Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Day One of my trip to Amsterdam = Part 1

 – part ONE the first leg of my trip…

I started my trip on a Saturday. I had to fly to Washington to catch the overnight flight to Amsterdam.

The flight from my home area’s airport was uneventful. I arrived at the airport early in case I had any trouble with my luggage. Fortunately I didn’t.

The flight to Washington was on a small size jet and only an hour long. The male flight attendant was fairly good-looking and very friendly to me. I always seem to bring out the best of these guy’s and they are drawn to me for some strange reason.

I had a couple of hours lay-over in DC before my over-night flight to the Netherlands. The flight was listed as almost 9 hours. I was flying economy so I knew the seating space was going to be tight. And it was –it was even tighter then my piggy asshole.
As I boarded the jet, I wasn’t surprised to see how they packed the passengers in. Each row had 7 seats. 2 seats on each side of the plane and three seats in the middle.

I was assigned the seat in the very middle of the plane. On my right side I had young black lady seated and on my left side I had a youngish maybe middle aged guy seated. He was dressed nicely wearing 501 jeans.

During the long flight over-night in which I should have slept some but I didn’t, I got to watch the guy’s nicely packed box grow as his cock harden from whatever he was dreaming about several times.

He had a very impressive package. I wanted to reach over and undo his jeans to give his cock some room to breathe. What I really wanted was to show this guy’s cock some attention with my mouth.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to experience ever faggot’s dream come true where the pilot comes back and joins you in the small restroom and allows you to show your appreciation for a good flight by sucking his huge cock. Then he turns you around and fucks you while flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Finally depositing his thick load of cum deep inside your asshole for you to enjoy the warmth in your intestines the final leg of the trip.

Nope that didn’t happen, but Wow what a trip it would have been if it did happen.

Finally we landed at the airport in Amsterdam. Damn that was a long flight. We arrived at 7 AM Sunday morning.
I now had an entire day to get from the airport to my destination and then have some fun.

Before going to the baggage area to get my luggage, I had to piss and stopped to use my first Men’s Room in the Netherlands. These are known as the WC.

After taking my first piss in the Netherlands, I headed to get my luggage.
On the way to the baggage claim area for my flight, I stopped and did the money exchange. I was surprised at how few Euros I got for my American dollars.

Now off to claim my luggage.
Everything arrived and now I was ready to go and get my train ticket so I could travel to my destination for the work week.
This is when I really got to see the variety of Men in the Netherlands. There were good looking men everywhere.
Most of the Men were with other Men. Of course there were the married men with their families and they too were good looking.
I knew my stay in the Netherlands was going to be fun.

Throughout my postings about my adventures in the Netherlands, I will be posting sets of pictures that represent how good looking the Men in the Netherlands are. And as you will read, they all had huge uncut cocks.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Please read and respond

Please read and respond ! ! !

Greetings to all my cock sucking, ass eating, cum drinking, ass fucking, wild ass readers of my blog.

As I put the adventures of my trip to the Netherlands in print getting it ready to post for your enjoyment, I have a question that needs your input.

There are two methods of posting my adventures and I would like to hear from you as to which is most preferred by my readers.

Method # 1 = Post the story about my adventures or my words of wit and then post the pictures I have selected to illustrate my posting at the end of the post. This gives the reader a bunch of porn in one place. You have to think about what you read to match the pictures to my adventure.

Method # 2 = Post the pictures I have selected to illustrate my adventures in line with the adventure as they represent. This allows the reader to have a visual of what they are reading at that time.

I prefer Method # 2 - The reason is because it gives the reader a visual of what they are reading at that moment. I select pictures from the internet or from my personal collection to allow the reader to see how wonderful the situation was. This message is posted in Method # 2.

Most pictures I use are found on the internet, yet some of them are the actual picture I took at that time.

Your input on to which method you prefer is appreciated.

You can either post your opinion below in the comment section or send me an email.

To show my appreciation, if we ever get to meet, I will suck your cock and you can use my mouth as your cum-dumpster.

I hope to see your comments on this matter. It is important to me to make sure my readers are getting the fullest enjoyment from my postings.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I survived Amsterdam

Greetings to all my Blog readers

As you can see from the picture of the t-shirt, I survived my trip to the Netherlands and my time in Amsterdam.

I have a notebook full of adventures to transfer to postable print.

My time there was full of work during the daytime and plenty of sex at night. Due to the backroom orgies I were involved in, I can not give you an exact number of Men I sexually interacted with.

And yes, I played safe (most of the time)

I sucked a lot of cocks, got fucked by a bunch of men with huge uncut cocks, fisted some nice asshole, got fisted by some hot men, drank piss, fucked a bunch of men with my dildos and had one incredible visitor to my Hotel room which fucked me for hours.

I look forward to posting my adventures for your reading.

Thanks to all of you that post well-wishes for my trip. As you will see, I had an incredible time.

I will be silent from my blog while I transfer my notes to print.
I want to post the entire trip all at once as it happened…
Cock by cock and fuck by fuck.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today is the Day

Good morning Faggots

Today is the day.
I am on my way to the Netherlands.

Wish me well with my Adventures.
I hope to worship a lot cocks and the men attached to them while visiting Amsterdam.

My pen & paper will be with me at all times to take notes and I have my camera so I can take pictures whenever possible.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Saturday is the Day

The time is near . . .

My trip to Amsterdam is only one day away.

After trying to find some information about where to go for some Pig Sex, this is now what I expect to find when I get there.

Really. . .
After posting on the Recon site about my travels, I am disappointed on sites like that one.
Most guys with profiles are not really looking for sex.

I am not sure what they are really for.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Looking for Nasty Pig Sex with Like Minded Real Men / Illustrated / under construction

Looking for Nasty Pig Sex with Like Minded 

Real Men

No long term relationship - just Fuck Buddies who want to Fuck around and have a good time.

Cock Sucking

Getting Fucked
Being a Cum Dump
Black Tops
Ass Toys
Big Long Black Cocks
Beer Drinking Rednecks

Ass Holes
Uncut Meat
501 Jeans

Uncut Hispanics
Cum Filled Condoms
Getting Fucked by Black Men
Tea Bagging
Redneck Daddies
Dirty Under Gear

Glory Holes
Heavy Ass Play
Nasty Pig Sex
Ink & Metal
Construction Workers
Used Jock Straps
Big Dildos
Uncut Cheesy Cocks
Black Men and their Big Uncut Cocks
S & M
Sweaty Pits
G.I. Joe
Brown Ass
Horny Fisters
Anonymous Sex
Dark Skin Cock
Toilet Sex
Ass Eating Pigs
Men’s Room Sex
Pig Men & Boys
Urinal Sex
Horny Men
Out Houses
Black Men and their Cocks
Beer Piss Drinking
Cum Eating
Fantasy Play

Big Balls
Hairy Men
Sweaty Men
Dock Workers
Real Men

Having Nasty Pig Sex.

Dislikes:  Scat, Blood, Heavy Pain, Permanent Marks, Cologne, Deodorant, Effeminate Men, Liars, Troublemakers
Let's get together and Have Same Hot & Nasty Pig Sex