Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Dildos today

No Dildo up my ass this morning.
I have a doctor's appointment and don't want him to loose his hand when he checks my prostate

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monday Madness

I was heading home from work on Monday and decided I needed some cock as a reward to a long work day completed.
Since the bookstore on Guess Road is the closes on the way home, I decided to check the place out. To my surprise, there were a good number of cars in the parking lot.
After taking my shirt off so it wouldn’t smell of cigarette smoke when I got home, I headed for the store. That is always a dead give away that I stopped there on the way home.

Inside the store I headed toward the Men’s Room so I could do a quick flush of my hole. I was hoping I might get lucky and get some cock up there too.
As I went to enter the Men’s Room, the black guy with the dread locks was coming out. ‘Good to see you’ he said to me as he passed me. He reached down and grabbed the front of his pants and smiled at me. That is one wicked cock and it feels good both down my throat and up my ass.

After taking care of my butt, I paid my $5.00 and headed for the back video area. I had a good feeling about my time there.

In the back I headed to the right side to see if my black stud friend with the wicked cock had gone over there and was waiting for me. It was really dark and it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust. Finally I could see well enough to make my way down the short hallway.
As I passed the second booth I could hear the two guys in it. One of them was obviously getting fucked.
‘Oh that feels so good’
‘Fuck me harder’
‘Is that all there is?’
‘I need to get your number so I can be your white bitch’
‘That’s it, bury all of in me’

My first thoughts where that I had missed the black guy and he had found some other white ass to bury his wickedly curved cock in. I continued on down the hall until I came to the end. I had just positioned myself leaning up against the wall when I saw him turn the corner. He looked straight at me and grabbed his big crotch again. Then he turned and headed back in the direction he came from. I figured he wanted one of the booths in the other hallway.
I followed him and saw him enter the last booth. I followed and I pushed my way past him into the booth.
Slowly I dropped to my knees in front of him. I knew he would want to slide that long curved cock down my throat first.
As he pulled up his shirt and started to push down his pants, I started kissing his black belly. He has a little bit of a belly and it has some black curly hair scattered about on it.
His long black cock popped out of his underwear and hit my neck.

I slowly kissed my way down to the base of the long wickedly curved cock. The black stud attached started to moan as I slowly took the head of his cock into my mouth and let is slide into my throat. I cocked my head enough to allow it to slide into place. His cock wasn’t very hard so it slid down my throat with no trouble. I felt him grab the back of my head and hold it in place with all of his long cock buried in my throat. Slowly he began to fuck my throat.

“That’s it baby; let your papa fuck your mouth. That’s feels so good baby, swallow it all” he said as his black hips worked the cock in and out of my throat.
Damn his cock tasted good and his crotch smelled real sweaty.
Every time he would slide it down into my throat and my nose got buried in his course black pubic hair, I would take a deep breath through my nose and relax my throat more for him to enjoy.
After several minutes of having my throat fucked, I decided that he needed to be fucking my ass instead of fucking my throat. He might like to fuck my throat nice and slow, but he can slam that long curved snake-like cock hard and deep when he fucks.
I slowly let the long black cock slide out of my mouth over my tongue until it was hanging in front of my face. Again I kissed his belly and worked my way up to his nipples. He likes to have his nipples played too. I licked each of them as I reached into my pocket and pulled out a ‘Magnum’ condom along with a small tube of lube. I handed him the condom and pushed my pants down around my ankles. While he was rolling the over sized condom down the long shaft of his cock, I was lubing up my hole for his pleasure.

While I was bending over in front of him he started slapping my ass cheeks with his latex covered snake-like cock. The next thing I knew he was pushing his hard cock into my asshole.

“Come on baby” he said. ‘Give me some of that man pussy.”
I took a deep breath and relaxed my asshole so his cock could slide right in. He kept pushing it into me until all of it was buried inside of me.
Damn that wicked cock felt good.
At first he started fucking me slow. Pulling that long curved black cock just about all the way out and then slowly sliding it back in while telling me how good my ‘Man Pussy” felt.
The all of a sudden he reached up and grabbed my shoulders. He pulled me back toward him as he slammed that long black cock into me hard. From then on it like was being fucked by a rodeo horse. He rode my ass hard telling me I was his cunt whore and that my ‘man pussy’ belonged to him. His whole personality had changed.
After a nice long ride, he slammed his long cock deep in my asshole slamming my head up against the wall. Then I heard “oh baby, oh baby, take my load.”
I could feel his long cock throbbing inside my ass as he pumped his load into my ‘Man Cunt.” He jerked about slamming my head into the wall again as he dumped his load inside me.
Damn what a wild ride on such nice cock that had been.
Slowly the black stud slid his massive meat out of my well fucked asshole.
Like a good pig, I wanted more fucking, but he looked spent.
I knelt down in front of him and grabbed his latex covered manhood.
Then I pulled the cum filled magnum condom off his semi hard long black snake like cock. It was full of cum as I peeled if off and kept it in my hand.
I had to taste this guy’s cum. I quickly got that black cock back in my mouth and cleaned his cum off of it. Damn his cum was sweet tasting.
I still had hold to the used cum filled condom he had worn while he fucked my ass.
While I was cleaning off his cock, he reached behind my head and grabbed it again. ‘Come on baby, swallow it all.’ With it not being so hard, it slid down the back of my throat with no problem. I started chewing on it like I was trying to swallow it and he began to moan long and slow.
Then he let go of my head and began to slide his black snake like cock from my mouth.
‘I’ve got to go’ he said as he put his dangling cock back in his pants.
Then he turned to face the door as I was standing back up.
He opened the door and disappeared leaving me standing there with my pants down holding a used condom full of his cum.
I raised the condom to my mouth and put the open end on my tongue. Then I squeezed the load into my mouth and swallowed it.
A good Pig never lets a load go to waste.

His cum in the used condom was as sweet as it was when I cleaned off his dirty cum covered cock.
I pulled up my pants and got myself together. As I left the video booth, there were several old faggots in the hallway.
‘You alright buddy?’ one of them asked me.
‘It sounded like he was trying to kill you in there.’ Another one said.
‘Nope, just fucking the living Hell out of me’ I said as I walked past them.
I headed on out of the store and toward my truck.
The black stud that had just fucked me was walking up the driveway. As I pulled out onto the street, I saw him standing at the Bus Stop.
Damn what a fucking.
Fuck, my ass felt so good!

Sometimes when I see him there and I don’t get the honor of being his ‘man cunt’, I go home and fuck myself with this dildo. It reminds me of the length of his cock and it has that wicked curve.