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Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Do you ever dream of being in the middle of an orgy like this one?

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day Salute

Memorial Day honors the men and women who died while
serving in the U.S. military.

Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal 
holiday in 1971.

Now I honor those soldiers both Men and Women and those who were not sure of their gender who serve to protect our freedom and those that have been killed for stupidity.

Go out and find a soldier, an airman, a marine or a sailor and give yourself to them for some sexual enjoyment.

Be sure to tell them to be safe and that you appreciate what they are doing to protect us and the world.

To these brave Military Personnel…

I salute you!

Enjoy these pics of Military Men

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Nice uncut

This is what I wish my cock looked like.

Nice uncut with a nice flare at the head

Plenty of foreskin

and full of cum

1-1-2003- Happy New Year! (part I of 5) (Read all five for a good look at my day.)

It was the first day of the year and I was horny as Hell.

I decide to check out the bookstore on Guess Rd and see what kind of business would be there.

The truth is, I was hungry for cock and I wanted to get fucked.

I paid my admission fee to use the area in the back of the store which had video booths and glory holes.

Then I went to the Men’s Room to check my asshole to make sure it was clean in case I was lucky enough to get some hard cock up it.

This guy I refer to as Tattoo Boy was there. I followed into a booth next to the one he went into. Knowing there was a glory hole, it was a good start of the afternoon.

I call him Tattoo Boy because he is covered in tattoos. I’ve seen him there before.

I watched Tattoo boy through the glory hole.

He has a nice size uncut cock with lots of skin flopping off the end of it.

Tattoo Boy never sticks it through the round hole cut in the wall, but he enjoys letting guys watch him play with his cock and skin while he jacks off.

He is a real raunchy guy too. I could smell his cock cheese through the hole.

It made my cock get rock hard and start dripping just smelling him.

It’s too bad that he doesn’t let anyone clean that raunchy cheesy skin up for him.

Just passing him in the hallway you can smell his raunchy uncut cock with all that loose foreskin.

I watched tattoo boy for a while and finally decided to go hunting for some cock I could get down my throat or up my ass.

The next guy I saw that I liked was this stocky guy standing in the hallway.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I shouldn’t turn any man in need or is interested down. It was just that the guys I saw cruising that day were looking for cock too.

I motioned for him to follow me and we went in the booth together next to tattoo boy.

I knew from past times seeing tattoo boy there at the bookstore that he like to watch guys play.

I’ve played several times in the booth next to him when he’s been there and had he watch through the glory hole.

I get off on letting him watch. I know he is kneeling on the dirty cum splattered floor of his booth jacking on that pretty uncut cheesy cock of his.

Tattoo boy watched us for a while.

The stocky guy and I exchanged some kissing and then some cock sucking.

He was a pretty damn good cock sucker. Plus it was Hot looking down at this stocky built stud sucking on my cock and playing with my PA with his tongue.

He had a nice size cock to suck on too. It was somewhat fat and about average length.

He had some loose skin to play with, but he also had that dreaded scar from being cut. The stocky guy liked a little light nipple play, so I worked on his nipples some.

He really liked me punching his chest and he returned the favor and punched mine.

 He got off on me spitting on his nipples while I worked them.

The stocky stud was also a very good kisser. While I played with his nipples, we kissed some more and tongued each other throat.

I made sure that the two of us where in positions so that tattoo boy could always see what we were doing. Also, for me to be able to check and make sure he was still watching.

I looked down at the hole while I was playing with the stocky stud’s nipple and tattoo boy had stuck his cock through the hole for us to suck on. He had never done this before.

Our video porn booth filled with the smell of his cheesy uncut cock. Damn it smelled good.

The stocky guy went to bend over to suck on it and I pushed him out of the way.

I told him I had been waiting for this moment for a long time as

(actual picture of Me cleaning Tattoo Boy's dirty skin)

I squatted down in front the hole with that beautiful hard cheesy uncut cock that I had watched so many times and never been able to have, hanging out of it.

I took the time to put my nose right to the skin and good a good smell of it.

Then I let my tongue slowly make love to that smelly, dirty, beautiful skin.

I cleaned the cheese out from his skin and then slowly swallowed it.

As I ate tattoo boy’s cock the stocky guy squatted down next to me at the hole.

I was a good pig and let him have some of tattoo boy’s cock.

I wanted the stocky stud to have the smell and taste of tattoo boy’s dirty uncut cock on his breath when I kissed him some more.

We both sucked on his cock passing it back and forth and both licking and eating it at the same time.

I was glad that the stocky built stud I was sharing this raunchy uncut cock with wasn’t turned off by the extreme raunchiness of Tattoo Boy’s cock.
Finally Tattoo Boy pulled his cock back through the hole, leaving two very happy pigs still squatting in front of an empty glory hole.

Tattoo Boy bent over and said through the hole that he wanted to watch us fuck.

I thought I was in luck. I thought I was going to be able to get my face in the stocky stud’s big ass.

As I have stated several times here, I don’t fuck anything that I can’t eat first.

Unfortunately he didn’t want to get fucked and he had no interest in fucking me.

The two of us decided it was time to take a break.

Sam’s Note: This got me one step closer to having full sex with a raunchy bastard I have been after for quit a long time now.

1-1-2003- Happy New Year! (part II)

I left the booth and went hunting for cock again. I checked out the hallways and there really wasn’t anything I was interested in.

On the other hall I noticed that the end booth, that had a glory hole in the wall between it and the next one, had someone in it.

So I went in the empty booth next to the occupied one and squatted down to look through the glory hole to see who was in other booth.

I could see the guy in the booth was wearing jeans, a denim shirt and cowboy boots.

He was playing with a nice looking uncut cock.

He was pulling on his skin and playing with his balls while he played with himself.

He noticed I was watching and he took and stretched his foreskin to show that he was uncut.

He pulled a good inch or more of skin off the head of his cock.

I fingered the glory hole to let him know I wanted to suck on that beautiful uncut cock of his.

He turned toward the glory hole and stuck that uncut cock of his through the glory hole for me to have.

I moved forward to get closer to the glory hole and his uncut cock and I could smell a little man cheese from this cowboy’s skin. Nothing like Tattoo Boy’s.

I got my nose right in the opening of his skin and took a deep breath to get a good head rush before eating his uncut meat.

To show respect to the cock I was about to take in my mouth and give oral pleasure to, I kissed it with all my love for uncut cock.

Then I got my tongue all up in his foreskin and licked around his cock head cleaning out that man-cheese. Fuck, it tasted so good. My head was spinning.

I moved from eating his skin to swallowing his cock and eating it. Lightly chewing on it.

I made love to this beautiful smelly uncut cowboy snake for a long while.
As I ate his skin and his cock his balls were just hanging below. He had pushed them through the round glory hole cut in the wall with his cock.

The glory hole made a nice cock ring for him. His manhood filled the hole completely.

It took a while, but finally his cock started to grow and get harder as I worked on it.

I never mind spending as much time as needed to get a man to this point.

Then it happened.

I had about half of his cock in my mouth with his skin laying down my throat when it started pumping his sweet salty seed into my throat.

I started nursing the Cowboy’s uncut snake with my tongue while it fed me more and more of his cum.

This load of cum was the sweetest I had tasted in a long time. It was just like candy – uncut man candy.

Finally when I couldn’t milk any more cum from this Cowboy, he started to pull it back through the hole and out of my throat.

I didn’t want to give it up, but knew he was through. His uncut cock was going limp quickly in my mouth.

I grabbed my camera off the floor and took a picture of it as he pulled it back into his booth. It was a great shot of a half limp uncut cowboy cock with a drop of leftover cum hanging off the skin.

I got my self together and put my camera away.

I looked back through the glory hole and the cowboy was stuffing his drained manhood back into his jeans.

I headed on out of the video booth back into the main hallway.  

1-1-2003- Happy New Year! (part III)

As I came out of the booth, I notice a short fattish Hispanic looking guy standing in the hallway playing with himself.

He had a short fat uncut brown cock and was giving me the once over.

He motioned for me to come closer to him. I figured what the hell. I nice lite milk chocolate bar would be good for desert.

I reached out and grabbed his cock and started stoking it. It was about average in length, maybe longer and real fat.

It had thick skin that moved real nice back and forth over the head and it hung a good inch to inch and a half off the end.

This day was day for long hanging foreskins…

In a deep low voice with a Spanish accent, he told me that he really needed his cock sucked.

He said he had been there a while and no one else had noticed him. I told him I would be real happy to help him out.

As I was stroking his fat uncut stump, I could smell his stinky man cheese.

I could also smell him. He was real sweaty smelling.

Being the noisy little pig that I am, I asked him what he had been doing before he got to the book store. I also asked him if he had party’d hard the night before.

He told me he had just got off work and he that he was horny as hell.

He told me he had been working in a warehouse moving stuff around getting it ready to be inventoried.

I dropped down on my knees in front him and reached up to his waist to undo his pants. I wanted full access to his raunchy brown uncut stump.

His dirty pants dropped to the floor around his work boots leaving just his jockie shorts with his stump lick cock sticking out of the fly.

His jockie shorts smelled real raunchy too. They were wet with sweaty and smelled of his raunchy uncut brown cock.

He went to push them down and I pushed his hands away. He drew his hands back and let me at his man hood.

He knew I was a hungry pig and he let me at his manhood.

Just like with the Cowboy’s cock. I got my nose in his thick skin and took a deep breath. My head went spinning.

His nasty uncut brown stump-like cock was real raunchy.

I got my tongue in his thick skin and started working on cleaning it out to get my prize.

I could tell by the taste of his man cheese that this stud never pulled his skin back when he pissed.

There was a taste of piss and old cum under the rim of his mushroom shaped cock head. Fuck, his cheese was just as good if not better then the Cowboy’s.

I finished cleaning out his raunchy skin and proceeded to eat his manhood.

It drove him wild.

He started moaning and speaking to me in Spanish.

This was a huge turn on to me and drove me harder as I moved from his uncut stump to chew on his raunchy underwear. And it was real raunchy. I bet he hadn’t changed that pair of jockie shorts in weeks.

He liked me chewing on his dirty raunchy underwear.

I reached up and grabbed the waist band of his jockie’s and slowly started to peel them down over his cock.

This gave me complete access to the raunchy uncut meat he had to offer to me.

I kissed his brown foreskin and then I took it in my mouth.

My tongue dug into it so I could make sure I got every bit of his sweaty head cheese.

Fuck, it tasted so damn good.

My head was still spinning as I took his stubby fat uncut cock completely into my mouth.

Once again I licked over it with my tongue getting a good taste of his complete cock.

There was nothing in this world that was going to stop me now from giving this Hispanic Man the love he needed to his cock.

With all his cock in my mouth, I gave it a good tonguing. Licking it all over.

Then I slowly let some of it slide out of my mouth quickly sucking it back in onto my tongue

Every taste bud on my tongue and in my mouth was alive with the sweaty taste of his brown cheesy uncut cock.

I love to service the cock of a working man. There are so many different flavors to savor.

The whole time I was making love to his brown uncut cock, he moaned in pleasure and told me over and over how good it felt.

He even told me he wished I would suck his cock every day after he got off from working in the hot warehouse.

This was something I needed to note and discuss with him before he got away from that session. I would gladly be his after work blowjob.

He was in no hurry to get off and I didn’t care. I was enjoying every minute having the honor of giving him so much pleasure.

I knew when he was ready, he would feed me my reward.

While I had all of his uncut cock in my mouth and was chewing on it, he told me if he had a place free, he would take me there, lay me face down and make love to my asshole.

Then he told me he could fuck for hours. Fuck some, drink some beer, fuck some more, drink some more beer, piss and then fuck some more.

I was surprised at how vocal he was and how good his English was. He still had a deep accent.

I let his cock slide out of my mouth and looked up at his face.

I told him, you provide the place and I would bring plenty of beer.

Then I added, for you and any amigos you have that like to fuck too.

He let out a deep moan of pleasure as I took his hard cock back in my mouth.

Now I moved down to his low hanging balls and took them in my mouth one at a time and chewed on them. Licking the sweat off of them

His moaning let me know he liked having his nuts chewed on.

Moving back to his cock I once again took all of it in my mouth

Now his cock started to grow and get harder as I sucked on it.

I couldn’t believe how much thicker it got too.

I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before that fat stubby brown cock was going to erupt in my mouth.

I knew he was going to have good tasting cum. His cock tasted so good, his cum had to.

He reached and grabbed my head with both hands.

Holding it steady he began to fuck my mouth with force and determination.

Damn, I thought. If that is the way he fucked, I would even get a motel room just to get fucked by him.

Then within seconds, he fucked all his thick uncut cock into my mouth and let it explode.

Filling my mouth and throat with a gallon of salty cum. His Latin Essence.
Damn it tasted incredible.

I swallowed it as more shot into my mouth.

It was as if that fucker had not shot his load in weeks.

Finally he let go of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

It hung just inches away from the mouth it had just fed.

I stuck my tongue and licked a drop of cum off his foreskin. Getting every drop I could.

Still kneeling in front of him, I watched as he pulled up his underwear and then his pants.

He offered me a hand to get up from kneeling and I accepted.

Standing next to him I was a good foot or more taller than he was.

That didn’t matter, he was still one hell of a big man to me.

I watched as he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out something.

He then asked me for my phone number. I gave it to him and he keyed it into his phone.

Then he told me his name was Hector and said he would be calling me soon.

As he turned to walk away, he told that he wanted me alone first. Then his amigos could fuck me the next time.

WoW, what a mind blowing thought that was.

See, it pays to give yourself to men that others turn away from.

Sam's Note: Check for the posting about meeting this Hispanic guy one afternoon in another posting.