Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Traveling Pig returns to Chicago

Men of Chicago

Get your cocks hard and ready for some more
Cock sucking from this 
Redneck Cock Sucking Faggot Pig

I’m cuming back to the windy city to blow as many more Men as I can

Hot Porn for today

Just a posting of some

Porn that I think is HOT.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Foreskin Lover

I love sucking uncut cock.

The more foreskin the better…

One thing I always do before I take the uncut cock I am getting ready to make love to is to smell the foreskin.

Smell it and enjoy the aroma of that man’s foreskin.

Then get that foreskin in your mouth

Your tongue digs into it and cleans it out from the day’s funk

It taste as good as it smelled.

Trucker Cum Worshipper

There is NOTHING as HOT as servicing and orally worshipping an Alpha Trucker's cock and balls and eating the ESSENCE that flow out of his All Mighty COCK. 

I love to see a man's cum, smell it, feel it, taste it, savor it and literally eat it before I swallow the Essence he has just presented me. 

There is never enough CUM...  Never enough of the Male Essence.


I am an older, nice looking cocksucker and cum eater and hungry for equally dedicated feeders. Those Men that need to share their Pure Male Essence with me.

My passion is to service rugged, virile macho men who presume their privilege to be serviced and whose interest is receiving dedicated and pleasure focused oral cock worship and feeding his glorious sperm rich cum to a cock and it’s cum worshipper like me. 


Men who want to be serviced, drained and satisfied and have no interest whatsoever in reciprocation in any form.

One-on-One or doubles or a group. I love to be "tag team" fed.  

I am seriously turned on by Alpha men with a very strong sexual libido who want their manliness recognized, catered to and worshipped and who enjoy using a man like me for their hedonistic, sexually self-seeking pleasure. 

I believe that men who feed their cock and cum to someone like me should not be inconvenienced.  When a man needs to be serviced, he should be accommodated by having me on my knees in front of him. 

I really get hot and hungry when a man or men:.  
- Is verbal when feeding me…telling me how to suck him, letting me know how to please him best with my hungry mouth, bragging on his masculinity,  his dick and his ability to feed and satisfy a hungry mouth, etc. 
I totally respond well men who enjoy verbally coaching to improve my cock service/worship for him....
"You need some cock and sperm don't you cum gulper.  Get on your knees where you belong cocksucker - it's feeding time.  Yeah, you like it don't you.  Show me how much you want it and need it.  Worship it.  These nuts of mine are full of that juice loaded with my essence that you crave and can't live without.", etc.
- Likes to put his hand on the back of my head, pulling me down on his cock once in a while, or holds my head in both hands and moves it up and down on his cock.
- Enjoys doing some mouth fucking.
- Takes a long time before he blows his load - the longer I suck the hotter and more hungry I become.
- Lets me keep his cock in my mouth after he blows his precious load of cum…letting me suck more and maybe getting him hard again and working for a second sweet, precious load.
Maybe even feeding me his piss.

- Has a macho, cocky, sexually self seeking "It's all about me and you are here to satisfy me, now get on it" attitude.
- Enjoys watching me literally eat his cum before I swallow it for him....licking it off his cock shaft or letting me lap it up out of his hand. (I LOVE to eat cum - not just swallow it)

Then if you are real lucky, that Mean Ass Fucker that just used you mouth as his cum dump will let you smell his stinking ass before feeding your faggot cock sucking pig mouth another load of his cum from his All Mighty Cock…

Favorite Quote
MEN SIT OR STAND - cum eating cocksuckers like me kneel, service and worship!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wide Open

When you are providing your mind and body to a Muscle Stud who has pumped his uncut cock up to huge wide proportions.


The best thing to do is to focus on your Pig Asshole.

Relax and open yourself up…

And let your Top push that Big Fat Over Sized Pumped Uncut Cock inside your Pig Asshole and let him fuck the living shit out of you until his sexual needs have been satisfied.

Then if you have been a good Pig, maybe he will push his Fist inside your stretched open, abused Pig Asshole.

Happy Pig
( o )