Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Cowboy Daddy

Some days you just need a Cowboy Daddy

Friday, April 26, 2013

Homo Dep0t


While shopping at Homo Dep0t, I had to take a piss. I headed on off to the men’s Room.
Homo Dep0 t is always full of Hot Weekend Warriors and Hispanic Laborers.

When I walked into the Men’s Room I was the only one in there. I went over to the last urinal and pulled my cock out to take a piss.
I heard the door open and turned to see what was entering the Men’s Room.
It was a Hot Hispanic guy. He looked to be in his early twenties and was wearing dirty jeans and dirty t-shirt. I figured he just got off work. It was late in the afternoon.


He walked over to the urinal next to mine and as he stepped up to it, he turned and looked at me and smiled. I nodded back and continued to peer over the short privacy wall at him. He had walked up to the handicapped urinal which was a good height for him. He was small build and had somewhat of a cocky air to himself.
I watched as he unbuttoned the button to the fly of his jeans and then unzip the zipper. After he pulled the front of his jeans open he reached into his boxer shorts and hauled a pretty hefty sized uncut cock. It  was much darker then his skin color.
I cracked a big smile and said out loud, ‘Nice’.
He heard me and turned his head toward me and smiled.
The golden piss started to squirt out of his dark foreskin which was pulled up over his cockhead.

Damn watching him piss was making my cock get hard.
While he was pissing, he began to slowly stroke his pissing cock, moving his dark foreskin back and forth over his wet cock head.
Now I was able to smell his dark uncut manhood. Damn it smelled good.
Then he said to me, ‘you like to suck?’
‘Hell yeah!’ I replied to him.
He turned a little still pissing and pointed to the end handicap stall.
‘We go in there?’ I nodded yes and he stepped away from the urinal and stepped into the stall. I turned and did the same.
I stepped around him and sat down on the toilet.
There he stood in front of me with his uncut brown cock dripping piss waiting for me to suck him.
He knew what he wanted and I knew what I was going to get.
What a fucking dream cum true.
As I opened my mouth to take in his brown cock, he told me to be very quiet. No get caught.

Then he laid his cock in my mouth.
I sucked out the last of his piss without him realizing the joy I was getting from the salty taste.
Then my tongue found its way into his dark foreskin and licked around his cheesy cockhead cleaning it before I got to the job at hand.
Damn his raunchy uncut brown cock tasted so fucking good. I almost blew my load just sitting there with it in my mouth.
Just as I began sucking his cock and swallowing all of it, someone pushed open the door to the Men’s Room.
I stopped keeping his now hard cock in my mouth as the guy who had just entered walked toward the urinals. I heard him take a piss and then he left.
Now we were alone again.
I wasted no time getting back to sucking on his hard uncut cock.
As my mouth slid up and down on his cock the Hispanic guy couldn’t help but moan. That made me feel real good knowing he liked the feeling my mouth was giving his cock.
It only took a couple of minutes for me to bring him feeding me his Latin essence.
He grabbed my head and held it firm as he pumped his salty cum down my throat. Fuck, it tasted so good.
I was just about to let his cock slide out of my mouth when the door open again as another customer came into the Men’s Room to use.
I held my mouth on his cock as the new guy walked past the stall we were in. He walked over to the urinals and started to piss.
The new guy pissing had a strong stream. I could hear his piss hitting the urinal. Having a cock in my mouth in a toilet stall with some guy pissing just a few feet away was a real turn on for me. My cock was rock hard and dripping.
The guy taking the piss finished and walked over to the sinks and turned on the water.
I felt the Hispanic standing in front of me with his cock in my mouth tense up some.
As the water in the sink ran, I saw my Hispanic squeeze his eyes shut.
Then he couldn’t hold back. He had to piss.
A nice steady stream of piss flowed out of his brown cock into my mouth.
I gulped it down as he continued to piss. He looked down at me with amazement.
He couldn’t believe I was letting him use my mouth as his own personal urinal.
I kept gulping making no noise as the flow of water was turned off and the guy that had been washing his hand moved to the towel dispenser and dried his hands.
About this time the flow of Mexican piss into my mouth and down my throat slowed down and then stopped.
The other guy in the Men’s Room exited.
Quickly the Guy in the stall with me pulled his uncut cock out of my mouth and stuffed it back into his pants. Then he unlocked the stall door and disappeared out of the stall.
I heard the Men’s Room door open and him leave.

Damn what an unexpected surprise that was…

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sam's Blog

This blog is all about the everyday life of a cum-hungry, cock craving pig ready to be any man’s Cum Dumpster.

It is one adventure after another. Some true, some fantasy.
They are written in no order with a splash of humor and education; then some other stuff thrown in.

I hope you enjoy it and hopefully will spark your sex life a little.

The pictures I use to illustrate my adventures are mostly from the internet. They are not known to be copy righted materials.

It is my belief that all the men in the pictures, Illustrations and stories are of the legal age as stated by law.

I intend nothing in my blog to be illegal or immoral.
Just plain nasty pig sex.

Comments are welcomed

Some cocks I have sucked

1/11/12 Lunchtime Piss

I stepped away from work and headed over to a local Greek Food place to get something to eat.
After placing my order, I headed for the Men’s Room to take a piss.
Inside the Men’s Room I found this toilet full of Piss.

As I pissed into the used bowl of piss, I wondered if one of the good looking Greek men working there had taken a quick piss and didn’t flush?

Maybe it was one of the good looking customers eating in the dining room that had left his mark on the place.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Glory Hole Fuck

Story downloaded from the internet to share with my readers

I had to head over to Atlanta one Saturday night on business and I figured I would leave early enough to stop by one of the video Arcades and see if there was any action going on. 

For the past several years I have kept my pubic hair neatly trimmed. 
As I showered before leaving I shaved my balls and pubic area and decided that I would take off all of the hair and try being hairless for a while.

I pulled up at the arcade and went straight to the video area to see what was happening. There were a few booths that were occupied and a few black guys standing around the walls waiting for some action. 

I made my way towards one of the booths that I knew had a big rectangular hole in it and fed the machine and sat down to watch a movie. 

Shortly after the movie began I heard someone enter the booth next to me. I leaned over and looked through the hole and saw that it was an attractive black man who had been leaning against the wall when I arrived. 

I sat patiently waiting to see what he wanted. 
As I kept one eye on the movie and one eye on the hole I noticed his big black hand in front of the hole making a motion like he was jerking off. 
I figured that meant he wanted to jerk me off and I was okay with that so I stood up and unzipped my jeans and stuck my dick through the hole for him. 
He immediately took my dick in his hand and began stroking it. 
It felt good to have his big hand stroking my dick. 

After a minute of stoking he started digging his hand in my pants like he wanted access to my balls. 
I did not have a problem with him plying with my balls so I unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my pants and slid them down to my ankles. 
He immediately started rubbing my balls and exploring my freshly shaved pubic area.

He kept going from massaging my balls to stroking my dick and I was really getting into this masterful hand job he was giving. 
Then as he was playing with my balls he started slipping a finger back towards my asshole. 

After fingering my ass this way for a minute he used his hand to get me to turn around and expose my ass to the glory hole. 

I was not really sure that this is what I wanted but he was persistent so I gave in and backed my ass up against the hole. 

What happened next was totally unexpected. I figured he would finger me some but he was playing with my asshole with his tongue. It felt great and I pushed my ass harder up against the hole to give him complete access to me.

After a couple of minutes of his tongue I felt him stick his finger in my ass and start working it in and out. 

My dick was super hard and I was stroking it for all I was worth as he continued to finger fuck me. 
He pulled his finger out and I did not know what to expect next until I felt the head of his dick against my hole. This was not what I had bargained for when I stopped in that night but I was way to worked up to stop it now. 
He pushed hard and I could feel the head start in my hole but he could not get it in me. He tried again a couple of times and still could not get his head to pop into my ass. 

I decided that maybe a little lubrication would help so I turned around and dropped to my knees and stared at his dick. It was big! 

I understood know why it wouldn't fit. 
He was very thick and I could wrap both of my hands around it and the head still stuck out. 
He had to be a t least 10 inches. 
I started licking the head and took him into my mouth and I started giving him the wettest, sloppiest blowjob I could. 

After a couple of minutes of wetting his dick I stood back up and backed my ass up to the hole again.

This time when he put that big dick head against my little asshole and pushed I felt the head slip inside of me. 
He paused for a minute and then I started backing up felt his dick sliding into my ass. 
Once he was deep inside of me he started a slow steady motion moving in and out of my ass. 

I began stroking my dick and knew that it would not take long for me to cum with him fucking me. He was pulling his dick almost all the way out of my ass and then slowly slid back in me. 

After he fucked me slowly for a good five minutes he began to increase the speed of his thrusts and I started cumming. 
Then all of a sudden he slammed in me all the way and I could feel the cum spurting from his big dick. 
He stayed inside of me until his dick started softening and then he pulled out. 
I could feel his cum running down my leg as I turned around and knelt in front of the hole to see that huge dick again. 

He was still pumping his dick to get the last of the cum out so I reached through the opening and took him in my hand and pulled him through the opening and began to clean him up with my mouth. 

When his dick was completely soft he pulled out and pulled his pants up and exited the booth. I sat down and started cleaning myself up wondering if I would ever see that big dick again.

I hope so!!

Bookstore Tour

One of my readers wrote:
I've never had the privilege of playing at a dirty book store. If anyone knows of a good one in the Midwest, please let me know - 

I decided to share with you my readers a tour of one of the local Adult Bookstores that I get to cruise.

Not much to look at when there are not any Men hunting to have sex with other Men.

Men's Room Doorway

Not sure exactly where the Midwest really is, but I have cruised ABSs in Indiana. They were not set up like the ABSs in my area, but I still had a lot of fun and found some nice Men in need of my mouth and ass to give them pleasure.

Here are some lonely Glory Holes waiting to be the connecting point between sex hungry Men.

pictures to be posted at later date

Brutal Fisting

Suddenly, Bill tensed as he realized that they were trying to bust his ass open with a fist.

He remembered the size of those huge ham hands and moaned in terror as the pressure increased and his sphincter was stretched almost beyond endurance.

Chuck withdrew his hand from between Bill’s ass cheeks and greased it heavily with Crisco.

He slammed it down onto the upturned cheeks and snarled at Bill, "You cooperate 'n relax otherwise you ain't gonna have an ass left to shit with."

He jerked Bill to his knees and rammed in with his fingers, only to be stopped again at the thumb knuckle.

He twisted and turned his fist, but felt the resistance of Bill's tormented ass.

Chuck and Ed had been fucking Bill’s ass for hours with their huge uncut cocks. Both of the men had been brutally using Bill as their useless pig whore.

Nodding to Ed, Chuck signaled to snap a popper under Bill's nose.
Bill's head unfolded like a lotus-blossom.

His ass relaxed a fraction, and Chuck took advantage of it to give a mighty heave, and watched as his hand was sucked right inside.

Bill's ass closed around the wrist like a mouth giving a big sucking kiss.

"Jesusmotherfucker!" Bill screamed.

Ed held him while Chuck closed his fist and felt around inside Bill’s ass cavity.

It was a wide open cavern inside, smooth and slick. They had opened his insides up good with their brutal fucking.

Ed moved Bill's body forward and back, forcing Chuck's fist deeper and deeper, slipping round the bend of his intestines. 

Bill was crying out and whimpering at the sensation of that huge fist working its way up his bowels.

He grabbed for more poppers and inhaled deeply. It sent him flying, his ears were ringing, and in his mind he became one huge asshole with a gigantic cock pushing ever deeper into him. 

"Come on," cried Chuck, "join the party.

Let's fuck the shit out o'this bastard."

Ed needed no prodding and promptly greased up his hand.

Chuck pulled his stiff arm out of Bill's ass till the narrow part of his wrist was in position at the hole.

Ed squirmed his fingers in against the wrist, pushing and stretching, working in and out, ever widening Bill’s tortured hole.

With a lunge he stretched the sphincter beyond all reasonable limits and broke through into the hot steamy depths of Bill's bowels. 

"AAARRRGGGHHHhhh!" Bill howled, as he desperately pressed another 
popper to his nose.

Ed grabbed Chuck's hand in the slimy intestines and together they started 
to fuck him deeper and deeper.

They forced their hands and arms all the way into Bill's ass, all the way to the base of his stomach. They could feel the pounding of Bill’s heart.

They plunged their arms into the hole as hard as they could, down, inside, and around. The two of them as brutal as they could.

Bill’s asshole belonged to them.

To Bill it felt like their whole bodies were slithering around inside his bowels. They clutched each other's hands as they rammed back and forth and struck his bowels. 

As they fist-fucked their helpless victim, their throbbing cocks bounced wildly between their spread legs.

They eyed each other's pricks and, wanting relief, reached over with their free hands and each grabbed the other's cock. 

Their fists flew in and out of the tortured ass, while their well-greased palms worked up and down each other's inflamed rods.

They worked in unison with their fist-fucking, sliding down hard on each other's rigid shafts as they shoved their mammoth fists deep into the silky warm depths of Bill's bowels.

His ass was stretched and pulled almost beyond recognition and he only endured the horrible pain by gasping desperately at the poppers. 

Ed and Chuck were carried away by the fumes and the excitement they felt watching the complete mastery their thick arms held over their helpless victim.

They rammed down on their cocks and with deep and prolonged, "Oh! OHH! OHHHhhhhs..." they shot wad after wad of thick creamy, hot cum all over the upturned, shiny, grease-coated ass, now in their total possession.

With each spasm they rammed their joined fists deeper and deeper, causing Bill's agony to intensify, but try as he might, he was skewered on the two fists, and no attempt at escape succeeded. 

As the two huge cocks relaxed and started to go limp, Ed and Chuck pulled their fists from the steaming prison.

With a loud slurp, their hands fell free and Bill collapsed, semi-conscious, in a heap, his mind barely able to cope with the savage assault his body had endured. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

1-13-12 Friday

Guess Rd bookstore
These are the cocks I serviced that Friday afternoon…

The first cock I got to suck was an Average size uncut cock. I sucked thru glory hole. It was nice and hard with a wet cheesy head. Fed me a nice salty tasting load of his essence.

The second cock I got to service was a Short Hispanic from one of the local fast food chains. He has a nice uncut cock. As I kneeled in front of him he put a Condom on his uncut cock for me to suck him off. While I am sucking his latex covered uncut cock he Tells me I am the best cock he has ever had suck his cock over and over. You are the best. I make love to his cock as he moans and groans about how good I am.. Finally he shoots a big load into the condom covering his cock. I pulled the condom off his cock for him as he gets himself back dressed. Then I Sucked his load of cum out of the condom after he leaves the video booth. Here is the picture I took of his used condom.

The next guy I interacted with was an Older good looking man sitting on stool in corner being cruised by pudgy bear type. I Sucked the older man’s uncut cock until he fed me his load. Nothing much special about him other then he had a nice size uncut cock which enjoyed my mouth enough to share some of the man’s essence with me.
The Pudgy bear type that was cruising the older man sucked on my nipples after the older uncut guy left the area. We Kissed some. He sucked on my cock some until his phone rang. Lucky me! He wasn’t that good of a cock sucker based on my standards.

After the Pudgy Bear a Young slim well dressed black guy with hat one came into the dark area. This guy had an average cut size cock. I sucked him some. He wasn’t interested in cuming. He just enjoyed my mouth.

The last guy I interacted with was a Stocky build bear type with black hair and beard. He was standing in one of the hallways outside the new video booths. We both did Some nipple play on the other one and some deep kissing. He was a Very good kisser. All  we did was just some foreplay. I’ve seen him there before. Hopefully this foreplay will lead to more next time.