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Sam Bear's Color

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

White Pig - Black Cock - Final

His massive rock hard black cock flopped out of my mouth and down to one side, covered and streaming with layers of my thick spit and mucus.
"Thas' what I'm talkin 'bout" he said, tilting his hips playfully so that his spit slathered cock waved back and forth in front of my face lazily.

"You ready to sit on this?" He asked, though I could tell it wasn't a request.
"Ohh god yesss" I moaned, my eyes fixed on his long black monster cock.
 "Yes, fuck me with that big nigga dick, stretch me..." I begged, licking and sucking on the pearly pre-cum that dribbled out of his piss hole peeking out of his thick foreskin.

"Turn aroun', spread them muthafuckin'  white cheeks, lemme see that pretty little pink assho'" he said, pulling his dick away from my mouth and reaching for the lube sitting on the side table next to the sofa.
I obeyed without question, turning around and sticking my ass far out into the air so that my hungry asshole smiled at him.
"Mmmm that's a pretty white pig boy ass," he said as he stroked his long black dick.
I felt a thick finger covered with cold lube push its way into my ass, I moaned uncontrollably as he wriggled and pumped it, getting my sphincter and anal cavity slippery and ready for his massive black cock.

"What you think, white boy?" He said into my ear as he finger fucked me from behind.
"You can't even handle a brotha's finger you aint gonna be able to handle a fat black dick.. open that fuck’n hol."

I took a deep breath, biting my lips I relaxed my asshole as first one, then two fingers pushed in down to the knuckles.
Damn it felt good to have this convict take control of my being and make me his fuck hole.
"There, now you ready as you gonna be.
I'm fiddin' to rip this ass up." He said, pursing his lips and breathing harder himself as he watched his fingers slide in and out of my gaping white manhole.

He pulled his fingers out, stroked his long pole a few times to get it at full grand hard on, then grabbed my hips and slowly pulled my puckered asshole down onto his fat black cock head.

"W-wait.." I managed to get out through waves of ecstacy I was experiencing, "we need a... a condo--"

"Shut yo bitch ass up, I'm gon' breed you." He said.
 Then slowly he pushed his huge bare skinned uncut cock head into my ass.
I moaned long and slow and my asshole spread.
The pressure felt like it would split it in two, so I took another deep breath and relaxed as it invaded my asshole.

"Ooohhh ggooooooddd!!!" I cried as it pushed all the way in, popping past my anal ring and sliding in slowly
It was in, just barely, but it felt like I had the wide end of a baseball bat lodged in my rear.
I moaned as he slowly but firmly pushed, widening my anus and rectum and pushing even further into my body. 

"Yyeaaahhh...aahhhh, shit! Take it, pussy!
Take that big black dick." The x-inmate hissed through gritted teeth as he slowly began to pump his massive fuck rod in and out of my stretched-wide pig ass.

I slid up and down on his dick, slowly at first then faster as my guts conformed to the eight inch circumference of his cock as much as they could.
It felt like he was pushing against my diaphragm as I sat down on it in long, excruciatingly painfully enjoyable strokes, till my little white balls lay on top of his big fat black ones, his black bone buried completely into my ass.
I was in pig heaven!
"Ahhh fuck me!...agghhh fuck me! ..... OooHhhHhhh fuck meeeEEeeeeEE!!!" I cried out, slamming my ass down onto his twelve inches of meat madly.
I took it all the way down to the hilt and held it, wriggling around on it so that it stretched my ass even more, then pulled back off it till just the head stayed in, then plunged down again, each time with a low grunt.
I was like riding a wild bull at the rodeo.
"Yeah... fuck it, fuck dat dick, fuck it... fuck it... lil' ho'... fuck it" The black stud inside me panted in a low, passion-soaked voice as his giant slimy uncut cock slid in and out of my shithole in long strokes.
"Harder bitch... harder...harder..." he said, grabbing my neck from behind with both hands as he anally raped me, pulling me down harder and harder till my well fucked asshole moaned and screamed under the pressure.
I could feel his massive cock squeeze past my prostate with each long pump, waves of ecstasy washed over me as I pushed my hungry ass down on him.
"Here it come... hnhh... you ready white boy?" He said as he grabbed my waist with both hands and started to long dick me viciously.
My ass cheeks slammed down on his crotch as his big black cock pumped my hungry white ass.
"Yeah... yeah... here it come, bitch... yeah" he said before stuffing his dick into me as far as it would go down to the balls and holding it.
"Oooohhhhhhhhfuuuucccckkkk!!!!" I moaned as his giant black dick began spurting wave after wave of hot cum into my bowels.
A warm sensation spread through my gut as he emptied his big black balls into my hungry pig ass.
"Ahhhhhhh, fuuuucck!!" he growled as his dick and pelvis pumped and convulsed, painting the walls of my innards with thick, gooey white black man seed.
I bit my teeth, held on and moaned in utter pleasure, my eyes closed as my intestines tingled with heat. 

We stood there for a moment, almost motionless except for small tremors as the ex-con' plump balls emptied the last drops of his cum into me.
When it was done, he slipped his long dick out abruptly, making me moan softly one last time as his engorged cock head tickled my prostate on it's final exit.
Immediately I felt hot jizz gush out of my ass and stream down the back of my legs. I squeezed my asshole tight.
My ass still felt warm and slippery, his cum was buried deep in my insides, stewing and roiling and clinging to my bowel walls.
The thought sent me headlong into euphoria and I cummed myself, all over the living room floor as I was now on my hands and knees in front of him sitting in the chair. I didn’t even touch my cock as it exploded on it’s own.
As I shot my load my asshole pushed out more of his goo, it ran down to meet the rest that now covered my ass and legs.
"Look at you, lil' pussy white boy pig wit' an ass full of cum from a twelve inch black dick, fuckin' bitch’n.
Now dats wha I like to see.
I'll be back dis time next Monday." He said as he got out of the chair, pulling his sweats and boxer briefs back up over his glistening balls and low hanging dong, "Might bring my homeboy. Make sure yo ass is here with plenty of brew and and your white boy ass lubed da fuck up.... lil ho'." He said.
I turned around before he could get his sweats up over his cock and took it back in my mouth. I quickly cleaned all of my ass juices and his cum off of it.
Then he pulled it from my mouth and finished pulling up his sweats
I watched as he stepped over me and headed for the door without another word.
I lay there on the floor, my ass still stretched and pounding, his hot cum still oozzing out of it, and stared silently in submission as he left. 

"I’ll have my ass ready." Was all I could manage to say as the door slammed shut behind him.

White Pig - Black Cock - more to follow next posting

The conclusion of this adventure will be my next post.
Get you cock in your hand and be waiting..

Saturday, March 24, 2012

White Pig - Black Cock - Additional reading

I unlocked the door to my pig-pen and motioned for him to enter.
I have this place just for fucks like this.
Without a word said, I reached into my bag and pulled out the beer I had bought. As I opened it and handed it to him, he grabbed his massive crotch again.
‘Muther fuck’n white boy, I going make you my slut, white bitch boy fuck-hol.” He said as he took a huge gulp from the over-sized can I had just handed him.
I reached forward and grabbed his hard cock pushing out the front of his sweats.
‘White boy, you really want some of this nigga’s dick  don’t you?”
"Damn right I do”, I said. “Make me your white pig slut.....Your white bitch whore slut..." I said to him as I watched him reach down into his sweats and haul out a massive uncut black monster cock.
Without any hesitation I dropped to my knees in front of him.
With his massive uncut black cock still in his hand he took and slapped it up one side of my face and then the other.
Then he looked down at me and said, “show me how muthr-fuckn good of a cock sucker you are.
He took his massive cock and put it right up to my mouth. His black foreskin touching my lips.
As I opened my mouth, he took and grabbed the back of my head with the other.
Then with his over powering strength he forced his cock into my mouth and into my throat.
My eyes bulged as he forced his black manhood into my mouth. I watched as his curly black pubic hair got closer and closer to my nose.
“Suck it Bitch” he growled at me as I swallowed as much of his massive cock as I could.
Then he let loose the hold he had on my head and pulled his cock out of my throat. It hung just inches from my mouth.
‘Look at the mutha fuckn nigga dick white boy’ he barked at me. “what you don’t take down your throat, you’re gonna take up you white pig boy ass.’
“I just got of jail and I fuck’n tired of fucking those mutha fuck’n cell rats. I want my nigga dick all up your white ass.”
“I like fuckin white ass mean and nasty non-stop. Your mutha fuck’n white ass is gonna be begging for more when I finally let you up.”
I looked up at him and with all my effort told him he could fuck my white ass as hard and long as he wanted before plunging back on his massive rod furiously.
I could get barely halfway down his shaft, my mouth stretched to it’s sickeningly limit and my eyes were squinting and watering, before his over sized cock head jammed up in my throat.
My throat made gagging noises as I tried to bob up and down on his fat rod, trying hopelessly to deep throat it down to his plump, musky black balls. Still no more than seven or eight of his thick twelve inches shined with my spit and slobber, I had a long way to go.
"You gon' have to do better'n that" he said, pulling his dick out of my gullet and slapping me harder across the cheek with it.
"Get that muthafucka down in yo throat 'fore I rape yo ass, lil' white ass, dick suckin bitch." He said, pumping the length of his long thick black uncut cock a few times with a tight fist in long strokes.
I looked up at him again, my cock standing painfully erect in my jeans as I gazed at his dark ebony washboard abs, thick jaw line and smooth shaved black head.
My face was a sloppy mess of snot, slobber and pre-cum from my nose to my chest. I licked my lips and savored the taste of hot sperm on my tongue as I slowly stroked the length of my convict’s big floppy black monster cock.
I thought to myself as I took a deep breath breathing in his raunchy odor, I bet this guy even has a name for the monster I was servicing.
"You gonna get this big black dick up in yo ass, be sho' o' dat, but I wanna see my nuts on yo chin firs'. Swallow that muthafucka, punk." He said, grabbing the back of my head again and jamming my face down onto his massive meat.
I gagged immediately, but his powerful black hands on the back of my head forced my head down inch by inch, fighting past my gag reflex fiercely.
My throat started to convulse, heaving as the nigga stud forced his black monster cock all the way into my throat till my nose was buried in his short curly black pubic hair.
I could feel his massive cock invading my throat as he began to face/throat fuck my full mouth slowly with short motions.
My eyes were wide and streaming tears, my nose running snot. This pig had one hella massive nigga cock feeding my mouth what was soon going to be up my ass.
He finally released the back of my head and I pulled off frantically with a loud "SssGLooooaaarrrpp!!", his massive rock hard black cock flopped down to one side, covered and streaming with layers of my thick saliva and mucus.

Friday, March 23, 2012

3-22-12 Thursday - At the Gym

As I noted in another post, I work out at a corporate gym so I am not lucky enough to fuck around with any of the Hot muscle employees of the company I work at. All I really get to enjoy the occasional glance at cocks and asses of the guys when they are either changing into their workout clothes or when they come out of the showers drying off.
Today’s wonderful treat was to get to see a beautiful cock hanging in front of a olive skinned handsome stud as he exited from the shower area.
To get a better look his hanging cock I turned toward. He caught me looking at his cock and purposely pulled his towel away from his body so it would not cover his crotch.
Let me describe this guy to you.
He was in his late 20’s, not more than early early 30’s.
About 6 foot tall and the perfect build for a stud like him.
He had olive brown skin and the prettiest cock hanging out in front of hm. I looked to hanging semi erect when he came of the shower area.
As he walked toward me, his cock swung gently from side to side begging me to look at it.
His chest and abs where hairless except for a dark treasure trail that grew in width as it made its way down to his pubic hair which was jet black.
He had nice hanging balls which looked to be shaved.
His pit hair was a massive growth. He raised his arms as he pulled on his t-shirt.
I bet when he was sweaty before his shower he had the aroma that could make you beg to service his cock.
I’m not too shy when it comes to talking to men in the locker room. Some don’t mind the conversation and others treat you as if I was monster.
As he stepped over the gym bench to stand in front of the locker just a couple feet away from me, he turn toward me as he laid his towel on the bench and then bent forward to unlock the combination lock on his locker.
He and I were the only two in the locker room so I wasted no time in trying to start a conversation with him. I wanted to hear his voice. Knowing what he sounded was important to me at that time.
As he was pulling his street clothes from the locker, said to him: ‘I hope I don’t embrace you, but you have an incredible skin color. I hope you don’t mind me asking what nationality is in your past.’
He turned back toward and looked down at me. By the way, I guess I should have told you I was sitting on the bench.
‘No I don’t mind’ he said with a masculine voice. My parents immigrated here from Greece.
‘Then I guess you won’t mind me telling you how perfect your body is’ I said back to him.
Yeah, I work out as much as I can. I don’t want to get fat my old man.’ He said to me as he raised his arms over his head to pull on a skin tight t-shirt.
That’s when I got to see his pit hair.
‘Yeah, I wish I was that smart when I was your age.’ I said laughing.
He smiled at me as he bent forward to pick up his pants.
He pulled them on without putting on any underwear.
As he pulled his pants up his fly caught just behind his balls which framed his cock and balls in a picture perfect view.
He paused and looked at me making sure I got a good look before he grabbed his manhood and stuffed it in where it needed to be.
Then he sat down on the next bench, reached into the locker he was using and pulled a pair of Greek style sandals and strapped them onto his feet. His feet called out to me and begged me to make love to them. I know I heard them calling to me.
I had to make one last connection with him. His energy was too good to let go. 
As he stood up and began to walk toward the door to the locker room, I said to him, ‘I do some photography work as a hobby and I’m working on a collect of male bodies of guys in this area with foreign background. I would love to have your body part of my collection.  Who knows some day I might be famous and folks from all over the world would be admiring you and your body.’
He turned and laughed as he said ‘look me up in the company directly, my name is @@@@@@@.’
Maybe this will lead to something more. He wasn’t wearing a wedding band.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

White Pig - Black Cock - more to follow

Hey Readers
There is more to follow.I just need to clean up my grammar and then I will post it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

White Pig - Black Cock

"Yeah, you like that big black dick, don't you?" the black stud said in his deep baritone voice as I stuffed inch after inch of his fat black cock down my throat.
"What would yo buddies say if they seen you suckin on a twel' inch black stick?
 Fuckin white pig. Suck that big nigga dick.. yeah, suck that muthafuckin' nigga dick."
"MmmmmMmm..." I moaned, letting it pop out of my mouth with a strange sloppy sound.
 I grabbed it by the base, my hand barely closing around its huge girth, and wobbled the eight or nine inches of black cock that jutted out from my hand around in the air, staring at it in astonishment and laughing silently to myself in disbelief that just an hour ago he was nothing more than a tight black ass standing in front me at a convenience store.
I'd always had a... fetish. A fetish for Big black dicks and ghetto thug tops.
It was my trashy piggy quirk.
I have an urge to periodically seek out and devour massive black dicks.
That was why my heart skipped a beat and my dick immediately began to pump with blood as I walked in the door of the Stop N' Go across the street from the apartment complex I had just left late one Monday night.
I had just left from an arranged fuck with another Dildo Pig Buddy of mine.
He was standing back by the Beer coolers, grabbing tall cans of Steel Reserve from one of the freezer doors.
He must have been 6'4" at least, with a good 235 pounds of bulky muscle that bulged under a tight white wife beater. It stood out stark again his dark black skin, making my eyes take notice and my pulse quicken.
He passed me as he headed for the register and I back to the Beer.
I couldn’t help taking a quick glance down at the crotch of his slightly baggy gray sweats. I am a crotch watcher and always am looking to see if I can see the guys cock.
I noticed his head turn out of the corner of my eye as we passed each other, then noticed him crane his head around and look at me in the reflection of the cooler's glass door.
My heart took a pause.
 He was checking me out! Oh my fucking god this fucking incredible black stud was checking me out! I hoped he liked what he saw. I sure did like what I saw.
I grabbed a 32oz. can of something I didn’t even read the name of and hurried to stand behind him at the register. I wanted to get close enough to smell him.
I heard his deep voice rumbling to the cashier, a fairly good looking Arab man, as I approached.
"' gimme two packs of Black an' milds, and a box of Magnum XL's" he said in a flat, even voice to the cashier, as if he were asking for a lottery ticket or a pack of gum.
I looked up and down his muscle knotted back, admiring the soft outline of his back and chiseled ass under his sweats. I took a deep breath to breath in his musky odor. His aroma made my cock get even harder in my jeans.
Staring at his ass I imagined that black ass pumping up and down in the air, pummeling a white pig hole like mine. My cock came to life even more in my snug jeans. It sprang even further to attention as I saw the cashier's hand touch the box of Magnum condoms, specially made for black studs like him with big cocks, and throw them on the counter.
 This big buck was hung. He had to be. Everything about him said ‘I have a big balck cock and know how to use it!’ My heart slammed against my ribcage even faster, making my face flush.
"You know where there's an adult video store aroun' here?" He said, looking down on the little cashier expressionlessly.

"No, sorry." The cashier said with a sheepish grin as he handed him his change.
"S'cool, thanks." He said and walked for the door, but not before taking one long lingering look at me as he turned, not hiding the fact that he was checking me out this time, watching me as if he had already decided I was going to be his next fuck..
I stared back at him as he surveyed me. He stared at my crotch as he  noticed the impossible to hide bulge in the crotch of my jeans with a smile, then turned and walked out the door.
I paid for my things quickly and hurried out to the parking lot, hoping to catch this incredible black stud before he took off so I could tell him he was only a short distance from an Adult Video Store.
I knew my black cock addiction had kicked in madly, I really wanted this Black stud.
I walked into the parking lot, looking around anxiously but I didn't see him. He must've had a ride waiting on him I thought, and started to walk toward my truck slightly put out, but still horny as hell.

I didn't make it ten feet before a low, rumbling voice sounded off behind me, "Yo white boy."
I froze in my tracks. It took me a moment to turn, but I finally turn to face the black stud that had just called me white boy.
"Say man, you know where I can buy some fuck movies aroun' here?" the black thug stud said as he approached me, towering over my 5'11" frame .
Step by step he got closer to me till he was no more than two feet from me, well within my personal space.
His musky aroma filled the air around us.

My voice hung in my throat for a moment, I swallowed and regained my composure. This was what I'd wanted, wasn't it? It still seemed exhilaratingly unreal.
"Uh... there are a few adult adult movie places around here.. In fact there is one just around the corner. What kinda stuff are you looking for?" I said.
I straightened myself up and turned slightly so he could get a good view of my ass.
"Well, right now I'm lookin' for interracial gay shit. You know, little white boys chokin' on big black dicks, takin em up in they asses, that kinda shit.... you know where I can fin' that?" He said with a voice again unwaveringly confident and even tempered.
He reached down and grabbed the long thick bulge in his sweats that stretched down his right pant leg.
My eyes froze on his crotch as I saw the long thick tube begin to inflate and harden, tenting the entire crotch and the right thigh of his sweats.
I swallowed hard and took in another deep breath of his erotic aroma as I watched him stroke the growing snake in his pants, the biceps on his dark black arms and thick chest flexing and contracting.
"I have some of that stuff at my place.... actually." Isaid to him as I ran my left hand over my ass and then adjusted my jeans... "I'm not far from here." I said, jerking a thumb at the street.

He smiled, then he got so close to me his rock hard abs and growing steel pipe ground against my own stomach and crotch.
I held my ground. I couldn’t believe I was being pushed up on by the huge black thug. It was exactly the stuff I live for.

"Yeah, les' go." He said, grabbing me by the waist and turning me forcefully-- with a strength and grip I couldn't have shaken loose from if I'd wanted to-- then he grabbed my ass harshly, pinching the entire right cheek in a painful pleasurely vice grip with his huge hand before pushing me forward, following behind me as I walked toward my truck.
He marched me to my truck. I unlocked the driver’s door lock as he said to me, “you drive, you can bring me back later after we finish.”
 My fate was sealed. I was going to get royally fucked by a giant black fuck-stick the likes of which I'd not seen in the flesh yet and knew was bigger then I imagined
I accepted my luck gratefully, driving him to my pig-pen in silence. He had no idea how prepared I was for him.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


DO IT.....
DO IT MAN......


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Listen up recruit

Listen up recruit, your ass is mine for the next few months and I'm going to be working it every day. 
When I'm through with you will have earned the title "grunt". 
You're gonna be oinkin' from the boinkin' little piggy.