Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, July 29, 2011




Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where is....

Where is Sam Bear when I need him?
I am horny as hell and can't find any Pig like him that will let me fuck them.
Sam Bear never says NO and is always willing and ready to take all of my cock for a Long and Hard as it takes me to pump his Pig Ass full of my raunchy load.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Detroit Trip Update

Well, I haven't gotten fucked by as many big black cocks as I had hoped.
I did get fisted on Thursday by an incredible Stud.
More later!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7-19-2011 Tuesday

I started my quest for as much Black Cock as I could get on my trip by having some Hot sex with a Hot Black Stud at the ABS on Guess Rd
Started off with some serious nipple play and ended up with a fat Black Cock fucking me.
More about the Hot Sex I had today and the men I had it with in a future posting.
Here is a picture from the internet of what the Black Cock that Fucked me looked like.
Damn it felt so good!


Thursday and Friday of this week I will be in Detroit. I am looking forward to two good nights of as much sex as I can find.
From the internet, I have found that Detroit has two Bath Houses. My ass just tinkles thinking about two Bath Houses in one city.
One is the TNT Gay Health Club and the other is the Body Zone.
Both Bath Houses get good and bad reviews on the Gay Bath House website.
I have always heard that Detroit is mostly full of Black Men with huge Uncut Nasty Cocks always looking for White Ass to Fuck. 
I sure hope I have heard right.
I am looking to get as much Black cock down my throat and up my ass as any White Pig could ever dream of.

I want as much Huge Black cock as I can get. I don’t care if they are young or old, fat or drugged out skinny. They can be as Nasty as can be and as Fucked up as they can be. They just need to be Horny as Hell and hunting white Pig Ass.

I’ll do just as the sign says….

I want to suck on every Cock in the place, eat as much Ass as I can get my face in. Get as much hard Cock up my ass and anything else they want to push inside of me.

I want as much cum in my gut and on me as those horny men’s balls can pump.
I’ll take those cocks Raw or Latex covered. It doesn’t matter, just give me all the Cock that there is there that night.

Give me that Black Cock. That Big Beautiful Black Cock. I want the cock from every Black Man in Detroit. It doesn’t matter if it is soft or Hard. I want it.

They can even cum to my Motel Room on Friday to feed me their Cocks. Fuck me and cum down my throat. Use my ass as their Cum-Dumpster.

I want to get fisted by a Black Man. Not just one Black Man but as many as want to slide their Black Hand into my White Pig Ass.
Hell I don’t just want to get fisted by Black Men, I want any color Man, Black, Brown, White, Yellow, Green even Red to slide their hand inside me and make me Crawl the Walls and Kiss the Ceiling. Make me their Pig Hand Puppet.


To recap this posting.
I am looking to have as much Sex with as many Men as I can while I am on this trip.