Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, January 29, 2012

2-15-2011 Tuesday’s Lunch – Hook-up #1

For lunch I decided to check out the bookstore on Glenwood to see if I could service some cock.
When I got there, I paid my $1.00 cover fee for the video booth area and headed on back there.
As usual I checked out the lobby type area to see who or what was there. There wasn’t anything of interest so I headed on to the Men’s Room.
As I entered the Men’s Room, 2 guys in the Men’s Room leaving. Both of them were fairly interesting looking Studs. One Black and the other one White.
Within a minute or two while I was taking a piss, they came back into the Men’s Room and went into the toilet stall.
I quickly finished my piss and walked around the block wall and peered through the open doorway into the stall to see what they were doing.
The White guy was bent forward sucking on the black guy’s fat cock.
The Black stud invited me to join in with them. I pulled the white guys cock out of his pants and played with it some while he sucked on the fat black cock.
I sat back on the toilet and sucked both cocks while white guy worked the nipples of the black guy. They each fed me their cocks separately and then both forced their uncut cocks in my mouth at the same time.

After a few minutes of me sucking them, one of them got spooked and we stopped.
They put their hard uncut cocks back in their pants and left me sitting on the toilet in the stall.

5 minutes later all three of us were back in the stall in the Men’s Room back at it.
I sat back on the toilet and both of them fed me their uncut cocks some. The white guy let me slide a finger into his asshole while I was sucking him.
I told him I wanted to taste his asshole and he turned around and backed his sweet white ass up to my face.
The black guy stood there stroking his thick uncut cock watching me bury my tongue deep up the white guy’s asshole. 
Then he turned back around and fed me his uncut cock some more. I could tell he was getting when he pulled it out of my mouth and told the black guy to feed me his thick uncut cock some more.
Out the corner of my eye, I could see the white guy putting his hard cock back into his pants. He turned and left. Leaving me and the black guy alone with my full of black uncut cock.
I continued to suck on the black guys cock until he pulled it from my mouth and said he too close to cumming and didn’t want to yet.
I asked if I could take a picture of his cock and the Black guy would not let me take a picture of his cock.

Here are the pictures of the urinal I was pissing into and the toilet stall with one of the toilet I sat on while sucking those two uncut cocks.

Friday, January 27, 2012


A pair of twins waiting for the young man next door to arrive for some Hot & Sweaty Sex.

I guess they are not identical twins.
Wonder which one was born first? Maybe the young man with the larger cock was born first. The other one came out sucking on the first one born bigger cock. He’s been sucking on it ever since…

Yes they are over 18 per the site they were downloaded from.

How Many????

The month is drawing to a close already.
It has been a really fucked up month for me in my everyday life and my job.
I have not had the time to get out and hunt men needing to be serviced as much as I would have liked.

So to share with you today to date of what I tracked:

I have sucked on 38 different cocks
11 of them fed me a load of cum
12 of those 38 cocks were uncut and 2 were cheesy.
There were 8 guys who had the honor of my tongue making love to their assholes.

I will report all the numbers at the end of the month...

My numbers are lower than I thought they would be. I will have to try harder in February to increase the number of cocks I suck and the number of loads I get to swallow.

Does anyone else keep count of their Man to Man sex?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cock of the Day!

this is the cock I got to service today.
the picture does not do it justice.
I am a Happy Pig after chewing on this cock for about 20 minutes
Story to follow.....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

PORN OF THE DAY – Friday 1-20-12

I hope you enjoy the selection I share with you today.
My comments are included. Remember I am a Pig and I think about Man to Man Sex all the time. If I could, I would have some type of sex with another Man or group of Men every waking moment of my day. Plus even while sleeping if possible.


This young stud is ready for Pig to crawl up to him and take care of that big beautiful cock and balls. His eyes are inviting you to beg him to slide that pretty cock deep inside your asshole and make love to you from the inside. This is one man you want to fuck you while you are on your back so you can stare up at the incredible face…

This Black Stud just got of prison where he spent the last 5 years fucking every white ass he could. That big black cock of his craving more white ass and he is looking to make you his bitch. Every day you feed him liquor and he will feed you that dark cock of his. He will crawl on your back and slide that hard cock inside of you and make hard love to your stretched asshole.
The Traveling Business Man
All day you sat across the table from him in meetings negotiating deals.
He invites you back to his room for drinks. Once the two of you arrive at his Hotel room he says to you that he is going to change out of his business cloths. You turn to look at him and this is what you see. That look of his says come here and take care of my big uncut cock. That pretty cock has to be the best part of your day.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You Asked

You asked to see it
Now you're gonna take it all up your lily white Ass.
Bend over Bitch!

1-7-12 Saturday

Saturday was a bad day for hunting cock to service.
I stopped by the local Adult Bookstore looking for some cock and only found one available.
It was on this big build middle aged man. He had to be 6 foot plus maybe 4 or 5 more inches.
His cock matched his body build. It was big and massive like him.
I first saw him as he came down the hallway toward me. He grabbed his crotch as he got closer and just as he got to me he asked me if I would suck his cock. At that point I had no idea how big his cock was.
I agreed and he stepped past me to where there was a stool in the corner. I turned and watched him as he sat back on the edge of the stool.
Then he reached down to his crotch area and began to unzip his jeans.
Since he had his legs spread apart, I went and moved in front of him and dropped down to my knees. I knew I was going to need to be in that position so I went ahead and got into position.
My face was just inches away from his crotch and I watched as he reached in and moved his underwear around to pull out his cock for me to suck.
Then all of a sudden, this big fat cock flopped out of his underwear and hit me on the nose. I could not believe how big that fucker was.

From of the feel of it hitting my nose, it felt like it was just about hard.
I reached up with my right hand and tried to put my fingers around its shaft near the base. My fingers wouldn’t touch each other.
I knew I had one big cock to take care of.
As I took the big fat cock in my mouth and was trying to get it to slid into my throat, I heard the guy attached to the cock in mouth tell me to swallow it all. My first thought was that was what I was trying to do.
With both hands he grabbed the back of my head and then he thrust his hips forward to force more of his thick manhood into my throat.
While I sucked on his thick meat, he snorted poppers over and over. I was surprised that the poppers didn’t affect the hardness of his big cock. It stayed hard the whole time.
After several minutes, maybe 10 or more I got tired of him forcing his huge cock down my throat and the fucking my mouth and throat.
I wanted more. Only problem was there wasn’t anyone else there.
I told him that we needed to take and break and that I would give him some more pleasure through his big cock later.
I got up from kneeling in front of him and went to check out the other hallway. Unfortunately no one new had shown up. I decide to walk out front and do some idol chit chat with the store clerk.
When I got tired of that, I headed back to the video booth area.
Just inside the main hallway the guy with the big cock was waiting for me. He grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me. Then he moved around behind me started dry humping me.
For a moment I had the thought that maybe he was horny enough now to fuck me with that fat cock of his. Damn, I just knew that big fat hard cock would feel good up my ass and it wouldn’t be as hard to take all of it up ass as it was swallowing all of it.
While he was dry humping me, he told me he couldn’t believe how good of a cock sucker I was. He said this several times before letting me go.

Then he moved backwards a few steps and sat back on the stool that was next to the video game there in the main hallway. This was right there next to the curtain that hung in the entrance way.
I watched as he pulled his fat cock out of his pants again and then told me he wanted to feel my mouth again make love to his big cock.
He had no problem letting me know his cock was big.
I knelt down in front of him again and sucked his big fat cock some more in main hallway.
At this point I figured out that this fucker was not a fucker, just a guy with a big cock who liked to be deep throated.
After several more minutes of making love to that big cock, I decided it was time I get my ass home.
I gave him back his big cock and told him that hopefully I would see him again and that he would fuck my throat some more then.
I left and headed on home.
I know that big cock would have fit nicely deep in my Pig Asshole.
Maybe one day I will run into him again and find out.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


12-22-11 Thursday evening
Stopped by the Bookstore and only found one cock to suck.
Here is a picture of it. It doesn’t look like a lot, but it fed me a nice load of cum. 
After I took this picture, I joined the guy in his booth. Fairly nice looking middle aged man with a little to much belly.
The only other guys there were regulars who I will not have anything to do with. Old dried up farts or Nelly Queens…

Shower Buddy

I wanted to share with you one of the dildos I keep in my shower to use in the morning when I am getting ready for the day.

This is one of the best feeling cock you can slide up your ass early in the morning.


Pornography has been around since the dawn of time in one form or the other. This fact should tell us something about human nature, but there always seem to be those who don't want to acknowledge human nature.

Pornography is like almost everything else we deal with in our lives. It is not inherently evil. It is not inherently good. It just is; and what it is, depends on what we do with it and what we allow or do not allow it to do with us

Men in particular are stimulated by what they see. Without visual stimulation one of the major precursors to sexual interest and activity would be missing for men, and perhaps it is in recognition of that truth that many disapprove of both pornography and sex.
The human body is an art form and should be thought of it that way.
Keep in mind that enjoying pictures of naked men is much like anything that puts spice in our lives. It must be used in just the right amounts. Too much seasoning ruins everything.

Found on this wonderful blog – check it out


Monday, January 9, 2012

Cum Dump

As I began the task of cleaning under the thick foreskin of the raunchy uncut cock in my mouth, I felt the body attached to the cock begin to quiver some.
I glanced up at the bearded face of the handsome stud to see him begin to breathe harder.
Within seconds his whole body jerk and the thick raunchy uncut cock halfway down my throat begin to erupt.
His salty cum slid down my throat as I swallowed to keep from choking.
My mouth had not only become his cock washer, now it has become his cum dump.
The only thing that would make this moment better is if he washed his cum down my throat into my belly with his piss.

I was a proud Pig kneeling between his legs.

New for 2012

I have some of the best porn. At least to me it is.
Just about every day I log onto blogger to check and see if any of my readers left comments on any of post.
Then I check out the blogs I follow. I go check out Cowboy Ray’s blog because he usually has some great pictures of Cowboys. I check out the Morphing blog to see how big the morphed cocks on the guys he works on. I always read Antonio Biaggi’s Blog. I think he is the hottest stud in the porn industry. Plus I check out a few others for great pictures.

When I started this blog, I wanted it to have variety. I didn’t want it to be just pictures of the cocks I suck and that fuck me. I wanted some funny stuff and some serious stuff and I wanted to share my adventures. 
My adventures seem to be the biggest hit. Plus my words of wisdom on bookstore etiquette and things like cock size.
My short comments – dirty talk – are a big hit also.

So now we are back to me just posting pictures on my blog. Like I said, I don’t want to be known just for the Hot Men I post. Yet I do want to share some of the pictures I save with you my readers.

From time to time I have posted ‘Cock of the Day’ and post like that of just pictures of the subject of the post.

I’m going to try a new format.
It’s going to be my ‘Porn of the Day’ postings.

First I am going to post: ‘Man of the Day!’ This is going to pictures of Men that I find Hot. I am also going to post a short caption of what is on my mind when I look at that Man.
Next I am going to post: ‘Cock of the Day!’ This is going to be a picture or two, maybe three of cocks I just want to share with you and comment on.
Finally I am going to post: ‘Ass/Asshole of the Day!’ The pictures posted here will end my posting. No pun intended. These posts will be of some nice Ass shots or of some note worthy Assholes. I will also include with these pictures what is on my Pig Mind when I look at them.
From time to time I will also a one or two bazaar photos and comment on them.

This will not happen every day and it will not replace my Adventures and my thoughts. Like I said earlier, I just want to share another glimpse into my Pig Head.
I hope you enjoy these posts. I also hope you will comment on the posts if you want to share your thoughts.
Your comments on any of my posts are always welcome and appreciated.
Who knows, you might just turned on and blow a big load looking at these posts.

Sample of my new Postings
I hope you enjoy the selection I share with you today.
My comments are included. Remember I am a Pig and I think about Man to Man Sex all the time. If I could, I would have some type of sex with another Man or group of Men every waking moment of my day. Plus even while sleeping if possible.

These two Hot Studs were chosen because I see myself being the on sucking on the others cock. Getting it ready to either feed me a big load or fuck the living hell out of my Pig Asshole.
This is also the perfect position for the bottom to be the Top's Personal Urinal

 When I look at this stud, I know he is presenting me his stinking raunchy ass to clean out. While I am cleaning his raunchy asshole out with my tongue, he is talking dirt to me and telling me how much of fucking Pig I am.

 These two Big Black Cocks are waiting for my mouth so they can use it to piss in.
Then while chokes me while I suck his Black Cock, the other will be fucking my Pig Ass long and deep with his thick piece.
Two Horny Suds from the Hood using a piece of white trash for their needs.
I just want to lick the sweat off this stud's perfect body

 This long cock is just waiting while I grease up my hungry asshole so it can slide real deep inside me.
After it breeds my ass, I get to lick his cum and my ass juices off the massive piece of meat.

Wow, this is Hot as Hell
Big fat dildo up my ass
Bound like a Pig
Nipples getting clamped and pulled.
Rip the duct tape off my mouth and piss down my throat while you push me toward the tub planting that fat dildo deep inside of me
Sit on my face and make me smell your raunchy asshole while I lick it out.
A dream come true...

Look at that Asshole pucker.
It's just got fucked with that big black dildo.
Look at the grease mark where the guys asshole left a kiss showing how much he took.
The Stud with the dildo looks mean enough to force all of that black latex in that hole deep and fuck it hard.
That must be one happy Pig!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What the Fuck????????

Is this guy your type?
If so, would you prefer him with the smaller cock and balls
The LARGER Cock and Balls?

Yes, He is over the legal age to be showing his BIG Cock...

10 statements to consider

I found these on another blog and wanted to share them with you. I have added the pictures to help illustrate the meaning of each statement.

I believe in these statements and I am glad to find them posted on the internet.

If you agree with them, add them to your daily thoughts and prayers.

1. Religion and Spirituality are based on the individual person.    No path is wrong when it is the path that you, the individual, feel is right for you.

2. Men are the most beautiful creation on this earth.

3. There is no greater feeling than to bring pleasure to or be pleased by a man’s cock.

4. Consuming of seed in any way bonds us all together, so the more seed that is consumed, the more connected we all become.

5. Get other men off as you would have other men get you off.

6. Masturbate/Self-Worship as much as possible or as much as you see fit.

7. Worship your own cock as you would have others worship your cock.

8. Respect each other as men, understand each other, encourage each other’s sexual desires, cast out petty jealousy and allow men to be men.

9. Bring no real harm to each other.

10. Everyone has the right to worship cock, but don’t take it for granted.  Cock Worship and getting a man off is a privilege.

Found on another website:

Temple of Male and Phallic Worship