth ready for his load. So I stayed down in front of him while he worked his cock while having his nipples worked. When he shot he missed my mouth at first. Some of his cum landed on my shoulder before I could get my mouth in front of his cock to catch the large load. He kept shooting and shooting. His body jerked as if he was having a seizure. I wiped the cum off my shoulder and smeared it on my jock strap. While squatting in front of him, some of the black guy’s cum leaked out of my asshole.
After taking the Redneck’s load I got up and went hunting again. On the other side I found a big build black guy. He had a short fat cock. I worked his nipples some which he liked a lot. Then he went down on me and sucked me some. He was an alright sucker. While he was sucking my cock he fingered my sloppy asshole. He then wanted to fuck me. He tried but his cock was too short to go in my ass with his big belly in the way. After he quit trying to fuck me and move away from behind me, I felt someone else move into his place and push their hard cock into my sloppy hole. At the same time, one of the guys watching  grabbed my head and pushed it down on his cock  It happened so fast I had no idea who had just stuffed my sloppy ass with their thick feeling cock and who had their cock in my mouth for me to service while getting fucked. I really was being used as Cum Dumpster. Getting cock from both ends.

The next guy I ran into was this black guy with dread locks. He had a scraggly beard and was carrying a back pack. He was standing near one of the doors to a booth and he had his cock out stroking it. I moved over close to him to get a look at what he was playing with. As I looked down at his crotch, I saw he had a fairly long piece of meat in his hand. He looked at me and said “suck it.” I looked around to see who was near by and decided it was OK to follow his orders. I went down on one knee and got my face in front of his black cock in order to make my next move. As he released his cock giving it to me I became aware that it had a wicked curve in it.  He had to have a good eight inched of rock hard meat curving off to the left. I slowly took his big curved cock in my mouth. “Take it all” he said, “take it all the way doen you throat and watch your teeth”. I gagged on it as it slid down my throat. It was very hard to suck on. I continued to let him stuff his curved cock down my throat for a few minutes. Then I decided I had enough. A cock like that need to be up my ass, not down my throat.
As I was getting up from being in front of the black guy with the dread locks, I noticed the good looking Asian guy had been watching me try to swallow that big curved dick. I cruised him some to see if I could get him interested in giving me some of his oriental cock.
My phone rang, since I am somewhat on call when not at work, I had t take the call. I left out of the back area went out to the where the DVDs are on display to take the call. After dealing with the phone call, I went back to cruising.
I found the Asian guy. He was leaning up against the wall on the side with the private booths. I cruised him some rubbing my crotch and licking my lips every now and again. He was small built and very good looking. Once I got the notice from him that he was interested, I went in one of the private booths. He followed me in and we started the male mating ritual. He grabbed my crotch and I ran my hands over his chest finding his nipples to pinch likely to see if he was into having them played with. Then I ran my hand over his flat belly and down to his crotch. I found a rock hard cock behind the layers of fabric. I worked on his zipper and undid his pants to reveal his uncut cock. It popped out of a pair of bright blue bikini underwear as I pushed them down with his pants. I lowered myself in front of him and slowly took in the aroma and beauty of his light brown uncut cock. It was about the same size as mine and just right for taste. He had soft black pubic hair and a nice set of balls hanging below his rock hard cock. He was pleased as I slowly took his cock in my mouth letting my tongue work its way all around it and into his foreskin. His crotch had a slight musky smell to it as I swallowed all of his cock into my mouth and down the back of my throat. It was so much easier to swallow then the last big black curved piece he had been watching me work on. The Asian stud moaned and groaned softly as I serviced his cock. I moved from servicing his cock down to his balls. They were hanging so nicely below his beautiful cock and needed some attention.  His moans of approval let me know that it was OK to lick and suck on his balls. As I licked my way down under his balls he spread his legs so I could get my face between them to that wonderful sweet spot between the ball sac and the asshole. My fingers found his asshole and he pushed his smooth Asian butt back to allow them to probe his hole a little. As I grabbed his hips and pushed him to turn around, he eagerly turned and presented me with his smooth butt. It was an ass that needed to be serviced. Gently I spread his cheeks apart to reveal his puckered brown hole. It was calling out to me to stick my tongue inside of it and give it pleasure. My tongue found it way to his crack and then after licking up and down his ass crack it focused on his puckered hole. His ass crack was hairless except for a ring of dark black hair encircling his asshole. I breathed in it’s intoxicating aroma as my tongue licked the hole before entering it. As my tongue entered his asshole, he pushed his hips back some more opening his hole for me to service it. I serviced his sweet ass for several minutes, tongue fucking it and licking it before I thought it was time to go back to servicing his cock. As he turned back around to feed me his uncut meat, It was dripping pre-cum. A long stream of it was hanging out his foreskin. I caught the stream of pre-cum with my tongue and followed it back to where it originated. As I licked under his foreskin and started to swallow his Asian cock again, his body began to shutter. Shortly after getting it back in my mouth, he let out a deep moan and his Cum began to flow out of his cock into my waiting mouth. It tasted so sweet, as sweet as his ass was. Finally his cock became too sensitive to keep it in my mouth. He slowly slide it out of my mouth allowing me one last kiss before ending it. I helped him up with his underwear and pants and stayed kneeling in front of him as he zipped them up and fastened his belt. Then I stood up and said thank you to him. He smiled at me and nodded. I heard him say very quietly, “I no speak English very good, Thank You.” We parted very satisfied. I checked my watch and noticed that we had been in the booth for more then a half an hour.

As we exited the booth, I noticed the hallway was empty. It was 5 Pm and the past was dead. I walked to the other side and there were just a couple of guys standing doing nothing. The black guy with the dread locks was leaning up against the wall in the corner, there was a tall white guy wearing a white shirt and glasses. He was very weird looking. Sitting on a stool about half way down the hall was older white guy with a big belly. He was wearing a plaid shirt and looked to be pretty much a loser.
I decided it was a good time to go out and get some fresh air. The parking space next to the abandoned bull dozer was empty so I decided to move my truck into it. Sometimes in the evening, you can find guys who are back behind it wanting to be serviced. They want their cocks sucked, but don’t want to pay the $5.00 to go in the back area of the porn store. I backed my truck in so the driver’s side would be toward the bull dozer. The clearing behind it is between it and a creek. From the trash on the ground, you can tell that it get used pretty often.  Used condoms, beer cans and tissues were strewn on the ground.
After eating another one of my hot dogs, I decided to go back in. While I was outside, no one new showed up. Therefore I knew the same guys were still in the video area of the bookstore.
I checked all the booths to see if there were any used condoms I could collect up and save for my buddies I swap used condoms with. Sometimes I find some really full scum bags and take them home and freeze them. When I have 4 or 5, I send them to one of my swapping buddies with a pair of dirty underwear that I had worn while out whoring. I let someone else enjoy some of the benefits of my whoring other then myself and the guys I service.
While I was hunting for used condoms, the older white guy and the black left. The place stayed dead for about 30 minutes.
I was sitting on a stool in the back corner of the one hallway when a middle aged guy came in. He walked about half way down the hallway and stopped to watch one of the straight movies through the doorway. He stood out in the hallway and didn’t go into the booth. I noticed he was grabbing at his crotch a lot and every now and again he would turn and look at me. I got up off the stool and walked down the hallway toward him. As I got closer he grabbed his crotch again and I could see he was stroking his cock through his pants. When I got next to him I asked him if he needed his cock sucked instead of him just paling with it. In a deep voice he told me to go ahead. He unzipped his pants and hauled out his cock. I moved into the booth in front of him and dropped to my knees. Anyone looking down the hallway would only see him standing half in the booth. They wouldn’t know I was servicing him if they didn’t move closer down the hall to him. This guy had a nice fat uncut cock. It was already hard when he pulled it out of his pants. Even hard, his foreskin was up covering about 2/3 of his cock head. While I was sucking on his cock, he asked me if I had any poppers. I handed him my bottle and he took a big hit before giving them back to me. His uncut cock got harder as I continued to suck on it. It wasn’t long before I felt his body tighten and he began to make an internal growing sound. Then it happened. His uncut piece of meat fed me a huge load of man juice. Cum – what I was after….After I milked the last of his cum from his limp uncut cock, I got up and moved back into the hallway. He tanked me and said it was the most incredible blow job he had ever gotten there.
Back in the hallway, I positioned myself up against the wall so I could check out the other guys standing around. The black guy with the attitude from earlier walked by me heading down the hallway. Right behind him was fairly good looking white guy in a white shirt. You sure couldn’t miss him in the dark hallway. I watched as the two of them went in one of the booths together. My first thought was that at least one of them was going to be unhappy when they finished.
I walked back over to the other side to see if there was anything going on. The hallway was empty. I decide it would be a good time to take some pictures of the booths with glory holes. I had been email this buddy in Europe somewhere about my adventures in the Adult Book Stores. He told me he had always dreamed of working in one. He wanted to be the guy working the video booth area whose job it was to clean up the booths after guys had used them. His fantasy was to go in and lick the loads of cum up off the floor and off the walls after a man had shot his load. I wanted him to see what the booths looked like here and how dirty they were. I guess here in the states, ABSs in large cities have employees just to clean up the mess, but in a back-ass-ward place as where I live, I guess the place is lucky to be cleaned once a week.
One of the booths with a glory hole into the next booth had a gay movie playing in it. It was two hot looking Hispanic guys going for it. I took some time to watch some of the movie and enjoyed stroking my cock while the movie played. I watched as the one Hispanic stud ate the other ones ass. He had a nice dark crack full of black hair. I imagined how good his ass must smell after a long day of work or fucking. The one eating the other ones ass had a huge uncut brown cock. After he had slopped up the other ones hole, he decided to stuff his fat meat into his sloppy hole. Damn it was hot watching this guy fuck the other one with his huge uncut cock. I had to be careful not to cum watching it. Finally the one pulled his huge uncut cock out of the other ones ass and shot his load into his hairy ass crack. The he stuffed it back in the hole using his cum as a lubricant.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010


I am a Gay Male over the Age of 21.
My postings are intended for an audience of Open Minded Gay Men – Over the Age of 21.
None of the men in my posting are under the age of 21. 
My adventures are truly my adventures, some are true, some are fantasy – most are true.

Pictures and drawings used in my post are either downloaded from the internet or from my private collection of gay porn. They are not known to be copyrighted nor have any copyright logos been removed by me prior to use. All men in these pictures are believed to be over 21. I have no information on the pictures I download.

If I have posted any information directly from another website, I list the website at the end of the post when possible.

The content of my post is not meant to offend anyone. It is meant to sexually arouse and to educate the reader.
You came to this blog on your own free will and I suggest you leave if you do not like or understand my posts.

Safe Sex – I practice Safe Sex. It might not be mentioned in my post, but it is my standard. Just because I didn’t write about the guy putting on a condom before fucking me, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

If you have any comments on my blog or its contents, I can be contacted at:

I look forward to hearing from you……….

Hispanic Ass

Today’s entry is all about letting your mind wonder.
I had lunch today with my buddy Nipple Bear. We ate at the Oriental buffet next to the Big Lots where 55 crosses over 54. Good place to eat. Great egg rolls and all the food is very good.
As we walked in the door and got in line to pay, we were behind a Hot Hispanic construction worker. Damn he was good looking. He was wearing tight dirty jeans which the legs were covered in mud, muddy work boots and a skin tight t-shirt. Standing behind him I could smell his body order. Mostly his pits and foreskin, I could hope.
Not only was he good looking, but he had a beautiful ass. I just stood staring at it while talking with Nipple Bear. At one point I even asked Nipple Bear. ‘Couldn’t you just bury your face in that ass and make him smile?”
The restaurant was full of Hispanic men, most of the very good looking. I wanted to pass out cards with my address and tell them to all stop by after work one day, have a beer and let me service their uncut brown cocks. I would be one happy cock sucker to have 4 or 5 Hispanic men stop by each day after getting off a long hard day of working and let me service their cheesy cocks and sweaty assholes.
If you are in the area, you should check out the place sometime.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Trucker Dildos

My Trucker Dildos
I keep three dildos in my shower. I use at least one of them each morning when I take my shower before going to work.
I call them my ‘Trucker Dildos’. Each of them has a name and I have an image of what the actual trucker would look like.
Here are the descriptions of the three dildos and their names.

Mac - the 18 wheeler truck driver dildo.
Mac is a cross country 18 wheeler driver. His cock is 10” long X 3’ wide and is complete with thick foreskin. He is my dream cum true truck driver.

Hector the Mexican Truck Driver Dildo
Hector is from Mexico and drives a delivery truck for Hispanic food products. His cock is 9 Inches Long  X 2.25” / 3” Inches Wide  - 6 Inches around. It is uncut with the foreskin rolled back behind the head. I fuck myself with this trucker’s dildo the most.

Tom the local delivery driver dildo
Tom is one of the local delivery drivers for UPS.  His cock is 8” long X 1.75” wide. He is uncut also and his dildo comes complete with foreskin. He makes a nice opener on those cold mornings just getting into the shower.

I fantasize about these truck drivers fucking me bent over in one of truck stop showers. I close my eyes and think about how fucking hot they are and enjoy the full feeling they give me as I ride their hard cocks.
Some morning I use Hector to practice getting fucked in a bookstore by a cock sticking out a glory hole. I back my ass up on the dildo stuck to the wall by it’s suction cup base and ride it just like I would ride a hard cock sticking out through a Glory Hole in a Men’s Room or a ABS.
Does anyone else keep dildos in their shower and fuck themselves with them?
Leave me a comment or email me…….

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thursday Fun (real life)

It was Thursday evening and I was on the way home from work. It had sort of been a stressful day at work and I needed to go by Costco to pick a few items. Since I had to go right past the bookstore on Guess Road, I decided to stop and spend $5.00 for some stress relief.

There were only a few cars in the parking lot when I pulled into the lot. I figured that was OK. The two Black guys I was hoping to be there that love to fuck my ass don’t drive. Maybe they would be there. I could only be that lucky.
Inside I headed to the Men’s Room and did a quick flush of my hole. I wanted it clean enough for a quick fuck just in case there was some horny stud wanting to put their manhood deep inside of me and fill me with their cum.
I paid my $5.00 and headed to the back. The main entrance hallway smelled of cigarettes. It’s nice that they stopped smoking in the booth area, but the smoking area is still right were you have to walk through it. I turned to the left and headed toward the side with the wider hallway outside the booths. It was real dark, much darker than normal. I find my way through the darkness to one of the stools up against the wall and took my place to let me eyes adjust to the darkness.
AS my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could start to make out the figure of a guy sitting on a stool in the corner. I could make out some movement and quickly realized he was stroking his cock. Since I was hungry for cock, I got up and moved down next to him on the back wall. It looked to be a white guy, average looking build sitting there stroking a fairly long cock. I couldn’t see his face, but that didn’t matter. All I needed to see was his cock. My next move was to drop down on one knee in front of him and take the long cock from his hand and into my mouth. He had no problem with me doing just that. 

The cock was average thickness, but longer than most. I was nice and smooth as it was cut and slide right over my tongue and into my throat. I took a few seconds and chewed on its entirety as if I was trying to eat his manhood. Then I slowly let it slide out of my throat as I started to move up and down the long shaft with my lips and tongue, making love to it. As I was moving up and down on the long shaft of this cock, the guy took and grabbed the back of my head with both of his hands. I wasn’t a tight grip, just enough to keep his hands on my head as I serviced his cock. He started moaning and then telling me how good my mouth felt on his cock.  I slide my mouth off of his cock and licked my way down to his balls. His balls were real sensitive so I worked my mouth back up the long shaft of his cock and swallowed it all the way until my nose was buried in his fine pubic hair.
I reached down to my crotch and my cock was rock hard. This long cock was so fucking good it had me ready for more sex.
I worked on this nice cock for a little while longer. Then his breathing got faster and his moaning got loader. He raised his hips up off the stool and he forced my head all the way down on his cock. His load started pumping into my mouth and filling my belly as he fed me a nice big load out of his long smooth cock.
He lowered his ass back onto the stool as his cock finished feeding me his sweet cum. His cock was starting to go limp in my mouth giving me the chance to milk it with my tongue to make sure I got every drop of his sperm. He seemed to enjoy me working his cock with my tongue because he didn’t pull it out of my mouth like most guys do when they are finished. He just leaned back against the wall and enjoyed my mouth some more.  I continued to nurse on his cock until a few other guys came into the area. At this point he told me he needed to go. When he stood up, he was a little unsure on his feet. “Damn you’re good, I can’t even walk” he said to me. That made me feel real proud as he left.

After the guy with the long smooth cock left, I headed over to the other side to see what was happening over there.
As I turned the corner to go down the narrow hallway outside the booths, I pasted a real good looking man leaning against the wall outside the first two booths. He was wearing one of the North Face type poufy jackets. I went all the way to the end of the hallway before turning back to check him out. I turned to check him out and saw that he was playing with himself. I couldn’t tell if he had his cock out or not. I moved back toward him and as I got closer, I noticed he was just groping himself. He was very good looking and obvious into me. I reached forward and grabbed his crotch. As I was groping him, I could tell by the way his cock moved that he was uncut.
When I went to undo his pants to get at his uncut cock, he motioned toward the last booth that was empty for us to move to. The two of us entered the booth and while I was shutting the door, he took and pulled his shirt over his head so I could his incredible chest. Damn it was nice. Nice and smooth with perky nipples and little hair where it needed to be. I got his pants undone and pushed them down around his ankles. As I pulled his Jockey shorts down, out popped a nice uncut piece of meat. I dropped to my knees in front of him and got my face right up to his foreskin. I took a deep breath to take in the smell of his natural manhood. Fuck, it was wonderful. I opened my mouth and he guided his uncut cock into my mouth for me to enjoy. As his uncut cock entered my mouth, my tongue darted into his foreskin to find my favorite treat, dick cheese. He only had a small amount but it tasted great.

I swallowed the whole of his cock and started servicing this man’s natural cock....... 

Fantasy or Real Life

Fantasy or Real Life ? ? ?
Past or Present ? ? ?

Does it really matter?

What matters to me…..
Does it make you cock get hard
Your ass hole get a wide on?

Post your thoughts on this topic and let me know what matters to you.


A Good Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoons can be very good for cock hunting at the local Bookstore.
I had some stuff to do in town so I decided to check it out. I figured I could stop before doing my errands and after on the way home.

When I got there, the parking lot had quit a few cars in it. My hopes were high that I would get some quality meat that day. I recognized one car right away. It was a bright yellow one with a gay pride sticker that I knew belonged to this Hot Stud from Raleigh. If I got some of him, it would make the trip worth it.

I paid my 5 bucks to the woman behind the counter and took a few minutes for her to tell me all about how she had gotten in a fight with one of her best friends and how she got scratched down her her face during the fight. I can’t imagine her having a best friend. She can be a real bitch herself. Most likely it was over her husband. She does a have an nice looking husband. He works at the bookstore too. He is somewhat of a bear type and before it is all over, I am going to have some of what he has in his pants. If for not other reason, just because it belongs to her.

When I got in the back it was fairly dead. I don’t know who the cars in the parking lot belonged to because there were not enough guys in the back to match to the number of cars.

I one important guy that mattered was there. The Hot Black stud from Raleigh. Before I could get to him, I got stopped by this over weight faggot that seems to be there every time I stop by there now. He has a nice dick and is fun to suck off. I like the fact that he gets a little physical and talks dirty while I suck on his fat cock. He wanted me to do him so he could go, but I brushed him off so I could get to the Black Stud. (F)

F was standing in the hallway right at the corner where it turns to go down the dark side. I walked up to him and he stuck his tongue out for me signaling he wanted my tongue with his in his mouth. F is one of the best kissers I have ever run across at any bookstore. My tongue darted into his mouth as our mouths came together and we swapped spit. I sucked on his tongue as he reached down and grabbed by crotch. My cock was already on its way to getting hard as he manipulated through my jeans. I raised up his sweat shirt and grabbed one of his nipples and began to play with it as our mouths continued making love to the other one. As we continued to share each other spit and tongue fuck each other mouth, my hand moved down to his crotch and grabbed it. I could tell he had been drinking. I could taste Gin while kissing him. He has the nicest dark uncut cock. It’s not very large but he loves to have it chewed on. Plus he enjoys having his balls chewed on also.

Since we were standing in the hallway making like pigs in heat, we were blocking the hallway. Guys had to squeeze past us when they turned the corner. This is OK, but some of them I didn’t want touching my ass.

I told F that we needed some privacy, so I headed off toward one of the private booths that had a gay movie plying it. I didn’t need the movie to watch while I was in there with him, it is just nice to guys doing it out the corner of your eye then some bitch getting her cunt stuffed with a huge black monster cock that should be fucking some guy.

Once the two of got in the booth and got the door shut, both of us pulled off our shirts and tossed them onto one of the bar stools in the booth. I immediately went to work sucking on one of his dark nipples. At the same time he grabbed mine and started working them as hard as I was chewing on his.

We kissed some more and then started undressing the each other. F had some trouble with my pants. I think he wasn’t expecting the buttons. I grabbed the tab and just pulled it hard and my fly opened up for him. I undid his pants and pulled down his zipper to reveal a bright white pair of designer underwear. As I pulled them down his uncut cock flopped out for me to play with. I worked my way down from his nipples over his hairy belly down to his blck pubic hair. A brief stop to take in the wonderful scent of his manhood before I swallowed his uncut black cock. My tongue found its way into his foreskin to see if there was a special treat for me. I tasted some pre-cum as I started to chew on his cock. F’s low hanging balls were laying on my chin as I serviced him.

While I was chewing on his uncut meat, my hands found their way back to his firm ass. I ran my hands over them feeling how firm they were as I searched for his ass crack. My fingers crept their way in his dark crack to find his asshole. The asshole I was looking forward to tasting. My fingers massaged his asshole while I continued to chew on his cock and balls. His ass was a little wet feeling so I figures either he had already gotten fucked or his hole was dirty.

F reached down and pulled on me to stand up.  I stood up and we went back to kissing. I could smell his shit on my finger so I took and stuck them in his mouth and made him suck them clean. He was so into it he eagerly sucked my fingers cleaned. While I had my fingers in his mouth, I went back to kissing him. There was still a slight taste of his ass on his breath as our tongues went back to making love with each other.

F moved from kissing me to licking my neck as he worked his way toward my cock. He ran his tongue over each of my nipples giving them a tease as he continued licking his way downward.

F made his way down to my crotch and took my cock in his mouth. He swallowed it all without any problems. I thought I would have to take my PA out for him. He continued to work on my cock, chewing on it and biting it as he grabbed my balls and pulled on them. F is a biter when it come to cock sucking. He knows just when is enough when biting and chewing on your cock. He gets to that point where you are sure if it is pleasure or pain, but you are not going to make him stop.

While he was eating my cock, his hand found its way around to my asshole. He loves to play in my asshole while he is chewing on my cock. F tends to stuff several fingers in my hole and play pretty rough while he is busy on my cock. One day I know his hand is going to slide right in.  I don’t know if he is into fisting but I don know I would gladly bend over for his hand to slide inside my asshole. One other time while playing with him in the bookstore, I got him to fuck me with one of my dildos before stuffing his uncut cock in my hole.

I leaned forward over him and ran my hand down his back while making him swallow all of my cock. My fingers found their way down his dark ass crack back to his black asshole. It was puckered and waiting for more attention. I took and spit on my fingers and began my duty of probing his hole. I didn’t care if his ass was dirty, I knew he would gladly suck his shit off of them if I stuffed them back in his mouth. His hole opened up and gave me easy access to play in his hole while he was chewing on my cock.

I pulled my shit covered fingers out of his ass and took and fed them to him while he was working on my cock. F let my cock slide out of his mouth as he focused on my fingers. When I felt he had enough of my fingers, I pulled him up and turned him around. I wanted to taste his dirty hole. I needed to get my tongue in his asshole and get it ready for my cock. That black stud was going to get fucked……


Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend fun

Here are a few of my weekend cocks!
Saturday night late.....
Sunday Morning

On the way to work at my part time job on Sunday, I decided to leave a few minutes early so I could check out the glory holes at one of the local bookstores.
I was amazed at the number of cars in the parking lot at 9 AM on a Sunday morning. I thought maybe this was a new church. Praying to the Cock God……
Inside was a different story. In the store there was one guy looking at the rental movies and in the back was just as dead. When I entered the back area, there was a Hispanic guy leaving and standing near the display cabinet for the movies showing was an older man who showed no interest in me.
I headed for the Men’s Room to take a piss and then returned to the area where the movie booths are.
Now the older guy was interested in me. He had his hands in his pockets and was playing with himself. I watched with interested as he stroked his cock through his pocket.  I grabbed my crotch to let him know I was interested and then licked my lips.
The guy walked past me and headed for the last set of video booths with a glory hole between them.
I headed for the one next to him. 
He wasn’t really my type, but he was alive and interested.
I knelt down at the hole and peered through the glory hole to see what he was doing. I could see him unzipping his pants and then he reached in to pull his cock out.
WOW, what a surprise. He pulled a rather large hard uncut cock out and aimed it directly at the hole. I fingered the glory hole and he pushed his huge hard cock through it for me to service. Damn I was not expected something that big and hard on him.
As you can tell for the pictures later in this post, it was a really nice cock. 
I sucked on it, making love to it, servicing it. While I was sucking on it my mind had to wonder off to my asshole and I thought how good it would feel up my ass. But the guy wasn’t showing any interest in fucking. He just kept his hard cock pushed through the glory hole into my space for me to service. That’s why I got the good pictures of it with out him ever knowing about it. Isn’t it a nice cock?
I came off of his cock to lick the underside of it when it started to shoot its load. It oozed out the head slowly giving me time to get my mouth back over it and get it in my mouth. His cum was sweet like candy.
After he finished oozing his load, he let me continue sucking on his limp cock for a few minutes. I really get off on servicing a cock after it has fed me a nice load.
I was able to get out my booth before he exited his. As he pasted me, he smiled at me and said thanks for the great blow job. That sure made my day start off good.
Since there wasn’t anyone else there, I left to go to work. I figured if I got there a few minutes early, maybe I could leave a little earlier then normal. That way I could stop by again and see if I could get some more cock. 


Sunday Evening!

On the way home from Work

Since I got to work early after servicing that wonderful cock, I was able to leave earlier then normal. That gave me time to stop the ABS at an earlier time then normal. Hopefully there would be a different type of crowd there.
I was right…….
I stripped out of my work shirt and put some condoms in my pocket. After checking out the back area to see if any of the booths were occupied, I decided to go take a piss. I really didn’t pay attention to what I was doing and ended up pissing allover myself. Oh Well! Life can be tough, then you get to suck a cock that taste like piss. What could be better for a Pig like myself.

When I left the Men’s Room, there were several guys standing around the back area. There were a couple of older White guys, a Hispanic stud and few Black studs.
As I walked through the area, one of the white guys signaled to me he was interested. He nodded toward the first set of booths and then entered on of the booths. I quickly entered the one next to the one he had entered. Of course there is a glory hole between these tow booths.
The guy was fairly good looking and looked to be around retirement age. He hadn’t lost his build and it was an ego boost that he was interested in me first.
I pulled my camera out of my pocket and knelt down in front of the glory hole. I was hoping I this guy would have a nice cock and that I could a picture or two of me servicing it.
As I looked through the glory hole, I saw him unzipping his zipper. I watched as he fumbled with his underwear to pull out a nice looking uncut cock. It was wet inside the foreskin and looked juicy. What a nice treat to have after a long day at work. I fingered the hole and the guy pushed his uncut cock through the glory hole for me to service. His uncut was real juicy with pre-cum and smelled really good.
First I licked his wet foreskin to taste his man juices and then I took his limp cock in my mouth. Slowly I massaged it with my tongue, let my tongue find its way into his foreskin and then back to the shaft. It wasn’t a real big cock, but it was nice mouthful and tasted great.
I sometime wonder if men with sloppy wet uncut cock realize how fucking good they taste. Plus a wet sloppy cock with pre-cum is great to get fucked by, They cum with their own lubricant.
I slowly licked and sucked on his cock as the pre-cum oozed into my mouth giving a taste of what was to cum. It wasn't long before I head the guy on the other side of the wall start to grunt as his sloppy cock fed me the load of cum that I had been working for.
He didn’t shoot a very big load and pulled his cock out of my mouth and back through the hole as soon as he finished cumming.
I watched as he fumbled with his underwear again to get his empty cock back in them. The he zipped up and pants and left the video booth.
I got a good picture of his cock. Hope you enjoy it.

More cocks I serviced that evening......


Sunday, March 21, 2010

What I Need......

Sure could use some of this.