Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, April 30, 2010

No cock again today

Couldn't find any cock or ass to service today.
So here is a interesting photo

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What the Fuck? Somebody over pumped!


Stopped by the bookstore in the afternoon to see if I could get some cock.
Nothing going on....
No Cock or Ass!
so I've posted a Hot Picture.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Out of town party

Last weekend I attended a Fuck party out of town
I had a great time

While leaving, I lifted my toy bag wrong and pulled a muscle in my back.
I will be back posting soon.

Damn latex dildos. The bag must have weighed 100 lbs.
But I used most of them.

What the Fuck????????

How can such a Hot stud not have a cock?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I stopped by the bookstore today

I stopped by the bookstore today (Saturday) at lunch time. I had several errands to run and this fit in well.
When I got there, there were several cars in the lot, but not a whole lot of them. I got my token and went to the back video booth area. My eyes had a hard time focusing because the sun was shining so bright outside.
 I went in one of the booths and put on my cock ring and my ball stretcher. I wanted to be ready for any action. In the booth next to me, there was someone trying to see through the crack in wall where the panels had come apart. I then went back out into the hallway to see what meat might be there. There wasn't much standing in the hallway.
I decided to check out one of the booths and see if I could find some meat to work on. I tried the door to the last booth and there was someone in it. The guy looked to be a Hot Bear type with a goatee. He motioned for me to enter so I did. Damn I'm glad I did. He was one Hot Stud. The Bear Stud was fairly short and stocky. He had his pants down around his ankles with his bear-hood sticking out in front of him. I reached down and grabbed his cock. This stud bear had a nice skinny average length piece of meat. He started grabbing at my cock which started my cock growing in my pants.
I couldn't hold back, I had to taste this bear studs manhood. I bent over and swallowed his cock inch by inch tasting every bit of it as it slid into my mouth. Fuck it tasted good. His cock was wet and salty. I figured that the guy in the next booth must have been sucking it through the glory hole in the wall before I joined him.
The Bear Stud motioned for me to stand up straight. He wanted to suck me. I let him undo my belt and then my pants. As he was reaching into my “Cowboy Equipment” underwear to pull my cock out, my pants fell down around my ankles. He leaned forward some and took my rock hard cock into his mouth and sucked on it some. He sucked OK, but really could use some lessons on how to service a hard cock.
The guy in the booth next to us stuck his fat cock through the hole. I dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth and started servicing it. It was a nice thick piece and fun to suck.
The Bear Stud in the booth with me turned his ass toward the hole and wanted to try and get fucked by the thick cock sticking through the hole. I moved aside and watched as he tried to mount the fat cock. The guy must not have wanted to fuck because he quickly pulled his cock back through the hole. I had the Bear Stud turn around and stick his cock into the glory hole. I could tell by the look on the Bear Stud’s face that the other guy had gone down on his available cock.
I stood up and positioned myself behind the bear stud. I reached down into my pocket and retrieved a tube of lube which I applied some on the Bear Stud’s tight hairy asshole. I pushed my PA into his hole and then slowly slide the rest of my cock into him. I fucked him while the guy in the other booth sucked on his cock.
I made him cum while fucking him. I really wanted his load, but it was really Hot making him cum that way. I slowly slide my cock out of his hairy asshole and dropped to my knees behind. I didn’t take the time before fucking him to taste his ass, so I figured I would get a quick taste of it before he moved. It shocked him that I was burying my face in his hairy crack. I didn’t spend much time tasting his just fucked hole before I let him pull his cock back through the hole and get himself together.

Since I didn’t cum up the Hot Bear’s hairy hole, I was still horny and hungry for more cock. The guy in the next booth disappeared while we were getting our pants back up. My next move was to see what else I could find to work on.

Outside the booth there was a Puerto Rican stud in hallway sitting on one of the stools. He had a long uncut brown cock with large balls. He was just sitting there stroking it so I dropped to my knees in front of him and slowly took his uncut Rican cock into my mouth. There was a good amount of foreskin hanging on it so I took my time to chew on it and clean out any Rican dick cheese that was there. Man it tasted so fucking good. I could have shot my load while sucking on this stud’s uncut Rican cock.
I sucked him for a while. He didn’t seem to e interested in cumming so I just enjoyed his long cock. He enjoyed having his balled pulled on while I was sucking his cock. His balls hung down so low, I bet he could stuff them up his ass. His cock was long enough too to stuff up his own ass. My mind went wondering on how fucking hot it would be to eat his ass while his cock and balls were stuffed up there.

I finally gave up on sucking on his long Rican cock and big brown balls. So I jacked off in one of the booths watching movie savouring the taste of his Rican meat.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Few Days Away

Hey Guys
I am taking few days away from this blog.
I'll be back with some new material in a few days.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Name My New Dildos

I got invited to a very special sex party in a couple of weeks out of town.

So in preparation for the event, I bought my self a couple of new dildos for my toy bag. 

This week I will deciding which of my travel toys I want to take with me. I understand there will be several slings hung and the host has a fuck machine. I'm looking forward to trying that.

I need some help from my readers.

Help me name my two new dildos. All of my dildos have names and these deserve great names also. 

Here are the descriptions:

9” Latin King / El Rey Latina
A Big, Lifelike Latino Dildo Fit For Royalty!
Length: 9.0 inches
Width: 1.50 inches
Sculpted to please, this handsome realistic 9-inch stud is ready to serve your wildest fantasies! 
Just slather some water-based lube and work that engorged tip into any hungry ass! 
The veined shaft of the dildo will thrill you, inch by ecstatic inch! 
This realistic dildo is 9" long and 1 1/2” and creates a nice full feeling during penetration.
A suction cup base holds the dildo in place for you on any flat surface.
 The ultimate Latino sex toy for interracial fun!

This is a great sex toy for couples too; you can safely indulge in 3-way role-playing! 
The size and girth are great. Dildo is not huge; it’s large, but not enormous.
Manufactured by: Nasstoys /

6 ½” Curved Realistic 'Nigga' Dildo!

Length: 6.5 inches
Width: 2.00 inches

Real big, Real-Skin dildo gives you all you can handle!

Sculpted for super-realism, and uniquely curved for maximum sensations.

The 6 1/2" flexible shaft and heavy balls of this realistic dildo duplicate the size and feel of the real deal. 

Plus, the strong suction base gives you hands-free pleasure anywhere. Use it for your anal satisfaction!

Manufactured by: Nasstoys /

Post your suggestion in the comments area.....
A Latin name for the 9" dildo
A black man's name for the 6.5" dildo

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bathroom cruising

Do not hold up the entire scene.

This is a public bathroom if two  guys are in the available stalls and want privacy , you can offer  your services ,but if they decline, let the scene continue, do not stand there holding everything up…
leave.. and come back later.

Respect the fact the other guys where there first
By the same token the guys in the stall need to remember that this
is public place and they can not expect to have privacy for hours on
Let other guys watch -- it is no big deal. If you want total
control and privacy bring the guy to other area, or stay home.
If two guys leave the can for a more quiet place, do not follow them.
If they wanted company they would have stayed in the busy bathroom
in the first place.

Do not be a total pig and stay in a stall for 6 hours, break it up a
little and let the scene happen.
Not everyone will want to get serviced by you.
No one person is everyone's type so let everyone have a little fun.
Threesome and urinal group action is really hot, but respect if
someone is not interested in you.
Step aside and let the action happen and do not get in the person's face.
Do not be so aggressive that you break up a hot scene cause the guys are not into you.

Do not be an asshole.
If you are hot guy with a big dick, do not think that you have the right to tell everyone to fuckoff until you find the perfect cocksucker.
This is about public sex, if you're a princess with a bad "no one is good enough for me attitude" stay home.
Some guys are into just under the stall wall action, and do not want
anyone to see their faces, respect that.
This should be obvious but never acknowledge that you recognize
someone you had anonymous public sex with outside of the context.
i.e.: do not be at a party and say "hi Bill, didn't I suck you off
at the subway bathroom on Sunday."

Never tell any non-cruiser about your habits, and cruising places.
Be nice to each other and show a little respect.
A polite " no thanks" will get better results than "fuckoff" troll.
Respect your elders!
One day you too will old, and would want someone to treat you with a little respect.
I am not saying that you should have sex with old guys, I just mean you do not have the right to tell them to fuck off or be rude.
If you have a guys cock underneath the stall wall, ask before
sitting one it.

Always ask the guy if he is into fucking and condoms should always be used.
Do not be one of those really annoying guys that brings a book and
sits in the stall for hours and does nothing because the prefect
guys does not show up.

Do not leave a mess, clean up after yourself.
Do no leave used condoms and cum shot on the floor.
This is a sure fired way to piss off the management and fuck up the whole scene.

You are in a bathroom, sometimes people come in to use the
facilities. Try and keep one of the stalls free for "regular"
customers to use.
The bathroom should not look like a gathering place for gay guys.
If the place is busy, leave and come back later.

I have been in bathrooms that have 6 stalls and 6 urinals and all are full, and
still 8 guys are standing around waiting.
This is another sure fire way to draw attention to the fact that sex is happening and will eventually be the death of the scene.

Respect the one pass rule. If you offer your services to some guy
and he declines, making 6 more advances with not change the fact
that he is not interested. It will only piss him off. 

Gloryholes and Adult Bookstores and movie theatre.

A lot straight guys go to adult theatre and are not interested in
sex with men.
These guys usually sit in a different " non-cruisy " area of the theatre. Crusing around the theatre is fine but realize some guys just want to be left alone and being overly aggressive can be dangerous and results in complaints to the management.
Most straight guys looking for head know what to do to show potential
cocksucker that they are open for business.
Body language: Read body language.
If a guy is total covering up and turning away from you he is not interested. Let it go -- move on.. it is one cock you are not going to suck. Get over it.
In the open theatre you cannot expect privacy.
But you should be able to get sucked or fucked without having unsolicited hands groping at your cock.
You cannot expect to have people not look at you.
If you want total privacy ..go home.

Cruising around private video booths:
Generally if a guy leaves his door slightly open he is looking for some action.
My personal experience suggests that the guys looking to get services go into the booths and the cocksucker stay outside and move from booth to
booth until they find someone who lets them in the booth .
Glory holes are prime real estate.
Do not be a total pig and monopolize the stall for hours.

Respect your fellow cruisers and hope that they will respect you!!!!


You are a Urinal.

Put you mind to it and imagine yourself as a Urinal. Fantasize about it. Close your eyes and become one with the last urinal you used.
Your mouth is the bowl of Urinal. The top part with the handle is your face. You are staring straight at every man’s crotch that steps up to take a piss or to cruise.
Think of all the men that walk up to you, right in your face, undo their pants and pull out their cock. Their cock just dangling right there inches above your mouth.
So you are just hanging there on the wall of the Men’s Room. Hanging there with a couple of other urinals, Mouths open, just waiting to be used. You hear the door open. You know it’s a guy coming into the Men’s room to take care of business. You get excited. So excited you flush a little, hoping he will pick you and not one of the other urinal guys hanging there and you hope he is not needing one of those toilet guys (another story). They just sit around all day. You are hanging there ready, mouth open and ready – ready for use – ready to be of service.
Then you see the guy, he is heading for you. You are the last urinal in a row of three, right next to the first toilet stall. Most guys pick you. You’re the lucky one, the busiest one of the team. You are the urinal at the end next to the wall with the glory hole in it.
He’s walking toward you. Damn he’s good looking. He dressed in jeans, work boots and a tight t-shirt. He looks around, checking out the other two urinal guys hanging on the wall next to you. You see him look down at the glory hole. It’s right there next to you. Is this guy a construction worker, maybe he just a country boy or he could be a business man wearing his weekend yard clothes. Is he here to take a piss, use you as you are intended for or is he here to cruise? Damn he’s good looking. Dark tanned skinned, nice build with medium length dark hair. He looks to be in his late 30s or early 40s. Damn he’s HOT.
As he steps up to you, he looks down at you and smiles. His hands reach toward his crotch, undoing his belt, undoing the button and then unzipping his pants. He’s one of those guys who like to full freedom. He undoes his pants to have more room. Not just pull down his zipper. Now you see his underwear. They are red and look to be jockey style.
You think to yourself, is he going to pull his cock out the fly of his underwear or is he going to pull his underwear down in the front to get his manhood out. You see him hook his thumb into the waist band of his underwear. You know he is going to pull them down to reveal his cock and balls. He going to hang is cock and balls out in front you right over your mouth for you to see all his manhood. For whoever else is looking to see all his manhood.
Now he takes his other hand and starts to grab at his cock as he is pulling his underwear down to pull it out to freedom. You see his pubic hair first. It’s dark just like the hair on his head. Just like his goatee. He’s looking down at his cock as he hauls it out of his underwear.  You can start to see some of his cock. It looks fat. It’s most likely long to. More and more of cock can be seen. Then it all flops out. There it is hanging in front of the guy. Damn it’s a nice looking cock. And it has about 2 inches of floppy foreskin hanging off the end of it.
You are looking straight at it. Is he going to take a piss? Is he just here to cruise?
He’s starting to piss, right through all that skin. He is one of those guys who piss through their skin without pulling it back. Damn that skin must taste so fucking good. Hopefully some lucky guy will get to get his tongue in that skin and clean it out. Time will tell.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010