Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Would you – dildo ???

Would you let this Top Stud

Use your asshole for his enjoyment

Stuffing your asshole full of his latex army

Making your asshole beg for more and more

drooling over cock

Yeah I see you drooling over this big cock sissy.

I know you want to please and worship your master!

Open that wallet and beg to pay for this straight cock.

You do as you are told and it’s free.

You do a shitty job of pleasing me, it’s double.

Now show me which it is going to be…

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Not safe for consumption

Too Big to swallow

Must insert in other end

And Fuck like crazy

Until drained of all fluids

The Mighty Cock Sucker

There you are.

Kneeling in the middle of the room just as you were told.

Waiting for the Top you are bottoming to come to you.

He enters the room.

As he walks toward you, you watch his big cock swing in front of him bouncing back and forth from one leg to the other.

When he is next to you, he forces you down onto the floor on your back.

Then he straddles your chest and squats down.

Now sitting on your chest, he forces his semi hard cock into your mouth 
and down your throat.

He says to you, ‘swallow every fuck’n drop pig’ as he begins to piss.

You gulp down every drop of his piss.

It taste like warm beer so you eagerly let him use your mouth as a toilet.

As you milk out the last drop of his piss with your throat, you feel his cock begin to grow in your mouth and throat.

As it grows you start to choke.

Your Top eases back out just enough for you to catch your breath. 
Then he starts to throat fuck you.

Each time his sweaty pubic hairs are pressing against your nose, you prepare to grab a breath of air as he pulls his massive hard cock back out of your throat.

When your Top has had enough of fucking your throat, he tells you to roll over 
and get on your knees.

Slowly he slides his stiff cock from your throat and out over your tongue.

He rises above you giving you the room you need to complete his orders.

As he steps behind you, he tells you to spread your ass cheeks and prepare for his entry up your pig-hole.

This is what you have been waiting for.
To be breed by this Top.

This is the beginning of a long sweaty night.

He bends forward and spits on your pig-hole.

This is all the lube he plans to use fucking you. Just his spit.

He squats behind you and you feel his big cock head push up against your pig-hole.

You take a deep breath and relax your pig-hole for his entry.

With one hard push, his cock is in you and buried all the way.

Now you feel those sweaty pubic hairs again. This time against your ass crack.
Damn you are a lucky pig-boy.

After this fucking you know there is more variety to come.

He didn’t just come here to fuck you.

He came to fuck with you.

Mind, Body and Soul…

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Does this look like the kind of Dildo play you are into?

Can’t you just imagine how good getting your ass worked 

on like this would feel?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Thank You

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Commandments For Bottoms

10 Commandments For Bottoms

To be a true Bottom means that you’re not just a casual, 
sometimes-slut but that you live for Cock and Cum.

You can’t get enough.

You think it about it all the time day and night.

You thrive on being used like a fuck-hole-Cum-Dumpster by 
as many men as possible.

Not everyone is cut out for being a total and true Bottom.

For those who are, there are certain commandments that 
you must follow without exception.

So memorize these Commandments, Bottoms.

Let them guide you.

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1st Commandment: Always Bareback

Bottoms not only love being fucked Bareback, they need to be fucked Bareback. You don’t want anything between you and the Cock fucking you. The Top must never be denied the pleasure of fucking Raw, and the you should never be denied the reward of having his Cum pumped into your ass.

2nd Commandment: Always Swallow

When a Bottom sucks Cock he does so to please and serve the Top, but also because he longs for the perfect reward of Man-Cum flooding his mouth. Yes, as a Bottom you are a glutton for Cum. Cum is for you the manna of the gods. To spit is sacrilege. To swallow … such sweet reward.

3rd Commandment: Never Refuse Cock

A Bottom exists to serve Cock. This means he lives to suck and be fucked by any and all men who are horny enough to use him. As a Bottom, you may not be choosy about who may fuck your face or ass. As a Bottom you are an open fuck-hole, a revolving door, a slut, a Cum-Dumpster. You gratefully welcome every Cock and every Load you’re offered. You never refuse Cock.

4th Commandment: Obey the Top
As a Bottom your desires and pleasures are secondary to those of the Top. You are there to serve him and his Cock. Period. While you may and certainly will experience great pleasure in being used, fucked and filled, this is beside the point. The Top’s pleasure is what really matters. So too, his desires. This means you must obey him without hesitation and serve him without qualification.

5th Commandment: Clean your Pig-Hole
Most Tops want a clean hole in their Bottoms. So your Pig-Hole should be well douched before offering yourself up as a Cum-Dumpster. The exception is if a specific Top says otherwise.


6th Commandment: Shut Up and Take It
There are times when a Bottom with a tight hole meets a Top with an exceptionally massive Cock. The result can be discomfort and even pain. But if you want to be a Bottom, you must accept this as a price you pay for the privilege of being fucked and filled with Cum. Once you offer your ass for a man to use, and he slides in, you don’t have the right to tell him to stop because it hurts. You simply shut up and take it knowing that the pain will pass, and that it’s good conditioning for your Pig-Hole.

7th Commandment: Frequent GloryhOles
Bottoms seek Cock and Cum in many places and many ways. One of the most important is through GloryhOles, at Adult Bookstores (ABS) or elsewhere. As a Bottom you should frequent GloryhOles as often as possible in addition to any other cruising you may do. When you indiscriminately serve numerous random Cocks, and take countless completely anonymous Loads, through GloryhOles you are doing an important community service by serving all those Cocks and 
taking all those Loads.

8th Commandment: Bath House Breed
As with Gloryholes, Bath Houses are or should be an important part of every Bottom’s life. The Bath House is a refuge, a mecca, for Sluts as well as Studs. As a Bottom you should frequent them offering your ass up in the Sling, dark room, and elsewhere to any man who wants to Breed you. It is at the Bath House that you will take more Loads in a shorter amount of time than probably anywhere else.

9th Commandment: Rescue Condom Cum
Bottoms fuck Raw so they despise condoms. There is one exception to this condom-contempt, however: When finding a discarded, Cum-filled Condom the true Bottom feels as if he has found a treasure. Of course, it troubles him that precious Cum was discarded in such a sacrilegious way. At the same time, he is grateful for the opportunity to rescue the Cum from that condom. To drink it down. To inject it into his ass. And when a Bottom finds a Cum-filled condom that’s precisely what he does. 
Every time.

10th Commandment: Get Gangbanged
Every Bottom dreams of his first Gangbang. It’s an important rite of passage. Once accomplished, he will want to be Gangbanged more often, and more intensely, by even more men. To be Gangbanged is to surrender your body entirely to a group of men who will use and fill you to their Cocks’ content and beyond. You will become fully and completely a fuck-hole for Cum, and nothing else. It may be a hard test to endure, a brutal bang that leaves you a Cum-filled, Cum-drenched rag-doll. But it will also prove to yourself, and the world, that you are indeed and truly
 and without limits a Bottom.