Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happiness Is

This  is  Happiness!

A Big Fat Uncut Top’s Cock
Hanging over a nice set of low hangers

Waiting for you to service its every needs!

Redneck FortuneCookie Fortune

Fortune Cookie Say:
It would be best to maintain a low profile for now.

Redneck Translation:

Find a glory hOle booth and stay in it. Don’t let the guy on the 
other side see you.

Give him the service he is there for so he will move on 
so the next one can step to the hole.

My Indiana Trip - Part I

Indiana Trip – part I

It has been a long week in Indiana. I know I only had to be there Monday thru Thursday, but what a long week.
The town I have been in that past week had been a real trip.

Here are my adventures while in EVV Indiana.

The first night in town I decided to check out one of the adult bookstores that were listed on the internet. It was on Main Street and I remembered the exit off the freeway from earlier in the day.

Well, I drove around for about an hour downtown looking for this place. I did take the time to walk the riverfront and get to see some Handsome Men with there families.  I always enjoy Man Watching.

I decided that maybe the street address I was looking for was on the other side of the expressway,
I was hungry for some sweets so I stopped at a McDonald’s to get a ice cream sundae. While waiting for the counter girl to make my sundae, I ask the Hot Kid who couldn’t be more then 18 or 19 where the adult bookstore was. He was eager to tell me that it was only a few blocks away.    
That made me very happy.

I got my sundae and sat in the car and ate it. I got to do some more Man Watching. A pick-up truck with two Hot Rednecks pulled up next to me and I got to watch them finish their beers before going in to get some cheap food.

The passenger which was on the side of the truck next to me was a good looking redhead with a nice goatee and built pretty good. He he climbed out the truck and he stopped before shutting the door as he reached around and pulled his underwear out of his ass crack. Then he saw me watching and he reached down and grabbed his big budging crotch and adjusted it. He kinda was showed his manhood off by making sure I saw how much he grabbed. The amount of meat he had in his hand indicated he could have been well hung. 

Oh well, the joys of Man Watching.

When I finished my sundae, I drove the few blocks to where the Hot kid in McDonalds had told me the place was. No wonder I had driven by it. The sign wasn’t lighted up and the doorway was pretty plain . Not that much indication as to where the place. There were no vehicles parked out on the street in front of the place.

I was surprised when I walked in the door of the Bookstore. It wasn’t very big and really dated. It looked like the ABSs looked at home 10 years ago.

The one plus the place had, they had a great selection of dildos. In particular, they carried a large selection of a brand that I don’t see very often at home. I checked them out and decided that there were two that I wanted to buy before I left town on Thursday.

The clerk was a heavy set black women and she had a skinny good looking black man standing at the counter bull shitting with her. The one thing from their conversation that stood out was she told the skinny guy that her husband got out of Prison on Thursday morning and she had to drive to get him. She told the guy that she wasn’t a morning person and she was not looking forward to getting up early to drive and hour and half to get to the prison to get him.

Then she told him that if he wanted to fuck her, that he needed to be there when she got off work or they were going to have to wait till the next week.
Next she told him that the weekend wouldn’t work because she knew he was going to wear her out and she would be sore because his cock was so large. 

Then she told him that her husband was tired of fucking ass in prison, he was ready for some real snatch.

It is amazing what you can over hear in pubic places. Some people will say anything and not care who hears them.

I saw the entrance to the video booth area and there was a sign that said you had to buy $3.00 of tokens to gain entrance to it. I had been checking out the doorway since I had been there and had not seen any movement through the doorway.

I didn’t care. I had to check the place out. The internet had said it was the better of the two in town.

I went up the counter and paid my $3.00 for a hand full of brass tokens.

So next I headed on to the back video area. I had low expectations of getting any cock. I figured I just wasted $3.00.

The video booth area was really creepy. It was a maze of the prefab video booths that were popular 10 or 15 years ago. They were not very big and the monitor was in a box hanging and you had to sit down. There wasn’t any room to stand.


Some of the video booths had crude glory holes cut in the walls. Because the booth were not the stand alone type, the glory hole had to penetrate through two walls. Not very inviting to put your cock through. Plus, they had to be located in the stupidest areas in the different booths.

It was obvious that some booths were only usable by the suckers and others were only usable by the guy getting sucked.

I walked around for a while. I figured I was there so I should wait and see if anyone comes in.

I had been there about thirty minutes by myself when finally someone else entered the video area. Believe it or not, it was the guy for the passenger side of the pickup truck back at McDonalds. He recognized me right away.

As he entered the video booth area, he turned and headed for the Men’s Room. It was right off the entrance to the video booth area. I didn’t hear him shut the door so I walked over to check it out.

There he was standing at the toilet taking a piss with the door open.

He turned and smiled at me watching him and then went back to pissing. After he finished, I walked back into the video booth area.

I heard him come out of the Men’s Room and noticed he didn’t flush the toilet.

As he passed me checking out the video booths he nodded to me and then said ‘What’s up man?’. My reply back to him was that I was bored.

I remained where I was standing and watched him walked toward this booth sitting by itself. He went in it and dropped a couple of tokens.  Instead of locking the door, he left it open a little. To me this was an invitation for me to join him. 

As I pushed the door to the video booth open and started to enter, I heard him ask me what took me so long. Hell, I was only a few seconds behind him.

I shut and locked the door and turned toward him.

‘You a cock sucker?’ He asked me while he reached down and grabbed his crotch.

‘I need to get off while my buddy is out the bullshitting with that damn Ni**er Bitch. He thinks he’s gonna get some of her big black ass tonight.’

‘Damn right I right I’ll suck your cock’ I said back to him. ‘Hell I’ll suck your cock so good you’ll tell your buddy he needs to come back here and get a blowjob too.

His buddy, the redneck that was driving the pick-up truck was so good looking too that you could just cum in your pants looking at him.

As he continued to grab at his crotch, I dropped to my knees in front of him. 

Without saying a word to him I pushed his hand off his crotch and went for the zipper of his jeans. Then I unbuttoned the button and pulled them open. I was surprised, he was wearing black Calvin Klein Boxer-Briefs.

I reached and grabbed the waistband and pulled down the front of them so his big fat uncut cock fell just in front of my face. I couldn’t believe how fucking Hot that redhead’s uncut cock was. Plus its odor began to fill the video booth quickly.

With my other hand I grabbed that big uncut piece of meat and slid the thick foreskin back to reveal a wet purplish cock head with a big piss slit.

I wasted no time opening my mouth and sticking my tongue out so I could take that Redneck’s fat uncut cock in mouth and start giving him a blowjob he would never forget.

At first my tongue dug into his thick foreskin so I could like that purplish wet head. Then I licked his big piss slit and tried to get as much of my tongue in it as possible.

The redheaded redneck began to moan as I slowly began to swallow his thick uncut cock.

Just as I had swallowed all of his semi limp fat uncut cock, he grabbed my head and held it tight. Then he slowly began to ease himself down to the bench which was in the video booth. While he slowly lowering himself and holding my head in place with his manhood buried in my throat, I pulled his jeans and underwear down so they wouldn’t get in the way when he had finally sat down. He had my nose buried in his red pubic hair and all I could smell was his sweaty, almost raunchy crotch.

Just as his ass touched the wooden bench, I grabbed his big hairy balls and made sure they were trapped between his legs - Lost to enjoy my tongue and mouth.

Now that the red haired redneck stud had sat down, he released the hold he had on my head and let me take control again.

As he leaned back and got himself comfortable I started to work on his uncut cock. He pulled up his t-shirt to reveal nice hairy belly. Slowly I sucked on his uncut cock.. Letting it slide in and out of my mouth while sucking and chewing on it. The whole time the redhead continued to moan.

As I sucked on his cock it began to grew in my mouth and get harder. I played with his big low hanging balls as I continued to make love to his manhood.

Slowly licking down his cock shaft, I shifted my attention and my mouth to this hair ball sac. I licked it and took each of his balls in my mouth and lightly chewed on them one at a time. The redhead really liked me chewing on his balls. 

While I had both of them in my mouth at the same time, his cock began to throb and bounce up and down over my face. He was really enjoying having his hairy balls chewed on.

Since his uncut cock was dripping pre-cum onto my face while I was working on his balls, I decided it was time for me to turn my attention back to his hard cock.

‘Damn’ he said to me as I swallowed his hard cock again. ‘The Bitch back at the house has never taken care of my boy there like you are. The bitch needs to take some cock sucking lessons from you.’

Since I had my mouth full, I couldn’t thank him for the compliment. So I just kept sucking on his cock making him moan some more even louder.

I continued sucking on his cock and playing with his big balls for several more minutes. Then I felt his legs tighten up and his body began to jerk a little.

His breathing got faster and deeper and the uncut cock I had in my mouth got even harder. I knew exactly what this meant. He was getting close to feeding me his load. I slowed down a little and swallowed as much of his rock hard uncut cock as I could. Then I stated chewing on it and nursing on it with my tongue. It just took a few seconds of that and then he erupted.

At first his body just jerked some as his cock pumped squirt after squirt of his cum into my mouth for me to swallow.

Then I heard he say “Mary Sue, now this is how you suck cock.’

As his squirts of cum slowed his cock began to go limp in my mouth.

‘Whew’ he said. ‘You were right. That was one hell of a blowjob. None of the faggots around here have every sucked my cock like that. Where the hell are you from?”

Now his cock was becoming sensitive so he attempted to pull it out of my mouth. I prevented him from pulling it completely out until I had milked the last drop. Then I let him have his manhood back.

I then looked up at him from between his legs where I was kneeling and told him I was from out of town and only there for a couple of days.

‘Damn, I wish you were one of the local boys. I’d let you drain my boy every day.’

I moved back a few inches and attempted to stand up. Embarrassing I hit my head on the cabinet which had the video monitor in it. Once I got out from under it and moved to the side, the redheaded redneck stood up. As he was bending over to pull up his jeans and underwear, I got to see his ass.

It was nicely shaped and covered in red hair.

‘Damn that’s a pretty ass’ I said to him.

‘Off limits’ he quickly replied. ‘I ain’t no faggot who gets fucked the butt.’ He continued.

‘Hell, I don’t want to fuck it’ I said back to him. “I just want to smell it.’

‘Go ahead’ he said back to me. He stopped pulling up his jeans and turned his hairy ass toward me.

Go ahead and stick your nose up my stinking ass.’

I reached for those hairy cheeks and pulled the apart enough for me to get my nose in his ass crack just where his asshole was. Then I took a deep breath and held it. Damn his stinking ass smelled good. It was sweaty and had a nice musky odor to it.

I straightened back up and let him finish getting pulling up his jeans.

My nose was going to smell of his stinking ass for hours. I was proud to be wearing that scent.

After he had buttoned and zipped up his jeans, I unlocked the door and left the small video booth. He followed me back out into the hallway.

‘Damn that was one hell of blowjob’ he said again. Then he punched me on my shoulder and headed on back out into the store.

I walked over and found a good spot to lean on the wall and stood there proud of myself. That Hot Redheaded Redneck stud was going to remember that blowjob for a long time.

Continued in another post – EVV part II

Sunday, March 29, 2015



This site contains ADULT CONTENT

It is CLOSED to any viewer
under the LEGAL AGE
To view this type of material.


This Glory Hole is
To you

It is intended for

NOT under aged males and females.

Friday, March 27, 2015

How Many

How many Men have shot their load of cum on this video booth floor?

There should have been a cock sucking faggot there to swallow it instead.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Friday 11-6-XX

Friday 11-6-XX – details = part 1 of 3

As I noted in an earlier post – I had stopped by the ABS on 70 near the airport on the way to work. Not much there.
There was one nice looking tall stud with a beard that was cruising.
I remember him from years before. He is stuck on himself.

A young thin good looking well dressed Hispanic came in to cruise. He also seemed to be stuck on himself.

I talked to one guy who I have seen around there before. He gave me the details of what he thought the cruising scene was there now.
It was pretty interesting to hear what he had to say.
Nothing worth writing about.

Since nothing was happening there, I Left to go to work. Didn’t get any cock that visit.

Now after work is a different matter……

I stopped by the ABS on Guess Road and was pretty lucky.
I got 2 really nice Hispanic studs and one Hot white guy.

 That = 2 loads of cum, I got to eat 2 nice brown ass holes, one of them let me lick his arm pits, one fucked me, I fed my load to the white guy and they were all into nipple play.

Here are the details of the first of these Hot Tricks…

I got to the place around 5:30 PM and remember, it’s a Friday evening. I figured the place would be fairly busy. I was wrong……
There were just a few cars in the lot, but I figured it was worth checking out. You never know who is there.

Inside at the counter, there was a Hot guy which I had done before. He was talking to the clerk. I paid my admission fee and headed toward the back video booth area.

In the back there were a couple of guys.
I could see one guy sitting on a stool in the corner of the side to the left. He looked to be of small build and didn’t seem to be interested in anything. He had the door to the last booth open and was watching the movie. It was a gay movie with a couple of big cock black guys fucking each other.

I walked on over to the other side of the video booth area to see if anyone was over there. Back in the corner of this hallway was another guy sitting on a stool watching the movie in the booth in front of him through an open door.

The second booth in the hallway had its door closed and I could tell by the noises coming out of it, that it had a couple of guys inside of it. It sounded as if they were having a good time. I could hear one of them moaning and the there were slurping sounds too. It sounded as if someone was giving a sloppy blow job.

I moved down the hall to see who or what was sitting on the stool in the corner. As my eyes adjusted to the dimly lite hallway, I could see that it was this Hispanic guy that I had done there before. He has a great body and loves to have it worshiped. Nice uncut cock and a fine bubble butt.

I know from seeing him there in the past and hearing him talk that he is a hair dressers at one of the nicer hair salons in town. His build had gone some since the last time I had seen him. He had a belly now. But that didn’t matter to me, he was still damn good looking and fun to service. He nodded to me and then went back to watching the movie.

As I was standing there checking him out, the door to the closed booth opened and out stumbled a middle age guy buttoning up his shirt. He was fairly good looking and obliviously had had a good time. The door to the booth quickly closed behind him not giving me a chance to see who else was in the booth with him.

I cruised on back to the other side. I could hear two guys talking over on the other side in Spanish. Someone new must have come in.

Over on the other side, there were two new guys. One was an older skinny guy, not very attractive and the other one was another Hispanic.

This one had a bigger build then the one sitting on the stool and seemed to be uncomfortable. I figured maybe it was his first time. Since I don’t speak Spanish, I couldn’t ease drop on their conversation. The new Hispanic checked me out and did the crotch check on me. I checked him out and let him now I was interested.

The white guy went in the last booth which the Hispanic on the stool had been watching the movie though the open door.

The two Hispanic guys kept talking so I decided to go back to the other side and see if the other guy was doing anything. He had gotten off the stool and was standing in the doorway of the second booth.

The second booth, the one that had two guys in it when I got there, is a private booth with no holes. One wall is falling down so you can see in the booth from the third booth if you try.

I leaned on the wall in the hallway just across from the doorway. The Hot Latin Stud moved into the booth and motioned for me to follow him. Inside the booth as I was closing the door he was unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it open. “Lick my tits” he told me as he raised his arms above his head. He shaves his chest hair and he had nubs which were rough on the tongue, but I went to work licking and sucking on his erect nipple. He has nice size nipples for sucking and chewing and really like to have the worked on.

When I moved from his left nipple to his right nipple, I caught a whiff of his arm pits. Damn they smelled good. He wasn’t wearing any deodorant and I would say he hadn’t bathed in several days. I moved my nose up to his hairy arm pits to get a good whiff.

“Lick um, go ahead, lick um good, my pits taste good pig?” he was telling me as I started to lick and suck on his pits. They tasted as good as they smelled. My head was starting to spin from his raunchy smelly arm pits and I was enjoying it.

My cock was rock hard in my pants.

“Get down there and suck my cock” he ordered me as he pushed me down toward the floor in front of himself. “Suck it good and then lick my ass, pig”. He must be American born, because he didn’t have any Latin accent at all.

I fell down to my knees and swallowed his fat uncut cock and started servicing it the way I knew he liked it. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he would be turning around and pushing his sweet bubble butt in my face.

I was hoping his brown ass would smell as good as his pits did.

After getting my tongue into his dirty foreskin and cleaning it out, I swallowed all of his cock until my nose was buried in his sweaty black pubic hair.

After sucking on his incredible uncut cock and licking his sweaty balls, he finally fed me the load of cum I had been waiting for.

As we exited the video booth, the two other Hispanics were now standing outside in the hallway listening to us.

The amigo I was with said something to them in Spanish and they both grinned and said something back.
Then he turned and told me the bigger of the two wanted me to do him too.
Then he told me while looking at him that he also wanted some of my gringo ass.
The bigger of the two grinned at me again and grabbed his crotch.
I was in Pig Heaven…

I told the guy I had just swallowed his load to tell the smaller one that is he changed his mind, just let me know.

Details in another posting…
Check it out, I get fucked royally.

Hot Porn

Here is my posting
Of some
Hot Porn
Downloaded from one or more
Of my favorite sites.

Comments are


Big Black Cock

Today I present to my readers
Another Big Black Cock that got to enjoy both my mouth and my pig-hole.

After giving this cock some intense mouth action,
He suited up and I rode it.

Felt so damn good in my pig-hOle.

I rode this BBC for a long time making sure I pushed my ass onto it enough to get as much in my ass as possible.

Later this Big Black Cock fucked me in the public dark area in front of several other guys.

He fucked me hard and long burying this thick meat as deep as he could making sure I knew how big and hard it was.

He kept asking me how good did it feel to have his mighty cock buried inside of my ass.

After one hell of a fucking, he blasted a huge load into the Magnum size rubber he was wearing.

He allowed me to clean his sloppy cock off after he removed the cum filled rubber. I watched as he tossed the used rubber over into the trash can in the corner.

Damn my pig-hOle felt like a King!

Monday, March 23, 2015


When you are kneeling in front of your Black Top Stud servicing his big uncut cock…

What color do you prefer it to be?

Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

My preference
See for yourself…

Open Fly

Recently I told a guy, "You're not zipped up!" as he walked past.

He replied, "Thanks mate, but you should not be looking there"!

Another friend used to say, "If you're only looking at his face, you're often missing a more interesting place"!

Green Weenie Lunch

8-23-XXXX Green Weenie Lunch

I had some extra time to kill at lunch time so I decided to check out one of the Adult Bookstores to see if there would be any Men needing to relieve their full balls of man-cum.

I paid my $1.00 cover charge and headed on toward the video booth area. There had only been a few vehicles in the parking lot.
Lately, there had not been much action going on at lunch time at this bookstore.

As I entered the video booth area I saw a Hot Hispanic Male which looked to be in his early 30s. He was dressed in jeans and a dirty t-shirt. He was wearing muddy work boots and as he passed by me, I could smell his sweaty body odor.
Damn, I want to taste this Man and drink his essence from his brown cock. I needed his man-cum in my belly.

As he passed by me, he nodded and then turned into video booth number 4. I heard him lock the door as I headed for video booth 5 knowing there was a glory hole in the wall between the two video booths.

As I knelt down to my knees, I pulled my camera out of my pocket.
Not only am I obsessed with sucking cock, swallowing man-Cum and getting my ass used by men for there sexual needs, I am also obsessed with taking pictures of the cocks I interact with.

As I started to peer through the glory hole, a cock covered with a green condom came jutting through it into my booth.
Here is what I saw.

I took that picture and wasted no time getting that green covered weenie in my mouth.
As I have posted in the past, I do not have a problem with sucking on cocks that are covered with a condom. I prefer the condoms that are not pre-lube with that spermicidal crap.

The Hispanic latex covered cock grew in my mouth and I heard the good looking Latin Stud attached to it begin to moan as my mouth and tongue made love to his manhood.
When I let it fall out of my mouth, I could tell he was uncut and the green condom had pulled his foreskin back from over his cock head.

I went back to sucking the Hispanic’s green weenie. I could tell by the noises he was making he was close to cumming.
Finally he let his load go and it filled the green rubber.

When he was finished using my mouth, he pulled his green cock back through the glory hole.
I watched as he removed the condom and dropped it on the floor.

This is cum filled green rubber.

After the guy left the video booth he had been in, I went in and retrieved the used green rubber full of his cum that he had tossed onto the floor.
I wanted that load of cum.

It was fairly full of his thick essence.

After sucking that green rubber dry of his cum swallowing it, I took it to the Men’sRoom and flushed it down the toilet.

All of that man’s DNA was in my belly.


Happiness Is

This  is  Happiness!

Riding a Tattooed stud's arm!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Bud thinks he’s straight, but he is all the time out looking for guys to hang with and fuck around with.

He starts off talking sports and slowly works the conversation to how muscular the guys are and then about how easy it must be for them to get a fuck.

A trip to the Men’s Room and he comes back with his fly unzipped.

He moves the conversation to how hot it must be to fuck one of those sports guys.

Eventually he has his big floppy uncut cock out showing off how fucking big it is.

He manipulates the guy he is with to drop his pants and show off what he as. 

Then he has them turn and show him their ass.

Another beer or drink and his cock is rock hard. He convinces his drinking buddy to stroke it telling how fucking much like the sports hero he would be if he bent over and took it up the ass.

He starts talking about fucking in the locker room after game and before long, he has his big uncut cock sliding into his drunk buddy’s asshole.

Yeah, the guy says it hurts, Bud doesn’t care. He wants that piece of ass and he is going to get it.

He wants to get his buddy’s shit on his big uncut cock.

Bud likes packing the shit before planting his seed up that drunk bastard’s ass.

Keeps telling how fucking butch they are to get fucked.

Most of the time he fucks them in the Men’s Room. It is easier to get their pants down when they are taking a piss.

He hauls his big uncut cock and pisses in front of them. Showing how fucking superior he is because his cock is bigger than his drinking buddy.

It’s fun to interrupt his fucking and show the guy getting fucked how to take it up the ass like a real sports star.

I drop my pants and spread my cheeks for Bud to see my puckered asshole.

That is all I have to do to get Bud to fuck my asshole.

I brace myself on the urinal the two of them just pissed in and steady myself for his entry.

He pulls his big shitty cock from the drunk and pushes it up my hungry hole.

Fuck, it doesn’t matter it has the other dudes shit on it. I'll clean myself up later when I shit out Bud’s big load of cum.

The drunk straightens up and grabs his own cock.

He mumbles something about how the fuck can I take that big fucker and take that ass pounding.

He starts to stroke his own cock watching Bud pound the hell out of my ass with his big shitty uncut cock.

Damn it is such a head trip to have this drunk straight dude watching me get fucked by the cock that he was almost getting raped by.

Bud fucks hard and likes to pull his big cock just about all the way out so it can be seen before he slams it back inside your ass.

He is one hell of a power fucker, especially when he has and audience.

I bend forward with my face in the urinal and my hands on the rim keeping me from being fucked into the wall.

Then all of sudden Bud pulls his cock out and tells the drunk guy to have some. 

He is so demanding the guy usually just as he is told.

Bud steps out of the way and the drunk will slide his hard cock into my sloppy hole.

Bud encourages him on until he blast his load up my ass. Then Bud grabs the guy and with the guy still buried inside my ass, he rams his big hard uncut cock up the guys wrecked asshole and with just a few pumps in and out, he blast his load deep inside the shocked fucker.

By now the guy is fighting to get away but he is trapped between Bud and my ass with his cock still buried inside me.

I tighten my ass to keep him there until Bud breeds the fucker.

Bud pulls out of the guy and he slips out of my asshole as he collapses onto the floor.

Now I turn and grab the fucker by the head and forces him down on Bud’s shit 
covered cock.

I yell at the drunk dude to clean his fucking shit off of Bud’s cock or we are going to tell everyone he likes to get his shit packed by big dick fuckers.

Then I force his mouth open and Bud shoves his floppy cock into his mouth and down his throat.

Both of us tell him to get busy and get that cock clean.

Bud fucks the guy’s mouth enough to get the guy’s shit off his floppy cock. Then he pulls his cock out of the guy’s mouth and stuffs it back into his pants.

Come on buddy, get your ass up off the floor and let’s go have another beer. 
You need to watch that fucking shit out of mouth.

Unless you want to lay there and wait for the next guy to come in to take a piss and use you for his cum dump faggot hole?

Bud leaves the Men’s Room as I pull my pants up. I reach down and grab the guy’s limp cock and squeeze it real hard. Then I pull on his cock and tell him to get his ass up that I need to put my load somewhere and it wasn’t going to be on the floor. Either was going to give me a blowjob or let me fuck his shitty asshole.

I keep pulling on the guy’s cock until his up on his feet, then I turn him around toward the nasty urinal aiming his ass toward my hard cock sticking out of my jeans. Before the drunk can say a word, I’m forcing my hard cock up his shitty asshole.

I start pumping his ass hard and it isn’t long before I blast my load up his ass. 

The guy is screaming and begging me to stop, but I don’t care.

I know what is going to happen next.

The door to the men’s room opens and in walks another drunk just as I am pulling my cock out the drunks wrecked asshole.

He looks at us and ask in a drunken slur, which of you faggots is looking to get fucked by a real man?

I push my jeans down to show my ass and ask the new fucker if he is ready to get his dick dirty. I brace myself on the urinal again and push my ass back toward the new fucker.

Come on fucker, show me how fucking much a man you really are. Fuck my ass and fuck it as hard as you want. Fuck it like a real man should fuck another man’s ass. Make my asshole your fucking cum dump for the night.

I glance back over my shoulder as he undoes his belt and then his jeans. He pushed down his boxer shorts and out pops a nice size rock hard Real Man’s Cock as he called it.

The first drunk is now standing trying to pull his pants up. He doesn’t want the chance of getting fucked again.

The new drunk yells at him to get his sorry ass out the way, he wanted my ass and was going to get it.

He steps up behind me and pushed his hard cock up against my sloppy asshole.

I take a deep breath and my asshole opens up to let that hard cock enter me just as he slams it in me.

Good damn that feels good. I yell at the drunk in my ass to fuck me. He wanted my ass, now fuck it.

I hear the door to the Men’s Room open again and as I glance over my shoulder and see the first drunk exiting the room pulling up his pants.

Dumb fucker, he should’ve stayed and learned how to get fucked like a real fucking sport hero.

A faggot sports hero hungry to get fucked by some drunk bastard.